Russia bounty intelligence 'may have been' in Trump brief but wasn't deemed 'actionable,' senior Republican says

Rep. Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee, said he's concerned that reports Russia paid bounties for the killing of Americans may be true.

6/30/2020 6:49:00 AM

NEW: Trump admin. tells Congress intelligence about potential Russian bounties may have been included at some point in the president's daily brief but not conveyed in a formal threat briefing because it wasn't yet 'actionable,' Republican Rep. McCaul says.

Rep. Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee, said he's concerned that reports Russia paid bounties for the killing of Americans may be true.

McCaul, who said he emerged from the briefing with deep concerns that the intelligence may be correct, said lawmakers were told that no U.S. service members had died as a result of Russia's paying Afghan militants to kill them."Their answer was no," McCaul said."The intelligence had come out in January. It's right around the time of peace talks" in which the U.S. was negotiating with the Taliban for a temporary reduction in violence as a precursor to a broader political settlement.

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The remarks add to deepening confusion about whether a Russian bounty offer was ever acted upon and when the U.S. learned about it. An official familiar with the intelligence said it showed that U.S. troops and Afghan civilians did die as a result, although other officials have indicated that that hasn't been corroborated.

late Monday that the White House learned of the intelligence in early 2019, a year earlier than other reports have indicated.Since the allegations erupted in the media,Trump has assertedthat the intelligence community didn't find it credible. But in another indication that the national security community apparently took the intelligence seriously, McCaul said the Trump administration officials disclosed that changes had been made in protocols to protect U.S. service members operating in the region, known as"force protection," in response.

"They did stress that fact that they did everything possible to protect our forces over there," McCaul said."And the record, according to them, the fact no one had been killed, you know, I think speaks to that."Download theNBC News app

for breaking news and politicsStill, McCaul and other Republicans left the hearing calling for swift action to respond if the intelligence is corroborated. McCaul said that if the allegations prove true, the U.S. should impose heavy sanctions on the GRU, the Russian military intelligence unit implicated by the intelligence.

McCaul also said any discussion about allowing Russia back into the Group of 7 nations"should be off the table." Trump has repeatedly advocated for allowing President Vladimir Putin back into the club of nations, from which he was expelled in 2014 in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea.

June 29, 202001:34The House Republicans were told that the National Security Council was vetting the intelligence after various intelligence agencies disagreed about its veracity, McCaul said, with one intelligence agency, which he didn't identify, having filed a"dissenting view."

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Still, several months have passed since the intelligence first came in, and McCaul acknowledged that it was unclear whether the NSC had been actively validating or seeking more information before the allegations became public in aNew York Times article

, triggering massive public pressure for answers."That's a very good question. What they told me that was that they had been in the process of vetting through the NSC," McCaul said. He added that CIA Director Gina Haspel and John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence, were embarking on a"scrub of all the intelligence data out there to check for the veracity and credibility."

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STOP COVERING UP FOR TRUMP. TRUMP KNEW ABOUT THIS INTELLIGENCE AND DID NOTHING! OKAY, TRUMP DIDN’T KNOW. NOW, TRUMP KNOWS. WHAT IS TRUMP GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? NOT A DAMN THING! PUTIN HAS TRUMP BY THE BALLS FOR THE 2016 ELECTION.😡😡😡 They need to Stop trying to protect his dumb ass. Trump doesn’t read. It was out in front of him and he didn’t read it. OR he really just truly didn’t know which is kind of even more staggering eh?

So what is he doing now?! Not One Republican Integrity Of Truth Not One Lessening The Slaughter Of Trump With Putin Killing America’s Soldiers 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸 & Families Putin Tested Trump’s Loyalty And Suceeded WhiteHouse SenateGOP Complicit MalcolmNance trumpcantread MalcolmNance Hmmm 'Potential' is an important word and people want to ignore it! It means they don't know! It could be a rumor Taliban circulate to give their men a boost and a surprise to Russia! Iran has pallets of money they can cause trouble with from Obama maybe it's being used there too

SenateGOP SenateDems if you believe this you have thrown in the towel and should be removed. Intelligence meeting are held to inform presidents of the threats. Trump never takes the intelligence serious. He has no experience with foreign affairs. Wake up Tell that to the deceased soldiers family. The worst president we will ever have doesn't read anything.

