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Russia’s Economy Suffers Double Hit From Oil Slump and Coronavirus

As the pandemic spreads, Russia finds a shortfall in oil revenue is hurting its ability to offer the kind of emergency support provided in the West

5/20/2020 3:30:00 PM

As the pandemic spreads, Russia finds a shortfall in oil revenue is hurting its ability to offer the kind of emergency support provided in the West

As the pandemic spreads, Russia finds a shortfall in oil revenue is hurting its ability to offer the kind of emergency support provided in the West.

May 20, 2020 8:00 am ETMOSCOW—Few Russian companies have taken the hit from lower oil prices and coronavirus lockdowns as badly as Rosgeologia, one of the biggest exploration firms here.At the beginning of the year, it was eyeing around $400 million in new oil and gas contracts. But since then, those tenders have been canceled or put off until prices recover, and the company is selling millions of dollars in assets to maintain its cash flow. Quarantine measures to stem one of the world’s largest virus outbreaks outside the U.S. could also disrupt...

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Yeah right! The kind of support that killed the highest number of people in the world. You know who WSJ. Russia's🇷🇺 PresidentPutin is not only confronting: COVID19 International Public Health crisis, with the Russian🇷🇺people, doctors, nurses&scientists is also confronting his domestic political opponents&🇺🇸US attacks support by it's media,utilising the crisis as a political weapon.

Yeah, as if the thousand dollars you get on 'the west', with months of lag, will be useful for people. Both Russia and the US are f up. They purposely crashed the oil market. I think they knew oil revenue would be down. USA human right ? Yea!!!!! EASE RESTRICTION Trump has more than compensated them for their losses.

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Pandemic sinks Japan business mood to decade low, outlook even bleaker: Reuters TankanThe slump in Japanese business confidence deepened in May, hitting decade lows as firms braced for a protracted period of coronavirus-driven economic weakness, the Reuters Tankan survey showed on Wednesday. Bullish The Japanese look bleaker? Let me get this straight - the origins of tentacles copulating with underage school girls? They live on a volcano surrounded by dictators and are prone to natural disasters. They have men marrying software programs today. They're looking bleaker? Lol

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The coronavirus pandemic could cost the global economy a nightmarish $82 trillion over 5 years, a Cambridge study warns | Markets InsiderThe global economy could take a hit of some $82 trillion in a worst case scenario from the coronavirus, according to the Judge Business School a... Bill Address: Chinese Government This never ending growth was unsustainable anyway. We should now move to redistribute the fruits of past growth more equally. If we do that growth might resume. reads the panic could cost the global economy

South Korea's central bank needs to cut policy rate to near zero: government think-tankA South Korean state-run think-tank said on Wednesday the central bank should cut benchmark interest rates to near zero to support an economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic.