Russia Is Said to Be Interfering to Aid Sanders in Democratic Primaries

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The nominal Democratic front-runner denounced Russia’s efforts to sabotage American democracy.

Mueller Report, Russia Investigation


Breaking News: Russia has been trying to aid Bernie Sanders , U.S. officials told his campaign. Lawmakers were recently told Moscow wants President Trump re-elected.

The nominal Democratic front-runner denounced Russia’s efforts to sabotage American democracy.

Updated 6:08 p.m. ET WASHINGTON — Russia has been trying to intervene in the Democratic primaries to aid Senator Bernie Sanders, according to people familiar with the matter, and intelligence officials recently briefed him about Russian interference in the election, Mr. Sanders said on Friday. In a statement on Friday, Mr. Sanders denounced Russia, calling President Vladimir V. Putin an “autocratic thug” and warning Moscow to stay out of the election. “Let’s be clear, the Russians want to undermine American democracy by dividing us up and, unlike the current president, I stand firmly against their efforts and any other foreign power that wants to interfere in our election,” Mr. Sanders said. He also told reporters that he was briefed about a month ago. “The intelligence community is telling us Russia is interfering in this campaign right now in 2020,” Mr. Sanders said on Friday in Bakersfield, Calif., where he was to hold a rally ahead of Saturday’s Nevada caucuses. “And what I say to Mr. Putin, ‘If I am elected president, trust me you will not be interfering in American elections.’” Senior intelligence officials told members of the House Intelligence Committee last week that Russia was continuing its election sabotage campaign, including intervening in the Democratic primaries. Intelligence officials also warned House lawmakers that Russia was interfering in the campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected, according to people familiar with the matter. They said that the disclosure to Congress angered Mr. Trump, who complained that Democrats would use it against him. Republicans have taken issue with the idea that Russia supports Mr. Trump, insisting that Mr. Putin simply wants to broadly spread chaos and undermine the democratic system. But some current and former officials say that a Russian campaign to support Mr. Sanders may ultimately be aimed at aiding Mr. Trump, with Moscow potentially considering Mr. Sanders a weaker opponent to the president than a more moderate Democratic nominee. The Washington Post first reported the briefing of the Sanders campaign. Mr. Sanders said it was his understanding that the Russians were again trying to interfere in the campaign. Some “ugly stuff on the internet” had been attributed to his campaign that could be coming from falsified accounts, he said. The Russians also worked to support — or at least not harm — Mr. Sanders in 2016. Operatives at a Russian intelligence-backed troll factory were instructed to avoid attacking Mr. Sanders or Mr. Trump, according to the report by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. The report quoted internal documents from the Internet Research Agency ordering operatives to attack Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “Use any opportunity to criticize Hillary and the rest except for Sanders and Trump — we support them,” the document said. This is a developing story. Check back for updates. Our 2020 Election Guide Updated Feb. 20, 2020 The Latest After the debate put Michael Bloomberg on the defensive, the candidates’ focus turned back toward Bernie Sanders as . State of the Race Joe Biden is no longer the Democratic front-runner. For the first time, he is behind Mr. Sanders Read more: The New York Times

Thanks for perpetuating this Russiagate crap, NYT. Are you trying to influence the Dem primaries by attempting to tarnish Bernie Sanders? He's fighting for health care for all Americans, for crying out loud! Love it!!!! Expected. They got Trump by the balls so why wouldn't they interfere. The problem is if they win they will have another 4 years to infiltrate our infrastructure and technology systems.

HazedDragon Cut the crap! Bernie supporters now see the BS tactic Dems use to try to bring a candidate down...disgusting Like always. The Communist Democrats try to blame Our Great President Trump with the crap that happens to them. Hillary Colludes with Russia, The left tries to hang it on Trump. The Dems ask Ukraine for dirt on Trump. They try to impeach him for their crimes.

I’m not sure this is so. Where are your facts? In fact I’ve heard the so called “Bernie bros” that tweeted mean stuff at Union members in Navada were Russian bots! You guys came out for Warren and Amy. How are we supposed to trust you now? Vanguards of corporatism and the infinite luxuries and power it provides are so desperate to destroy the man whose intention it is to dismantle it. Fake news indeed.

FAKE NEWS. Because Bernie beats Trump! I implore everyone to read the NYT article on it. Especially the ending. It’s obvious, once you think about it, that they’re weaponizing the fact they’re “supporting” Sanders to help Trump get re-elected. By causing distrust in our election process. It’s a smart troubling tactic.

Trump offered pardon to Assange if he denied Russia leakUS President Donald Trump offered to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange if he said that Russia had nothing to do with WikiLeaks' publication of Democratic Party emails in 2016, a London court heard on Wednesday.

Putin thinks Trump will easily defeat Sanders. They don't want Klobuchar because she will win. AmyKlobuchar2020 They are trying to help Bernie because they feel he's the most likely one Trump could beat. He has the most progressive ideas, which scare a lot of people. I'm hoping the Russians are wrong.

NYSlime. More speculation?!?! But we're not supposed to be mad that the democratic party is not helping Bernie. logic You guys are beyond long can you ride the Russiaphobia gravy train. Please find a different bogeyman, we are sick and tired of damn Russia. DSRUPTR_ is a ding dong for reading the NYT. 😳

RUSSIA...RUSSIA...RUSSIA! The Bernie Sanders campaign responded well in the article. People should read the article not just the smear-attempt of the headline Sanders2020 If you actually read the full article, it makes both cases- that Russia is helping trump or helping bernie. It doesnt go into why russia would support bernie. Sources without evidence. odd how the headline doesnt hint at that at all. The same author posted this article yesterday:

Trump offered to pardon Assange if he denied Russia helped leak Democrats' emails: lawyerA lawyer for Julian Assange said that the WikiLeaks founder was offered a U.S. pardon on behalf of President Donald Trump Didn't they post the receipts? Plausible 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Hope it’s true!!!

Bernie is a communist. Communism was founded in Russia. Trump is extremely capitalist (made him rich!). I wonder which candidate Russia would like to win? 🧐 What a DIFFICULT decision! 😂 RussiaHoax FakeNews They think that Sanders will be the weaker candid for trump to run against so naturally they will push him as a candidate.

This mad 'Russia' stuff is really old. It is based on you 'reading' Russia's mind and pronouncing who the 'Russia' in your head 'supports'. You are not a mind reader. This stuff is past it's sell-by date. Is anyone that has been paying attention at all surprised by this? Democrats lying like it’s 2016 They believe Trump can beat Sanders.

This makes sense. They may be thinking Sanders would be easy for Trump to defeat. Waw shame on America if it's true that Russian is a country that decide who must be the United States president, shame shame. Same article, but diametrically opposing views - Russia wants Trump reelected & simultaneously wants Bernie to win. 😂😂😂😂. Methinks, from NTY's article, Russia owns both Dems & GOP. Let's just field Putin or Shoygu, and stop thesw shenanigans. 😝😝😝😝

Rohrabacher confirms he offered Trump pardon to Assange for proof Russia didn’t hack DNC emailRohrabacher said not only did talk of a Trump pardon take place during his meeting, but he followed up by calling then White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to discuss the proposal. He did not, however, ever speak to Trump about it, he said. How many liars are there in the world? All but Donald Trump, right? Last honest man? Or maybe he’s the liar. Ahhhhh... I would not believe a word out of her or trump’s mouths. I believe trump has discussed this with his cronies & that he would jump at the chance

This speaks volumes wrt re-electing Trump to continue Putins work. He can beat Bernie because only the far left WANT Bernie Well everyone you know the story. Russia and trump is scared of bernie and they all know trump will lose. Do not i say do not vote for trump. Everyone vote bernie and russia will fall along with trump. Trump than will be behind bars.

Sounds like US officials are spreading disinformation and attempting to interfere in the election. Amazing all the idiots that buy this bullshit. Based on past practice I thought the IC doesnt inform a campaign but instead goes to the FISA court to wiretap and spy on the campaign staff and contributors and sends people to lure them into incriminating acts. Was there a policy change within the FBI, DOJ and FISA court?

A Couple Russian memes have rocked the left...yet they have no issue with 20 million illegals voting in our elections 🤔 people with a brain aren't interested in your selected outrage. No, , Russia is aiding Sanders to help Sanders. Sanders policies are pretty darn close to Russia’s policies. Who honeymoons in Russia? Think about it!

Ok boomer... Is this true? Or is it just another faluse story put out by NYT to get you to fallow a lie again? If it true then name the source. Prove it by naming who told. If you dont then it can not be verified. If ot cant be verified then it another lie told by NYT. Because they know he would weaken America’s military?

U.S. and Britain say Russia launched 'paralyzing' cyberattack on GeorgiaState, private and media websites of Georgia were taken out by an attack on Oct. 28, including those belonging to the Georgian president's office. A little too late. Are these states ready for new attacks. Really?Does Trump know? A preview for November 2020 in America?

So which is it NySlimes Is Russia helping Bernie or President Trump? Same old con job...guess what....nobody’s buying your Russia 3.0 Collusion Hoax.... Stop the 4 year lies....cry wolf for the 124th time... Enough of this nonsense!!!!!! tish08902 We're those Russians working for an American company ? F.ake B.ullshit I.nvestigation

What exactly is Russia actually doing Comrade berniesanders is supported by the land he loves so dearly. He loves it so much he even went on honeymoon there. Of cause he is supported Russian comrades. so the news is Russia is helping Comrade Bernie, right? But even this simple news is messed up by . Why? .

Every Government in the world has liking or disliking for an existing or incoming head of a particular Government. Those who have power or money can and have always tried to have Governments of their liking, choice in one way or the other.What is the big fuss about it? It’s OK. you didn't, by chance, get this info from a Dossier Paid for by HillaryClinton did you?

kremlin helped bernie and trump in 2016 and Bernie lied about it and kept it a secret until he got caught. Kremlin Helping Trump in 2020 but for our white journobros the idea that kremlin is helping bernie again didn't cross their minds until now? until he got caught PLZ

Georgia, backed by US and UK, blames Russia for 'paralysing' cyberattackState, private and media websites were taken out by the attack on October 28, including those belonging to the Georgian president's office and two private television stations.

Of cause they want comrade BernieSanders to win. They hate Trump. They can’t control Trump. But comrade Bernie can be manipulated. Trump doesnt need anybodies help hes going to win hands down Democrats vs memes. Oh no!! If Russia wants trump reelected, they must brew running the democratic primaries... seriously, look at these clowns...🤣🤣🤣

Stop spreading Russian Propaganda Shame on you ! Why not write about much needed security in our elections to keep Putin out. We don’t care what Putin wants / it means nothing to us / we want him out of our elections and our government . oming out strong for their candidates... block Bernie block Bernie block Bernie

LOL what bullshit. I hope all the Bernie Bros see your for what it is. Dedicated readers of the Times probably don't I just heard Iran is helping Biden and Mayor pete win. I cannot imagine Russia wanting to aid Bernie, but I can imagine them sewing confusion in the Democratic race to help Trump. And Trump knows this.

maybe russia isnt the deciding factor in who is elected and instead we should be looking at israel as they are the ones designing the election software that has been found to be 'faulty' or bugged on multiple occasions and already ruined a democrat convention?

U.S. and Allies Blame Russia for Cyberattack on GeorgiaThe U.S. has publicly blamed Russia for a sweeping cyberattack last fall on the former Soviet republic of Georgia. It affected thousands of websites, disrupted government operations, and interrupted TV broadcasts, including that of the national TV station. Sorry America it was UK that disclosed this not everything that happens in the world is about you there is more intelligent life out here! and so? The orange fuher is a Ru$$ian ASSett

A video of the Russians controlling Bernie This is just a ploy to make us believe Russians are aiding Sanders. Why didn't the Russians do it in 2016? Russians main man was & always will be simple minded Trump. This is a scummy headline & led people to smear Bernie w/2 hashtags bc of you & other media. He was told Russian bots were trying to boost his campaign & it was classified. Then they leak it rt before the NV caucus. Reason: SMEAR & cause him to lose. Nasty htags trending. Happy?

The Democratic party media is officially the Joe McCarthy of our time. Disgraceful Breaking news: the Democrats are giving ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS drivers licenses causing foreign governments to interfere in our elections Враньё! Мы русские выбираем Трампа! Но если не получится, то Бутиджича, что бы можно было открыто говорить :- смотрите что этот пидорас президент Америки опять натворил.

Y’all are the worse conspiracy theorists lol Fake news. Ha ha ha ha ha! KattyKay_ are you pushing fake news again - KattyKay_ ? You’re just a puppet for the Mockingbird 4am Memo. HoaxNumber7 RussiaHoax MockingbirdMedia 4am BBCNews

If they get him in once they'll do it again & you won't and cant do shit about it 😂 Guess who benefits?...POTUS....It's a rouse!! Typically 'mercenary conduct' from well-practiced US enemy! Absolutely ridiculous... nobody who is sane believes this idiocy anymore. Took Bernie a month to come clean on this? And only because NYT outed him. Bernie’s got to go now, Mike!

Hope sander not chantin' at night Putin u can u can Putin Putin - - - ? Lol this nonsense is just embarrassing, the fact that this smear garbage coincidentally comes out the night before Nevada shows the establishment and corporate media are getting desperate Jokes on them. A Sanders victory would be the best thing to happen to America in 30 frikking years!

Who ever might be usa president russia needs frends and colaborators in usa Those are some confusing fucking statements to lump together. Gosh, it seems like they are using the complex and highly effective 'create conflict' strategy.

So now Sanders. Trump, and Gabbard, are colluding with Russia 💤💤💤 Why is the NYT leaking classified info? LOL Another Putin’s smoke & mirrors thing. What better scare the Trumptards to death to vote for Trump is the socialist Bernie got help from Russia. The move helps Trump and decimates Bernie. A win-win for Trump and Putin duo.

Fake news Vastavuoroisesti CIA on näyttänyt vaikuttavan Venäjän politiikkaan. Ei ihme satuhassi, että Putin on kategorisesti nimennyt agenteiksi ulkomaista rahoitusta saavia. This is what they do, they want you to fight. They will be pro both. The New York Times is a DNC & intelligence agencies giant press release . Why don’t you propose a CIA administration ? Because That’s what you want .

Instead of you to say that Bernie Sanders is colluding with the Russians you are spinning the story around to denigrate Trump

This news breaks a day before the Nevada caucuses? Seems legit... When all your smear campaign has failed, you only have Russia hoax to fall back to. Just another distractor Putin is pitching to Trump because they both are sorely afraid of Biden, thinking he is down and out. Wrong! By the way, Bernie has once been rejected once (2016); same song, second verse.

everlastingtrump😎 Before I knew Russia was helping Bernie I was very suspicious of his sudden rise in the polls. Bernie's been running since 2016 & his numbers really haven't moved a heck of a lot. Suddenly, he's surging!! Why? With Russia's help Bernie's the least transparent candidate. nevertrump BIG mistake,All candidates can beat fake 45! And One of them will And the others will help out!

I'm sure Sanders ,as all Dem candidates do what they can to defend themselves against manipulations. I'm also certain Russia do not promote Sanders,they simply hope he will be an easier candidate for fake 45 to defeat. The real story here is that we have a President and ruling party who won’t defend our democracy.