The requirements for President of the United States should be amended to read a native born citizen at least 35 years old ...WHO CAN READ! GeeGeeAkili Good one RepMcCaul That's your story and you are sticking to it, right? Everyone rehearse the same story GOPBetrayedAmerica So, on and on goes the obfuscation

Let's translate. It was there but I blew it off and crushed to call Putin to get my act together. Putin said, get me in the G7. I can take care of the rest. Trump: okay, boss. 😂😂😂 MalcolmNance No, may, ok the answer is yes . Sounds like a lying teenager. So what about doing something NOW about this Pure corruption and incompetence!

Nice how only republicans were invited to a briefing and NOW they start to speak out about this. Collusion? This is such a dumb and ridiculous narrative being being pushed. Didn't happen Traitor Trump fairydogmom12 The story keeps changing. That's pretty much how it goes with that admin...they lie til the lie gets disproven and then they pivot...rinse...repeat....

Dump Trump....we need a president that can read! They mentioned it while going to the bathroom!! This is a lie. Bolton briefed him. MalcolmNance So realDonaldTrump says whatevs, totes don’t care because Vlad’s such a hot autocrat, and hopes he can sit at his table at lunch. Not sure if it’s intentional treason or just amateur hour with the GOP. Either way, they’re the GOPTraitors GovernmentOfPutin

BS! Deaths are not required to make this actionable. Even if there were no deaths, which I don’t believe, doing nothing about the threat while trying to cuddle with Putin is appalling. RepMcCaul realDonaldTrump Telling the British makes it sound “actionable” to me. Traitor-in-chief. Still wasn’t actionable the first time we lost a soldier due to this? How about the second? Third?

When you have a 3rd grader running the country you a bound to have problems. Time to put an adult in the WH. When does this threat become actionable, This whole administration Criminals & enablers, all the them. Yeah yeah dat’s da ticket. Hey Boyt! They're now making every excuse for Trump they can! Just like everyone else has for him his entire life ! Enabling him & making excuses for him as he proclaims what a victim he is! Nothing is ever his fault right ?

Are you kidding ? Even if it weren't 'actionable' you would STILL tell the POTUS that it was something of importance that you're investigating! Let the excuses begin now that the GOP has had their secret meeting. Why all the secrets? ALL threats coming from Russia should be considered “credible and actionable”! They definitely would’ve been under the Obama Administration. Trump’s administration begins the cover-up.

Such bullshit Hey get your story straight. You know they are just spinning this when their story are changing by the hour. MalcolmNance Failure to do something translates into “wasn’t actionable”. I will have to remember that excuse next time I completely fall down on the job. Now they admit he was told, but it didn't have an exclamation point at the end so he ignored it?

BULLSHIT Yeah, let's try that one! and the pathetic tap dance begins... Let the spin begin! MalcolmNance BULLSHIT!!! MalcolmNance Riiiiiight BS. Nothing but excuses. All the while trying to help Russia by inviting them into G7 again and not acting on sanctions approved by Congress. almlie_rachel trumpublicans caring for our troops /s

Then why are dems losing their minds if it wasn’t deemed credible? Translated, he was on twitter and wasn’t listening. almlie_rachel That’s the spin the republicans came up with! On the day Trump was supposedly briefed about Russian bounties for killing American soldiers, he was meeting with Diamond & Silk. Dereliction of duty and incompetence. Likely TRE45ON

MalcolmNance So what this sphincter sycophant is saying is that all intel conveyed in a formal threat briefing has to be 'actionable' and that intel about putting bounties on US soldiers is not 'actionable'. Hogwash, malarkey, sheepdip, nonsense, bull dinky... MalcolmNance And now the bullshit starts

Because Trump always waits until others give him the green light. That's the hallmark of his admin and his personality, right? Is this really it? This is the defense? flipping through the briefing pages, looking blankly at the written text. over the shoulder .... followed by a curt demand to just tell him verbally about the things he really needs to know about.

Stop making excuses! We know this 45 announced proudly he doesn’t read security briefings! MalcolmNance It 'may have' and wasn't yet 'actionable?' Anyone with any military ties who votes for Trump, heck, any citizen who votes for Trump is not an American. That is completely and totally unacceptable and he needs to step down. His excuse this time is stupidity?

He didn’t see it! He didn’t hear it ! He doesn’t know them! What happen to stable genius Actually totally debunked Did Senate GOP know and vote to keep Trump anyway? MalcolmNance Stop trying to spin this dereliction of duty! This wasn’t a briefing of the GOP yesterday, it was a meeting of the Spin Machine trying to manipulate the betrayal of our military into some cult Kool-aid Cheeto’s faithful will gulp down.

Now it's 'may have.. But' Aka he lied about not knowing!!! Nothing. But. Pathetic. Excuses. Is it actionable after or before the troops are killed?GOPCorruptionOverCountry He isn't getting out of this one No longer “fake news” or “political hit job” or “intel just told me it isn’t true” or “not a consensus of intel”. Truth: Trump is incompetent.

Inviting Putin to G7 is not actionable Trump showed no interest in protecting our Troops. GOP is covering up FoxNews is covering up with half truths TraitorTrump has committed TRE45ON No one is buying wh gop spin. Just the thought there could be a russian bounty on our soldiers is all you need to know for immediate action.

In other words, the intel was not emphasized b/c Trump wouldn’t do anything even if it was So the blame for paying for killing US troops gets lost in the bureaucracy. Protect Trump. Trump is NEVER responsible for anything The buck NEVER stops with Trump. In fact, blame never comes near him. MalcolmNance From all accounts, Trump doesn't pay attention even during face-to-face briefings, so what does it matter if the information about bounties was written or oral? Trump is an ignorant, incompetent buffoon who has no business being in the Oval Office.

MalcolmNance Just imagine the response if President Obama would have done the same. McCaul is only in office because he's in one of the most heavily gerrymandered districts in America. Republican reps are squirming to try to downplay the clear treason going on. There's a decent chance most of them were in it anyways considering that Russian meeting they had a while back on the 4th of July 2 years ago.

MalcolmNance PutinsGOP ImpeachTrumpAgain TrumpIsARussianAsset TRE45SON And so the best course of action is to try to get them included in the G7 after knowing this. Makes perfect sense. MalcolmNance The Trump 'administration' is beyond is a ghoulish entity dangling on an ocean of lies.

MalcolmNance Unlike the canny Democrats, who smell an opportunity to exploit these conspiracy theories, Republicans are just credulous fools. MalcolmNance So American troops are in Afghanistan fighting Taliban and there's no actionable status? WTAF? Sure we believe everything you Republican Lawmakers say now that it is obvious that you will do anything to appease Donald J. Trump your God! Not!

That's a non-admittal admittal. They knew and did nothing and are now trying to gasslight us again. TRE45SON In my line of work ANY THREAT IS TREATED SERIOUSLY. This is national security and HE is supposed to be the president! WTH! in 2019 MalcolmNance Very nice spin of incompetence. Another BSHT Russia story for the sheep who are more than willing to believe the lies the media SELLS.

Apologist That's it? That's all you got RepMcCaul He 'may have been briefed'? Any normal, patriotic potus would be raising holy HELL if had slightest inkling RU was offering bounties on heads of US soldiers!! At very least, certainly would've had intel resources crawling all over it. They just keep making excuses for the old man.

