Russia Backs Trump’s Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support

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A classified briefing to lawmakers angered the president, who complained that Democrats would “weaponize” the disclosure.

Us Politics, Mueller Report


Russia is aiding President Trump in the 2020 election , intelligence officials told lawmakers. Trump complained Democrats might exploit the news.

A classified briefing to lawmakers angered the president, who complained that Democrats would “weaponize” the disclosure.

Feb. 20, 2020, 4:55 p.m. ET WASHINGTON — Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected, five people familiar with the matter said, in a disclosure that angered Mr. Trump, who complained that Democrats would use it against him. The day after the Feb. 13 briefing to lawmakers, Mr. Trump berated Joseph Maguire, the outgoing acting director of national intelligence, for allowing it to take place, people familiar with the exchange said. Mr. Trump cited the presence in the briefing of Representative Adam B. Schiff, the California Democrat who led the impeachment proceedings against him, as a particular irritant. During the briefing to the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. Trump’s allies challenged the conclusions, arguing that Mr. Trump has been tough on Russia and strengthened European security. Some intelligence officials viewed the briefing as a tactical error, saying that had the official who delivered the conclusion spoken less pointedly or left it out, they would have avoided angering the Republicans. That intelligence official, Shelby Pierson, is an aide to Mr. Maguire who has a reputation of delivering intelligence in somewhat blunt terms. The president announced on Wednesday that he was replacing Mr. Maguire with Richard Grenell, the ambassador to Germany and long an aggressively vocal Trump supporter. Though some current and former officials speculated that the briefing may have played a role in the removal of Mr. Maguire, who had told people in recent days that he believed he would remain in the job, two administration officials said the timing was coincidental. Mr. Grenell had been in discussions with the administration about taking on new roles, they said, and Mr. Trump had never felt a personal kinship with Mr. Maguire. Spokeswomen for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and its election security office declined to comment. A White House spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment. A House intelligence committee official called the Feb. 13 briefing an important update about “the integrity of our upcoming elections” and said that members of both parties attended, including Representative Devin Nunes of California, the top Republican on the committee. The Washington Post the Oval Office confrontation between Mr. Trump and Mr. Maguire. This is a developing story. Check back for updates. Eric Schmitt and Elisabeth Bumiller contributed reporting. Our 2020 Election Guide Updated Feb. 20, 2020 The Latest The Democratic candidates turned on one another in Wednesday’s debate, with Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg . State of the Race Joe Biden is no longer the Democratic front-runner. For the first time, he is behind Bernie Sanders Read more: The New York Times

Marianne_Hayden Guys, let me tell you a secret, Russia has waaay bigger problems than trying to rig an election That is a load of BS. Unproven fake news. Lies all your paper prints are lies. The dems must own you. We laugh at your horrible reporting. Trump could save the world and your paper would make it into something horrible. You should be sued for libel.

haha That this is NOT shocking should be a warning to every American. We have become numb to threats to democracy. We have become numb to a President that worries more about his image than protecting our elections. capitalpunishment for intelligenceofficials To those whom say the cold war was over, I say guess again.God's truth is Not only are we at war. We are losing BADLY.Putin's campaign to defeat America will not end if we don't fight Putin should be Reminded if not for Americans he would be speaking German. Trump show CANCELED

And they did... Yes the Democratic’s famous way of lying again to keep the deep state in politics! They will do or say anything to stop Trump from making America great again! Please do not believe them .realDonaldTrump BUSTED! AmericansFindTrumpGuilty GOPCOVERUPisNOTAcquittal STILL ImpeachedForLife 🍑🍊🇷🇺🤡 🇺🇸

Trump offered to pardon Assange if he denied Russia helped leak Democrats' emails: lawyerA lawyer for Julian Assange said that the WikiLeaks founder was offered a U.S. pardon on behalf of President Donald Trump Didn't they post the receipts? Plausible 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Hope it’s true!!!

😅😅😅😅😅 Here we go again more left be wing hoax. Wow and he is whining about someone spying on him!! trumpputinbromance Drop the history... 4 years with the same old fairytale, enough is enough, nobody with a functioning brain will believe this crap! 🤐 I give this 2 days. AOC NO shame whatsoever. I hope Trump sues these scum for a billion.

Democrats has a disease called lies. Hoax...another hoax? I smell another lawsuit coming on. New York Times writers, editors and bosses as well as the others fake news MSMs should be charged with sedition and treason. Every one of them should get no less than 45 years in federal prison. .. Russia’s not trying to aid President Trump winning second term but even if they were at least they’re showing more common sense than the Left unAmerican unpatriotic who are such disloyal hypocrites to their own country. Just a point I’m making.🇺🇸🇨🇦😃

Why did Russia-Turkey talks over Idlib fail?Ankara and Damascus appear to be heading towards a military confrontation as Russia, the main backer of the Assad regime, fails to stick to its word on Idlib. Russia is two faced, no good, not an ally, do not trust russia. Russia, esad, iran and ypg working together Turkey should send all the refugees to Russia. Pressure tactics are useless with occasional artillery movements, military obs posts and use of mercenaries. If it's serious, use its own force, it can open all fronts, roll tanks furiously and fast and strike Assad in Damascus.

Meanwhile, this ACTUALLY appears on trump's own likes page RIGHT NOW! (Click likes from his realDonaldTrump profile to see for yourself. Then RT or tweet a screenshot with RussianInterference.) The Russia cloud and talking point will be 4 years old. Aren't you tired of the same fairytales? If a foreign Country intervened how did Hillary came out with more votes? DemoCrazy party needs to know they lost, and they'll lose again! headless!🧐

Just insult your readers' intelligence. (Maybe reader should just be singular.) Seem to recall the NYT saying Hillary just bought and spread Russian disinformation the first time around. So we're supposed to believe the same people again? Damn the NYT is a joke. NYTIrrelevant Oh more lies. Can you please find new fake alerts

Pure BS So silly, they supported Hillary because she avocated disarming US citizens for an easy take over and are supporting comrade Bernie so they can annex our nation without conflict. SarahKSilverman Duh The NYT has lost all credibility. The next step is not further bankruptcy, but dissolution. Useless rag!

carolfromindy Americans, especially Democrats must finally face the facts and wake up. I think Putin will back Bernie.

U.S. and Allies Blame Russia for Cyberattack on GeorgiaThe U.S. has publicly blamed Russia for a sweeping cyberattack last fall on the former Soviet republic of Georgia. It affected thousands of websites, disrupted government operations, and interrupted TV broadcasts, including that of the national TV station. Sorry America it was UK that disclosed this not everything that happens in the world is about you there is more intelligent life out here! and so? The orange fuher is a Ru$$ian ASSett

Who_Is_WorldLeader Sant rampal ji mharaj hi all world ke yek mhan mhapurush hain jo pure bhrhmant me sat bhkti aur manvta ka sandesh de rahe hain ! Vegiletin ke anusar wo hman any rampal ji hi hain. realDonaldTrump SrBachchan WhiteHouse narendramodi myogiadityanath It’s obvious that Russia hates Democracy as much as they believe Trump does. A wolf in sheep’s clothes he is. A divided nation is easily corrupted and taken over. He’s the only president we’ve ever had that has continued to denigrate Democrats after winning the election.

donnabrazile Russians helped Democrats in 2018. Memes swayed the electorate. Cash app $GoodKarmaNow All you Lefties do is bash “The Donald” yet accept his paycheques you’re not worthy of. Why do you accept his paycheques? Cuz you’re hypocrites this Canadian🇨🇦Trump ally fan says, that’s why. Eh? Eh? AOC Apparently these intelligence officials were wrong, according to the latest news reports.

Then vote for Bernie. He has no Russian influence. Bernie will make America even better AGAIN!!!! “Fool me once, shame on you, shame me twice, shame on me – shame me three times, and I’m just an idiot” Robert O’Brien “I’ve seen the reports from that briefing at the intel committee who knows what happened over at the House and the Intelligence Committee, but I haven’t seen any evidence that Russia’s doing anything to attempt to get President Trump re-elected.”

Trump adviser Stone sentenced to 3-1/3 years in prison for lying in Russia probeTrump’s former adviser Roger Stone sentenced to three years and four months in prison Bet he gets a nice pad tho haha people have done more time for shoplifting lol not long enough

Swartallen1 How can we Americans believe anything the New York Times prints. Also the Washington Post. Get real. As if President Trump needed any help getting re-elected, but I'm glad Russia is supportive of President Trump, Idk why everyone thinks Russia isn't a friend to the U.S., at least it's good that we're getting along with countries instead of making enemies, MAGA KAG Trump 2020🇺🇸🏁

He’s not the only one. Bernie too. AOC Looks like they're helping comrade Bernie a lot more than they want Trump! It's just common sense quit being silly! At this point in time - when the Democrats, Schiff, Nadler, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and many others have made such fools of themselves - if Russia were backing TRUMP and FREE ENTERPRISE I support this.

JohnLeguizamo Story been debunk but the tweet is still here Noooo Not again! Dang Russians gonna make me vote for Trump! I wish I had a mind of my own and wasn’t so easily brainwashed. Per NSC, intel discusses Russian interference only, w/nothing re Russia preferring Trump. Schiff seems to serve as a Russian asset, paid to discredit US elections & divide US voters via class disagreement & violence w/in US society; Russian M.O. since 1930s using the US left.

educatedadult1 Exploit? If you believe this, you are more naive than those who believed Schiff's reading if the phone call. Funny giggles

Rohrabacher confirms he offered Trump pardon to Assange for proof Russia didn’t hack DNC emailRohrabacher said not only did talk of a Trump pardon take place during his meeting, but he followed up by calling then White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to discuss the proposal. He did not, however, ever speak to Trump about it, he said. How many liars are there in the world? All but Donald Trump, right? Last honest man? Or maybe he’s the liar. Ahhhhh... I would not believe a word out of her or trump’s mouths. I believe trump has discussed this with his cronies & that he would jump at the chance

If I were Putin, and I hated dealing with Trumps strength, I would say I was helping him win. How else could i get rid of him and deal with a patsy demoncrat? Funny, how the news media falls for all Russia's jokes they play on them. mostlynoapology This is Russia and you must vote for Trump. JohnLeguizamo Debunked. But you’re still pushing it. Liar.

JohnLeguizamo Trump doesn't need help from Russia, he has plenty of Americans for a landslide victory. Was just debunked!!! Stop the FAKE NEWS!!!! Helping Trump, helping Sanders.... pick your fake news and run with it! Stop the Bullshit!!!!!

U.S. and Britain say Russia launched 'paralyzing' cyberattack on GeorgiaState, private and media websites of Georgia were taken out by an attack on Oct. 28, including those belonging to the Georgian president's office. A little too late. Are these states ready for new attacks. Really?Does Trump know? A preview for November 2020 in America?

AOC Nice Fake News NYT - glad to see you are still as incredible and irrelevant as ever So what else is new Oh please how can such statements make their way to your news without any proofs. TNYT used to be trustworthy. What kind of a journalist writes news to influence the public opinion? Except there is no proof and rumors/slander only = proof to leftists, jail inmates, celebrities and drug dealers.

JohnLeguizamo Didnt they also say to side Bernie? Lol funny hiw this was leaked postImpeachment 'Exploit' by telling people? Retraction? Yes because he needs there help to win and he encourages it and the corrupt Republicans will benefit also they need to be held accountable Why would Russia want Trump? Hillary & Democrats sold our Uranium to Russia! Called it Uranium 1. Promised Uranium 2 when Hillary Elected in 2016. Russia wanted Hillary and Uranium 2 as Promised. Leaving USA IN very bad shape if ever a War with Russia!

Wow time for him to get out!🙏 Would be nice if you guys would also report that Bernie is getting help too, and that's according to Bernie Sanders himself. gardensbloom Its fake news. They are gunning for bernie the FELLOW COMMUNIST! Funny as soon as you reply it retweets 2 to push your replys away Bringing out all the bull ... they already know they are going to lose to trump...

Ha ha JohnLeguizamo gardensbloom fakeNews as always! When are you guys are going to get real?! newyorktimes SCHIFFTY SCHIFF LEAK

Yes we know how honest “intelligence officials” are, about as honest as your supposed “sources” MaryLDixon inafinogenova então os estadunidenses gostam da Rússia mas não da China? All bullshit, next they’ll claim Russia is trying to help the Bernie campaign to sabotage him! Oh wait, that already happened!!!

Just a couple of dictators helping each other out gardensbloom Nonsense Russia would have no interest in a re-election of Donald Trump, but would love to see one of their own be president the one that honeymooned in Moscow that would make much more sense Pure NYT bullshitt.....again!!!!! gardensbloom Lol, why would they want Trump. Bernie the Russian honeymooner would be their favorite.

JoyTaylorTalks 😀😀😀 Fakenews

Does anyone believe anything from The NY Times ! It’s pure DNC propaganda No...The NYT is helping Trump by writing Bullshit articles like this! That’s why we want everyone to be a registered voter how stupid can we be only the democratic beiieve the Russia can help Trump what about all undocumented voter in California their more of them than voting Russian

FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews FakeNews More bs! Sick of it! Do you honestly think at this point people believe this crap 💩? Lol. So tired of hearing it we tune you out. Avoid anyone who’s says RUSSIA

But the intelligence official came back and corrected that. Are you going to correct your story now? My guess is NO. I do think he will get reelected. The dems just want to be able to say it was Russia that got him reelected and not the fact their candidates are not the strongest. Nice Wait. Aren't Russians aiding Bernie as well? Or is it that one group of Russians backs Trump and another group backs Bernie? 😂

Let me get this straight. .TheDemocrats are getting ready to put forward a Socialist and Communist for .POTUS and the Russians are aiding .realDonaldTrump? Are you serious? If the Russians are aiding anyone it's their favorite Socialist .BernieSanders Sure, Jan. geegeeking49 And so are you! AOC Please address Russia’s support of Bernie as well.

Unfortunately, after your bogus reporting on cenkuygur was outed without a proper recant, I can't trust a thing you say. TYTsupporter Where is Russia aiding Bernie on tv or in the media New York Times, 😂😂😂 we are too. “enough is enough!” AOC I mean... SarahKSilverman

Hahaha! Actually, when asked if the intercepted any intelligence as in communications or other, they replied no. So it's an assumption. And being fake news you ruin with it Trying the same exact thing twice is the definition of a fool :/ come on guys think of something creative not just the same garbage

Do any of you morons actually think why The Russians would want Trump re-elected I can think of plenty of reasons why they wouldn’t. What nonsense waste of time waste of money and resources nonsense nonsense nonsense, dumbdems EW IZ LEDDYNG DIZ CANZSER, N 2 DA U.S.? VWATT N-ZSYDER IZ AH LOUWYNG DIZ 2 APPYN? VWATT’Z APPYNYNG 2 OUWR CUNTREE? 😎👽☠️

Notice how the NY Slimes and other leftist propaganda rags always fail to mention how a SINGLE vote is illegitimate? Hoax FakeNews Propaganda So it appears our choices in November will be Trump and Sander’s? So the choice is between a Hitler and a Stalin? I’m sorry the country ever separated from the British!!!

So Russia wants US to have the best economy, best stock market, energy independence and the strongest military, well, I want that too... Just think, now you can dust off all of those 2016 hit pieces --- they will come in handy when Trump wins in November!

The Post is crazy. Why would Communists not back Comrad Bernie? He is their friend. The Post has sold out. SarahKSilverman I thought I saw on the news today they were helping Bernie? Ok, am I the only one sick and tired of going in circles with the Democrats Russia and Racist propaganda against Trump? This is getting old. Get new materials

woods353 Priorities. You know. 🙄 Do you think ? How are they aiding him? Then why did Pres Trump sell Ukraine missiles to protect themselves from Russia? Why did the Mueller Investigation prove zero evidence of Collusion? Why did the Fake Impeachment have no evidence? Acquitted! Wait till everyone finds out Russia didn't hack the DNC...

Bernie Sandets knew about this and said NOTHING ! ChrisNWBZTV OK so we have the “Russians are coming” ploy again. If the government is so concerned tells us what they are doing so people can filter out. Educate folks don’t panic them!! Could this be a ploy by both parties to grab media attention rather than real Russian interference?

Liars Tell Le Putin’ That Russia Existed Long Before The Little Pirogi Showed Up! Yeah, it was about adoptions. Id laws is for the American voters it will have no effect on Russian violation because their interference is trough the media.selling fake information and damaging information misdirection and hate.dont let change us .

But Russia backs Bernie .... according to Drudge Report!! How they gonna change your vote? Big Deal!! HazedDragon Wants to keep his useful idiot in place. Old KGB doctrine, get as much out of them Oh Russians Oh, good lord. Who were those lawmakers? Democrats? Lies... So Mainstream Media, answer one question. What’s in it for Putin?

News are saying the same thing about Bernie but I believe this is fake news put out there by the deep state they don’t want Trump or Bernie to win the 2020 election. AllRoadsLeadToPutin with Trump GOP WhiteHouse GOPCorruptionOverCountry pluviophile2008 Well, the whole USA knows the New York Times is nothing but a rag newspaper. So why are you putting this unverified stupid lying propaganda out there about Putin and President Trump? didn't we hear enough of that already and it was settled. Remember the Mueller investigation?

pistach01 He doesn’t care about the truth so what does it even matter!? Funny no one blinked an eye when obama said on open mike. “Tell Vlad i will have more flexibility after the election “ oh well the hypocrisy knows no bounds. Why is this a surprise? Martian interference. Damn green things. Here we go again... Left: what else can we do? Bring back trash stories and see if it'll stick this time.

Anyone can see this guy trump is on the take AOC

MAGA best way to do that is DUMP TRUMP Show us the evidence So tell us why BillClinton flew 25+ times to pedophile island to see his pervert friend Epstein. and Clintons pocketed multi millions from Russia. The Intelligence Community seems to be conflicted. 😂 And Bernie. Which is it? would you identify the intelligence officials?

If Russia gets Trump re-elected, will this become the new Axis of evil..Russia,trumps US, China,n.Korea? Where’s the evidence? Because then he couldn’t? Because he had Trump will say any lie he can dream up. The fact is he’s corrupt & colluded w Russian in 2016 & is doing it now. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica DumpTrump2020

NYTimes? You mean the Russian propaganda bureau. Can't believe anything they 'report'. Fake news! Another distraction. If we haven’t learn by now, the divide and distract operations of this President shame on us. Russia will do what they have always done and the president will do what he always does. Just go back to paper ballots and printed vote receipts.

Fake news again Still regurgitating liberal partisan innuendo without a shred of evidence, still fake news. What 5 People said, thought, or presumed isn't evidence, it's pure speculation with a heinous motivation & NY Times is still part of the problem, not part of the solution 🤮 This is the same New York Times that bid the Holocaust from America during WWII?

The same intelligence that told them Russia was involved in last election, which was a hoax! When you do the same thing over and over again with same outcome, it’s called insanity. Paper ballots a better Trump doesn't want paper ballots because he knows he could never win without electronic corruption

And we will exploit it, well exploit the hell out of it!

Nobody believes what you report. Seriously, NYTimes. Give it up. We stopped believing anything you wrote the FIRST time you perpetrated this hoax. Dasvadanya (sic.) Donnie, Moscow Mitch, and Leningrad Lindsey, three upstanding Russian agents! Working hard to make America Great Again....NOT!!!! VoteBlueNoMatterWho our democracy depends on it.

ACTUALLY ITS BERNIE TRUTH BE TOLD🧐 Who are the ones always finding ballot boxes in the middle of the night? Nice try. Hell, they put him in office. MSM propaganda news at its best. Just pathetic 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Nice try. This nonsense didn’t work the last time you tried it. Why do you think it will work this time? You guys must be really desperate.

AOC Why would Russia back Trump while they have Bernie more stupid things from the Democrats This act is as fresh as a Foghat concert, but by all means keep rolling with this sad and pathetic desperation in hopes that it'll stop Nov. 2020 from being your worst month since Nov. 2016.Fckn 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Yeh, because they love being sanctioned by Trump! That's a good one! Russia is using social media. They are creating fake news on social media outlets. Stories that support who they want and tear down the candidates that they don’t like. GOP SenateGOP HouseGOP Intel says Russia is helping Trump, so he fires them. Why is the Republican Party supporting him? It’s not his virtues: greed, lust, rage, gluttony, pride, envy, and sloth 7 deadly sins.

I am surprised that a Trump/Putin Coup Attempt is not being spread. 🤔 See how Republicans react. When this information was released with a Republican president. Now just think how they would have reacted. If Obama, the golf playing president announced this. They hated Obama playing golf. I assume this is more left wing media bias dowbboy

Adam Schiff IS irritating no matter what side of the aisle you sit “Exploit the news” Of ffs tRump, we’re not as stupid as you seem to think. 🙄🙄 Well OF COURSE we would. It is Presidential corruption. Damn..I put the in the bottom of my parrots cage...she threw it out..exclaiming she can't crap on BS NY TIMES is fake news.

AOC 'afraid Democrats might exploit the news' It wasn't 'news'. News isn't Schiff lying about an analysis he heard in a meeting he shouldn't have a clearance to be in. President Trump doesn’t need Russia’s help, and never did. MAGA ProtectTheVote with VoterID immediately! I also heard, on NPR no less, that Russia was aiding Bernie Sanders campaign.

No one tells us Trump voters what to do. This is another made up Democrat talking point. Liars. Laughable So there are helping trump AND Bernie? Y? Are they just throwing darts at a board of stupid ideas oh boy here we go....if anything russia is backing one of their own..comrade bernie NYT should get some serious fines for their clear intent to mislead the American ppl. Any other business that published such malicious. Content w/ the intent to harm the President and the ppl would have already have a court date by now.

False more fake news Bosnia and Herzegovina , if anyone want to change something in this little country , first they have to go to US embassy . You are Russia to us in BiH just million times more then Russia to you . Hypocrites BS..That is not true NYTimes. Russia said that Trump will negotiate a deal that serves America 's best interests in exchange for relief on sanctions and a return to normalcy between our nations.

Again with the dishonest tweets and headlines. “Aiding” implies Trump is interfering and the Russians are helping him. You would have gotten more attention with this: “Lawmakers Are Warned That Russia Is Meddling to Support Both Trump and Sanders” Get empirical evidence & publish it ' RUSSIA IS AIDING ' 💯 FALSE

This is all Brennan! What better way to throw cover on your previous coup attempt. They put out a phony Intell report about Russian interference in 2016 to justify their illegal activities that is being scrutinized and may have criminal consequences and so now here we go again How? Are they sending body doubles to all the rallies?

Lmao yes Putin sent us all an email with our marching orders! You should change the name of your rag of a paper and call it the NT TDS! Вы все пропустили. Теперь мы выбираем Сандерса.

...and the is a cia storefront trusted by a handful of idiots who still believe the Russia-Russia-Russia hoax. You guys are a friggin joke Putin laughs at this tweet. Trump, just handed over the fair elections and the sovereignty of the United States to Russia. Don’t worry Americans, Russia owns us now, so you don’t have to be scared of Bernie an his scary Medicare for all. You can grow old without being able to see a Dr. TrumpIsARussianAsset

What a sham Do you have any proof? R just slander? AOC And yet we have never seen any evidence of it. Just lying liberals trying to cover their losing asses. maggieNYT said no problem we will exploit it for you Dems Hello ?!?

'Interfering' lol. Yeah, more Facebook ads. Liars! LOL...LOL..LOL....LMAO. RIGHT NANCY. GAMEOVERDEMS !!! The people love Trump and will elect him — he needs no help fromRussians! So ridiculous! Attention people; Trump needs no help from the Russians. He’s going to win in a landslide because we the American people will make it happen. Russia does not interfere with voting. It’s a big fat lie.

Prove it! AOC based on poser facebook accounts, SchiffsLeakyIntelBladder RepAdamSchiff must be acting up again

So Russia is aiding Trump and Sanders both? Ain’t that something washingtonpost ! Here we go again with the fake news trying to create a fake story to make us hate Trump!! I don’t read the Times anymore bc they only support Democrats!! They are a biased rag! What a bunch of bull S—t! First clue people , it’s reported that Russia is helping Sanders. They can’t be targeting Sanders and Trump. Just another Democrat pathetic attempt. Wake Up!

It's the only he won last time and the only way he and the Repugnant GOP can win this time. This has already been debunked. Try to pay attention. Total horsecrap. Putin hates Trump and worked hard to try to put Hillary in the White House because he controlled her. It’s the cult 45 members. They won’t wake up. And because of it we are forced to live in the twilight zone.

Hmmmmm where have I heard this before? Yep I’m sure this is true. DISINFORMATION AGAIN & AGAIN.

The New York Times is not a legit news source. Crap journalism! So he is not worried about the fact but that the Democrats may play it against him? What more proof does the traitorous SenateGOP need? Nice hedge. If trump wins... Russia helped. If Bernie wins... Russia didn’t help To all those wondering why 'Communist Russia' is helping Trump & not the Socialist BernieSanders it's simple- Russia is a NEO CAPITALIST Oligarchy run by a small group of billionaires who have raped Russia's mineral wealth aided & abetted by Trump's backers. TrumpRussia

I believe all these accusations are part of foreign interference in our MEDIA! hint: it ain't Russia (or Israel). Nonsense! It would seem that Putin would be assisting communist Democratic front runner Comrade Sanders who supports gulags, re-education camps and the people’s dependency upon a communist government. Don’t you ever print the truth?

The paper of fake news. Neither them or the Russians can bring Trump down. KAG2020 AOC You mean helping Bernie This is the biggest lie going right now, SMH On a scale from 'In' credible to not credible the NYT has a rating of LowerThanWhaleShit NYT's broke the scale.

So whichever side wins now has an excuse as to why they lost, and can impede that president by wasting millions in another investigation... ugh. Let. It. Go. Tabloid news.. Oh and it a lie First of all, everyone knows the NYT is a liberal rag that publishes fake news. Secondly, this is funny because a Washington Post article said Russia was helping Bernie Sanders... Y'all need to come together and get your stories straight.

Not for a second do I buy this and it’s a DNC plot to discredit both him and Bernie. Completely obvious. Usual and customary FakeNews from the Kings of the FakeNewsMedia . realDonaldTrump does not need any help from Russia, he will win in a landslide. 4MoreYears VoteRedToSaveAmerica Unnamed sources and the like....seriously? I don't even like Sanders and I call bullshit on this story.

Name your source so they can be prosecuted! Easy to see why Russia and other nations would indeed want Trump to win. If a Dem takes office, the devastation to our economy would have grave global repercussions. Everyone benefits immensely by a strong US economy. Give it up already. He’s going to win in 2020 and no amount of Bullshit News and constant attacks will have any effect. Have the left not learned anything over the last 3 years? It’s mind boggling!

Democrats wouldn't have Sanders, if they didn't have double standards!

What about backing Bernie NY TIMES 👇 If you can’t beat him blame the Russians Gotta get the excuse for losing in place, doncha? Gwydion1968 It looks like Trump and Sanders have the same enemy. It's called Establishment. If democrates are so worried about Russia why don't we get rid of their embassy in Washington an expell all Russians from the United States reference the democrates realDonaldTrump w_terrence DOJPH

They also say they want to help Bernie Sanders are u talking about that fool can’t wait for elections so u get voted out and we don’t have to hear ur craziness Trump still gonna win. Fakenews. Liberal socialist media.

Republicans need to be Americans!!! Odd, they are helping Bernie too. Bernie too We know the NYT is a rag. Pfft. JoyTaylorTalks More FakeNews 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ Wait, didn't the same thing happen to Bernie Sanders? He should be more worried that a foreign government is meddling in our country’s election 😢. We need a real leader Trump!

logically this makes no sense at all. Tell me one thing ha has done that would make Russia want him there. Now Bernie? 100% But cnn and washingtonpost tell me Russia is trying to help Bernie! Which news is less fake?! DT HATESSSS TRUTHHH LOVES LIVES FOR LIES

Did he complain about the Russians supporting him? No, just that the Democrats might exploit the help. That's BS! Bernie was just informed by our intelligence agencies that they're aiding him. Why would they aid the president whose been the toughest on them? If your readers had any brains, you would be out of business. Stay off my timeline.

Are we still blaming Russia? I voted for Trump and it wasn’t because of the Russians! fakenews hacks Dems can't 'exploit' the truth but he can exploit America.🤔 LoL Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein Reboots? Reallly? Got nothing new? You guys are a joke, which is it? Does any media outlet not wait 24 hours to see what’s real and what’s fake? The problem with media is media will do anything to get people to click on it

Hmm why is it that Russia is getting back into the headlines on the same day that there is JulianAssange news? Do you think pretty soon that Crowdstrike and SethRich might be soon popping up as well? justice SethRichJustice

Fake news! MIGHT BLOODY WELL SHOULD!!! 'Trump complained Democrats might exploit the news... that Republicans are exploiting Russian help in cheating at the 2020 election.' Fixed it for you. Again with the Russia BS? Exploit the news Trump is totally asinine. Telling the truth is not exploitation & the FACT that The GOP Senators in Congress refused more than 20 times to pass a Bill protecting our elections proves they would rather give our country to The Russians than give up their seats.

THIS is voter suppression. An act to steal the election. by keep scaring people that Russia trying 2 hurt the election. No real evidence of Russia changing 1 vote. No evidence that Trump had any help.. BUT there's evidence Dems went 2 Russia 4 help.. and meddling in election

No kidding. And the GOP is apparently okay with this - a new standard. Are these the same 'intelligence' turds who spun the Russia story in 2016? Give us a break. Your bias and hysteria aren't even amusing any more. You people really think we are stupider than you? Nobody is buying this nonsense. You could have at least used a different country! Go back to the drawling board! This one is old and rusty!!

ImpeachHimAgain Dear Russia aka Democrats and Intelligence.🤔 please you sick people. CHECK THE Scoreboard. Democrats still Zip 0,😂 meanwhile TRUMP😎 keeps on Winning. 🙄So does it look like the President need help to beat all the Democratic candidates together?🤣 NO, Sir TRUMP😎 got this. The Democrats need to put down their crack pipes.

FakeNews When your own government intelligence is telling you that there is an interference yet you dismiss it bcz you are too brainwashed. I swear if god came down and actually said thisi feel like these idiots will start calling him a false god. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💩💩💩 Question. Did they know the same thing in 2016 and didn't tell him? Why did they tell Bernie that Russia is backing him too? Is this how the Dems intend on creating an illegitimate election in their eyes again? They really do have a low opinion of the intelligence of americans

How else is Vlad to get his money back lol.when Dim Donald filed for his 5th bankruptcy, There was only Russia were willing to bail him out & NEVER a bad word said,Trumps Vlads Bitch! I CALL BULL SHIT! NEW YORK TIMES FAKE NEWSPAPER Omg Americans wake up!!!!!!!!!! The New York Times should go out of business once again the Russians are involved with Trump Ridiculous pathetic and after 3 yrs along with the Mueller Report no such thing happened. PS have you seen the CROWDS POTUS don’t need any help!!!! What competition!!!!!

realDonaldTrump seanhannity - Good Lord some people are stupid! Globalists & their minions (MSM) successfully targeted the weakest minds, but it’s not enough! The rivers of tears will run deep & wide when their eyes are finally forced open. The truth will take their breath away Hahahah...I guess we’re doing this again

All hail Reichfuhrer Trump. Now that he wants Congress (specifically Democrats) excluded from intelligence meetings, what’s next? Rule by kakistocracy, the shittiest people on planet earth. He doesn’t have my vote! That’s for sure! And they do say that EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!! Which is which? It's been earlier reported Russia is helping Sanders. Now it's Trump getting the help. Might this be the FAKE reporting that Trump always complains about?

Like what happened with Bernie. Because Russia, Russia, Russia is helping Bernie... too... wait - WHAT?

Fake news A second impeachment would really only help Trump, unfortunately. With the Republicans willing to vote against it, it will just seem like the Democrats are just attacking him. 4 more years is scary, but remember, he's either going to jail after this election or after the next one Lol.. Democrats know it's over so getting their excuses ready

New York Times= Political Propaganda for the Machine= NWO Agenda Russia Russia Russia America wake up🇺🇸 And your story is the definitive proof that leftists are exploiting the briefing And it begins!! Couldn't make anything stick with the Ukraine so back to Russia 🤣 New York Times! What a great news source for you to quote to stir the pot! Great thinking Eric! The Times? I never would have thought of those guys! The intelligence officials? The same guys that faked those FISA warrants 3 years ago? Could you clear that up for me?


AOC Trump doesn't need Russia's help. He's gonna win Because WE are gonna reelect Him! This Russia crap is to make Dems feel better when they lose. They'll have something to blame instead of their own failures. So there helping republicans and democrats yeah that makes sense. Good old trusty fake news strikes again

Reread the memo. They're helping Bernie Been there done that FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE AOC AOC, comment on the fact the FBI today announced they have credible evidence that in fact Russia is helping a presidential candidate in one BERNIE SANDERS. What do you say about that? You also said Russia is aiding Sanders 😂 And that Tulsi was a Russian asset! Apparently anyone not approved by the DNC is a Russian puppet...

He's right they will can't stand it that we the people voted him in and we will again! voter ID

Oh here we go again This is `why you are THE FAILING New York Times... Fake News! Fake News!! The New York Times is too toxic even to line bird cages anymore. Might be good enough to start fires with in this cold winter though. 😂😂 Times left out the point there was ZERO EVIDENCE DUH.WHAT MORONS Intelligence officials told us there's zero evidence of Russian interference in our elections. Who to believe? Pick one and win: jimmy_dore . Giving you more & more.

Honestly at this point, I never know what to believe anymore. Unfortunately our President, Democrats & Republicans, media outlets, and an unending list of institutions & organizations spread lies and deceit through are day to day lives. NYT AND CNN in bankrupt of everything Russia interfering in USA 🇺🇸 Election... BarackObama admin use FBI, DOJ, Intel agencies & foreign govts to spy on Presidential candidate realDonaldTrump admin provide Presidential candidate defensive breifing Contrast... News anyone CNN ?

You guys are a broken record. No one cares or believes you anymore. Help! Russia is gonna make me vote for Trump again. Russia narrative again? DesperateDems Change the narrative your like a dog chasing its own tail LOL Fake News Ya think. The definition of insanity is the media repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting different results.

AOC NYT is wrong as they often are under the current editor. Russia is actually backing Bernie and he has been told. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin are worshiped in Russia and at Bernie's three houses, so this isn't a surprise. Expect North Korea, China, Cuba and Venezuela to follow. Going to try this route again?

You're so uninformed - It's not Russia anymore, it's China and Iran now. And Bernie sanders. Lol. People aren’t stupid anymore.

AOC I know this post is nothing but nonsense. But if it's true, THANK YOU RUSSIA! Name your SOURCE ? Which “Intelligence officials”? The FIRED, BIASED ONES? This is just more of the ‘16 fake Russian lies you’ve pushed since the Democrats lost. You should be held accountable in the courts for spreading false propaganda.

It is pretty bad when you need another country to help you win your election. Donald thinks he is all that ,then why cant he win all on his own ,Why you ask because he is FAKE. To be fair to realdonaldtrump, if you were a Russian agent, you'd feel the same way. Wait, I thought they were aiding Sanders? Which one does he want to win again?

AOC No one else finds it ironic that AOC hasn’t retweeting anything about the Russians trying to get Bernie elected (unless I missed it) but has several retweet in regard to Russia and Trump? She’s such a fraud. Are the Russians driving senior citizens to polling places? No? Are they buying out the supply of Make America Average Again hats? No? I know, I know, they're offering 2 for 1 on those little red 'I voted' stickers we are dying to get our hands on.

Good. We don’t really care about your fakenews I TOTALLY believe Russians are for trump, instead of the guy who devoted last 60 years to communism, Bernie. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

It's like the country is being run by a clown . . . So our intelligence officials have paranoia, what else is new? FakeNews Russia does not want Trump reelected. If you believe this shit, something is seriously wrong with you SaveMyAmerica2 Blah blah blah from the New York Blah. MaryMongoven NataliaKerensky Do you people ever tell the truth?

SaveMyAmerica2 😂😂😂 at it again already! Wow. Still on the idea that Americans care what Russia thinks? I guess you have no choice but to push that line of defense after the last 'debate.' Yeah right as if realDonaldTrump needs the Russians. Seen his tremendous rallies ? Seen his black-voters growing numbers ? Seen his leadership ? Seen his booming economy ? Seen the wars he started ? The man is a genius. He doesn't need the Russians at all. Putin has a big smile

That Intel happened to be the fake networks... Exploit? You mean tell the truth? I’m confused is it Sanders or Trump ... or wait both work for Russia and ohhh It seems that Putin loves everyone that the DNC/media establishment hates 🤔 💩 LOL See below for a photo capture of the true RussianAsset I choose to believe Devin Nunes who discredits this lying rag once again.

Which Dems are gonna exploit this? Because i could have sworn all I've heard all fucking day is BernieIsARussianAsset 🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This Ladies and Gentlemen is why Drug Testingis needed to work a job!

A foreign power known to be our adversary backing a US candidate... I smell a rat... Or PutinsPuppet 🐀 Russia! Russia! Russia! Can't those slimy Democrats even think of a new set of lies? They wore this one out a long time ago. Mueller said the Russian government would interfere again. They laughed it off

Total BS Americans are not that stupid. It is more Nasty, Dirty, Lieing democRATs BS. I feel like I am back in grade school. Kids fussing on the play ground JEALOUS. OF TRUMP! OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE BEST EVER PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA ! And before the Russians the “brotherhood” always selected the president anyway.

Bernie and trump yeah aii I’ve seen enough False. How do we believe that? Please, leave Saint Putin

Well.....what if Trump legitimately wins, won’t the Dems say it’s invalid because of these reports? Russia is also secretly making people go is that possible.This as per Anonymous sources Wasnt the same said about Tulsi & Bernie? I think this wolf cry is getting old. I should report you to Twitter for hateful speech that’s untrue. But wait , Jack is in your pocket.

And he helping Bernie two why you not mention that? Da, True Dat. Amerika why change jackass midstream? KAG Senator lisamurkowski and Senator SenDanSullivan , your votes to acquit have put Alaska's elections in danger. Are you counting on Russia's support to win your reelection campaigns in 2020 and 2022?

smh.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ 🙄Fake news. Lol and still no actual evidence but the democrats are trying to get their sheep ready for the 2020 slaughter.

yawn Wait... and today they’re staying it’s Bernie that Russia is helping. Do they even know!? Well they want to continue their invasion that has been so successful and so easy and inexpensive for them! Seems the Democrats and their MSM at it again spreading Russian propaganda to try and influence an election.

Baseless accusation! Another whopper from the propagandists ! PanicInDC TheStormComes FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS EVEN IF THIS IS TRUE NO ONE WILL BELIEVE , CNN, MSNBC, SkyNews, euronews, FRANCE24 & news like them because they are pay to play & to broadcast their propaganda Agenda21 & 2030

You really want us to believe that Russia prefers Trump, the man who keeps smacking Putin around, rather than Bernie, the man who honeymooned in Moscow? Riiight. 'MIGHT exploit the NEWS?' Surely he meant to say 'WILL impeach me AGAIN'...

costlylovewins RussianInterference StrongerTogether VoteBlueToSaveAmerica But AOC Now now now, we mustn't be RUSSIAN RUSSIAN RUSSIAN oops I ment rushing to assumptions. The. Biggest enemies. To. AMERICA. Is the Democrats. Watch and see when The truth come up one of this days. You want a safe country. Vote for Trump. And be sure you’re safe. I don’t trust. Those Democrats . Any more. They. BS lies. And lies one after another

Here we go again more false bullshit Save our democracy. Register to vote, and VOTE! Trump has got to go November 2020. WorstPresidentInHistory TrumpIsARussianAsset VoteBlueNoMatterWho Oh man, the NYtimes is reporting it, must be true then.

That’s all BS. From the Democrats. Because they know that is going to win again. So. People. Dong believe. The shit. Of Democrats. Another. Lies from the Democrats. Vote for trump and don’t worry about nothing that you Hear. About Russia. Try to help trump. It’s a lie lie FakeNews All you're doing by lying is making Trump's 2020 landslide victory bigger and bigger. So keep up the bad work fake news!

Where's the evidence? last time Russians ATTEMPTED to interfere with our elections, Obama was POTUS - also HillaryClinton I voted for you BUT the crowds realDonaldTrump 's rallies are not Russians and they do vote, just like 2016. insanity AOC More propaganda from the left. Half truths and lies from politicians and main stream media negatively influences voter far more.

Surprise, surprise. Once a crook always a crook. TrumpIsARussianAsset Where's your article on Bernie Sanders getting support from the Kremlin? Oh woops did I embarrass you? The beneficiaries will never call it, as it delegitimizes their victory. Same in UK. Only way out: vote! “Intelligence officials” and “lawmakers.” Could you be any more vague and ambiguous? Your perversion of journalism never ceases to amaze.

NYT has 0 credibility. They have been exposed as a political arm of the DNC.

This is the reason has been sending out emails for a really cheap subscription==== NO THANKS This shouldn't be a party issue for God's sake. It's a matter of national security. Hey, EsperDoD Wake up, FFS. Donald Trump is putting the Americans and the United States at risk. NYT crying wolf again Dummies got it wrong again. Name the five idiots that gave you bogus information!

Actual screenshot of trump's own likes page RIGHT NOW! (Click likes from his profile to see for yourself. Then, once you see it's real, please tweet about it with RussianInterference.) You just aren't to bright to push this again unless you are already trying to lower expectations for November when Trump wins..A bag full of cat sh/t could beat any of the Dems this time around

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha SHUT UP YOU DESPERATE IDIOTS Gee, that's Strange! I think everyone else says they're rooting for BERNIE! Shut up schiff I can almost see your little neck and bugged eyes Back at your insane tricks . Because of you we may have to change the name to unintelligence” Every D and every MSMDNC outlet is using the same line. I guess you all got the same memo!

😂😂😂😂 Are you trying to take on TheOnion for funniest news story? You can’t be serious, if Russia was going to try anything why wouldn’t they they work to help their lapdog Bernie to win? Oh that’s right Socialism is the new DNC’s platform Lies. Hours later you change the story to Bernie 🤡🤡 Whatever ! Your information is such a lie and deceit to the American people!

Hmmm, shouldn't they have told Trump & keep this classified? (Thanks leaking like a sieve AdamSchiff.) Yep, Intelligence didn't tell Trump in 2016 either. They just must have forgot. 😂 Meanwhile Bernie Sander campaign is notified that Russia is aiding in his election victory... Uh, yeah. TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!


AOC That is factually inaccurate. Even your comrade in FAKEnews CNN went on air& admitted this truth! KAG2020 CCOT VETS military parents bae Lit turnt moms women dads soccermom WWG1WGA Qanon robreiner chelseahandler DebraMessing MarkRuffalo oliviawilde Oprah Taj mahal is Lord shiva temple.

Actually Putin would be very”Happy”with either Trump,and if not hypocrite Socialist millionaire 3xhouses Bernie Sanders ( who Voted against Obama sanctions in the Past )keeping his mouth shut for a whole month after having been briefed about the on-going Putin interference ! 😡 Ugh here we go again with this stuff... same old crappy tune. Can’t you guys think of something different to make up. This is so 4 years ago. 😂

Already debunked by real journalists like CBS_Herridge Do you ever get tired of looking like a clown? Don't vote for Putin. In just two words, my ass. The NYT, and progressive politicians have everything in common with Russia. Our President, no one commonality. We are not as stupid as you need us to be NYT. Putin, wants chaos in America, so he fed this story to the NYT. GetLost

Fyi, Americans might exploit the news. What is the evidence? I think I heard this back in 2016 Who wants Smirnoff ⁉️😍 Fake it as much aa if we care billionaires from New York wins the theater. Or pick the yelling scattered hair geriatric from Vermont...the view is fantastic from here... This story didn't age well

FakeNews It’s BernieSanders camp they are trying to help. Oh wait! doesn’t entitle know what the truth means. Liars New York Times purveyor of fake news and disinformation The propaganda wing of the DNC, the “news” media, is interfering in our election by spreading this fake Russia nonsense. FakeNews MediaManipulation ElectionInterference NYTisGarbage

The NYTimes is a horribly unimaginative propaganda outlet. EnemyOfThePeople

FakeNews !!! President Trump does not want their kind of 'help', nor does he need it!!! The Democrats are leaking & lying yet again, causing unrest just like Russia wants! SchiftySchiff is playing right into their hands!!! Fake News!!! I'm assuming this is the president's response... More B.S. from the NYT, this has already been debunked.

The New York Slimes. Does aynbody really take them seriously? Face it nitwits you lost and the American people won. My puppy won't even poop on your paper. God save our country. Russia interferes in lots of elections. So do we. It's not about Trump. It's about disrupting democracy. And you're doing exactly what Putin wants you to do. Good Job!! Enemyofthepeople

MSM all ready used this play. Creat something new smh There was a time the NYT's was a credible source, its sad to watch your fall from grace. I think you may have began with integrity but somehow were misled to serve money. The fact you mislead so many readers is troubling, I see a headline of yours and think of their despair.

It is bullshit.realDonaldTrump Or are they? Please get together with the other hoax factories and figure out which hoax the industry is going with.

Who’s going to write the book “Making the Great American Oligarch”? Can you explain how the Russians changed the outcome of our elections? I read the article and nowhere did it explain how the Russians got Trump elected. Nope Fake news. I wonder if the maga folks in Wisconsin know they're being played by a Russian asset. 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 🍄 TrumpIsARussianAsset🍄 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 journalsentinel gbpressgazette WiStateJournal BadgerHerald onwnews CapTimes lastword resist

HEY FAKE NEWS NY TIMES! Quit selling op ads to terrorists! You have sold many these last few months! You should be ashamed allowing terrorists to use your stage for their evil propaganda! Y'all have made Russia interference an Olympic competition. Now Russia can really do whatever they want thanks to your deceit.

Gotta LOVE realDonaldTrump response reorganizing the intelligence agency to put GAG orders on the intelligence officers doing their JOB. REPORTING that PUTIN is busy BACKING HIM once again. Can the GOP WIN without CHEATING? I doubt think they really CARE as long as they win. Fake News peddler I am very surprised anyone considers anything you write to be worthy of note.

Bernie beats Trump Russia want Trump To win Russia is helping Bernie Which is It? BernieBeatsTrump2020 Sanders is who they are aiding There is absolutely NO PROOF to these Russia allegations. Our President should sue these people for slander! The idiots who believe these silly stories need to stop reading tabloids as well and believing THEIR stories.

nah, this many people actually do just hate you Please stop with the lies! so its Trump and not Bernie that russia wants as president? funny. you would think they would help Bernie not Trump but okay, if you say so new york times. Fake news Russia will support who ever they think is the dumbest candidate in every election. This isn’t news, move on.

AOC So Russia is also helping sanders! Let’s get fisas and Warner’s to spy on his people, there must be a per tape and dossier somewhere! We can start an investigation into everyone associated with him! No one believes your paper any more. Get a new hoax... How many conservative or Republican reporters work for your paper?

I'm voting for Trump. No Russian involvement here. Hmmmm no The Traitor in Chief is spreading Russian BS against US! He attacks FBI, DOJ, judges, prosecutors, etc while pardoning corrupt politicians esp those who help him and is hinting at RogerStone getting off for helping with RussianInterference Trump will risk ur saftey 4 reelection

Is Russia aiding Trump by supporting socialist Democratic candidates that no informed person would vote to elect? I believe that. I read Russia is supporting Bernie. Makes sense. Rep. Devin Nunes today says he's suing the Washington Post for leaking classified information and publishing lies. Is Rep. Nunes correct about this? Is the New York Times leaking classified information here?

Interesting to hear reports today that the Russians are interfering to aid BernieSanders

Seriously!? What would Russia have to gain from Trump You guys never stop 😣 At least your committed to the fraud. Wait..... I thought it was Bernie? 🤷🏻‍♀️ More fake news They really want to feel the bern Oh please stop with this nonsense. only abortion lovin libs buy that idiotic tweet Ummmm. I believe they are helping Bernie....

BS. Your two bit rag has it all wrong. Trump2020LandslideVictory MIGHT exploit the news. Right here, this☝️ And then promptly fired all the truth-tellers and replaced them with lying sycophants.

Boy the Russians sure are stupid, they have a socialist running and they go for a capitalist, not bright. Just more fake news from the Democrats and the low level bottom feeders of the media. Wait a minute. We need to know WHO specifically is “the intelligence official.” Enough already!!!!!! the day before nevada primary lol

Putinisbrillant The United States needs to prepare for The TrumpCrimeFamily to be in office indefinitely. Donald Trump's fat ar$e and his escort, Melania will have to be removed from the WhiteHouse via the military. There is zero proof! It’s been said it’s Bernie Sanders they are helping FakeNews KeepingAmericaGreat Trump2020

People want to see proof since the story was putin was helping bernie...Tired of the fake news, you don't show proof then it's not really fake anonymous sources either ! Oncebittentwiceshy

No way he wins 2020, and if he does it's clearly because of Russia. America has better things to do with there time. Like make America Great the term 'Intellegence Officials' has been proven time and time again to be an oxymoron. Proof please. We no longer accept your 'say so.' Proof, please. Do not vot by mail. Do use electronic voting machines. Nobody can hack paper ballots.

The New York Times is interfering with the 2020 election. AOC I don't think so You’re not to be trusted

Here I just read one saying they're aiding Sanders NYT says Russia is helping trump, WaPo says Russia is helping Bernie. 🤔lmao Again? It’s getting old bro What a POS PAPER! FakeNewsMedia The second sentence seems... superfluous. Turds More mockingbird media bs to distract everyone from all the shenanigans at home interfering with our own democracy. nytmockingbird

Hey So called President- why arent you holding a press conference telling us how you’re going to throw the russians out and secure our elections ? SassCBrown Fake news

We know this is not true. Stop spreading this misinformation Of course Putin wants the President he has already bought and paid for over one that does not owe him $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Release taxes and all Douche Bank records Such total bs. Aiding how? Sending Russians to attend the rallies? More fake news. In other news.. I need a job NYT. All I have to do is just be a parrot for the DNC, have no integrity, skill, or conscience right? How much will you pay me? I can make shit up all day long...

NYT doing much more to sow discord than the Russians! SHUT UP!! No one is buying this This November election will be a litmus test of whether America wants to remain a democracy or become a dictatorship. we're back to this Russia stuff again?!?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ This is stupid, how many will fall for the Russia excuse again? TRUMP can win on his own, he doesn't need Russia or anyone else, and he will do it bigly ..

Not true but good try. POTUS definitely doesn’t need Russia all he really needs is a few more Democratic debates. Nobody is listening to you people anymore. You just cried wolf too often. Keep this up and nobody will vote democrat communist party usa always recommends voting democrat during elections; no surprise there! 2016, a former communist,former kgb, and leader of Russia devises a plan to help elect president Trump whom is a patriot and student of American exceptionalism for the betterment of Russia?

Who are these “intelligence officials”? Eric Ciaramella? Alexander Vindman? Pencil neck Schiff? I’m tired of these traitors concocting one scandal after the other. This is so much bullshit. I guess they'll be calling me a Russian bot again. FakeNews Want to know why your losing people? It's Russians. Y'all are so stupid you don't even realize this has become a running joke. Anytime I see anything going wrong, it's the Russians. realDonaldTrump needs no help. He has us.

Russia Russia Russia!!! Give it TFU already!

The toilet paper of record is back to 'Russia, Russia, Russia' I see. Your globalist masters would rather we be at war with them. Here we go again folks. They'll be another Mueller tasked to investigate this hoax, maybe even Mueller himself. - Toughest ever sanctions on Russian interests - Stronger military commitments from NATO - Lethal arms to Ukraine - American energy independence, lowering the cost of oil and natural gas Are these the actions of a president who is helping Russia?

Yes we need voter ID now Well LETS EXPLOIT!! Put your money where your mouth is and show facts proving it's true. And what are you doing about this JohnCornyn and tedcruz Supporting him and this corruption, as usual. standupforTexas PresidentWarren What's that definition of insanity again? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me... 😂 Russian bs not happening..

😆 Trump afraid of Exploitation that’s funny

Trump should have done what Obama did when he came into office,clean house!Fire every one of these assholes and start over!Until everyone that that Obama appointed is replaced he will continue to get resistance and have leaks.These people will say and do anything to get their way 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Russia? Again?

5 anonymous sources violated the law and risked prison time to give you classified info? Doubtful. Too bad the whole “Russia” thing is a hoax and no one believes you anymore NYT. Seth Rich leaked DNC emails, Russia never hacked them. 😂😂NYT just keeps discrediting themselves Yes! Of course Russia want to help a President who has given aid to their enemies. A President that has sent javelin missiles and money to the Ukrainian government to defend against them. Change the record its completely wore out. More Trumped up charges that will go nowhere.

DNC TheDemocrats are suppressing votes and meddling In the elections. I feel realDonaldTrump Trump & I will vote for him if they try to adversely influence the Nevada Caucus to stop BernieSanders. INDEPENDENT BLACK VOTER BERNIE SANDERS DID NOT SEND ME. Oh lord here we go again with the Russia BS AdamSchiff spread these lies to NYTimes

OMFG, did you idiots not learn a single damned thing from last time?

Colluding with Russia is fun... Why can't trump do it All on line media must help by closing ALL outside countries venues of communication/only USA lines stay open until after/elections Facebook Google instagram ANY venue! SpeakerPelosi AdamSchiff chuckschumer that will b the only way of protecting ourselves from the attacks

Oh for crying out loud, here we go with the Russian Collusion angle again. Will you Democrats ever learn? The Dems and ethical journalists SHOULD investigate with fervor! scwoman52 ImpeachTheMFAgain We are not dumb Democrat supporters we know what we're doing! We don't believe the Russian interference. But if it gets Trump out of office we'll scream from the top of our lungs Russia interference Russia interference Russia interference!

Why is anyone even surprised over this? We knew. Let’s face it? We knew.

RussianCollusion and RussianInterference TrumpLies about TrumpRussia The ComplicitCorruptGOP has GOPBetrayedAmerica with more GOPCoverup BOGUin2020GOP AOC ProtectOurVotes TrumpPenceOutNow OccupyDC ImpeachThemAll DemandRemoval RescindAllAppointnents SeizeTheAssets GeneralStrike if necessary!

Or: it’s a story planted to make you look like clowns. And it worked. Clowns. AllResistNews E x a c t l y how is Russia 'aiding'? Shouldn't we as voters know the details? I don’t know how the Russians are doing it, but they are sure making the Democratic candidates look bad! More fake news from our deep state media.

Better than what Trump and the GOP would do, which is cover it up. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The thing about Putin interference is that his main goal has aways been to undermine confidence in our institutions, not directly affecting vote totals and the like. And democrats, too eager to play the 'gotcha' game with POTUS, have fallen in line perfectly with his plans.

Bring them forth.

PURE. B.S.!!!!!!!!!!! No, they're not. Russia is not doing anything they haven't done for decades or longer. Every country with the means does this. Period. But have you ever considered that maybe trump is good for the USA, and Russia wants that? A strong USA is good for the whole world. FakeNews Right because the Dems exploiting this fact is the most important thing about what is happening here. iquit

AOC RepJeffries admitted Russia interfered in 2016 at the Dem request. He said it was all perfectly legal because they paid them to interfere vs POTUS who asked for a favor. That he said is SHAMPEACHABLE Really NYT? Again? I thought we just concluded an investigation in the last 3 years Ok boomer 😂😂😂👌🖕🏼

Fake news!! Dumpster fire at the DEM debate & here comes the Russians. We saw this coming before you wrote it. When are you going to stop trusting RepAdamSchiff & do your JOB? I voted last time & will this time for realDonaldTrump NOT the Russians. MAGA2020 RepAdamSchiff in full leak mode, huh?

Un-frick-ing believable. GOP HaHa! New York Times. HaHa! More great reporting from the msm with “NEW” unidentified anonymous top secret sources! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 y'all are such losers, we are back to RUSSIAAAAAAAA 🤣🤣🤣 Spooks say.... This is lie. Putin backed dems. They r easier on him It's sad there are some really sick people out there. Consumed with hate so much that they can't get out of their own darkness. The country is divided by hate not Trump!

Who are these sources? What's wrong with some help? Anyone who believes this has been brainwashed by Fake News. The NYFAKENEWSTERTIMES has insulted the intelligence of Americans. Socialist Bernie was married in Russia. Trump gave Ukraine defensive weapons Obama/Biden did refused. TheToxicTruth

We should commission a special council or something. Oh, wait. Already setting up the scenario because they know Democrats don’t stand a chance. LyingMedia at it again Trump2020Landslide If I was Russia I would say the same thing just to get US Dems to freak out... then be like 'job well done' 🤭 Lies.

Let's anger the President some more, then: when covering this sort of news, tell us what the ramifications are which are available to Congress and the public to stop it. Tell us in the same breath - so that the disgust & disappointment is not fully taking over before hope is born No one with an once of common since believes anything you say zerocredibility FailedNYT

Absolutely fake news! Media getting desperate now that it’s becoming clear they can’t beat Trump! Voter ID for all states now! So says Schiff. Pretty sure I saw those Russians all standing outside waiting to get into the Trump rallies. They would've been allowed to enter too if the rallies weren't already filled with patriots who got their first. But keep pushing the Russian hoax B.S. as you try to delegitimize POTUS

You guys NYT still don’t get it. It’s unbelievable. From what I can tell Trump has been tougher on Russia than the last two Presidents combined. I don’t recall him helping Russia buy 20% of America’s uranium or telling Putin off mic he would have more leverage once re-elected. Just stop with the Russia BS.

News flash. Russia will deliberately do anything to cause political turmoil in America and the Liberal media will chase it like a dog chasing a red ball. By intelligence committee you mean Adam Schiff, right? Not again... getting a bit old and threadbare now. Trump2020 by a landslide AOC Haha Russia Russia Russia! Never give up ! Impeach impeach impeach investigate forever!

vicksiern Are you kidding me! DEMOCRATS are blaming Trump for everything Get the hell out of our elections.

It doesn't matter how high a wall you build, how much you restrict borders or travel, cyberspace has no barriers. This is the world we all have welcomed with open arms. Our addiction to the internet has made us prisoners. Russia didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I can't believe Putin loves America so much, that he is willing to interfere in the elections again, to make sure we citizens keep winning. What a great guy! 😂😂

KyManInTheWoods This is beyond old! Get a new lie started! Tired of all this waste...the real problem is Americas small towns, cities are on the take..corruption, serious federal crimes undermining democracy...illegal surveillance We have let political marketers brainwash us so criminals get their person in office. We have Stasi Already

I know right, they already got to me somehow and are making me vote for Trump...... Again! 🤣🤣🇺🇸 More fake NYT news When “officials” tell you something, you definitely know they are lies

We already knew this was happening! The question is which Dem candidate can the Russians dig enough fake dirt on so he could possibly win? Vote Elizabeth Warren all the way!Vote blue all the way regardless! We need trump gone! JUST LIKE CLOCKWORK QUE THE FAKE NEWS STORIES Why would the Russians want Trump to win? He has been harder on Russia than any other president, the Russians would love nothing more than to have comrade Sanders win. But what else would you expect from a liberal apologist news organization like the . Joke

So telling —let’s not stop Putin or anything— to Republicans the only problem is that now everyone knows Meanwhile in Truth Land NYT aids the Taliban This is a reverse psychology operation. They are really trying to get Sanders elected and NBC, CNN, WaPo and NYTimes are falling for it hook, Lind, and sinker.

I bet you're pretty disappointed and appalled, right SenatorCollins Here we go

Oh hell yeah we're going to exploit it Where can I send a thank you note? The douchelord in the book I am writing loves TheNew York Times... Now why would they be telling any intelligence to anyone but the president?... oh and hey fake NYT try reporting truth and not constant lies. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

You're trying it again it didn't work the first time it won't work the fifth time or 6th or 7th what happened to real journalism Instead of making up about actual news? I don’t know, maybe investigate Ilhan Omar? Seems to be a story there. Boy crying wolf again And the media is working for the Dims. Oh brother. I see Russians everywhere and their memes are killing us.

At least we know the NYT doesn't have any bias in this story By 'Russian', they mean any white male born and raised in the USA. America will pick Trump. OMG here we go again..Zero credibility. Replace, Marsha Marsha Marsha with Russia, Russia, Russia. Fake Can’t you find a new hoax? This is so old fakenews.

NYT pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Fine People Hoax, the Covington Kids Hoax, the Schiff Memo Hoax, and too many more to list. Now crying wolf again. You would think your readers would learn, but evidently they aren’t very bright. Latabrmai24 And we darn well SHOULD exploit the news. Trump & Putin--together at last.

Essentially, anyone supporting Trump2020 is colluding with a foreign government to manipulate the election. AOC You support a politician who honeymooned in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Don’t pretend you believe this lie about Russia being connected to Trump or even that you remotely care.

is stoking the fires of misinformation to soften the loss of Democrats in the 2020 election. Always bet on Putin. Fake News Times. Really you fall for it every time. The Russian colluders are the democrats! 😎 Get a new chant already! Russia, Russia, Russia is getting old Liars! ....the failing NewYorkTimes pushing another failed narrative...

Aiding & backing are not necessarily the same thing. What a croc of crap the NYT has become!! Fake News!! It’s hilarious 🤣😂🤣😂Russia, Russia, Russia Seriously though, does it make sense that Putin has some black magic that is more powerful than the tens of millions of dollars spent by the 2 major parties and their superPACs? Not to mention the incestuous relationship between the 2 parties and their mainstream media allies?

The CIA has been telling lies to us for at least 80 years. But I’m sure we should believe them this time. When you already know you’re going to lose... Good grief!!!! Here we go again with Russia Russia Russia Gossip rag, you are the National Enquirer Let me guess, this is coming from RepAdamSchiff ? LOL

Is this the same New York Times that denied the holocaust? Asking for a friend Either Report Real News OR Go Home. What specifically did Russia do? Was it illegal? Did someone in Russia tweet something again? The are colluding with RUSSIA by perpetuating misinformation!! Truth!! In their latest act of desperation and extreme stupidity, the Democrats have resurrected Russian interference in US elections. They know they are going to lose and are again refusing to accept the fact Americans are rejecting their policies.

Just like CNBC, the NYT has a long proud history of sending loose women to dig up juicy stories in Washington. Nonsense Same intelligence officials that openly want him gone? Really though, this again? My prediction is that no one will believe it this time either. After millions in tax payer dollars and at the expense of Muellers reputation you would think the lesson was learned... Guess not.

Good one 🤡 Bull shit! Exploit the fact that the current occupier of the white House can't win without Russia and cheating...imagine that? I guess Trump doesn't want Democrats to do their jobs to protect America against foreign influences because it means he will lose. Was this not foretold over and over and over again in the impeachment hearings!! What part of that did people not understand!!

FakeNews I look forward to the day when you are forced to speak the truth! From the NYT. Another hit since all the others failed. 😂😂😂 love a good parody account... Maybe you could publish an op-ed by Russia in your bird cage liner or do you only allow terrorist that privilege? I just love reading the deranged Left in these tweets. Russia, Russia, Russia. I would respect you if you remotely questioned anything Obama did in his two terms. If you are so worried about Russia, people should be worried about any of those Socialist Dems!

Now it becomes clear why Trump put his sycophants in charge at National Intelligence Trump doesn’t need rush his help he’s doing a fantastic job Old false narrative. Go back to the drawing board. Media. Never. Learn.

Fake news. Or exaggerated. The russia russia russia thing is getting old. Trump is a narcissist....a very ugly person and so are his followers! Wake up this is important! Save our democracy & Vote Blue 2020! Fake news as usual...... What a bunch of side walk Sissy's. President Trump frightens you? I just wonder how many of these so-called men'''''were nursed by their Daddy's, because their mommies boobs were no good.

Russia H O A X. The sequel. If you believe this garbage, you probably smoke a lot of this stuff. OMG!!! Someone get me my fainting chair!!! Seriously.... the desperation stinks. Any intelligence briefing coming out of that committee through Adam Schiff is fake and corrupt information! Even Jake Tapper said this was mischaracterized and disputed by his sources. That's when you know you've done really bad investigative reporting. What happened to the NYT? They literally had an article from a Taliban leader the other day too.

FAKE & CORRUPT NEWS! You are the enemy of the people!! There they go again. 🙄

AOC Where is the evidence Perfectly happy to characterize Trump’s fears, not willing to speculate about his state of mind with regard to lying or racism. Cool. Got that? Ok good. NYTimesPR SteveDaines maybe next time you go on a secret trip you can ask about this? Are they helping you too? Are you holding town halls there? Bc you ain't doing it herr...

Adam,Julian, Maggie & Nick are LYING 🤥 so much for REAL JOURNALISM 🙄 Crying wolf anyone? Good grief people, how many times are your going to cry the sky is falling? Well, you could say the same thing as Nancy, Adam and Schiff sure did him a favor with their failed coup attempt. Russia msy try, but the real interferencr is Dems pushing ilkegal aliens to the polls, & lying and cheating kike Schitt! Dems have mounted a campaign to undermine confidence in our elections - it’s the way the Soviets ran the USSR!

Then we better start requiring legal I.D.s for national elections to guard against election fraud. Right!? Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

Oh come on Here we go again. The Democrats and the media are beginning up the Russia hoax again for the 2020 Presidential Election. Smh. NYT...liars 👺 I don't know which is worse - a former newspaper trying this hoax once again, or people who are truly falling for it - AGAIN! FAKE NEWS Aiding, assisting, abetting, interfering all subjective to intent and goals of plans of all included or excluded. How is news reporter advising of red alert? Our town warning sirens did not sound. Employer auto-robo calls to employees have not initiated.

Please stop spreading misinform! Another steaming pile of garbage from the New York Times, how many times have they been wrong and had to retract? Totally unreliable source of information especially coming from our intelligence agencies that lied on FISA warrants. Lies. You're a subsidiary of al Jazeera

Why have Democrats refused VOTER ID for decades, go ahead give those lame excuses while you shout your propaganda. DEMOCRATS ARE LAWLESS !!!!

The people following and supporting this narrative are aiding Russia in once again creating chaos. Such idiots. They are already doing it.....Iowa! Pppl if WE don’t use Facebook then Russia can’t interfere. To save our elections just don’t allow your uncle Billy and grandma to login during elections and watch 200000 russian pro trump videos. Problem solved. You’re welcome America. FridayMotivation

Disinformation campaign by Russia. Nothing new for years. Who beats Russia at disinformation and meddling in other countries elections? USA. How much did the Obama administration spend and feet on the ground trying to Keep Netanyahu from winning again. That's just one is so unbelievable where is your FakeNews ? facts just because somebody says a newspaper article makes it true this is nothing but the Democrats to set up the 2020 election and future impeachments Proceedings sorry this person don’t believe a word you say that without facts!

BS! After the Dem debate it's obvious that the Democrats are helping Trump. Russia Russia Russia Oh give me a break! You ppl never learn. IF Russia is trying to interfere (like they’ve done for decades) I assure you, Trump doesn’t need it or want it. Ever been to a Trump rally? Russians? We don’t need no stinking Russians.

This rag of a publication will do literally anything to try and destroy Trump. Well, it’s not happening! But, please, keep writing your shit stories. They are amusing.

Bizzaro world that is what Trump is angry about letting the American people know. He is becoming a dictator before our eyes Trump has been tough on Russia, blocked their pipeline to Germany, Armed Ukrainian defenses against Russian aggression. Blocked oil exports from Venezuela, but yes, they Prefer Trump to Uncle Bernie that has said he Loves Russia, even had his honeymoon there. BernieBros

New York Times is FakeNews NYT is a russian troll So amusing to see this debacle again ! Russia Russia Russia Fk the Times!!! I read the post!! funny you and the democrats are the puppets of Putin. You are the ones doing just what Russia wants. Sowing discord. You are doing their work for them. Thats how they interfere. Starting this Russia Russia Russia The Sky Is Falling Trump Is A Russian Agent BS again.

This is just what they want you to think! Democrats like to play mind games for certain! The Russian collusion hoax hugs come on!!! No evidence indicated Russia collided with our elections! Y’all always want to fact check right? HOLLA I think yall need check your facts

Haaaaahaaaa, these lousy dems and their fake news partner's won't stop this dry comedy. It's not the impeachment were back to russia again pathetic. What exactly did Russia do in 2016 Only Meddling I saw was Intel Community spying and leaking, MSM fake news stories and Big tech blocking searches! What did Russia do and how did it sway my vote?

Hey Mitch, can we please do something to protect the nation from this? Nope no bias in that headline. Excaty how are the Russians 'aiding' Trump? Totally fake news. Trump’s policies have done more to put Russia in check then all the two terms under Obama. If anything, Russia would want any of the Democrats running for President to win the election

big if true Fake news again!! Do they have somebody the New York Times that sits there and makes up this shit seriously what is wrong with those people The Democrat Party is a clown show so the media is dragging out the Russia hoax again.

Wow, is that a load of s!t. Trump winning is definately not in their best interest. Russia is helping Trump by keeping Communism going😀. The more we see of it and the Democratic choices, the more people want Trump. I'll take freedom Everytime! We take will take the help we can get!!! Left has the CNN MSNBC and every other news outlet in the US. Thank you Russia!

I am voting Trump and tens of millions like me will vote Trump In not Russia. More Russia, Russia Russia LIES ! Get over yourselves, do you even have any common decency of honor or integrity? Living in a bubble, you are so outta touch, crap like this just pushes people in the middle to the right, get a clue a plan, anything but this b.s.

I guess since the impeachment scam is over they have to move back to Russia, hey dumocrats we’ve seen this movie already. Gosh they’re getting predictable. Democrats are helping Trump in the 2020 election. Russians are helping themselves and Trump has proven he's not going to bend over for them like their socialist friends do. Toilet paper is cheaper than NYT.

5 people familiar with lying told bs

No they didn’t. Lies You are seriously starting this shit again? It didn't work the first time and you doubling down will just convert more people over to supporting Trump. The New York Times is the top collusion expert they are actively working with terrorist to spread propaganda.MSM like nyt has been interfering with elections for decades. Trump has only made them reveal themselves

Democrats have already declared loss to realDonaldTrump thru Please get back to honest journalism instead of propaganda. The ONLY reason you are still on my feed is so I have a heads-up on the BS. Sorry to say But doesn’t look to me Like we need Russia🧐 So, he’s the victim now. Totally on brand. Not to mention how Putin could, or will.

Daily confirmation that the MSM is the enemy of the people.

I heard the same thing, and someone said that they spotted Putin’s motorcade and the cars had Feel the Bern bumper stickers on them. And we’re back to 2016 when we devised that TrumpIsARussianAsset The failing New York Times with Russia collision part 2 They just never learn with their fake news lol I guess strict voter ID laws in every state would help.........

Here we go again! NYT how? How are the Russians aiding President Trump? Could you possibly provide facts? Reds under the bed, anyone? Translation : DT will win again and the left already trying to taint it Russia has interfered in all our elections. It's not new but Dems act like it is. Russia didn't impact 2016 by their efforts, surely didn't get 63mil Americans to vote for Trump and they won't in 2020. The only issue is Dems causing division in this country by exploiting this.

Please the intelligence community cant anything right Then is it really support?

Russian collusion 2.0 or 3.0 or 10.0. DNC has no candidates with a chance to beat realDonaldTrump so they resurrect a failed lie. Jesus, no originality from any of them. Trump2020 Gee, I wonder why Trump thought that? IndicTrump Fake news. You ought to be happy. You will soon have 4 more years to lie about my PRESIDENT. Without him, you have NOTHING.

you are just conspiring with the DNC to sow doubt and justification for the Trump landslide that is coming but the real reason is that this country is much more conservative than you have lead people to believe and is finally waking up and voting. OMG! Here we go again! Russia Russia Russia! The American people are sick of these lies from the left.

How much are you paying old Adam boy for all his information? I have seen this movie before. This is another deep state story again aimed to hurt Trump. The liberal media has made a joke out of the news and they do not even see it. Most normal people will see this as another fake story, that a couple of months will prove wrong again.the liberal media will not apologize

Wouldnt wipe my ass with the n.y.times

What is the actual proof Or is this more of the intel agencies creating more lies. What has Trump done to benefit Russia these last 3 years? Now do Israel. Exactly what evidence do you have of this? Ask questions. It’s called JOURNALISM. FakeRussiaFakeRussiaFakeRussia! Really, can’t you be more original with your fake news? At a certain point you’re boring even liberals

Always “ sources” from who fool! No the Democrats are already doing a pretty good job at this. Like STOP CALLING YOURSELF NEWS! Do any of your 'sources' ever have names? Intelligence Officials . . ? Who might that be?

Russian sequel 2? The deep state needs to get a new writer because everyone knows the storyline and how it ends! Stupid. So Russians prefer Trump over a communist Bernie that honeymooned in Moscow?! Lies. Here we go again with fake news. Left pushing fake narrative to try and harm republicans and Trump.

You literally have to be dumber than a box of rocks to believe this. The only threat to our election is voter fraud from the Democrats. Fake news Here we go again! More fake BS Bernie is one of them commies. Why would they Trump to win? B****hit Liberal media Damn. It didn’t work the first time and it won’t work now. Hey here is one that kept Teddy out of the White House, you Democrat’s might try it. Can you say Chapaquitic

Tell us where and when, and we’ll show up, Neera! ImpeachAgain ResistanceReady cc MoveOn IndivisibleTeam womensmarch CAPAction NationalNOW First, why wasn't realDonaldTrump briefed on this also. Secondly, don't forget, our own CIA has the ability to hack into any system and make it look like it was another country doing so. Look at Vault 7 in Wikileaks which has documents proving the CIA has done this many times

This was the 2016 playbook. It didn’t work. Try something different this time around. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results Fake news strikes again What a joke!!! The Democrats know that they cannot defeat realDonaldTrump, so they are going back to their RussiaHoax for a second try. It’s deja vu all over again🤦🏻‍♂️

Trump then fired the guy he appointed to the job, because he did his job. trump wasn’t happy that Democrats were also allowed in the briefings, duh it’s the jobs of both parties to get this information. Trump not interested in qualified people, just those who do his bidding. Wake up America! Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

AOC Russia wants to create chaos in the election. Russia support is bad. Russia suggests support of a particular candidate. Russia therefor wants that candidate to win. NEWS NEWS NEWS ,, NEW YORK TIMES IS FULL OF SHIT ARTICLES,!!!!! Shouldn't the press be mobbing the GOP legislators right about now?

Oh boy, they’re actually gong to try this narrative again. Lol ...Not buying it ! Fake News...Do you guys ever stop? Fake news! 🤭 And there you go again. FAKE NEWS NEWSPAPER. You dont even care that you are not considered a legitemate newspaper anymore. You are a leftist propaganda paper. Why dont you just call yourself Pravda? NYT is fake news!

The intelligence change makes sense now And how is Russia doing this? Lol now they trying same things as 2016 they'll cheat Bernie Sanders and will lose the election to Trump,, ready to blame Russia from now. NY Times = 😂 This article reads like it was written by college freshman. It makes ludicrous assertions several Times and ignores that Schiff was caught lying to Congress numerous times. Infantile excuse for journalism.

BS, glad Trump just picked Grenell & Patel to run DNI to clean house. Bullshit! Brady Bunch politics. Russia! Russia! Russia! How is a strong US military and strong US economy good for Russia? What party would Putin logically support? OMG anyone who believes this over the fact the Dem candidates are tragic is full of TDS. You don't have to be a Trump supporter to see it. Keep this up b/c YOU and Dems are the ones who are helping to re-elect Trump with your foolishness.

Time to ensure VoterID! Easiest way to ensure fair voting. And don't give me that bullshit about ID's being racist. Just ask Virginia who wants to require ID for gun use. Does that mean that Virginia is racist, too? I guess that debate the other night was a total shit show. They had to go back to the Russia hoax again.

Lmao look more lies. I guess the Democrats knowing they are going to lose the election had to come up with something. Good thing those of us with a brain know better. Hey I also heard Trump was going to give Disney Land to the Russians if they helped him win. Yeah ok. Last ditch efforts to help your poor failed democrats ? We all ready seen this ? And it was a huge lie and cover up from the leftist.

How are the democrats going to address their party aiding Trump’s re-election? The Russians are already digging tunnels to vote there. In Trump I presume. 😂😂😂 Shut up !

Another “news” article behind the pay-wall that only subscribers to the New York Times can read. I wonder how many sources are named “a source close to the situation says” in this article? The NYT is trash. Only mindless liberals or people who fact-check their BS are subscribers. Here we go again & the is falling for it yet again.

You just can’t let go of your lies can you. Obama holdovers starting a false narrative made these unfounded claims. You just can’t stand that President Trump is going to win again. The democrat candidates are working to get Trump re-elected. They don’t need help from Russia. They are doing fine by themselves.

Trump has been tougher on Russia than any President since Reagan Denounced annexation of Crimea Strengthened NATO, isolating Russia Ukrainian forces armed against Putin's wishes Diplomats expelled Sanctions imposed Trump is tough on Russia, unlike Obama who colluded! Laughable news from this rag 'People' said🙄 The NewYorkSlimes is FAKENEWS

Bull The endless Russia HOAXES being re-hashed again and again is as Dead as your newspaper 😂!!! Of course they're going to expoit it. Politicians are useless. Our country should have proven businessmen/businesswomen in the White House becuse they don't run around in circles - THEY GET THINGS DONE.

Can you please keep us updated on the posts and memes placed on social media that Russians use to control our votes? Thanks Have you seen the lines at his events? He doesn’t need any help- he is going to be re-elected. TrumpRallyColoradoSprings Trump2020 donnabrazile Russia? It actually looks like the Democrats are the ones helping him win the election!

No source Didnt happen. You dont get the benefit of being believed anymore. Never will believe an unnamed source story again VoterIDNow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 We won't nominate Clinton this time, and its like one Russian posting adorable cat gifs. We should be more worried about Trump's disinfo campaign and any potential additional foul plays by the DNC. If we're that worried why is the bill on McConnell's desk like the rest of 2019?

The fact “someone” leaked this to the NY Times proves Trump was right Whatever !!!!

RUSSIA!!! lol YAWN AOC Stop lying about Russia! Fake news HEADLINE NEWS...... Bernie votes Trump...... MAGA Let me know when you want to return to being a credible news source. Russophobia. How retro. 'Intelligence officials' lol Democrat is becoming a synonym for “mental case” So sad to watch the demise of our 2 party system. The new parties should be called, The Normals vs The Crazies

Because they have zero shot to win in 2020 and setting the stage for 4 more years of shenanigans here comes the dreaded Russian excuse. How about a real candidate against Trump.

AOC Bloomberg is effectively bought by China and trying really, really hard to buy the Democratic party. You, uh - think maybe that deserves a mention or two? why don't the left-wing media just get on a horse and scream 'the Russians are interfering. the Russians are interfering. we report only our version of the truth and you must accept.'

FakeNewsNYT 2 questions for the NYTimes. Did RussiaRussiaRussia 'interference' make me vote for realDonaldTrump in 2016? Will RussiaRussiaRussia 'interference' make me vote for Trump come November? TrumpDerangementSyndrome Always remember, the tells 'a story,' not 'the story,' Why should it be a y different.Putin is his friend

So he’s more worried about the news being exploited than he is about it being true and protecting our country. how are you making this mistake again He knows. We all know.

So that last democrat debate was a disaster huh? Back to Russia You people are clueless. Go to a Trump rally (if you could get in) then talk with Trump supporters and learn why Trump has so much support. 🤷🏼‍♂️ How dumb can people be the Russians and the crown have deen interfering with our election for over a 100 years!

Way to make me sign in to read your bis piece That horse is dead but trust the anti American to try and revive it! You all believe Russia would help an administration that has but more sanctions on them than any other administration since Regan. Really.

Guys chill. If other news sources day this then its concerning. But it's the New york times reporting this and other hit piece websites So let me rephrase : Russia is interfering with America’s 2020 election to aid President Trump’s victory and Trump is worried that Dems might intervene with Russia’s meddling . Got it .

Oh I'm sure Russia would much rather have Trump back in office as opposed to Comrade Bernie Your paper blows Bull hockey!!! Nonsense lol Was there ever any doubt that Trump would have to cheat again?! Nope. His approval rating has never passed 50%. The WORST approval numbers of ANY president in history. AmericanPeople liked Nixon more. Most important:ELECT an All DEM Congress to keep the potus(whomever)in Check!

Fake News

The DeepState beating the same old dead horse. It's getting old.. T. R. E. A. S. O. N And his supporters won't believe it until it's on Fox, then they simply won't care. Oh that’s right the media is reporting this. Must be true. FakeNews NYT the toilet paper of news.. 😂🤣😂🤣fool us once but not twice now it becomes the biggest social media joke 🙉

Perfect way to deflect actual feelings of Russia is for the Dem. Party to say that Russia wants Trump when .theyreally want the weak Democratic candidate. FakeNews

Thank goodness we can rely on John Brennan giving the fbi factual information to actually help the integrity of the elections, instead of using his position to give fake info to help start an investigation into political opponents. Russia strikes again. Bwahahahaha. Okay so.....voter ID then!! I smell bullshit

The Russians are messing with the Democrats primaries....ergo they support Trump....same failed logic used in the DNI Intelligence Assessment about the 2016 election. What a headline though.... Of course Russia supports him Trump is one of their own When will Twttr change your status to entertainment ....”intelligence officials” = “Maggie gives us this 4 am talking point”

Every American should exploit that information. Exploit? Such a big boy word for you. But don’t worry about democrats telling the truth about you and your campaign. You have already destroyed our nation as we once knew it with your daily dose of lies. Have you hit 16,000 yet? PROVE IT LIARS/FAKE NEWS!! We already know you can't...but the ONE who knows/sees ALL will soon show the world the entire TRUTH! You can't hide from what's coming for all of you, NOTHING can stop HIM or HIS Justice. Advise you to seek the Almighty LORD, while you still can.

Here is a detailed and informative presentation about RussianInterference during the last presedential Election2016. Here we go again ... 🙄🙄🙄 Please make up some new stories. If you belief Russia wants to re-elect Trump over a devout Communist in Bernie Sanders, you folks are out of touch with reality, and awful stupid!

Next do the foreign election interference being supported and encouraged right here in the United States! Please! What’s that? Doesn’t fit your narative? Oh! What is your narative again? Curious that this drops immediately following the debate that thousands watch turn into a dogfight where each of their corrupt flaws are thrown at each other. Nyt knows that Trump is looking pretty good right now.

The circus continues... Stop with the Russian lies Coming to a Political Theater near you: Russia Collusion Part Deux. Oh you went back to that? LMFAO!!! You f*cktards are so predictable.. News Flash: Hillary Clinton used Russian disinformation agents on her opposition research Adam Shitt is colluding with Russia in another coup attempt also who is Ed buck?

Hmm seems to me the only ones having election issues are the dems. IowaClusterFuck FormerHillaryCampaignMembersCreatedTheSoftwarePlatform They are too dumb to do anything but🇺🇸 Trump and his friend Putin interfered elections in 2016 .... OF course he will do this year 2020. It would not be strange he and his fella are seeing for a third election !!

He got away with it once and he will again. We have no law to stop it. We’re going down quick. Complete lie, and fabrication; by the media owned by, Jefo Bezos and bloomiberg! World see USA As joke! European people are laughing st you! Russia couldn’t care less about your grabby corporate “elections”. RT_America foxnewsalert BBCWorld

Trump is livid on tweeted and TV Honestly he is excited and hopes Russia pans out! (ILLEGITIMACY 2nd Time coming) Here we go again! FakeNews EnoughIsEnough You are Fake News! Fake news. You can't get in front of the bomb that is about to be unleashed. The American people reject your hoaxes and fake news.

ALL election security bills are being blocked by Moscow MitchMcConnell's Senate GOP, which gives advantage to our foreign adversaries. And Putin isn't sick of winning. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica RegisterToVote VoteBlue Democrats SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff SenSchumer realDonaldTrump doesn’t need Russia. He has us, the people. Go to a rally and find out how many ppl support him.

Y'all didnt learn your lesson, huh? Lose credibility everyday. “Some intelligence officials viewed the briefing as a tactical error, saying that had the official…spoken less pointedly or left it out, they would have avoided angering the Repubs” Bc it’s best to leave Congress & American ppl ignorant of dangers, rather than anger the GOP 😒

From Russia with love to my President! My life hasn't been too hot living in a Democracy. Any tips for living under Tyranny? Currently I work, sleep, play video games, and drink. Should I just keep doing what I'm doing? Ya think? democrats will beat both trump and Russians . keep up with the good work BernieSanders !

Fake news. This kind of thing requires disclosure of source. The NYT is again election meddling I recommend life in prison for the coup plotters

I hope Putin helps us win back the house. That would really be helpful You will report on fake stories like this but are silent when it comes to Dems having millions removed from voter rolls in California because they are either illegal, deceased, or are Republicans that 'accidentally' had their vote switched to democrat.

Here we go again🤦 If they’re changing the actual votes, it’s interference. Anything short of that isn’t. Being lazy to the point that Facebook ads sway your vote isn’t the fault of the Russians. Or Trump. SenatorCollins what has he learned? How to be an even bigger a**hole and do even more damage to our republic. SAD. I will keep donating $ to your opponent. Hope others do the same.


Got to keep that old Russia hoax going ,because for some reason our dem base believes all this bull 💩 We can only hope...

TheBusinessSuitIsGangRelated 🔥 AOC Oh no! Russia part 2. Starting your lies early this time? realDonaldTrump Because the Russians told Hillary not to campaign in certain states 🤣🤣🤣. NYT is such a joke! The Russian government has realDonaldTrump on the pocket. One day the truth will be revealed. FakeNews they still crying Russia collusion if you havent heard there was none 😂🤣 KAG2020LandslideVictory TrumpRally DonaldTrump

Hey theres literally a guy trying to buy the democratic may want to check in on that. BULLSHISIA, JUST ANOTHER FLANKING MOVEMENT BY YOU AND THE LEFT. I can say right now I don’t need Russian to help me decide who to vote for because everyone of the democrats have turned me off by what they stand for

Pure bs. I don't like Trump. But I don't manufacture lies against him either. Here is a news for You. ' Corperate liberal media prefers Trump over Bernie.' A fact that is undeniable. You guys at nyt really are too stupid breathe. The Democratic candidates are helping the President get re-elected much more than Russia ever could!

Ya think!!! 😂 I don't support Trump but this Russia narrative from the past 4 years is getting boring af. 😑 Mockingbird Media. If anyone is interfering it would be China, and obviously it would be to prevent Trump from winning. China wants anyone but Trump Will they be spending more hundreds on FaceBook ads to sway my vote?

This is also the same company that published a TALIBAN LEADERS article titled what we the taliban want. But hey all for the American people right smh Mask off I guess

Trump is an illegitimate president and continues to be illegitimate by counting on assistance from Russia Nah. Look at his continuously sold out rallies of stadiums whereas dems can barely fill an auditorium and still have 7 candidates. But sure try to get a narrative of cheating installed so the upcoming loss looks like a hack

Well well well NY slime says so,,,must be true NOT Wow! Why didn't they help him in 2018 and let Dems take over the House? And who would have thought they would prefer him over Socialist Bernie Sanders ..all this on the day he got the highest approval rating? 29361RMSM Russia again wages a war against our elections and democratic system and he does nothing to stop it. Instead, he attacks the intelligence community and fires acting Director of National Intelligence. Treason

Exploit it? He's the one who hasn't told Russia to back-off. He's the one who has welcomed interference. Trump is literally exploiting our election process! Gather around kids, it's story hour. Fake news. RussiaHoax2

We need voter ID, in every state, to ensure there is no more Election Tampering. Also, the whole Russia thing, 🤦🏼‍♂️ come on nobody will believe this BS. So what? This is the new normal. Why should China be the only dictatorship we deal with? Fuck principles and values. Yay money!!!! AOC Liberals and y'all's constant Russian collusion nonsense kill me 😂😂😂 It didn't happen when Trump won in 2016 and it isn't now either. Talk about not being able to accept the results of an election 🤔

Good Lord.............Just stop! We're sick of your lies. The same intelligence officials also perpetuated a coup attempt on realDonaldTrump. Deep State reports cannot be trusted until all Obama holdovers are removed. I am sure Russia would rather have Bernie the Red than AMERICA first DJT. NYT’s = DNC PROPAGANDA

AOC Can we also tell everyone how politicians are 8 out of ten lobbyists funded. Also how we pay politicians a lifetime salary after their service so they get paid for doing nothing after doing nothing in service . What president or Congress worked together to do better ? Why American Democrats are so passionate about making Putin look great?! This outlook has catastrophic impact on development of democracy in Russia, demoralising people, starting to believe in his superpowers.

If Putin backs Trump then back Putin! Is Q real? What a JOKE!

what a surprise. The question even a 3 year old would ask... but most people don’t... How? My favorite thing about POTUS is that he makes soviet flag flying leftists NUTZ with projection😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Same old fake news, with the same old fake sources! Americans back Trump’s re-election. Intelligence? Thought we discovered they are not so intelligent. Lawmakers the same people that work under Pelosi?

Did President Trump tell Putin that he’ll have more flexibility after the elections?

You people are delusional senatemajldr MoscowMitchMcConnell Shame TrumpRussia ProjectAlamo ElectionFraud Treason brought to US by Traitors DoYourJob SpeakerPelosi TeamPelosi ImpeachTrumpAgain Sorry I can't stand Trump, but this bullshit is getting old. If there was ANY evidence of Russian interference, the election would've been nullified & re-run ... without Trump in the running. This smacks of 'we're going to lose again, better start the narrative.'. 🙄

AOC Really? Are we starting with that failed and worn out narrative again? The DNC will lose again because the American people are tired of this charade. KAG2020LandslideVictory Back to the russia collusion... that didnt take long 😂🤡 Out of ideas eh ? AOC Ya think? Sure .. seriously .. what a load of crap .. does anyone believe this anymore ..

Please stop

Already setting up the narrative AOC Democraps Won't Except Another 🇺🇸TRUMP WIN 😀👍 Just Like In 2016 hahaha ... Loosers 😁👍 ... Idiots. For Trump, it is win at all cost. Ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf? You're him....:yawn: Okay, now y’all need to go to jail for these hoaxes, seriously.

BS! russia gate russia gate its all russia russia gate trump putins puppet russia gate i have nothing of substance to say and no argument russia gate Again with this huh? Lol SMH Give it up. This didn’t work, remember? WTP and Russia have a commonality...Trump2020Landslide NYT most corrupt, bias journalism to exist however...WE DO WANT TRUMP RE-ELECTED. THANK YOU NYT FOR THE FREE POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT. TrumpRally

After reading one twit from Svetlana, I decided to vote for a commie, SenSanders. Thank you, Svetlana. What a load of shit. Thats not what was said. Fake news will not stop realDonaldTrump 's re-election President Trump isn’t being aided by Russia to WIN the election in November, he has Jesus Christ helping him, & the American people whom God is touching the hearts of to Vote for him, whom “I” am 1 of! I’m praying for the American people, to get their eyes open to the truth! 🙏🏻

More FakeNews Still haven't learned from RussiaHoax 😂🤡 Nice try Fake News! What, no fake news? That disc is broken YAWN Russian fever is a disease that only infects the gullible. That says a lot that even the Russians think that the Dem presidential candidates are to far left.

Democrats: It's time we deploy Russia. Engage our guys at the Intel community. I've wondered how Russia interfered with the election. And if you know they interfered. Why can't you stop it? If you see something coming. Prepare for it. Their not Gods, they can be stopped Sounds EXACTLY like what Barack Hussein Obama tolerated in the 2016 election which led to HillaryClinton's utter defeat. Boomerang Trump2020

Omg give it up!!!! We the people are sick of this goddamn Russia Russia Russia Russia. People should be more concerned with China. Ever hear of Fools Mate checkmate in chess? You guys are just too easy. Putin could not have dreamed up bigger stooges than MSM and Dems. Really? More fake news? So is Israel.

1st of all, President Trump has put the most sanctions on Russia than any other President, I highly doubt that Putin would want him in. 2nd- The Democratic Socialists are more in line with Russia's way of life than Trump's. This smells of Russian Collusion Part 2, more fake news So are they going to get some more Facebook accounts. That’s what they did. Facebook and Twitter. They cast no illegal votes. They put out stories on Twitter.

That is so fucking funny, its notfunny at all!

Oh look, fake news pushing conspiracy theories. Your mama’s aiding Putin SenatorCollins lisamurkowski if you’re listening... You think Another shameful day in America. NY Slimes epicenter of fake news spinning lies to fill the CNN/MSNBC propaganda shows. Real story is anti Trump media trying again to revive discredited Russian narrative. Anything to stop realDonaldTrump...MAGA2020

websterelizabet Here we go again. When one lie doesnt work, make up a new lie, and then when that one doesnt work, make up another one, and so on and so on....🥱🥱🥱🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 overit Cant wait for another impeachment trial and watch Reps destroy the Dems again. Here we go again WWG1 WGA

The same NYT that promoted the Steele Dossier and the Pee Pee tape. You guys are losing it. right... better get a head start this time around isn't it? Who gave the order for you dredge this up again? Oh never mind... it’ll just convince more Americans to wake up and see you for the lying shills you are. 🤦🏼‍♀️

We are now becoming AmeRussia! AmeRussia You’re doing exactly what Putin wants you to. If you claim that you can’t see it that way, then I truly feel sorry for you. Anyone with a working cerebral cortex, who believes this needs psychiatry. The hoax continues. YOU PSYCHOS JUST COULDNT HELP YOURSELVES! TELL ME AGAIN HOW THIS BULLSHIT HELPED YALL LAST TIME? OH YEAH! WE ARE STILL LAUGHING FROM 2016!

Well, let's hope so because the dimm alternative would be disastrous for America! But in reality, more lies and fake news from you!

Jesus, this again? FakeNewsNetwork This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN OUR LIFETIME. We have someone in the Oval Office who is allowing, no welcoming a foreign adversary to interfere in our elections. If he is re-elected, it says a majority of the country has decided America no longer matters to them.

Conflits_FR NY Times is satire. Only fools believe what they print on low grade tp. Trump knows the only possible chance he has to win is to cheat again! Nothing more than a liar, a cheater, a fake, a fraud! Mickey Mouse could beat this illegitimate president with no $ and no voice😂if Putin dumped Trump!

Russia, Russia, Russia... 🙄😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Russia, Russia, Russia... 🙄😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Anyone who thinks that Putin would prefer Trump needs to think again. POTUS expanding NATO and military spending; sanctioning oligarchs/Rosneft; and expanded US oil/gas; lethal aid to Ukraine. Russia hoax 2 is BS.

riiiggghhhtttt. just like last time with ukraine Omg! Again? Didn’t happen the first time, but you idiots just can’t help yourself. What a complete joke you all are. 😂😂😂😂 You are fake news you will no longer speak anything into existence on my watch Russia nonsense again? You leftists need new material...

Yeah - Mueller warned us yet nothing has been done! The Iowa caucus FU was a result of this too.

I wish journalists went to jail for fake news Exploit? As in the the news about Trump getting help from Russia again in 2020 is interfering in the election? Lmao Wow, ! Is this the best you have? Rehashing old conspiracy theories? Just remember, when the truth comes out, EVERY lie you've spewed will be held against you!

Sorry but they've had 4 years to prepare for this. Paper ballots for every state, no voting machines. Sort out the voter registration issues. Nothing done about gerrymandering. Nothing done about fake Facebook ads. My sympathy is running out. Sold any papers lately? Lol Russia Russia Russia CNN and democrats starting all over again. Just switched year on their programming. It’s psychiatric

No, they aren't, put down the crack pipe

RussianCollusion More 'russia russia Russia' nonsense. This conspiracy theory has been debunked, new York times is fake news. The national enquirer is more trustworthy. Here you go again.Arent you all tired writing same thing over and over again? isn't there any other stories out there? We all know. TRUMP2020LandsideReElectionVictory

Wait, are the Russians helping Trump? Thought they were helping Bernie? Or was it helping Tulsi? Get your lies straight Is that the same ones that told you they aided Trump in 2016, when that was DEBUNKED! Sheesh, do you guys ever give up. You LOST 👀 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 We don’t need Russia. Trump supporters will re-elect him.

This shit is so tired - Democrat leaderships playbook is failing them so woefully and creating followings behind the likes AOC and Bernie More bullshit hoaxes being perpetrated by the & their favorite leaker, Shifty Schiff! You'd have 2 be stupid 2 think Russia would want realDonaldTrump 4 another 4 yrs when he has made America energy independent & can sell 2 Europe, too. Sanders would be Russia's dream!

There you go again. Season 2 of Russia Collusion preview Intelligence... it must be true. , who is exploiting who? Russia was Clearly the Insurance Policy TheDemocrats had just in case realDonaldTrump won the Election. The DNC is Trippin' bcuz POTUS Keeps Winning. If PresidentTrump was Guilty of Everything the DemonRATs have accused he could run as a DummyCrat. TrumpPence2020

Definitely must be true ....🙄 The democratic party is backing trumps reelection TBH... ,💩💩

Отмените выборы. По вашей логике всё равно Россия вам назначит Трампа. Who are these so called intelligence officials 🤣🤣. The guy in the IT department Oh man! I didnt believe you the first 30 times you tried to bring Trump down, but this... I tots believe this. The New York Times is pure propaganda. Obama was weak on Putin and Hillary provided our Uranium to them. POTUS 45 has been tougher on Russia. I really doubt he is helping to get him re-elected.

Oh yeah right. Russia Russia Russia we've come full circle now. Don't believe any of this. And the u.s. has been meddling in elections, overthrowing democratically elected presidents, prime ministers and leaders, for over 70 years. the CIA, whose sole purpose is to lie and deceive the American people to achieve their objectives, are in 139 countries as we speak!

Are President sure is popular. Could this be 'misinformation' This is the only acceptable time the phrase 'go back to where you came from' should be used in the USA. This is all fake news courtesy of RepAdamSchiff . Ask yourself - why would the Russians prefer T over HRC or Bs?

You all are crap at NYT. Russia invaded America without shooting one bullet ! This here is the main part right here ! Attacking democrats running for president is not important if the game is already rigged! Every candidate should be chomping at the Gop for safe guarding the elections TheDemCoalition

Hiw about you cover Bloomberg blatantly buying out the democratic party Dont beleive everything you read or hear folks......Wake up people. If I were a Russian oligarch, I too would support Trump. Simply for the reaction from the NYT and like minds. ... Intelligence officials... Look at us we at the NYTimes think the people are so stupid that they will fall for the same lie again even through it didn't work last time.

If Trump really cared for this country he shouldn’t seek re-election, Russia will just continue meddling in the election. Yeah uhum he really needs Russia to beat those incredible democrat candidates like crazy Bernie, sleepy Joe and mini Mike. Dream on

Who is aiding the Democrats? I know you know NYT! Of course. But but but Hillary wikileaks exposes the Clinton campaign and the DNC actually colluding with the Kremlin yet the NYT doesn't like to discuss that. Odd. Jesus Christ with this already You guys can’t stop looking for excuses to impeach our beloved President ... since 20 the hell of 16. Please accept your losses and get a life! Killary lost please accept and the hell move on!

Except it is not true. More FABTICATIONS AND LIES WhatALiberalFoolBelieves Parents, you simply must make an effort to control your children. They are scribbling in crayon all over the New York Times again. The Times is difficult enough to read as it is.

Mockingbird Media FakeNews Propaganda NYT - Lie, rinse, repeat... PS. The storm is coming. You're toast. AOC Setting the stage to obfuscate DNC election rigging to undermine Sanders. Iowa was all DNC fuckery, as Nevada is set to be fraser_brad The snake! TCIIIESQ They don't have to interfere. Democrats are a train wreck with no viable candidates. Only thing that will stop Trump is a bad economy and stock market crash. Two things that dems want to happen.

So predictable... you are very FUNNY 😂😂😂😂 AOC Ah, yes. The fake news NYT has resurrected the Russian Collusion Illusion so that they'll have a primary talking point when Trump wins again. Hey, let's really have fun. Put Shifty Schiff-For-Brains in charge of the investigation. At this point even if they publicly intervene with the election, I don't think there will be consequences to either Russians or current president.

Exploit the news, how about doing something about it, most normal people would be outrages, do nothing Donnie only worries about how it impacts him. How and hell can anyone support this traitor FAKENEWS Do better !

Always about him. FakeNewsMedia This is COMMIECRATS fake news at its best. What a flipping joke the times is. Russia is gonna drop all the dirt they have on trump and the republicans either the night of or just after the next election just to create chaos. Its what they want. Specially if trump & repub win, all the dirt comes out. They see the bus coming for them, they are ignoring it.

Sounds like NYT are at it again, trying to tie Trump and Russia again for election time, they will fail again as they did the last time. NYT propaganda, interfering with elections. Isn’t that a crime? Bring this dead story back I see Russia really wants more dead Russians. It appears Democrats already have.

KenReedPatriot Not again! Can’t you come up with something new? The only reason the Dems might interfere is because if we let Putin pick our President again, we might be establishing a prescedent for future elections. It would also explain why Moscow Mitch blocked any and all bills to enhance our election security.

I guess it’s time for voter ID and paper ballots. Back to this again, are you? Again with this? This isn't 1950. People don't believe you or curl up in fear cause you mention Russia. Ya'll just aren't trying anymore. Democrats exploit THE MEDIA, not the news. Democrat media is not news. Did Joe McCarthy give you this story from the grave?

😂😂😂😂 Are you REALLY going down this worn out road AGAIN? PUUHHLEEEEZZE! Russia is the only avenue the DEMONCRATS can travel bc they don't have one solid Candidate in the race. What a PATHETIC PARTY! AOC WITH THOSE CRAZY GROUP OF DEMONCRATS RUNNING ANY COUNTRY WILL BACK TRUMP!! Yes please run Russian hoax again TRUMP WILL BE RE ELECTED 2020 EAT SHIT

I feel like I’ve seen this one before... I don't think any help is needed from Russia or ANYONE.

FakeNews RED ALERT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. That is read hearing, Putin is helping Bernie Sanders as best way to destroy America as he did in 2016. Yeah, I don't think he's going to need ANY help from Russia. I wish Russia would provide aid to you by offering mental heath to the fake news media at the New York Times.

How could Russia hurt trump..? By convincing stupid ‘intelligence officials’ that they are ‘helping him’ and then have a stupid fake newspaper report on it..?!🤷‍♂️ I know this story. There once was a boy who cried wolf. The first time he convinced many. The second time a few less, but still some believed. Eventually he cried wolf too many times & his cries eventually fell on deaf ears..... realDonaldTrump USA 🇺🇸

Here we go. trump realDonaldTrump can shoot someone and get away with it?! Wtf arrest trump! He’s now been impeached, caught on tape saying vile things, bankruptcies at 7 plus and acussed of rape etc?! Who is this man and why is he still in the White House wtf America?! This is propaganda Keeping that funded manufactured narrative alive is for the uninformed only.

The front page newspaper read Donald Trump won the debate last night. Today they try to insult our intelligence by telling us the same disproved Lies Again. They insult are IQ. They believe they can put fake fear in their followers anytime they're losing. And it works. C’mon like Trump really needs it at this point. China, Ukraine and Russian hackers supporting any dem couldn’t beat him now.

The President of the United States is a Russian agent hellbent on undermining our national intelligence, our national security, and hell, once he has everything else in place, probably our military. This is no longer a game to be waited out. He must be removed from office. Now. Anyone who wants russia medaling in another country’s democratic election, kindly move to russia.

No that was Bernie Sanders last night on the DemocraticDebate do you really think this RussiaHoax is going to work for you this time PLEASE WHAT A JOKE. Here comes more Russia bs!! 🙄🙄🙄 Gets old. Find something new. AOC More Hollywood Tatantinos scripts NY TIMES is Right! Russia flew in all those Thousands of Trump supporters in AZ & CO the last 2 nights.