Handy to conveniently let this kind of info out the bag to taint his campaign. He doesn't need Russia's interference. Looks like he has the people on his side. Against the onslaught of bullsh*t from msm (like this article) Bernie can use all the help he can get! bernie2020 feelthebern He has my vote Bernie!

Why is MoscowMitch getting a free pass during all this? Any election security bill has been blocked by him or Marsha Blackburn. You have bridge you sell me in desert, nyet? Russia prefer people with loose morals & comfort with lies, Warren, Bloomberg, and mayor Peter. Lol cant believe u still flogging this bull . Unbelievable.

It would be an interesting twist of Fate if the Russians help spur Americans to elect Sanders instead of their desired Trump. How the Banana Republic has fallen, Lol! Of course they do he's a fool they can play all it takes is to massage his ego

Perhaps mind game of Democrates!!!PrezTrumph perhaps little proudi /changes statements frequently but more powerful to fight against Terrorism. Blah blah blah blah is all we get from you NYT 🤥🤡🤣😂 Another smear attack. Bernie will be nominated just suck it up. News flash: Due to Democratic internal malfeasance, Donald J Trump will ultimately be running unopposed in the 2020 election. (Approved by Snopes.. ..according to TheBabylonBee )

tell us about the aid, specifically what did they do Either you or the Russians should make up your minds about who’s being “helped” or is it conveniently just the candidates that you want to see loose! Do you want to say a few words about the Chinese helping Bloomberg? Probably not! Hm-m.. The Great US Democracy can't make it's PROPER choice ITSELF? Then it's not Great, it's a herd of idiots.. and a bunch of dodgers.. And the World has to take care..

Why is this coming to light just now and not later in the race when Bernie perhaps would have been the candidate and easily beaten through this news? Who benefits from this timing? What a load of BS! Your licence should be revoked because you, the MSM, are guilty of voter manipulation!

FAKE... isnt this just a trump misinformation tactic Seems like perfect timing. Dems are trying to force him out, Russia is their go-to narrative. SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff BernieSanders , has Impeachment of Bernie started yet? Asking for 63 million patriots. Deranged as hell. No shit No shit!!!! Be careful what you wish for

Russia is trying to disrupt US elections, destroying democracy, this isn't about aiding any candidate As expected.

Sure NYT. Russia helping Bernie; Russia helping Trump; so Russia is a double agent?🤔 At what point will Americans see that this Russia boggeyman is pure scare tactics? Wheres the proof? How many times you gonna try and knock out Sanders... I use to believe most of the media for over 30 years and we use to have great reporters. Now most are just plain bs and no standards. Truly saddens me.

Do you have proof? Best way for the Russians to help re-elect a Trump is to help Bernie get Democrat nomination. Y'all are puppets. It’s actually a long sight more than “May have been helping.” They’re his regular booster club: BernieSanders elections2020 protect2020 disinformation Drago again victim of hate campaign from msm. Why always assume Motherland intention? Provide evidence. Innocent til prove guilty. ItsOkayToBeRussian so NeverAPOLLOgize

Vote for Bernie

FAKE 🙄🙄 Russia: Make up your mind! Breaking, Russian wants all candidates to win... idiots at intelligence. ..deep state bs!? Impeach him....wait .... It is very clear to the average person that either of these people sink America Putin doesn’t have to help a given candidate; he only has to confuse us w/contradictory “info” til we give up on informed participation. Whatever oligarchy tRump & his ilk foist on us will be amateurs compared to Vlad/Kremlin/FSB, w/a century’s head start. But keep on 😡👉👈🏽🤬..

Stop your BS. Only tds patients believe this crap. Soooo do they want trump or Bernie ?

Amazing that Dems can believe the truth that Russia is in the tank for Trump, but the same intelligence reports say Russia is helping Bernie for the same reason...and suddenly they don’t believe the reports. I want a pony.... doesn't mean one's in a trailer on its way to me. Moscow can 'want' whatever it wants... doesn't indicate evidence of secondary collusion! BRUH!