Mmmmmkay no. The story keeps changing. MalcolmNance But trump could invite Putin to the G7, send him our ventilators, pull US troops from Germany at Putin's request, invite Taliban leaders to Camp David and God knows what else he did to kowtow to his puppet master. THESE were trumps' actions. Watch what he does, not what he says

MalcolmNance Working against the killing of American soldiers should always be actionable. So realDonaldTrump and the GOP just admitted they willfully turned a blind eye that led to murder of our troops in a treasonous act. prosecute DanielleLindner MeidasTouch DNC A threat to American military personnel should always be actionable to some degree. Not something to be ignored.

The story keeps a Chang in’ MalcolmNance 🤣🤣 MalcolmNance Time to find out exactly what Putin has on Trump. Who is going to step up to find the answers? But BENGHAZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MalcolmNance This is the 4th twist from Republicans I’ve heard. Are they just throwing stuff out to see what sticks?

Only idiots believe that shit, that is what they got from the strategic meeting they did not invite Dems to participate? I thought they were smart, too many ppl in this nation have served and they know how this works SenateGOP , liars Traitors. ABC CBSNews CNN MSNBC I know Trumpsters don‘t like to hear the truth, but there‘s not a shade of a doubt Traitor tRUmp is a russian asset working only for russian interests! And he will go to prison!!

Please stop letting him get away with murder by forwarding lies Just can't admit your info was bad and u lied. Democrat propaganda. It won't work. cmerfy You can almost hear it now.' Ok guys is everyone on board with this line of shit we're going with. Remember He knew nothing. Secret Handshake. MalcolmNance Translation, trump is a traitor and republicans are cowards.

The fix is in MalcolmNance So he was briefed! MalcolmNance Hem-haw, obfuscate, muddy the waters; PutinsGOP got something to hide. MalcolmNance Not aging well. It's run like a crappy back office from the 70s. MalcolmNance Bullshit This is worst than any charges brought against Hillary over the Bengazi incident and the GOP is like 'a we weren't exactly sure what was going on'. WTF? Stop this BS political party grandstanding and serve the people and Constitution you swore to defend and uphold!

Why isn’t the administration explaining instead of a GOP representative? MalcolmNance ...wasn't yet actionable? LauraReports 16 months is enough GD time to determine if it’s “actionable”. FK that noise. MalcolmNance Why not just say that 'the trump admin. just lied their asses off to Congress intelligence'?

MalcolmNance Children in school have reading homework. They are responsible for knowing the information. How is this different for POTUS And POTUS WANNA BE? Charlie Wilson's war in reverse BS pentagon said it did not happen’ you’ve been feeding the people with so much so whatever you sort is unbelievable even if it is true ‘ BS starting with Russia conspiracy that nothing is believable anymore’ and the Flynn BS

Big surprise, Trump and team MO - deny deny deny...then oh yeah may have happened /been briefed ... next news break = trump was definitely briefed but nothing conclusive MalcolmNance It's baffling how so many people are willing to destroy their careers for the orange man baby, I don't get it. MalcolmNance if they shared that much info on the first go around it must be really bad.

BS! MalcolmNance Is that what he learned in the Republicans Only briefing last night? Circling the wagons won’t make it not true. Bullshit I'm old enough to remember a previous administration trying to defend their inaction because a memo didn't give specific flight and seat numbers. The memo was titled 'Bin Laden determined to strike within the US '

The lie didn’t work. Now they’re backsliding. Wasn’t actionable? Tell that to all my fellow soldiers who have died on your watch. Trump, you’re a damned Russian lapdog! MalcolmNance MalcolmNance 😳 'Not conveyed in a formal threat briefing.' The words Russian bounties on American soldiers pretty much says it all.

MalcolmNance So that’s the spin? SenateGOP work harder, do better, your lies have been more sophisticated in the past. We’re not buying the BS this time. TreasonousTrump TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump TraitorTrump 25AmendmentNow It’s not the non action that bothers us, it’s the lie and cover up that insults our intelligence

MalcolmNance Wow, this round of TDS (Trump Denial Syndrome) is moving quicker than usual this time around...1) Deny, deny, deny 2) Blame others 3) If it happened, is really wasn't such a big deal...he almost never gets to Stage 3 in less than 96 hours. This must mean its true. Or they didn’t want to tell him anything important because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

MalcolmNance This is very bad. Either the WH is lying, and Trump was briefed on this, but continued to give Russia friendly treatment and lobby for their re-entry into G7 Or, the POTUS simply ignored his daily intelligence briefing book, endangering troops in the field TrumpIsUnfit MalcolmNance Drip. Drip.. Drip... Drip...... Drip........... Drip......................

That administration will just say anything! Tempest in a teacup That’s what went on in there meeting getting their lies and talking points together! And it wasn’t Congress it was republicans only! MalcolmNance bullshit and now they are frantically searching for excuses. several people failed to do their job, one of which is the CIC, furthermore what is he doing about it NOW the store has broke. Not a God Damn Thing. LindseyGrahamSC POTUS RepAdamSchiff SpeakerPelosi SenateGOP

because it was all bullshit MalcolmNance Is this fathead sporting a Beatle haircut? MaryWills612 RepMcCaul obviously doesn’t have the fortitude to defend our troops. GET RID OF THIS COWARD! Unceasing criminality from the trump administration, unceasing excuses and denials from republican lawmakers and unceasing questionable practices from republican bureaucrats.

🙄 🐂💩If the president isn’t reading his daily briefings there is a bigger problem MalcolmNance What I enjoy the most, is watching grown men shallow their dignity as they do everything to convince the public that Trump isn't an awful person, with their excuses... You can almost see their souls leave their body. It's glorious...

Heaven help me if I hear fake news again out of this orange imposter of a president. This country owes everything to the free press that shines a light on his corruption. MalcolmNance GTFOH It's amazing how these folks keep finding so many excuses to defend this adult child? MalcolmNance Load o'crap. Maybe. But he knows NOW. He still hasn’t condemned Putin or said anything that resembles outrage that our soldiers were targeted.

As president, you have to read the President's Daily Brief every day! That's why it's called a daily brief! MalcolmNance How about suiting up all the GOP Senators & Rep's & shipping them over to Afghanistan! They can decide whether to TRUST tRump to tell Russia NOT to put a bounty on THEIR heads, since they like him so F'g much!! Do they want to put THEIR lives in tRump's hands? DECOYS!!!!

He's lying. MalcolmNance Every Republican enabler of Trump, working with Fox on behalf of their owners, The GOP (Greedy Oligarchs Party), will go down in history as traitors to our country...we will make sure of it. Sleep well tonight in your tool drawers; especially you McConnell & Barr. Vote Blue 2020.

Hmmm clean up again, pathetic and dangerous. Coward, MalcolmNance And out comes the talking points.....a shit full of maybes, could ofs, mights, possibles, and so on. MalcolmNance I believe republicans...... are telling the truth in a parallel universe MalcolmNance 70 likes and 50 retweet’s within 25 minutes while most of the country sleeps?..... RepMcCaul better start back peddling that “actionable” bullshit now! Russia hired the fucking TALIBAN to “hit” US troops and we can’t think of anything to do!

They all knew & did nothing. If you stand with our soldiers you stand against this Administration. I have Military family. THIS is personal. What about you? MalcolmNance Always an excuse for incompetence 😡 MalcolmNance What BS! MalcolmNance If the threat had been from any other country would’ve it been actionable? NBC do better report better criticize better.

But it is now, tho MalcolmNance National security council doesnt present options to the President on non-credible THREATS NICE TRY GOP! MalcolmNance Typical repug response. Let's see what excuses stick to the wall. So, Republicans knew, and they did nothing to chase it down? ‘nuff said. Vote ‘em out, all.