When the Democrats want to fix the primary for anyone other than Bernie, who needs Russian meddling when the elites just do it themselves? BernieBeatsTrump Democracy

Sick of this BS - just stop it!! After the colapse of impeachment, I guess this is the only thing left for dems? They can't be serious with this s*+! Good! Hopefully it’ll counteract all the main stream media help for the Democrats! Hey NYT. If u see the size of those Trump rallies you’ll realize the whole Russia BS is irrelevant. He doest need it

Simple but prob too simple for the left & fake news.... Voter Id ! Y’all stoopit. AOC Ah the new scam from the globalist. Yawn. FakeNews 🙄🤥🥱

Did the Taliban guy tell u this? This rag is a joke now. There’s just no end to the stuff these delusional RUBES will invent, huh? Problem is, they have no creative imagination at all. RUSSIA, again, really? It’s just their DESPERATION running AMOK! What 'news?' It's an unsupported rumor, and Democrats and their loyal media would never exploit an unsupported rumor for political advantage. Right?

This is textbook Democrat playbook. If you have a dumpster fire democrat debate, immediately call on your mouthpiece to change the news cycle. ...from an unnamed source! I bet they have a dozen of these in the file cabinet and they are all a load of you know what! If you can't beat him... Smear him. Russia hoax 2.0

WWG1 WGA Sweet! Trump set the bait and is reeling you right in. Thank you for contributing to his re-election Here we go with the wishful thinking and fairytales... The DNI briefs Congress as obligated by law that Russia is helping DJT’s re-election. Someone in the House Intelligence Committee then goes over to the White House to inform DJT who summons the DNI and fires him for briefing Congress. Why is Devin Nunes still on that committee?

Yeah and the Russians have communications with ET that are helping as well!!!!!!

Are you really going to fall for this again? Bring up something I can capitalize on and NYT would come running after. Watch on YouTube: The Conspiracy Files: Putin; The FBI and Donald Trump. A very relevant in depth look at the realities (relevant to today) and made by the Canadian program The Fifth Estate. Excellent! Watch it!! Trump is a money laundering corrupt mafia thief!

FakeNews WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide The BS is strong with this! Omg stop with the fake news already! AOC Trump supporters are too smart to fall for this Russian attempt to hurt Trump. You and they know they would love to see Trump gone. He has been their most effective opponent since Ronald Reagan.

As a Cold War veteran this turn my stomach and is SHAMFUL and those who support this president should be consider TRAITORS maga 🤣 Really? Nothing says the Democratic Party doesn't stand a chance against DJT better than trying to accuse him of Russia Collusion AGAIN lol Fake news 🤥 MindControl OperationMockingbird EnemyOfThePeople

Russians force Americans to vote for Trump? Who plays Assange now he’s under house arrest? Does it not seem odd China isn’t listed with other rogue nations as election threats? How about the Six Allies who spied on realDonaldTrump in 2016? DEM BullSchiff! Please post the Documentary from Canadian program The Fifth Estate called, ‘Vladimir Putin’s Long Shadow’. Easily found on YouTube. It will educate US citizens!

The hypocracy of the American cry babies is hilarious! The US has been involved to election tampering around the world to no end (Cuba, Equador, Libya, Iraq). Talk about double standards. Wtf, that's GOTTA BE illegal You REALLY need to stop pumping THC smoke through the ventilation system there. It is amping up your collective psychosis. FakeNews

Coming from the NYT is totally unbelievable Trump and Family should sue you! You guys trying to blame his re-election on that already?! 😂 Americans have gone bananas. This BS can only happen in Africa. But to think Americans Believe in this? 😆😆😆😆😆 Keep running with that!!!

Russia is paying for each person to go to a every Trump rally and cheer YOU ARE FakeNews The NYT can’t admit that the Trump-Russia collusion that it flogged for 2 yrs, was discredited, in a report written by Mueller’s team of Democrat attys. Now NYT is flogging Schiff’s story that Trump is ‘stealing’ the ‘20 election. Already. Uh huh.

Demand country wide voter ID and paper ballots. Keep the Russians out of our elections! What would Regan say ? It was clear to me a long time ago as to where Donald Trump’s loyalties lie. And they are with a country that isn’t a democracy and one in which he is debt to for billions of dollars. Trump doesn’t care about the United States. Trump only cares about himself.

Why do we not hear an outcry from our citizens? I don’t want to believe that our countrymen/women do not really care about what form of government we live under. Well, let see the proof then, NYT. Are these the same 'intelligence officials' that swore up and down that Iraq had wmd's? Or lied about the Vietnam war? Can we stop with this neo McCarthyism facade?

Oh bs More FakeNews from so what else is new? “Those who ignore Trump’s actions may think they are staying in the shadows, but they are actually in the hot spotlight of history.” SenatorCollins lisamurkowski SenThomTillis SenCoryGardner SenJoniErnst SenLoeffler SenMcSallyAZ sendavidperdue Trump once praising Julian Assange & Wickileaks, and now disowns him. Typical fair weather friend. The hook was offering Assange a Presidental pardon if Assange would (falsely) claim the Russians had nothing to do with his election. The more honorable man, Assange declined.

MichaelAusiello Here we go again, setting the stage again the American electric is stupid. since WWII Russia interferes with our country. they have Sleeper agents here, lived here for years. I doubt they really choose a side, they really want us communistic and under their rule. Who might it be It is no surprise to me that Trump would fire the National Intelligence official for telling him that Russia was again trying to interfere in the election. And it’s no surprise that he would fire him for telling the Democrats.

FAKE NEWS. Can't you sorry trash come up with something better? Sure, Jan

Holy cow this crap again. Can you at least try and come up with something new. Who's going to be Mueller 2.0. Really this is the definition of insanity. XoXo__Kellie TheDeathOfDemocracy2020 Fake bullshi. Pseudo news for the day. This is such horseshit!! Dems know they can’t beat Trump so they’re weaponizing the Russian collusion conspiracy!

👆👆👆 TRANSLATION: Dems are imploding and need their media machine to step up. Yeah Yeah WE KNOW! Just DO something The Russian Hoax again? So dumb, really? 😳😂

The least trustworthy newspaper these days is the . Fake news 💯 Putin lost billions when we became energy independent and exporting oil. How about the 20% of our uranium deposits sold under Obama? Oh wait that’s against your agenda...which makes you fake news 💯 you’re a disgrace to NY It’s time for a second special counsel and new articles of impeachment. That will guarantee a Republican House and Senate. Russia, are you listening...

I’m so confused; why do Republicans bend over backwards to defend the Russians? It makes absolutely NO sense. What a bunch of conspiracy nuts, didn’t work in 2016-2020 and won’t in 11/2020. Yellow journalists is alive and well with these 🤥 ThanksPutin Bloody hell. *This* again. 🙄 AOC donnabrazile Thou protests too much..especially when you are guilty as hell.

AOC They arent even trying to be subtle anymore

If the Democrats are so concerned about Russia why didn't they prosecute Hillary Clinton Russia is thier latest Boogymsn. realDonaldTrump did way with ISIS and North Korea. Back to Russia. DemocratsTheEnemyWithin MsmEnemyOfThePeople You people are not even worth if wrapping a dead fish with. DJT Landslide 2020

Do you HONESTLY think anyone believes you at this point? I mean...c’mon anyone with half a brain knows this is utter rubbish! 1/2 🇷🇺 set the whole Ukraine thing up thru John Bolton. He told whistleblower, Vindeman & Yovanovitch to go to WH lawyers & report phone call. He gave impression he’d support them, then sat back & leaked lies about how his testimony would be so important, if only he could testify

Proving once again HumptyTrumpty realDonaldTrump can't win an election without cheating. You have to laugh. FAKE NEWS aka ENEMY of the PEOPLE strikes again. Not biased at all Oh my god this is criminal and abhorrent and you’re treating it like gamesmanship - politics as usual. What on earth is wrong over there !?

AOC Hahaha. He gonna win again! Everyone know this is not true ! you can do better than this. Where is your honor and respect of reporting the news with truth , research , facts ,wisdom, and to inform the American people and be reliable and truthful. Your a historical business in America act like it Would love to see a few specifics. How are they helping Trump?

Incorrect, NY Times, I’m the one that’s behind the President, and what I support, so will Russia , so will Nato and so will the rest of them. What The Democrats have to realize, is the fact a civil war is closer than you think and WE are drawing a line in the sand Brennan and his gang of merry traitors don’t count as intelligence anymore!

2/2 Then Bolton wrote his book, leaked more lies & is now laughing his ass off about how dumb & partisan the democrats were to impeach Trump. You think Bolton came up with that on his own? That was a counterintel operation to discredit GOP enemies Did you see all those Russians pretending to be Arizonans at the Trump rally? They had me fooled.

Too good to be true Lol Fake News . Keep trying though. Thank you Russia for the help. There we go again. Same bs. Fake news NYT at it again.

Guess what .. we all know it’s true & NOTHING gonna happen! He’s impeached & nothing happened. Like he said .. he can get by with murder. I’m so done with this guy Yea no shit. Why not exploit their blatant corruption? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Damn straight this is getting reported! He’s actually much more dangerous than Trump

No one is surprised. It happened in 2016 and trump has done nothing to stop it. More fake news and propaganda from a corrupt news paper.... NYT: Russia is trying to sow discord in our elections and help trump again! Everyone else: So you doing exactly what the Russians want you to do by posting this article?

President Trump doesn’t need Russians to win the election. Americans are camping outside for days to see his rallies. You should check it out nyt? AmericaFirst Sorry, Russia isn’t telling me to vote for trump, I vote myself 100% Fake News Russian collusion, AGAIN 😂 This is a prime example of death throes of a dying newspaper. You may want to take pictures for posterity because the American people are not buying it.

Oh here we go again with the BS! The Desperation is pitiful! After the DNC changing the rules to include a billionaire while shutting out TulsiGabbard & GravelInstitute, plus what happened in Iowa, we don't need any help (And aren't getting any) from Russia to rig any elections. Enough of this McCarthyist bulls**t.

Russia if you are listening после того, как я выиграю выборы с вашей помощью, давайте праздновать с водкой и красить Москву снова красным Familiar Move on Really? True: 2016 illegal FISA Warrant, Operation Crossfire Hurricane, Hillary Clinton’s campaign paying for a “fake “dossier”. This is corruption and it wasn’t done by the Trump Campaign. Trump was the target. Now the Dems are doing it again. Wow!!!

Provda 2.0. The New York Times is known to misinform and mislead...who would ever believe anything they write anymore? They make things up all the time. is this what you come up with since you don't have a Democrat candidate who can win? shame on you for making money off lies! 2) “The German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia. This is a point of no return, and I am going to stand up and say… it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia.” Press

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, former German MSM Journalist 1) “I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I’ve been educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public,”.. “I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. Why? Because I am pro-American.” So what has changed since 2015. Will Russia or Americans decide the next president. voteblue

Russia can help to trump but people dont want the same shet for another 4 years. We already had enough with this clown. The economy is extremely bad. We almost in recetion again. He just tried to be nice for these months to be relected. It's true. I just got a check for 1 trillion Rubles signed by Uncle Vlad himself aling with a letter demanding that I re-elect Donald J Trump for President. I definitely will!

That DemocratDebate was SO BAD the is brining back Russian collusion.

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results .Here go the Dems - liberal media again rotate false accusations- Russia interfering - Impeachment - Russian Interference- impeach.... maybe Just try doing your jobs and stop wasting time & $$ AOC It’s called fake news!

LOL!!!!!! The Dems realizing that the clowns up for nomination will be destroyed at the polls so they're ramping up that made up rhetoric of Russia again and there's a lot more to come . They're really losing that bad. More of this ugh NUT err NYT it figures you would charge this country with this sequel of sorry 😐 no very sorry disgusting b/s. Are you out of ideas that explore Russia II. Why don’t y’all go back & take a course in truth or have actual evidence. Otherwise, put in for a new slogan NUT

The BS bells are ringing, the NYT are a signing ... bla bla bla The United States is under attack by a left wing scourge. He does NOT need any help, theres not one of the democrats who are even remotely close to taking on the president. Stop already. Why in the hell would Putin want America to be the greatest County in the world? he’d like for America to suck so that Russia can be the most powerful

How convenient this comes out after the Train wreck last night Where are the getting this shit from? Is that all of Russia at trump rallies also? Are they trucking in russians to stage support? What in The hell! Yeah Russia would rather Trump, who's pouring 100s of billions into the US military, be president over the Dem's leading candidate, Sanders, who wants to take all of our military spending and use it to create a welfare state. Get a grip.

unreliable source ... Time to elect the most electable person that has everyone going behind. *check the Hill for source* This fake news is directly related to this news... Hum, disastrous democratic debate, slime NYT reports Russian interference AGAIN, seems suspect at very least. Needs new tactic since nothing else worked except bolster support for Trump Works for me, thanks

🤦‍♂️ here we go again with this bullshit BS

Sure they are, I actually saw South America sending him cocaine so he could stay up and tweet too.. 😱🤪 This is the SAME nonsense we’ve heard for four years. Remember the “17 intelligence agencies” that did Trump was colluding with Russia? Do you REALLY think we’re that stupid? What a joke. pathetic ... even for fakenews NYT

Do you want me to believe Putin is pulling for realDonaldTrump? Because he loves losing to the US 😂😂😂 When there’s no other way to beat realDonaldTrump just press the Blame Russia button... Especially after the DNC circus last night 1st allow a terrorist in your paper wasn't revolting enough now write about RUSSIA again Interesting this happens after how many Rallies Trump has had in past couple weeks showing realDonaldTrump needs no help winning &piss poor antics of Dem Candidates&DNC. Who leaked? Schiff?

Haha yeah right. They want Comrad Bernie FAKE NEWS !!

Fake news and Im reporting YouAreFakeNews And your supporting a taliban terrorist? Terror supporter times not NYTimes anymore. Democrats have an abomination of a debate and 24 hours later “Russian collusion” is the hot topic. You idiots are so predictable. We’re back to Russia again. 🤦🏻‍♂️seriously its just becoming sadly pathetic

Bullshit Nobody believes this crap Russsiaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo will something be done this time or not?

Just one more reason to go back to paper ballots and institute national voter ID laws How do you know that proof ,? This should be the headlines everywhere EVERY DAY FAKE NEWS from the RAG New York Times!!!! For real this time? Or faking it again? Mitt Romney is going to come out of this debacle smelling of roses while all his GOP colleagues are covered in crap.

I’ll take things that didn’t happen for $1,000 Alex. I'm not surprised. Nothing he does is surprising These aren't Russians

BS. Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Trump can't do ANYTHING without cheating! Do you really think anyone with a brain is going to fall for this crap story? Get a new storyline. Please! You're headline writers are woeful. DT WANTS Russia's help and so do Republicans. Wake up. peterbakernyt spettypi What a cringe. What a shame

Going through the responses to find morons to block is like shooting fish in a barrel. No its those voting machines from china that ivanka patened. They are testing them at the debates thats why he keeps saying he won at all 3 states. He shouldnt be on the debates votes at all Yall getting as bad as everyone else.


Noise. Say something different. Trump's popularity is enough to earn him anything he desire right now. Stop looking for excuses where there is none. Trump is unstoppable! trump2020 KAGA2020 Uh, how?😂😂😂😂kag Trump2020 Sounds like more people need to be fired. Oh good grief, journalism is dead and gone...

Lol, you people are so stupid Have you learned NOTHING? AOC Why helping Trump if Bernie is the communist? Doesn’t make any sense. Who saw this coming? LOL Really?

At this point it really doesn't fucking matter he will continue to do whatever he wants to do and apparently the powers at be are letting him do it . So you are just getting mad for no reason . Give it up, nobody cares about your Russia hoaxes anymore Fake news This.... Again? For God sakes try to find something new. StillFakeNews

🤦‍♂️ Not this again, tiresome, Fake News. I think the Democrats are aiding Trump in the 2020 election Fake news. “Sources” 😂😂😂 Trump dont need any help, he'll be happy with the landslide victory. 😂😂😂 nytimes just resparked the f’ing looney bins.... MAYBE, just MAYBE, Putin wants Trump re-elected, because what good would any of the dem candidates do? The debates are such a comical sh*t show, I’m surprised Comedy Central isn’t airing them

Flash to the past lmao this head line is worn out. You think it’ll work this time Hahahaha

So Russia hired the Democratic Candidates? Well Comrade Bernie seems to be swinging the sickle and hammer. But Russia isn't communist anymore. EXACTLY State Department to Unmask Chinese Operatives Working as Journalists in the US Among the news outlets are The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. GO FIGURE PAID PROPAGANDA FAKE NEWS OUTLET

In real news, Bloomberg is purchasing his way into the nomination in plain view. Have you seen the current field of dems? Trump already won Putin’s reverse psychology owns MSM. Ha! Democrats are pissed Russia isn’t siding with their party! 😆 SocialistsScorned WhatILearnedToday PutThatInYourPipe Democrats DemDebate

Either by law or the will of the people we will end your corrupt oligarchy, The media can't be trusted anymore... Insane. I hear Bill Barr is resigning because of tweets, too? You all are shameless.

LOL I can hear TuckerCarlson already calling you Fakes out again... Of course, Russia is aiding Trump in 2020, just like they did in 2016. The ONLY person who can stop this is senatemajldr, but there’s a reason they call him MoscowMitch. I’ve resigned myself to the FACT that Russia will again steal the election for Trump. Sad, but true.

Well it doesn't matter, because now all of that is legal. Now he can use, ask for AND accept foreign help. The senate made it legal during the impeachment. When will it be enough Can Intel. Committee hold hearings and get McGuire to testify We can't let Russia interfere again Support VoterID now! Call your local reps and tell them to pass VoterID!

AOC Great! Russia again? 😂 AOC Duh ok guys back to Russia

How are they helping? By supercharging the US economy and job market and stock market? Get a new schtick- this one is tired. Ya'll played yaselves... Stop this bullshit already. 'Israeli intervention anything the Russians may have done. ... even to the point where [in 2015] ... Netanyahu goes ... to Congress, w/o even informing the president, and speaks to Congress, w/ [huge] applause, to ... undermine [his] policies' -noamchomskyT Also, Saudis:

Recycling that old FakeNews I see...that should really revive the dying newspaper industry! TheWallsAreClosingIn Lmfao Russia 2.0 you guys never learn. AOC Just the mere fact that you retweeted this makes you the dumbest person on the planet. AOC

If Russia even has the capability of interfering again it exposes the stupidity of the American people if you’re that stupid it’s on you, not Russia. AOC ThavisJoe FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS !!!!!! AOC NY Slimes is at it again. FakeNewsMedia Reports the NY Terrorist-Loving Times AOC HA! Made me laugh. He loses the popularity by huge number 5 million + but wins the electoral again we know where the interference is at! Thats where it was last time! Vote Democrat if your smart and want america to stay America! Not rUsSiAn!!

Hahahahahaha We need to take out and vote in the masses! Who ever the democrat candidate vite for them! We cant RussianCollusion hapoen again! Know you know why trump has so much confidence in winning 2020! We the people have the power to stop this! Disgusting Just another predatory headline. Russians have a communist candidate already why would they try to help Trump

Another article you’ll have to retract . Oh for f*cls sake. This again?!

ever hear of the boy who cried wolf? realDonaldTrump doesn’t need Russia to help him win! MAGA2020 Trump2020KAG No, he is exploiting it at the expense of American Democracy. He needs to go NOW. You mean unintelligence! nyslimes TRUMP2020 🇺🇸 SenRickScott SenRubioPress marcorubio DefendOurDemocracy

Now here's a thought: how about the President of the United States tells his friend Vlad to butt the f out of our business? StandUpToRussiaYouTraitor People familiar with the situation........ Same people as the last 3 'bombshell' reports? You have no soul Mr. Schiff. You hate this country. Well, half of us hate you.

FakeNews 😂😂😂😂😂

How shocking. Devin Nunes told trump and here we are. Treason anyone? Anyone Trump's running mate is Putin Treason TrumpIsPutinsPuppet arrestthepresident Omg give it up. NYTimes has become a total joke. Well then this'll be another time he's trying to cheat. Cheaters gonna keep on cheating. This just goes to show his fear if he doesn't cheat! realdonaldtrump, CheatingDoesntCountDonald CheatingDoesntCountDonald CheatingDoesntCountDonald

Here we go again Intelligence officials have been caught pushing disinfo for as long as I can remember. Propaganda is legal in the US MSM and it is being used by unnamed sources, officials and simply 'those familiar with the matter' .. whatever that means. Bloomberg is running you know Maybe Putin thinks the Democrats are all looney!🤣🤣🤣

The crowd in Colorado today exceeded 20k just like every rally our POTUS holds; Americans are going to get him elected AGAIN 🐂💩 Stop mexicocollusion RussianCollusion Stop Foreign election interference. demandvoterid kag qanon GreatAwakening NYTimes cnn pbs ImpeachTrumpAgain SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff wtf


'five people familiar with the matter said, a disclosure to Congress that angered Mr. Trump, who complained that Democrats would use it against him.' THIS IS THE SPIN...THEY NEVER HAVE NAMES OR SOURCES. IF IT WAS A REAL STORY, WHY NOT NAME THE PEOPLE? F A K E N E W S Donald Trump is a Russian Operative do not be fooled this is who he is! His running mate I’d Putin ! We need to understand this is true. The senior head of intelligence committee was fired today he disagreed with a Trump ! Wake t be hell up!

So is Maggie Haberman maggieNYT It will be great once the editors in your midst are all rounded up for TREASON against the U.S. of A., and we as Patriotic Citizens don't have to suffer your BS daily any longer! WWG1WGA KAG2020 FakeNews Why would Russia back Trump? When Bernie honeymooned in Russia. No that just wrong. Russia will definitely back Bernie,

Is Russia colluding by picking all of the Dem candidates for 2020? That seems like their biggest weakness for the 2020 election. Here we go again wolf! Once again proving you are a rag news outlet that is at best on par with the National Enquirer. Here we go again, recycling the bs narrative again. How about we stop this and unite our country JustStop FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Trump2020

More leaks? More Russia? Keep digging. woke progressive JonahDispatch

NYT once again doing Putin’s bidding by publishing disinformation. There is no way Russia would prefer Trump over Bernie. With Bernie’s free stuff, we will have no military spending! And Bernie loves Russia. US government accuses Russia of trying to sway online opinions about US-Russia relations. Meanwhile, the US government is also actively attempting to crash the Russian economy using sanctions, which would ruin the lives of tens of millions of Russians.

Pure 🐂💩 NYTimes used to be class. Now, trash and the epitome of FakeNews How much more old crap, that failed the first time through, are you going to try to serve, warmed over. realDonaldTrump will be reelected in a Landslide2020 and there’s nothing you can do. The party that is about to nominate a life long communist in Bernie wants us to get worked up about this junk again? If the Russians were doing anything they would be trying to help Bernie. It's such a joke.

Fake News! Olisemeka91 HendyLA tobinm117 GOP is complicit in handing this country to russia Creating More Pure Fiction from Anonymous Sources! New York Times is the ASSWIPE of record!!! NYTimes no longer functions as a source of news. It's the Propaganda Arm of the thoroughly CORRUPT & totally FAILED Democratic Party! DemocratsHateAmerica NYTimesLIES

Majority of our country are good, hard working people who know right from wrong and would never vote for Trump. Rest are either wealthy, racist or uneducated who want to believe Trump is their savior in spite of reality. But everyone knows Trump cheats. Is Rump a Sleeper Cell for Russian?

Yo dummy. You guys started that bs in 2015. You started to beat the dead mule again? 🤷🏻‍♀️ But Sen. Susan Collins said he learned his lesson...🤷🏽‍♀️ NEWS ALERT: we knew this. The GOP is guilty of harboring and aiding a traitor. tRump cult members don’t give a shit. Welcome to the new America. My LORD we neee voter ID now

A Russian Cosmonaut helps aid everyone with television and cellphone coverage from a satellite. Can't you write new fictional stories? It's getting boring. Suggestions: Aliens are aiding realDonaldTrump re-election to colonize earth. His hair is actually alien antenna. See much more interesting and believable. Now you try.

How are you feeling now senators who said ' he's learned a good lesson? Honestly, they know he's a filthy mouthed liar. And now the republican senator's own everything he does. Thanks weaklings. Oh really? Imagine my shock!

BullSchitt BullSchitt... NYT Don’t pull that Russia BullSchitt again! They should exploit it!! I thought trump fired/quietly threatened all the intelligence officials who have any intelligence. Democrats are collapsing- It’s total desperation time for democrats when they circle back around to the debunked Russia BS

Here we go again. Try doing something that helps the American people, just follow realDonaldTrump lead, he’s been doing it for last 3 years. In other news, grass is green, bears shit in the woods, the pope is catholic, and water is wet. Your lack of content is overwhelming. I have news, the Marxist Democrats LOVE Russia's Marxism. The Marxist Democrats are helping Russia and want open borders so foreigners can destroy election integrity. The Marxist Democrats hate America and Capitalism and freedom. Russia hates America and Capitalism and freedom.

Isn’t this old news? Run out of new fake news you have to regurgitate old?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The dems botch their debate then their propaganda arm ( fake news media ) releases a story to smear a president on his way to re election. I think y’all should impeach 45 again then you all can guarantee a Republican government for at least 3 more terms. KEEP IT UP!

Why aren't any U.S. media outlets covering this story? I would think that the continuing and obvious decline/dementia/drug use of a sitting POTUS should be reason for the news media to report it to the American people! C'mon; what are you waiting for!? Oh, shut the hell up. IowaCaucuses I call bullshit! Amazing how many Russians are in Colorado!

SarahKSilverman This story means Democrats expect to lose and need to blame it on something. Predictable. Russia hates beautiful free capitalist America. Russian people ESCAPE Russia to live free in America. Russia is allied with every Communist nation on this planet, Cuba and Venezuela etc and state sponsored terrorism Islamic Republic of Iran.

Lies!! The NY Times is garbage! Prove it

Lol another nytimes rabbit hole. All liberal lemmings hop on in Well uh, YES! Lol.... here we go again... trying to distract us from the DNC rigging another primary? New York Times is Fake news Bill barr doesn't have any power in States investigations . It is all good :) Better the devil you know. Dems were promising war back in 2016 with Russia.

Any evidence this time, or nah?

Here comes the bullshit again, brought in by the TheDemocrats media arm the New York Times! China wants all of them to win except realDonaldTrump they would love MikeBloomberg to win, then they wouls be back to taking advantage of the US chinds25 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Fake news at it again. You're a terrible excuse for media

Also there's a billionaire currently buying the Democratic Party spending up to now 500 million dollars flooding the airways and purchasing support of mayors/governors, senior officials. But watch out for the Russians. You people need psychiatric help. Stage4TDS ShaneWatch noshitsherlock.jpg What else is new? Trump knows he can’t win on his own.

Just before the 2019 general election in India,Imran khan wished that PM Modi shud re-elected to resolve 'Kashmir' Issue. And opposition went mad.😒 It just repeating. And actually Kashmir issue is solving under the leadership of PM Modi Ji. 😄 NYT is so yesterday. Look what they’re talking about! Too funny. Why the hell would Russia want Trump? They want our military to continue to grow? Our economy? Our security? You are proving yourselves as silly little liars.

Wouldn't it be more likely that they are trying to get Bernie elected? HE'S the communist! The demonrats are against voter id but want to allow illehal immigrants to vote. Isnt that foreign interference in an election! Fake news 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Let the American people choose. The hell with Russia. If the Democrats choose to give you hell about using Russia to get elected you deserve it.

Sure, comrades. FakeNews Again! Oh My Gosh... New York Times “Sources” Love these far left Trump-Russia conspiracy theories. Russian birthers at it again The only use for The NY Times is to light a fire. No one reads, believes, or trust you. Shut up! SenSchumer senatemajldr what is it going to take for you to pass a bill to protect our rights to elections free from interference? Quit taking voting machine $ and get to work. Chuck push him harder

Nice story you have there... Doesn't smell like a Swalwell fart at all... I’m voting Trump till this lot don’t go to jail. This again? Lol

Fake news is fake. Are we really doing this again? Liberals have no limits on how pathetic they are. laughingstockoftheworld So the same clowns who (we now know) colluded with Russia...but said Trump was colluding with Russia...are again saying that Trump is colluding with Russia? How many times do you need to hear the same lie before you stop believing it, Gray Lady? CollusionDelusionPartDeux

You think Russians haven’t interfered in US elections for past 70 yrs?(Mayb reprieve from 92 -98 after wall). Do you think we don’t do the same? Fake hoax by MSM & policy resistance by bureaucrats doing more damage to US institutions than anything Russia could! DonaldJTrumpJr JUST STOP. 3 years of this Russia nonsense is ENOUGH

He considers Democrats a bigger problem than Russia. He is a TRAITOR! Oh please. You all tried this the first time and it failed miserably New York Times = Fake News! Plus everyone knows “socialist”, and “communist” flock together, like birds of a feather! Russia, Russia, Russia - America will not stand for this FAKE reporting anymore - get new narrative and Adam Schiff needs to retire to any street in LA, CA. Go away, Mr Schiff, liar!!!!

Of course Our President not only has has Americans wanting to make America Great, his message is so powerful that he has the Russians wanting to make America great. Thats got to be a First, The Russians are rooting to make America Greater in the next Four Years! President Trump Success! Sorry it has gotten to this, but at this point is there any reason not to ask NATO countries and China to meddle against Trump?

CLINTON PAID RUSSIA OBAMA PAID RUSSIA DNC PAID RUSSI Liberal hacks Wow. Talk about beating a dead horse to death. After 4-1/2 years of spying, tens of millions of dollars for countless investigations and still no evidence admissible in a Schiff-4-Brains impeachment witch hunt. Are y'all really that gullible, or do you think we are?

Republicans are the traitors of this nation they use every and any excuse to sell out the Nation. ABC CBSNews CNN MSNBC NBCNews SenateGOP HouseGOP SenateDems HouseDemocrats Hmmm The real threat to our election is over 22 million illegals in the USA.

This again? Really? Yep, soon Putin will be allowed to roam the halls of the White House. great nyt always following nyt hope CNN MSNBC ABC get reported u guys still back didnt get this Intelligence officials leaked about Trump is getting back aid from puttin is watching everything under the table & he knows trump gonna win 2020 only trump can help putin

Locked Him Up, For Obstruction Of Justice Again, And Hiding Evidences For Another Elections. Hope Congress Do Something Again, And Removed The Corrupts Reps, Trump Puppets, Glad They Are Getting Outs, Hopefully Go To Jail. Stone Got Caught, Nunes Too Jordan, Miss Lesley. Please tell me exactly how Russia is going to make me vote for Trump again. I’ve yet to figure that out. Did they make me vote for him in 2016 too?

The left is in full panic mode, it’s a beautiful thing. You know at this time I’m not mad at trump anymore I don’t have a problem with him anymore because the problem is not him it’s the fuckin assholes who work around him and enable him to do the shit he does if those guys stand up for justice and for decency and the US then he gone

HandMarkedPaperBallots VoteBlueNoMatterWho NEW YORK TIMES... NEWS FLASH! WTP are also for Trump. 80 million of us blacks, whites, hispanics, latinos, legal immigrants, muslims, all 80 million of us. NEXT! Trump2020LandslideVictory देवाधिदेव महादेव की आस्था के पर्व महाशिवरात्रि की सभी देशवासियों को शुभकामनायें। भगवान भोलेनाथ हम सभी पर अपना आशीर्वाद बनाये रखें, और हमें देश के लिये काम करने की शक्ति, सामर्थ्य और क्षमता दें। ॐ नमः शिवायः

Smh, duh! 🤦‍♀️ Here we go again... Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion, collusion, collusion, quid pro quo, quid pro quo, quid pro quo, obstruction, obstruction, obstruction... well you know the rest. And dont tell me RepAdamSchiff fed them the story! Fakenews The leaking of crap by you and other Dems is a ploy, a farse and out right bull! You will do anything to get realDonaldTrump out, and like Federal Officials w/FISA leave the real truth out just to get what you want

The NYTs sucks big swinging **** Oh here we go again... didn’t Learn anything from last time! Russia OWNS Trump. 🙄 And so the need for theTrump loyalist to be in charge🙄 Yea because Putin wants America First Trump over the Socialist Democrats 🤷‍♀️ is dumb

maddow SenatorFischer SenSasse are you reaping benefits from this as well? Is this what you stand for? russia is also aiding the dems..his name is Sanders you fkn bufoons!!!! Yawn. Ever hear that Mueller investigation statement by a guy named Alan Dershowitz ? Intellegence officials like Comey ? Solmemes1 wheres the Ground Hog meme?

JoyTaylorTalks Hahaha. Ok. Let me guess, there’s collusion? Going down this hole again eh? So the Democratic control House is leaking “classified” intelligence? If it’s a classified meeting then why do we know about it? Ok. We all believe you...KAG2020 I am not an Russian but I am aiding and voting for Trump in the 2020 election😁😁😁😁

Because this worked so well the first time the media and Dems used this FakeNews You guys are seriously not running with this crap again. PS ya’ll got the Bolton thing SO FRICKEN WRONG!! Trump gave you the clues, they are tracking leaks, AND YOU ARE FALLING FOR IT! maddow SenCoryGardner is apparently cool with this.

Oh come on, really? So basically .... Trump just admitted to treason .... ok .... Bullshit SSSSUUUUURRRREEEEE!!! More Russia Russia Russia. Bullshit. Failing New York Times BULLSCHITT Lol fake news Adam Goldman writing Fiction out of his Mothers Basement Again..... A story cooked up to sell to those not smart enough to use their bullshit detectors. Just vote for your favorite candidate. Stop paying so much attention to twitter and Facebook.

What a shocker

Hmmm...Russia interfering with Our 2020 Election? What about TheDemocrats, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, the FBI, Deep State, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Obama Judges, and on and on and on... So, WeThePeople DON’T want to hear about Election interference. EnemyOfThePeople I don't believe you. America, we have a problem...

Haven't you tried this con game and realized quickly your one side BS was called out and proven as a hoax If the NYT is reporting something! I would definitely take it with a grain of salt!! NYT’s lacks basic journalistic integrity and impartiality! They are a political tool for the democrat party! No difference than listening to Adam Schiff talk about President Trump, same rant!

This is fantastic! Glad Trump will win again in 2020! Thank you Russia! I would expect nothing less from the DNC & MSM. Fake news Russia announced a 'cybersecurity partnership' with the Trump admin on Nov 4. It barely got a mention.

Yet another DeepStateCoup attempt by the CIA. The New York Slimes...newspaper of fake record. Intelligence Officials aka CIA! Such losers....🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤡🤡🤡🤡 Russia, Russia, Russia! Prove it! Seriously! Prove it already or it's nothing but white noise! 🙄 That clown car on FakeNews NBC last night is aiding President Trump in the 2020 election.

Baloney! Try printing real news. People familiar... people unauthorized to speak... blah blah blah... you cried wolf to many times Schiff... no body is listening! PolySyTaskForce complicit comrades GOP GOPChairwoman senatemajldr

Doubtful. I’m not Russian. It’s we the American people who will vote and re-elect TrumpPence2020 The 5 leakers should be prosecuted and imprisoned SpeakerPelosi AdamSchiff JerryNadler NicolleDWallace maddow Trump being his vindictive self did not want The Democrats and especially Adam Schiff to know anything about The Russia Interference in the Primaries and the 2020 election simply because they might exploit it.

Exploit it! It’s the truth Whatever, freaking fake news!! Bullshit. Don’t believe a word NYT writes. SarahKSilverman REEEEEEEEEEEEEE No way Russia doesn’t support the socialist

Did you just change the date on this crap?🤣 Want to talk about election interference? Let's talk illegal immigrants voting and ballot harvesting(odd how all those ballots miraculously appear when needed). Now those directly impact an election. Russians didn't elect Donald Trump-American citizens did.

OMG. Five Russia a break. They interfere at the behest of the dems. They pay them millions to get the results they want. President Trump does NOT need their help. HE has the American people behind him!! BULLSHIT! Did they plant people already on his Camping? Wow!!!! Just WOW!!! I don’t even know HOW to react. FFS!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Nyt = 💩🗑️ Surrrrre. China has been helping democrats for years. Not a peep. Oh and they spent 100x what russia spent. Why isn’t his outrage over the foreign interference? What a fraud.

Give it up!!!! Did you see all the Russians in Colorado tonight?! In one place!! Gtfo 🤡🤡 PLUHEEEEEESE Are you now calling Trump supporters, 'Russia' I'm aiding Trump in the 2020 election, and so is everyone (and I mean everyone) I know! I'm voting straight Republican ticket in November! The NYT needs to provide intelligence source. It’s probably mail room clerk! Democrats, left... know that our President needs ZERO help from any country on the planet! His rallies blow the competition’s meetings, debates, etc... into oblivion. Keep lying, see what God does!

maddow Democratic controlled Congress is interfering in the election. What’s the difference?.. Play all the mind games u want but with no presidential candidate worth a damn coming from the left, Russia, China, Ukraine, &any other country u want to add in there won’t make a difference Russia Russia Russia version 2.0. Same hoax, different day. And timing? Did Russia cause that debate disaster last night too?

What should that be news to us (AMERICANS) now? The writing has been on the wall since 2016. “Trump Collusion” Russian Collusion was proven Hoax. Innocent people where politically persecuted with process crimes based on a derived hoax. Many countries support Potus Trumps anti war policy among other things. Does not mean he is Colluding. say less

Translation Democrats are willing to risk war with Russia to beat Trump. Shocking! Impeachment failed and the democrats are employing another attempt to smear him. Name them!!! Disgusting Two facts RobertMueller warned us that RussianCollusion would continue in 2020 And BillBarr will not allow investigations into any presidential campaign without his approval All the elements of another TrumpCoverUp are now in place But this time we're ready DemCast

Here we go again 😂

No one believes ANYTHING you write USRepLong RoyBlunt HawleyMO this frightens me. What do you think? Putin again You all need to find another excuse for President Trump serving 4 more years This fake news outlet should be sued. So Trump was right then. If you guys had ever gotten anything right on this whole subject I might be worried. But you haven’t, so I’m not.

FakeNews All the Democrats can think about Russia Russia Russia BRAWNDO! It has electrolytes!

TimOBrien We better! What did the GOP think was going to happen after continuously enabling Trump? No worries. Congress Impeached45, now it’s up to us to Remove45! VoteBlue ...yes...NoMatterWho DemCast NYT would never put out propaganda to harm DJT —- for the mindless minions that follow this load of CRAP fake-news paper. Trump doesn’t need Russia’s help you fkn loons. He didnt in 2016 And he definitely doesn’t in 2020. TrumpLandslideVictory2020

Are they going to vote like dead Democrats? When nothing else works the fake media goes back to the same ol bullshit, Russia,Russia, Russia Seems like I heard this before and it was true then. Everyone knows the NYT sucks He fears Democrats will exploit it? What the ....? You guys are being duped. At this point, I think you are willingly, being duped. Everything they blame on Trump, is something they actually did. Case in point...

Lol here we go again shaunking Criminal commits a crime Criminal gets away with it Criminal does it again WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT

Who believes the ? Pathetic Journalism RockySly9 Here we go again!! Trump hasn’t even won the election yet and they’re making up excuses for their loss already. American Patriots are in control now. We don't need any help. How did you miss this story? realDonaldTrump is an actual traitor. TraitorTrump in the future being a traitor won’t be a “Benedict Arnold” but a “Donald Trump.” My god that dude knows no bottom

The myth that keeps on giving.... Fake News drop from NYT day after disastrous DNC debate Shut up. Nobody believes you this time. i can’t fucking do it anymore

Complete insanity. Move on. You guys are ridiculous 😂 Our government and our media are overflowing with corrupt actors. QUESTION EVERYTHING. SarahKSilverman This again.... Trump is building up our military, he is pro 2nd amendment, and a capitalist, and you say Russia is helping Trump to get re-elected that’s insane , Bernie yes , Trump no

he’s afraid they might ya know *do something* Give it up, when will you start reporting on real news again. SarahKSilverman Putin’s plan to destroy America - keep Trump in office.

It's time to end this publication 😂😂😂😂🍿 realDonaldTrump Again colluding with a foreign government. I know I've had enough of your crap. I as an American will not back down from your rhetoric and CORRUPTION. If it takes me marching in the streets I will. Voting blue no matter who. Bulls&it Keep digging. Deeper, deeper.

LOL. Liberal hacks are the best. One-trick ponies. morebs Are you serious? Have you know shame, morals, and ethics at all🤔 Of all the candidates, Comrade Bernie, running for President, who is pushing/ in favor of socialism/ communism😉 Get a clue😎

Honestly who is even surprised leaked story, when are people going to get arrested for leaking to the NYT. Obama would have been spying on the times like he did.Shitty was at the meeting so he would be 1 on the list of leakers, no-wonder TRUMP would not tell the democrats when he killed the Iranian general

Looooooooool. Come on! The GOP by ignoring the facts in the Impeachment trial of Trump may need to do some explaining now on why Russia is interfering in our elections... Moscow Mitch & GOP with Trump better move to Russia now since they do not appreciate our democracy, our constitution & our freedoms.