Breaking News: NYT rehashing Russia Hoax stories that no one believed the first 1000 times they printed them. Looking more like fools every day. Bernie loves old Soviet Russia. Of course old Soviets support him. Trump boosting up Bernie must of been the sign for Putin to start the game. Waiting for Putin to spread some stuff about Trump worst than we already know to help Bernie out. What could possibly be worst than what is known about Trump? Taxes and financials would be nice to see.

😂 What would Russia gain from backing Bernie? I can see the benefits to them backing Trump. But Bernie? Yep ! then going to vote against him in Nov So which one is it?

The NYT...trying to plug another hole in its sinking ship 😂 A Sanders nomination will ensure Trump wins. So Russia is acting like Israel and aiding both parties to hopefully gain leverage,like AIPAC has succeeded in doing for decades in extracting billions from US taxpayers? Russia Russia Russia-Marsha Marsha Marsha! Here we go again

Did he pee on Russian hookers too? 😂😂😂 What a pathetic smear attempt on the eve of the Nevada caucus. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Lol, everybody wants a weak American leader, except Russia, they want Trump,, imagine Putin , Xi, Erdogan and Sanders on worldstage, they laugh their butt out for Sanders Y’all terrible, just terrible So why is Russia trying to help Bernie win the primary? Stop with the Russian story’s they are all BS. It’s China man

Wtf? Bernie knew this a month ago and didn’t warn us!!! Oh they tell Sanders but they couldn’t tell Trump in 2016? Scam hoax 4.0 The Russians made me do it. The elites in the media (CIA) military industrial complex working their best to discredit Bernie's campaign. The Elites throughout history have always went out of their way to tear down socialism. They can't allow that system to spread, they'd be powerless.

PDT should have the FBI spy on them. And investigate them. And prosecute them Well he an avowed communist ... so what’d you think would happen?

What's his fault in this? Russia won't stop interfering in election process of not only US but also in some other countries to save its economic,defence, political &diplomatical interests. That will create too many problems for world. Russia Russia Russia. Friends close, enemies closer. Wow, more baseless accusations from the New York Lost Times

Bwaaahahahahahaha! 🤣 Russia is working to get BOTH Trump and Sanders to be president?! Sure, , you guys go with that story. (Every candidate we don't support is a Russian operative!) Qué periodismo irresponsable This is Trump trying to deflect any stains on his own campaign by saying Sanders is targeted as well

The first headline is law is to make the president look bad. Then the real facts come out later as usual. That why the media is fake ass news

Hogwash. More propaganda from the fake NYT? The lap dog of the Democratic Party and socialist movement. Or is it truly the communist movement? Not surprising when Bernie Sanders was such a fan of the Soviet Union. He even went there on his honeymoon. Are you gonna use the same 'russia' excuse again when you loose? Getting ready early?😂😂

HERE WE GO AGAIN......, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia Who is a bigger threat to the American people?

If Russia is working to make Bernie the Democratic nominee, and Bernie is now leading in his quest to be nominee, is it worth asking if one has something to do with the other? What does this aid consist of? Please be specific. TOTAL GARBAGE 🤣🤣🤣🤣 here we go again

New York Slimes with more fake news!!! The DNC is working overtime to prevent BernieSanders as the eventual Dem Nominee, again. Why isn’t there solid evidence to support this claim? Russia hoax is back!! Fake news/far left/lib media back to Russia collusion!!!! BS! Obviously DNC pushing this crap story because they don’t want Bernie but DNC saying the same thing about Trump. Only truth is that DNC attacking the people THEY don’t want elected.