MalcolmNance 'Not actionable' How many deaths make it actionable? How many bountys paid, make it actionable? FFS MalcolmNance Anyone else find it odd that the Congressional briefing on this matter is given twice by political party? A closed door meeting of tRUMP loyalists engenders more elaborate LIES to cover the original lies that are covering tRUMP’s traitorous behavior toward US Troops

MalcolmNance Shifting stories every day! WTH MalcolmNance 'May have'? This isn’t even a real thing. He knew. He was briefed. End of story. MalcolmNance NOT TRUE! here comes the spin From their private GOP meeting! what lie to tell But the evidence keeps coming. The National Security Council met, and discussed and presented his options. He did nothing!

MalcolmNance Yep, and... BULLSHIT! And the walk back begins. MalcolmNance Imagine for a moment that one of the countries Trump calls “shitholes” was found to be putting bounties on US soldiers’ heads. Imagine his swift, all caps, furious tweeting espousing the US’s infinite power to destroy them etc etc. Putin owns his ass.

MalcolmNance B***S***!!! BULL CRAP ☠☠😡 MalcolmNance A new set of talking points? MalcolmNance Let him explain that to a soldier. ANY soldier. MalcolmNance Oh man they are tripping all over themselves to get rid of this hot potato. How about 'President Pence' and keep things simple? Knowing that the lie would be exposed, they needed a cover story. THIS is what they chose? Actionable or not, it should have been a top priority. They were afraid to highlight the news because it involved Russia. ALL. ROADS. LEAD. TO. PUTIN.

It went from 'wasn't' during the weekend to 'may have' on Monday let see what Tuesday brings...... MalcolmNance So it’s all true MalcolmNance Here comes the excuses to protect Putins Puppet MalcolmNance What the hell, ? They didn't tell Congress anything. They held a meeting with party members to agree on propaganda and messaging. And you reported it uncritically.

MalcolmNance 🙄 They lied about the daily brief... They are lying liars... I don't believe them. MalcolmNance You’re lying MalcolmNance Lots of triggered tiny orange hands fetishists on this one. Wow. MalcolmNance Translation: 'Trump doesn't know how to read' Trump knew in 2019. MalcolmNance What the fuck

MalcolmNance BULLSH*T. Threats against US service members are ALWAYS actionable. There is a wide spectrum of options available to the Commander-in-Chief to protect those who serve under them. MalcolmNance What a lame excuse from a lazy administration leading the US into 3rd world era MalcolmNance lying gymnastics

Talking point from Monday GOP WH briefing... Whatever, as far as I'm concerned it's ACTIONABLE NOW! AmericanSoldiersCome1st This is NO excuse. It just gives more evidence to prove trump is UNFIT for the position. He is guilty of Dereliction of Duty, at the very least. MalcolmNance not actionable= didnt want to upset vladdy

That's a bullshit excuse. Trump didn't do the reading. He has failed at being president. MalcolmNance Inviting Putin to the G-7 is an “actionable” response Today we find out if Republicans draw the line at treason. One day Trump will be gone, along with his complete incompetence. Where does the buck stop with this nitwit?

Yo, NBC Let’s beat Trump and his cronies. I’m the Democrat and veteran running against the biggest one — Kevin McCarthy. Help me beat him by chipping in on the final day of our fundraising quarter, and then retweeting. JUST ANOTHER COVERUP Is this going to be the new excuse? Not actionable? 🐮 💩 Leaking again? Everyone is on red alert to make sure our President is not re-elected

Here comes the GOP downplaying tactic to cover up Trump’s incompetence. Nothing will save him in November! BlueWave2020 Yeah... GET OUT IN FRONT OF THAT SHIT. HURRY. BEFORE IT BITES YA BACK.. Stupidity knows no bounds Looks like we’ll find another leaker 🍿😂 Bahahaha They couldn’t come up with a better response?

That’s the Best excuse they can come up with? His silence on Russia placing HIT contracts out in Soldiers is typical for the COWARD he & republicans are for this Every rep who doesn’t call him out are cowards covering for him TraitorTrump He's digging a hole for himself to protect trump the treasonous, lying, racist bigot? Why are people destroying their careers for him? What threat is upon them?