You guys are really gonna try this again Smh that why no one reads y’all Fucking give it up. You haven’t been right yet. MAGA!!! Does this look like he needs any help shayanabbas92 I hope you all are not buying this crap . NYT lost their credibility a long time ago. Do your research, it's not that hard to know the truth. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Rriiiiiiggghhttt. Does the NYTimes have anything else. This makes no sense. But they gonna push any lie that hurts Trump. Wash Rinse Repeat.... here we go again with their lies FakeNews

Sorry trump sycophants. All the kings bots And all the kings trolls Cannot stop the truth being Told!! DumpTrump VoteBlue2020 Debates were a disaster yesterday, so it's about time to throw in another fake news to fire up another liberal temper tantrum. Why President* Trump is replacing the acting DNI with his crony Richard Grenell:

Lying sacks of sh*t FakeNewsMedia OFFS maddow What can “we the people” do to restore our democracy? Been there done that, got the t-shirt. Right...FakeNews...let’s see what has it been a week or so since Trump wasn’t accused of something...surprised it wasn’t sooner after all Dem know they won’t win without a scandal! Let’s see the proof 1st or just call it VOIDED based on all the last bogus investigations!

Let me get this straight the day after last nights Democratic primary debate aka 'shitshow' the new story is same old story, Russia Russia Russia, simply because the blue team has no one capable of beating Donald Trump! ClownShow FakeNews DeepStatePanic

Dems are the modern-day Nazis and NYT is one of the many propaganda arms of the Dem/Nazi party. The word exploit should be in quotes. I'd have said instead Trump complained Democrats will make an emergency declaration to have a bipartisan vote to impeach, remove and arrest Trump the traitor. Can't you assholes find something new to stir up? This is all based on hearsay and conjecture. What intelligence agents? And what Russians? And who leaked the story to you? You call this reporting? It's something you would expect to find in The National Enquirer! FakeNews

What a bunch of crap that is. 💩💩The Democrats cannot beat realDonaldTrump so now they are trying to blame Russia again and there you are doing just that Seems like Sanders or Warren are the ones they would want in. Lol !!! Look at the source the failing NY Times !!! Biggest fake news going ! You Aholes have made up story after story since trump came down the escalator

Can't y'all come up with something more believable? What a shocker ... !!! Question is what's Congress gonna do about it? Oh nooooo...Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!

Fake or not, nothing is going to be done about it anyway Catch up with the times there Trump’s old news. TDS!!!! When will the Republicans, other citizens & media decide that OurDemocracy is more important than this president? ProjectLincoln FoxNewsSunday abcnews NBCNews CBSNews maddow MSNBC JoeNBC ForTheRuleOfLaw CNNPolitics IndivisibleTeam CREWcrew mmfa publicintegrity

Here We Go Again Democrat bs 2.0 Notice that Trump didn't deny any of it. He just whined that people found out. No thier not! Just more fake sh!t to try and find a reason to try a coup again! Won't work though for what ever god has put in place no man will put asunder! And HouseGOP SenateGOP MittRomney SenatorCollins lisamurkowski SenatorBurr et al sit back and do nothing

Blah blah blah Russia Russia Russia, blah blah blah Russia Russia Russia.... Democratic talking points for the week. Oh Christ Almighty! Here we go again with the lunatic left.

Just look at all of those Russians! So Trump was right Hahaha Really? Well 63 Million People Voted for Trump! I voted for Trump on my own Russia never called me nor did they buy my Vote! What a crock~ here we go DemRats starting early🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 What can possibly be so important to congressional republicans that they continue to refuse to protect our country? I can’t believe what I’m seeing from the supposed party of national security. SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR BY THE GOP!

Yeah whatever! Apparently they’re smarter than we thought. Jfc! What is it going to take for some people to wake the fvck up and stop this man from yet again making a mockery of our election system? Not this horse crap again President Obama said Russian interfering in the elections was impossible and who ever thought that could happen was stupid. Are you saying Obama was incompetent?

There’s a reason why trust in the NYT dropped faster than Bill Clinton’s pants. FakeNewsMedia EnemyOfThePeople Nothing matters Have you seen his rallies? Russia has nothing to do with it, you freaking lunatics!!! Ahhh back to this I see. Such awesome 'reporting' No one is surprised. That's why I'm not bothered anymore. I'm done!

Fake news. NY Times, please delete your account. UngeheuerDarin NYT’s editors still hear hoofbeat of Cossack horses. He doesn’t need any help. Trump is stupid just like in 2016 instead of dealing with it he hides it If instead of firing somebody then thinking the story would not get out, if he went to the press made an announcement said we are going to put some money into voter security Wow ppl would think differently

Stop your bull 💩 More bull crap fake news. The New York Times is garbage. Um, yeah. Leftist media has already tried this narrative. It failed. Already getting those excuses together for November These hacks are a turning and burning machine with fake news on the hour Russia, Russia, Russia......give it up.....the sane folks are tired of your Satanic actions......

Are we surprised: GOP congress gave him the green light to destroy our country.

maddow ' Russia, if you're listening . . .' Russia is aiding the NY Times. Check their accounts. All from Russia. Trump when he hears intel he doesn’t like: LaLaLaLa I can’t hearrr youuuu PS you’re fired! Is it possible to impeeach the President again? NYTisTrash FakeNews apparatchiks Omg nooooo not Russia again. 🤣🤣 You’re reviving a fake hoax? Sad!

Only way he can get elected!!! Just like 2016!!! Here we go again a bunch of lies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

LIARS. He’s only concerned the news might be exploited by Democrats. That’s how clueless he is. Why does the article not explain how Russia is accomplishing this. Again no names sources either. I see the EnemyOfThePeople is trying to get a head start for their post election narrative. Yes, and the UFO has just landed in the driveway of the White House and little green men are now disembarking from their craft. Rumour has it that they're here to sign a non-agression treaty in exchange for a tub of chocolate mint ice cream...

Desperation FakeNews Apparatchik Hahahahahahaha! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Here we go! I wish I was shocked. 😂😂😂 you guys just don’t quit do you? And he’s still your President Evidence? AT us.

Russia...BWHAHAHAHAHAHA How do we know it is true? Fake News. Prove it. AND TRUMP IS STILL IN OFFICE?!!! OUR DEMOCRACY IS AT STAKE. OUR SOCIETY IS AT STAKE. THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY IS AT STAKE. WHEN DOES THIS TREASON END?!!!! NYT is russian propaganda. Russia again? Total BS from the fake news. Nothing is going to stop what is coming. The first arrest will shock the world!

Trump 2020 Russia had nothing to do with it. Democrats need to take a long hard look at themselves. This why we can’t have nice things 😂😂😂 I know why the President calls you fake news.....because you are FAKE NEWS. OH MM GEE.....STOP! Schiff claims Dems have “MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE” for 3+ years, yet we’re still waiting to see that first piece....... RussiaGate DirtyMuellerProb FISAGate FISAAbuse SPYGate InsurancePolicy ImpeachmentHoax UkraineGate Globalist DeepState Coup And repeat🤦‍♀️

I really thought the poor box office performance of the first 'Hoax' film would have deterred a sequel. Putin continues to MAGA! Vlad is putting America first! NOTHING MATTERS. VOTE. 🇺🇸 Bullshit. And whenever 'proof' you use you're going to have to give it to Republican so their independent experts can verify and cross-examine

Not this shit again

Still trying to sell this narrative? New York Times .... Information Immediately invalid. Cool. MAGA “The odds that NYT staff hallucinated this on a peyote trip gone awry are pretty high.” is FakeNews. ... 'cause it went so well the last time. As if no one could see this coming. Will it ever end? 🙄 Are we doing the russian bot/hacker narrative again?

It’s obvious our “Intelligence” agencies are anything but. Ask yourself if they as an energy exporter would rather have a US President such as realDonaldTrump pushing US energy independence or one who bans fracking, driving up energy prices and their profits worldwide? Morons 'Sure Jan'

Opinion: Guy's I hate Trump but I don't think Russia is helping him, why? Because it's easier to poke at an election and spread mistrust and fear than to actually 'hands on' interfere with it. Think about it, something would've been found already but nothing has. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 stop. We as Citizens must NOT TOLERATE such a villian that allows corruption of our Elections without so much as a Word or Deed to correct such a situation. Allowing this will dissolve citizens belief in any election. Anarchy will ensue. Anarchy!!!

Dear Lord not again. I haven't stopped yawning from your last hoax attempt. At least try something new. *yawn* another boring re-run. Everyone so desperate to nail Trump lol. Democrats and impeachment have helped him enough. Trump2020Landslide Even the Russians don't like the Democrats Even though it would be much better for them if one was elected President

The worst part of this? That NOTHING is going to happen. This administration has killed my optimism and belief in the political system. And most of the rest of the world wants a Democrat, so?

Taking out some more FB ads huh? Oh the horror Soo he learned his lesson If even true, NYT is fake news. But anything is better than socialist. Trump will lie, cheat, and steal to get re-elected. We’re in for a big fight and a long haul. Keep your eye on the prize! Yup, yeah, sure. Anything you say. FakeNews

Fake news media knows no one with their democrat candidates could beat realDonaldTrump. They need an early alibi.

Maybe someone is getting your knickers in a twist? ;-) LiberalHack FakeNews LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder Their oil company just got sanctioned by Trump crashing their bonds. Why would they help him? NYT is👇 Because the Russians love sanctions. Got it👍🏼. fakenews from the DeepState strikes again You're a writer can't you make up something more original

Anybody surprised? PutinsGOP Didnt you fools already run this one before? Let's pick a new country this round. How about Turkey? Didn't POTUS use sanctions, beefed up NATO, armed Ukraine, expelled SIXTY diplomats, killed 100's of ruskies in Syria, pressured Germany not to use their energy & attacked its allies (Iran/NK/China)? Yeah, I put abt much trust in our 'intel' officials as I do the media anymore.

Well seeing as how Trump and his party are blocking the legislation that might stop this, I would wonder what other options the Democratic Party would have. Does Trump have any suggestions? Did you run out of op-ed's from the Deputy Taliban leader to publish? They aided him in 2016.. Tell me something new

Everyone hide under your beds, the Russian meme attack is upon us yet again. None of your individually held political beliefs are safe with these Russians brainwashing memers on the loose. Russia is playing our idiotic media. Fake News!!! MAGA!!! Hey NYT, thought I wiped with, and flushed you this morning.

You forgot to mention what Russia was doing to help Trump in 2020 elections. You don’t say.., by saying the intelligence community you mean..the community in this country with actual intellect..we’ve been known.. Looks like maggieNYT is not done winning Pulitzer Prizes with fake stories 🤦‍♂️

How about naming the sources so they can be vetted and then they can testify publicly to both the House and Senate. Prove it. maddow Meawhile: The action in Fox news is 'Trump upset over Kremlin trying to re-elect him'. 🙄 What intelligence officials ? Fake news strikes again NEW YORK TIMES IS PROPAGANDA!! GESTAPO NEWS! N

😂😂😂🤥🤥🤥🤥😂😂😂😂 The 'Patrick a BOT. And a nasty one! Trump dumped the Director of National Intelligence because he DID HIS JOB and told Congress Russia was about to attack us again. He was mad about that. And not about the fact we’re about to be attacked. Trump is the most un-American President in our history.

Our Intel people are leaking? Again? Oh for fuck's sake... Here we go again.

This is low even for your failing newspaper. This is ridiculous and unfounded. You are so BIASED that you make up lies and print them . Have you no shame left? More fake news. Trump needs no help from Russia to defeat the morons on the left running against him. Russia collusion narrative back on the menu boy!!! Never mind Bernie Sanders is on record as a huge supporter of the USSR

Makes zero sense. The Dims are much more Russia friendly than Trump is. More fake news. Ah sh!t here we go again. Putin ate Bob Mueller’s homework? LOL, what a crock of shiite. Those 5 people are liars. Classified briefing to lawmakers with no verifiable substance & some subjective conclusion is the basis for anti-Trump 'fact' reporting by NYT - GTFO! How is Russia influencing the election? Are they spending hundreds of millions of dollars on anti-Trump ads like Bloomberg?

Well I for one can’t wait for the millions of tax dollars spent on the upcoming useless investigation based on this probably false information.

Russia, Russia, Russia! what a joke you are You do know that people stopped listening to you or believing you a long time ago, right? maddow Look at who T rump doesn't like among D candidates, and who is going down in polls with little reason. Those are the ones who may have been affected by this. You’re going to run with this again? Seriously? FakeNews

Explain how exactly? Disinformation is always a threat. But trying to take away legitimacy again from the President is B.S. I want more details! Lol, you have zero credibility left. Still holding that grudge against the Cossacks? It's time to move on, Hebrews. This is another bs after Russiagate. Show the evidence.

StephenFarris13 Not about the hack (because they are all relying on it).. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

So Sanders and DNC campaign have issued instructions to’s da Russians! Not their dumpster fire of a party! Oh my God really. This is pathetic NY Times Ooh, It's now 'officials' instead of ' sources'.😂 Then there's only one thing we can do: fight misinformation and avoid ANY suspect news sites. Russian trolls, be warned: we see you. We're ready. Come fucking get some.

Of course! After the implosion by your candidates at last night's debate, you need to pivot to this again. It's your only hope to stop Trump from winning reelection. So same shit, different election. Lies

Who knew? In other news, water is wet...from a standpoint of water. GOPTraitors maddow Makes this feel strangely true Surprise, surprise! Next time ask someone in the White House... Who is Q ? Thank You. maddow So now that impeachment didn't work, we're back the Russians again? Stop this nonsense. Russian interference is Russian attack on our election systems Republicans who fail to protect the elections are aiding the enemy Sad!

Russia Russia Russia! You people are all mentally ill. It's shameful you have access to social media. Trump2020 maddow No one is going to do a damn thing about it, Moscow Mitch told Trump he can do as he pleases and he’s going to until someone stops him.

dnc TheDemCoalition DNCWarRoom JoeBiden MikeBloomberg Trump needs all the help he can get to cheat another election. realDonaldTrump and the GOP are traitors, always Party over Country for those deplorables. Les USA n'ont pas intérêt à jouer avec cette racaille de lézard qui se prend pour staline cette merde copule qu'avec de la racaille de dictateur crime contre l'humanité Bachar Maduro la Corée du Nord la pourriture de mollah qu'il faut éradiquer il faut libérer les peuples'hum

BS propaganda. Keep digging your own credibility grave. I’m enjoying the show. To the surprise of no one Fake news again. journalists: you need to know the difference between: “aiding” and “backing”. to aid: to provide means. to back: “sure, i like him.” gtconway3d So that’s why they wanted to testify behind closed doors.

Again? Do you honestly believe Americans still take you seriously? Cute 😂🤣😂🤣🤡

America is screwed. Intelligence experts can’t even brief the Republicans or the White House about Russia’s interference in US elections without infuriating the President & his GOP defenders. People need to start taking action instead of sitting around & allowing this to happen. Tried that fakenews already lol

Have you forgotten how to actually write a story? What do ya'll do, hey this one will work lets just change the date... NYTimesFakeNews Hacks TRUMP2020 KAG Really shocked he has been in touch with Putin,since the beginning. Oh, so in other words... Everything is going according to plan. Desensitization.

*checks NYT owner* Yep. lauferlaw And this is why Ric 'Involved in the whole Russia / Firtash / Toensing mess' Grenell is now acting DNI. Their so croupt their not even hiding it. Vote yhem out

kasie And McConnell doesn’t want to pas any election safeguards Moscow Mitch No!! How else can he compete and get elected just like in 2016. PutinPuppet. Putin Dismantles American NATO 'Protection' Racket And by “exploit” he means they would point out facts. ✨✊🏾✨ The US Is Making a Big Mistake by Weaponizing the Dollar, Putin Warns

Putin's wasting his time. If the Dems cheat Bernie, Trump will win in a landslide anyway. realDonaldTrump couldn't win on his own in 2016 and can't do it in 2020. The legitimate President was Hillary Clinton. Russia: Americans Claim Role in Yeltsin Win

Trump doesn't want you to know that. And, the Democrats are also aiding in getting President Trump re-elected judging by the debate. Ruskies like Comrade Trump. Does this surprise anyone? MoscowMitch senatemajldr and his fellow Russian-loving Republican thugs are all for Russian interference in our elections. OUR ELECTIONS. This is about a dystopic timeline as you can get.

u need to be sued realDonaldTrump this is enough ...i have never seen such lies IN my life Wasn't there a big investigation into Trump's ties with Russia? In a February 13 briefing, intelligence officials warned House lawmakers that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get Trump re-elected, 5 people familiar with the matter said

Yeltsin Shelled Russian Parliament 25 Years Ago, U.S. Praised “Superb Handling”

Mueller said same. Russia helped 2016. IllegitimatePOTUS MOB Maybe just maybe the time for electoral solutions has passed? It's all out in the open now. If all America knows that Russia is going to interfere in our 20/20 election to help Trump again then why is McConnell and the Republican Senate will not even vote on those bills that Congress has passed too protect our elections bc the Republicans are welcoming the help.

please STFU, it wasn't true the first time around and the same holds true now. Just stop the BS. This will be the basis to call the election foul . Groundhog Day!! Exploit You mean TELL VOTERS

ITS AMERICA AGAINST THE RUSSIANS!!!!!! TwitterSupport needs to check all of these new accounts being started Putin first salvo . Hack Clinton’s email. Benefitted by withdrawing American support with Syrian rebels near Turkish border. What benefit will Russia receive again from trump reelection remains to be seen make ur guesses.

Enrique_Acevedo RUSSIANMADEWH TrumpCartel Traitorous1stFamily Russia never stopped. They’ve been doing this since pre 2106 election He’ll lose to Sanders, so their “investment” won’t work out. Breaking News : Russia is helping Trump. Old News : Russia is helping Trump. This may explain why Trump put his new inexperienced but loyal puppy in charge of our intelligence agencies.

Right on cue. The media has been dripping Russia crap for several weeks. Predictable.

Exploit Who is exploiting It is Trump using every dirty trick he can come up with to exploit our elections More anonymous sources from The NY Times... 🙄 This is serious threat to entire USA. It means as Nation we can't handle security of our nation. He did in year 2016. It means future election will be tainted again.

gtconway3d Seems as though the only ones in bed with Russia are the editors and writers of the . ... You're so obsessed with stories that end up having no evidence. FakeNews The Democrats NEED Russia to blame their problems on. Isn't that a form of collusion? BULLSHIT, the ONLY ONES AIDING realDonaldTrump in the 2020 elections is the CHEATING DNC, as they will RATHER have realDonaldTrump, who DANCES for their DONORS, than someone that REFUSE TO JUMP FOR BIG $$$ DONORS, and will represent the PEOPLE OF America, like SenSanders

Hoax 2.0 gtconway3d Wut.

The mere disclosure of the truth is not exploitation. We are merely telling the truth. So he’s openly accepting their help this time. Just great. OMG!!!!! You’ve got to quit with this RUSSIA BULLSHIT!!! We’ve tuned you out!!!! Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf - WE ARE DONE!!!!’ It’s all nuts. Ya think so? So, you're saying they might spend $6000 this election? 😆 Last time I checked, the Democrats have undermined America more in three years than Putin had done in his entire time in office.

just like when Hillary was running, we now have Russians on our streets, making us all vote for Trump here we go again ImpeachTrumpAgain Remember when this would have been a big deal? SAD! 🤷‍♂️ おいおい!本当か?

JonLemire Complained they might exploit the news? Completely fake news. I thought USA was powerful in technology. But I was wrong. Russia is Why don't you edit such big stories? 'saying that had official who delivered the conclusion spoken less pointedly' is a glaring pidgin-English typo for 'had *the official who delivered the conclusion' in the article's opening paragraphs. julianbarnes npfandos adamgoldmanNYT

Sure Russia is aiding President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. So much sanctions they want a Democrat to take over🙄 Fabrication 'Russia interfering in our election is actually a good thing, and here's why' - Ross Douthat, October 2020 “Exploit” is not the word. 🤣 no shit….. been happening since mid 2016!

BS Fake Russian : The official language of the republican party! It is disturbing how many people I see hand-waving a hostile foreign country interfering in our elections. Fake news Da_Blakester well what do ya know all of the candidates from yesterday's debate need to get their shit together and put the country above their personal ambitions.

Here we go ..... 'The dirty Democrats are going to exploit the news that my party is allied with an enemy of the US!' 😢❄️

Sorry NYT any credibility you have on Russia/Trump has long disappeared, after the Mueller report you promised would prove you right, proved you completely wrong. But I understand you now have an entire division manufacturing Trump/Russia stories, so might as well keep going.

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Kushner 'has no idea what he's doing' political reporter states Kobe Bryant headlines Hall of Fame class Man’s Anxiety Not About To Let Depression Muscle In On Turf A Timeline of Taylor Swift's Generosity | Billboard Has Trump replaced his rallies with coronavirus briefings? Trump defends firing ‘terrible’ intel community watchdog as Republicans question sacking Rep. Schiff drafting legislation to form coronavirus response commission Cuomo announces New York is receiving new ventilators from Oregon and China Jerry Falwell Jr reopens Liberty University, 12 students quickly display COVID-19 symptoms Live updates: New York coronavirus deaths surpass 3,500; Italy reports first drop in ICU bed use All across the United States, the coronavirus is killing more men than women, data show NY governor says China is donating 1,000 ventilators to the state