And your proof? FakeNewsMedia Youth paper is a joke Russia again? Sure pal whatever. Is it Russia as a government or some persons in Russia? RealSaleemJuma “Russia wants Trump re-elected and also wants Sanders as his VP, and also wants Snoop to break Cosby out of jail. This according $35 of Facebook ads bought from Russian IP address”

MMFlint So the Russians are helping Bernie to help Trump? Could it be that the Russians are helping Bernie because he is a commie? This is rich. Old news; Russia has been meddling in foreign elections, for as long as the US has. Any one else you guys don't like, that Putin's helping! Even Russia thinks that Bernie is the candidate Trump can beat.

Wby? Everyone has a favorite who cares let’s not make it bigger than what it is It makes sense if you think about. Russia claims to support Trump because they know the media will use it against him to attack him while supporting Bernie who they really want that they know the media would get 100% behind if he gets the nomination.

This makes sense! Breaking News: Russia is trying to sow discord in our election. NYT is helping. Breaking News: CNN, MSNBC, NY Times and WaPo are attempting to influence the 2020 election. So which is it? Are the Russians trying to help trump or sanders? Every Russiagater at this point should resign in shame, how many years did you all waste instead of focusing on policy and the things that really matters to people?

Of course they are. America's neofascist heart has been revealed. Between the racism of the American right and the deep ignorance of what Democratic Socialists really are (New Deal Democrats), they think it's the best way to keep their orange puppet in power. America will never vote in Bernie cos - socialist. PUTIN KNOWS THIS!!! Putin pushing Bernie cos HE KNOWS Bernie CANNOT defeat Trump. Americans will vote the evil they know -Trump, instead what they think they're afraid of - Socialism. Though most of USA depend on social programs

Bingo! I called it, most of the annoying Bernie posters are Russianbots Of course because Bernie will be the easiest candidate for IMPOTUS to beat. It’s exactly why Donnie’s been telling R’s to vote for Sanders in the S.C. primary.

Because they know he is unwinnable if he goes up against Dump BernieSanders what’s the retort? It better be good. Most voters think your presence on the ballot is an open door for a Trump victory. Can’t say I don’t agree. Mr. Sanders, we need to here how/why you can overcome this. Sanders! Russia has an economy the size of France... I want to know who China is Helping? - Bloomberg?

Of course they want to help Sanders🤷🏻‍♂️ 2016 Collusion Facts: 1. Clinton/ DNC teamed up to stop BernieSanders 2. Clinton/DNC hired Steele/ Russians to create phony dossier to take dwn Trump 3. FBI used phony dossier to get FISAs & spy 4. Sanders allowed AustralianLaborParty paid employees to work in his campaign

RussianInterference Shouldn't news orgs apologize to Sanders AND Sanders supporters since now we know Russia has been posing as abusive Sanders supporters? Shouldn't news orgs have investigated the blurred handles from Bloomberg ads? There is a difference between abuse & strong supporters

He said in the debate: 'All of us remember 2016, and what we remember is efforts by Russians and others to try to interfere in our election and divide us up. I'm not saying that's happening, but it would not shock me.' He knew it was happening! Imagine if Moderate Democrats were mad at Republicans for blocking election security bills instead of Bernie for something he has nothing to do with.

Make up your minds , do they helping both .. the cancel out not Flag on the play .. gtfoh It's me, I'm the russians Makes sense! T would win in a landslide if Bernie is the nominee! Russia will support the most divisive candidates. Putin has cast his primary ballot for Bernie. The conspiracy WITHIN the conspiracy 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Lol k These are two compatible ideas guys. Not a good look for Bernie that Trump and Russia looks at him as someone they can easily beat. Trump2020 Trump has been singling him out for a reason. He knows and these are clearly coordinated efforts between Trump and the Kremlin. what a sham of a paper you are.

Imagine voting for a socialist

Sandblasting away any credibility NYT has. NeverBernie When told that Russia wants to influence election: Trump: HOAX! DEEP STATE!! Sanders: My message to Putin is clear, stay out of American elections, and as president I will make sure that you do. That’s the difference between a traitor & a leader, right there.

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