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Russia's daily COVID-19 deaths exceed one thousand mark

Russia's daily COVID-19 deaths exceed one thousand mark

10/16/2021 12:40:00 PM

Russia's daily COVID-19 deaths exceed one thousand mark

Russia reported a record high 1,002 coronavirus deaths on Saturday, the first time the number has passed the 1,000-mark since the beginning of the pandemic. It pushed the national death toll to 222,315.

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Putin was taken Pfizer and let his people taken Sputnik vaccine and this is the result. And their citizens are not offended by their vaccine. I wonder every day how someone can rejoice that Russia is more dominant in the world than other countries. They have been praising Russia's success in everything for 20 years, and they are on the same page again.

U.S. pastors, advocacy groups mobilize against COVID-19 vaccine mandatesFrom the outside, First Harvest Ministries in Waveland, Mississippi, could almost be mistaken for a storage shed were it not for the steeple. Wonder how many of these con artists have gotten their parishioners to have all their assets willed to the church after death and they want the cash sooner than later. Faith and logic are not mutually exclusive; except for some it seems 😶 where in the bible does it say not to take vaccines

How a cheese shop in Austin survived and thrived during COVID-19A cheese shop in Austin transformed its 10-year-old business model in 10 days. Here's how the owners did it. CapitalOneBiz ad CapitalOneBiz Very inspiring CapitalOneBiz 奥斯汀的一家奶酪店在10天内改变了其10年的商业模式。下面是店主们是怎么做的阿德首都

Nigeria orders civil servants to show COVID-19 vaccination or negative test from Dec 1Nigeria will require civil servants to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test for the disease to gain access to their offices from the beginning of December, a presidential committee said on Wednesday.

The Lost Workers: Women continue to exit the workforce amid Covid-19Millions of women are missing from the U.S. workplace, and schools reopening in September didn't help. CNBC's Ylan Mui joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss. ylanmui Joe seems so disinterested. He can’t stand that his precious capitalism is the cause of this problem and government intervention will be necessary to fix it. ylanmui My college-degreed daughter with Cerner Corp (CERN) quit her job in September because: 1. Childcare is unavailable and unaffordable; 2. She doesn’t trust recent public school curriculum changes 3, Her OBGYN doctor advised against being vaccinated so she would’ve been fired anyway ylanmui The real story is the majority of nurses are women and many were fired last month. Can we get back to real journalism please!

Gambian women's voices on COVID-19 vaccines: 'We are afraid'SERREKUNDA, Gambia (AP) — Oyster harvesting in Gambia is considered women’s work. It's a grueling task — they paddle rickety boats, then get into water up to their necks to lay nets. Many of the women are the sole family breadwinners, and that burden has only intensified with the pandemic's economic hardships. I understand their concerns. It’s a difficult decision to make when you are sole caregiver and provider for your family. There’s no one there to take your place if you get sick from either the virus or vaccine. Trying to make the best decision is difficult They can only afford Ivermectin. They will be fine. with another bullshit take on Africans labeled as journalism. Is the reason why there is 4% vaccine intake on the continent because people don't want it or they can't get it? 🤔 Easier to pretend it's the former cos it makes your core audience feel good about themselves.

Kyrie Irving Breaks Silence On COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal“It’s just about the freedom of what I want to do,' said the suspended Brooklyn Nets star, who will still earn about half of his $35 million salary. Poor leadership, bad example and cowardice. The vaccine has been proven to work while Covid has ravaged those who weren't vaccinated because we didn't have one yet and then by those who refused to take it once we did. Ignorance is not bliss. That’s a great outlook. I hear Costco is hiring. But you may need to be vaxed. 😹 Dudes killed every team he’s been a part of. Cut this selfish fool and move on or the Nets are doomed this season.