Oh shut up!!! It's TRE45ON Don't insult our intelligence. Always covering for Trump! Lololololololol,partake in the eating of moooocho buckets of cow dung. He can't read, if you intend to hide anything from him, put it in a book. Madness.. This country is being run by idiots and liars. RepMcCaul It wasn’t actionable? Is that what your going with now? Tell that to the families who’ve lost their love ones. How horrible of a person you are to put your party before the lives of our military. How will you sleep at night knowing people died b/c of tRumps inactions

Wow, 3rd graders could lie better than this. TrumpTraitor Lies, cover up’s and denials... Trump 101 Look any president that swings a confederate flag is a traitor and will not hesitate to kill Americans. Die¡¡!! What is that gobelde guvk ..? oh i see they all got their homework / talikng points from their little private meeting today

LOCK THEM UP LOCK THEM UP LOCK THEM UP Man where were all you dimwits when Putin spanked BarackObama ‘s RED LINE or when BILLIONS were paid to Iranian TERRORISTS! What do you think was done with that money!!! Traitor STOP standing up for this president GOP why do you all consistently make excuses for this man on every last thing he does? This man is done! He will not be re-elected! He has done EVERYTHING wrong that can possibly be wrong...yet you stand by him...WHY?

Wtf ! Any potential intelligence report is be given importance actionable or not, it should be conveyed to the congress too, so to be able to make sure if it’s true or not, by not doing anything about is an act of negligence Sit down Mike. Does he pay attention to briefings or lost in his thoughts about golfing?

Here come the distractions. Whatever. 🙄 ASS HOLE!!! Parroting WH talking points is best GOP lawmakers can do in any situation. shame. RepMcCaul Another Republican CoverUp fir Trump. That’s why the White House briefed Republicans without Democrats present. In March 2020 it wasn't yet 'actionable', but AP is now reporting that it was known (trump knew) early LAST YEAR. Why wasn't it yet actionable? trump has had a year to act on it, and did nothing. Instead, he's been having phone sex with the culprit and showering him with gifts.

'Officials said they did not consider the intelligence assessments in 2019 to be particularly urgent' Excuses excuses I am just surprised Russian adoptions weren't part of their story. I think that’s what they call plausible deniability. House Rs take whatever shit trump feeds them How many ways can they spin this story to protect Trump?

Common theme of our warped president.. didn't see or get briefings, or doesn't care about them, same he did about his early COVID briefing he failed to see.. just like a kid would say 'I didn't know that!' He needs to resign!!! Anyone remember the Benghazi sh** show? That was nothing compared to this!

Trump does not read the daily brief. If it is not presented in pretty pictures with bullet points he doesn't want to see it. He is totally in over his head. Completely unqualified for the job. All he wants to do is hold rallies and play golf. Great reporting: “may have been included at some point” MSNBC may have been included at some point in list of news organizations.

Actionable As in 'we have to wait until some for before we tell the president'? RepMcCaul it was in his daily briefing?! ARE YOU SAYING THE PRESIDENT IS TO STUPID TO READ Read the article. It contradicts itself every other paragraph. Funny, the network that had a fit when Trump took out the top 2 proven terrorists in the World, wants to start a war over heresy. Anything to distract from Durham & epstein investigations

The secret briefing was a messaging coordination. They decided to go with: Don’t do anything except invite Putin back into the G7?!!! Now may be a good time for realDonaldTrump to reschedule his meeting with the Taliban at Camp David. Have him invite only the motivated members who want to make a quick Russian Ruble, and let them take out the top of the totem pole.

VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Look up my friend “ pigs also fly “ That's the lies they are going with THEY SHOULD HAVE been prepared but hopefully theres a GREAT reason for the BLOOD SHIED, they were ARMED. I guess none of you remember the 1980s. US backed the Afghan Mujahedeen against the Soviets. This is the Cold War. It never ended....

