Russia clears way for Putin to stay in power until 2036

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s controversial national referendum paves the way for him to stay in power until 2036.

7/3/2020 1:42:00 AM

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s controversial national referendum paves the way for him to stay in power until 2036.

Russian President Vladimir Putin secured his political future on Wednesday after a wide majority of voters supported a controversial national referendum that paved the way for the former KGB agent to stay in power until 2036.

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Trump must be green with envy. My condolences. What a plot twist... They don't need Trump any longer... Poor Russians I have said that the only way Putin would remain in office was for him to cheat. And that’s a shame bc a real man would fight a fair fight. Putin cheats because he knows more and more people don’t want him. He’s not the great leader he thinks he is.

I am sure Hillary and JoeBiden are happy. After all this was the only collision that was proven. You mean Putin cleared the way for Putin to stay in power until he’s dead. He's gonna really, REALLY miss Donald Trump! Let’s get the Trumps in until then👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 That's just great. Russia is going to have to have its own civil war one day.

SO why do we care unless you want to move there or something? Don't you have to hide crimes of the elites at this time, with Maxwell getting arrested and all? If Stalin, who ruled for nearly thirty years, was the Red Tsar, and he was, what will that make Putin, the 'Blue, White and Red Tsar'? It doesn't matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes. -Joseph Stalin

EXACTLY what trump wants for himself!!!!! This is disgusting, and exactly what Trump would LOVE to be able to make happen here. Another reason we need MASSIVE voter turnout to defeat Trump. VOTE and get EVERYONE you know to vote!!! To bad Trump can't do that.? Greatest President ever!

Russians Set to Approve Radical Overhaul That Could Keep Putin in Power Until 2036Russians voted for a final day on constitutional changes that would reset presidential term limits and give Vladimir Putin the chance to stay in office until 2036. Russian constitution. Now there’s an oxymoron. Isnt this guy like a thousand years old It seems like he has been “in office” since fheearly 90’s

Russians grant Putin right to extend his rule until 2036 in landslide vote, initial results showRussians appeared to have paved the way for Vladimir Putin to stay in power until 2036 by voting overwhelmingly for a package of constitutional changes which will also boost pensions, initial results of a nationwide vote showed on Wednesday. Not wearing mask, touching his face. just like Dotard. Nooooowww I fully understand why DT doesn't want to wear mask. You noticed that His Dear Leader doesn't wear mask either “Vote” poor people

Early results show approval for letting Putin rule to 2036BREAKING: Russians voted overwhelmingly in favor of constitutional amendments allowing Vladimir Putin to stay in power until 2036, according to early referendum results from a referendum marred by widespread voting irregularities. “Voted” and this is exactly what the traitor in Our White House wants for himself. traitortrump PutinsPuppet 'Widespread voting irregularities, as the Russian Government reports...' would be a better frame here.

Russian voters overwhelmingly back a ploy by President Vladimir Putin to rule until 2036Russian voters have overwhelmingly backed a ploy by President Vladimir Putin to rule until 2036 in a referendum with little doubt about the outcome, according to preliminary results Voters? Come on, what a joke! Regime for life? This was a lost opportunity: it is time for the US and the EU to start sabotaging Putin at home. I say tie his hands in Russia so that he stops meddling elsewhere. Putin has clay feet! Sanctions and low oil price weaken him. It's time to finish his rule!

Russians back reforms allowing Putin to stay until 2036 in landslide voteVoters overwhelmingly approve a package of constitutional changes in a nationwide poll, partial results show, allowing President Vladimir Putin to extend his two-decade rule further.

Referendum In Russia Passes, Allowing Putin To Remain President Until 2036Russian voters have overwhelmingly backed a referendum on constitutional changes that include a provision allowing President Vladimir Putin — who has already served for some 2 decades — to remain in power until 2036. (Back me or else...) Good grief. Term limits are a GOOD thing, comrades! Trump’s wet dream