Russia claims sanctions won't hurt energy profits, expects 'increase'

6/5/2022 4:02:00 PM

Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday that the country has 'alternative sales markets' for oil exports 'where we are already increasing sales.'

Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday that the country has 'alternative sales markets' for oil exports 'where we are already increasing sales.'

Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday that the country has 'alternative sales markets' for oil exports 'where we are already increasing sales.'

EU 's decision to cut off Russian oil.Link copied Link Ukrainian prosecutors trying to build a genocide indictment against Russia are examining allegations that Ukrainian children have been forcibly deported to Russian-controlled territory since Russia launched its invasion in February, Kyiv’s top prosecutor said.June 3, 2022, 7:00 p.since the start of the war, now in its fourth month , suggested that as many as several thousand dolphins had been killed in the region.

Last month, before the EU announced its oil ban, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said that Russia's profits from oil exports were up 50 percent compared to the beginning of the year.Insider reported that the agency said the Kremlin was raising $20 billion per month in sales from the exports, which increased to more than 600,000 barrels per day in April, and that demand from India and China made up for losses in Western markets.The forced mass deportation of people during a conflict is classified as a war crime under international law.In the wake of Russia's invasion and Western sanctions on Russian energy, India and China more Russian oil than ever before.m.Read more.“That’s why this forcible transfer of children is very important for us,” said Venediktova, who is overseeing multiple war crimes investigations against Russian forces.

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Sure they do, but moving it all by tanker won't be easy. Then on September 1st, Russians won't be able to move oil by tanker and tankers that transport Russian oil won't have insurance. They can’t sell oil if their country is destroyed! Well the world is rather dependant on oil, Russia has lots of it, and doesn't seem at all worried about climate change. China needs oil, so does India, both of them will easily soak up any excess and since their track record on the environment is so stellar, what could go wrong?

What's is Mr Putin .russia. trying to prove to the world.? Russia knows how to play monopoly. Trying to sell my book to pay medical bills, if you can, pls buy the book. Good for her then. Sanctions remain!!!

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Ukraine claws back part of Severodonetsk as Russia continues assaultUkraine also rejected a British intelligence forecast that Russia could control the Luhansk region in two weeks. They clawed back and captured the 20% that the Russians haven't captured yet. Wait for a couple of days for another Azovstal situation in Severodonetsk with foreign legion inside. We love Russia and China

Zelensky tells U.S. mayors to end their sister-city ties with Russia.President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine called out several American cities for having sister cities in Russia during a video address to the United States Conference of Mayors meeting on Friday. Well that's a good way to lose support. Why? Rochester, NY & Poltava, Ukraine

Mass Black Sea dolphin deaths could be linked to Russia-Ukraine warA growing number of dolphins have been washing up dead in Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, and marine biologists suspect that the Russians might be to blame.

EXPLAINER: At 100 days, Russia-Ukraine war by the numbersGENEVA (AP) — One hundred days into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the war has brought the world a near-daily drumbeat of gut wrenching scenes: Civilian corpses in the streets of Bucha; a blown-up theater in Mariupol; the chaos at a Kramatorsk train station in the wake of a Russian missile strike. Why oh why does the west arm a country to fight a super power? Give, food, clothes, medicines but not guns. If we want to support Ukraine, then let's go to war. But we won't.

At 100 days, Russia-Ukraine war explained by the numbersThe impact of the war has reportedly left tens of thousands of people dead, millions forced to flee the country, and towns destroyed. FOX13 Yes war causes death. Reportedly ? You just parroting the narrative. No actual journalistic research done before posting ?

NASA probably won't need Russia to send more astronauts to the ISS | EngadgetNASA has bought enough SpaceX flights to keep the International Space Station crewed until its 2030 demise.. I would think not. Elon again? Could have ended the sentence with: “NASA probably won't need Russia”