Like everything the Republicans have done this past 3 yrs; lie to save their supreme leader, even if it will cost them their own necks! All liars! GOPLIARS This is dereliction of duty to 'defend and uphold...' Trump should resign in disgrace. telling putin to that kind of action?

Absolute BS. He knows it too. I see the GOP is taking multiple spins at the “Trump Excuse Wheel” as they wait for FoxNews to pick one for the congregation to praise... Backpedaling? You guys need to get your stories straight. Nytimes says 2020, apnews says 2019... So THIS is the storyline the republicans came up with at their republicans-only meeting today?

GeraldoRivera want to update your tweet? Yikes TraitorTrump It was in Pelosi and schiffs briefings also What about in cher ‘s brief ? CCCP Cher ! Ah I see the talking points have been distributed. May have been? It is or it isn't. This is Republican BS. Even if 'non-actionable,' it shouldn't give Trump warm fuzzies so that he wants Russia back in the G7. TrumpTreason GOPTraitors

And everybody knows Trump can’t read. Story changes daily.... Well that’s one way to let Russia keep throwing out bounties. So we got to a 'may.' Give it another day. So I bet Trump didn't discuss this with Putin the eight times he spoke to him? This is a bunch of bull. So what RepMcCaul is saying is realDonaldTrump knew. TrumpKnewAndDidNothing

So they now admit it was a lie that Trump never heard about it? Or that they were lying about the story being fake news? What’s the new story? It’s hard to keep up with their lies when they keep changing by the hour. here we go......they've gotten their stories straight....and now come the lies....

Trump says no 'credible' intel Russia offered Taliban bounty payments to kill AmericansThe president earlier tweeted that "nobody briefed or told me," Vice President Mike Pence or White House chief of staff Mark Meadows about the intelligence. Catherine Herridge: An intel official with direct knowledge tells CBS there was an intel collection report and 'NSA assesses Report does NOT match well established and verifiiable Taliban and Haqqani practices' + 'lack sufficient reporting to corroborate any links.' Liars lie... trump is a liar we cannot believe a word he says Isn’t it ridiculous that intel confirms it, but this ONE man, because he thinks he is smart, denies it? But then again, people don’t care what he does and he keeps getting away with murder, literally! Not even God could get away with it!

Trump on defensive over reports Russia paid bounties for killing U.S. troopsMultiple outlets have said the president received briefings about Taliban-aligned militants killing U.S. troops, but Trump has denied it. He wasn't at the briefing they gave him he has proof he wasn't there. Mike Pompeo backs his story up This piece of shit doesn't care about the men and women serving in the U.S. military. His only concern are the loans he owes to the Russians and the Chinese. Payment on those loans are coming due very soon. With interest. Any fake news and russian hoax to keep your terrorist military in other foreign countries.

Trump Says He Wasn’t Aware of Russia Bounty AllegationsThe president said neither he nor top members of his administration had been briefed on intelligence that Russians had offered a bounty to those who attacked U.S. troops in Afghanistan. He’s a well known liar. How could anyone honestly believe that?

Here is Yet Another Very Bad Story About Trump and RussiaOver the weekend, news reports came out that the Russian government had offered bounties to Taliban forces to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, which reportedly led to Taliban forces doing exactly that.\n

U.S. Republicans, Democrats want to question Trump aides over Russia bounty reportsBoth Democrats and President Donald Trump's fellow Republicans in Congress demanded more information from the White House on Monday after reports that Russian military intelligence offered militants bounties for killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan. She. Is. A. Liar. So nobody knows anything and nothing and everything happened?

Facing criticism, White House to brief Democrats on reports Russia paid Taliban to kill U.S. troopsThe White House sought to play down reports it knew Russia had paid the Taliban bounties to kill U.S. troops, promising to brief Democrats on Tuesday after being accused of only sharing information with President Donald Trump's fellow Republicans. There was more than one, we all know it The president needs to be impeached again. NOW. Did it occur in the middle of 5th Avenue?