Rush Limbaugh: Economy Being Destroyed 'Under The Guise' Of Saving Lives

The right-wing radio host pushed conspiracy nonsense about Dems plotting to ruin capitalism in the pandemic.

4/1/2020 3:11:00 PM

The right-wing radio host pushed conspiracy nonsense about Dems plotting to ruin capitalism in the pandemic.

The right-wing radio host pushed conspiracy nonsense about Democrats plotting with communists to ruin capitalism in the coronavirus pandemic.

(See the video below.)“Are we just going to sit by and watch $22 trillion — that’s the value, that’s the sum total of the GDP, that’s the U.S. economy — are we just going to sit by here and watch it evaporate?” the right-wing radio host said on “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” “Because that’s what we’re doing, under the guise of not losing any unnecessary life — meaning we want to try to save as many lives as we can.”

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After fielding a phone call in which the caller said the crisis was the product of “the communist virus” invading America, Limbaugh piled on:You’re the only person I know who thinks it’s happening without the cooperation of the Democrat Party, however. Most people tell me they think the American left is the worldwide Communist Party now, and that they are willingly subverting this economy and destroying it, for the purposes of eliminating and wiping out capitalism.

And whether that’s happening of — whether that’s the design or not, that is happening. This economy is being shut down. That’s why this is not sustainable. I’m sorry, I’m sounding like a broken record on this, but it is not sustainable.Are we just going to sit by and watch $22 trillion — that’s the value, that’s the sum total of the GDP, that’s the U.S. economy — are we just going to sit by here and watch it evaporate? Because that’s what we’re doing, under the guise of not losing any unnecessary life — meaning we want to try to save as many lives as we can.

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It is time to shut it down and stop misleading our people! If only they were actually doing that. I thought he was supposed to die? Why is he still alive and spouting BS? Spot on. I rarely agree with Rush but this correct. We do not have carts hauling away the dead. The answer is not mass unemployment,closing schools and wrecking America

Just ignore that virtuallly every country in the world is taking the same measures. Because they are rational and they work. Are the Democrats also trying to destroy capitalism in Russia and India? He is such a dimwit! HOW MUCH LOW CAN ANYBODY GO? SHAME! Stop his dangerous lies from airing now!!!! Rush ,do you ever think ,maybe God is punishing you for the ignorance that is your life ?

Isn’t he dying? HOU ARE a IDIOT 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏼🤬🤬 This guy is such a pig. Dr. Fauci should get the Medal of Honor, not this creep. If Dems are so clever as to be able to create elaborate hoaxes like a global pandemic and climate change to destroy America how come they couldn't do something as simple as defeating an idiot like Donald Trump? Unless...

Medal of Freedom....what a complete joke. This man just needs to _______ Fill in the rest. And this jackass was given a medal? He is a disaster! LIMBAUGH IS A SICK EVIL RACIST DEMON ! Isn’t this dude stage 4? Not to be as crass as he is, but get somebody with something to lose to make this argument. What does it matter to him whether we all die from the coronavirus?

If we took the Coronavirus serious from the start we might not have so many people sick or dying maybe we would have been back to work and not closing down more States.The economy took a major hit due to the incompetence of the Trump Administration Isn’t he dead yet? RushLimbaugh clustertrump COVIDー19

Please he still around-:))👎🏻👎🏻 He got a medal from Trump, plus he’s got respiratory problems. At least now he has an excuse for why his brain is dying. I thought Trump’s racist brother-in-arms was dying. A waste of space this nutter..... If you are listening to this man you are part of the problem Rush has a mental disorder and 💩 for brains!

As once you become alcoholic, you are always an alcoholic, and once you became a drug addict, you will be a drug addict. Right Rush ? I though his racist ass was dead already...damn!!! Limbaugh is the human equivalent of the coronavirus - infecting everyone within the sound of his voice with hateful,bigoted and poisonous bombastic comments and opinions...

How does that make any sense when most of the more socialist countries in Europe are suffering as much or worst than we are. What’s their reason Rush? Bring down socialism? His audience has no ability to think. Don’t you have lung disease? Go and help out in an ER, please Social Security genocide, could that be why they were pretending, they always did want to cut down on entitlements

Cancer of the brain This guy has been nothing but a nut! You would think, with his stage 4 lung cancer he would preach hope and blessings instead of all his negativity. There is a place for people like you. I heard him today pushing that lie. He is a sick man..with an undeserving award. Oh jump in front an 18 wheeler PLEASE, save all the chemo money the tax payers probably will pay for you.

Rush is a horrible little man. Can you please RETURN the Medal you received cus honestly it was just all for photo opps and for show!!! People knew that you don't deserve the Medal so PLEASE return it!!! Mentally unstable individuals need to be medicated and placed in a psychiatric facility. Alternatively, medicated and segregated from society. Is Gitmo still open?

Great! Maybe you can all gather at a Trump rally. Shake hands, get close. Works for me. Why is he not dead yet? THIS IS WHY JESUS CONDEMNED THESE MOST MEAN NASTY VILE EVIL VERY WEALTHY DESPICABLE DEGENERATES ALL TO HELL! Rush Limbaugh net worth 2020 and salary: Net Worth: $600 Million Salary: $85 Million

Retire Lim. What’s ruining this country is dead beat dads like Rush who disappoints his kids because he can’t be a basic fundamental father! Exactly how many times did his mama drop him on his head? Unfortunately Limburger is correct. The only thing leftists hate more than America is Trump. Moron Bill Maher cheered for an economic crash if it got rid of Trump - well he got his wish as millions are losing jobs and income.

The economy is being destroyed by greedy health lunatics. They are in both parties. The only way this ends is mass civil disobedience. Many who are advocating shut downs and hunker down will go broke themselves. You wonder why many dine in businesses are not liking closures Criminal Cancer or not this guy is The Real POS!

Well, April Fools' Day is an appropriate day to discuss that jerk. I thought he had stage 4 cancer. Did he recover? Get him off the air Pull the plug on this guy ASAP This guy never quits with all his delusional talk and thinking! He’s still here? I guess this recovering drug addict has lapsed. No one alive today is old enough to have lived during an actual worldwide PANDEMIC of this magnitude. We’ve been spoiled (in the US at least) by only sprinklings of disasters here and there. This is how pandemics work people. This is what you do. StayHome

This guy will have blood on his hands by those who the contract virus. As will Fox News, Trump and all the governors (ie. Florida) who refused to support severe social distancing in the weeks leading up today. Okay... why don’t you Rush out there and shake everyone’s hands and welcome them into your studio for a party

Friend of the Stable genius. Nothing to do with politics, we are taking about lives, shut the hell up!!! 😧😧😾😾🤭👎👎👎👎👎👎 Prove it's not. DemocratsHateAmerica LunaticLeft Medal of are kidding, right? Limbaugh, he has his own alternate universe. Stop giving him a bigger platform. Ignore him and maybe just maybe he will disappear!

These fascist did that all by themselves There's always going to be idiots that follow these asshats off of a cliff Oh yeah’s all a big effing plot by Democrat’s to kill ourselves. It seems to be the only way we can rid ourselves of Trump quickly. What was that a Medal of Honor for by the way...idiocy?

P.O.S. 🤮 Still listening They sure are. They even bragged about it. They held up the 3rd bill so Pelosi could rush back with 1400 pages of non emergency gifts. They knew America was watching and then lied to cover up their deeds. C-SPAN should be required viewing. Isn't he dead yet? is he still here? This huys as crazy as Alec Jones. A complete moron, with no shame.

That is an ignorant man! Why does the FCC allow this? Since it is allowed, people need to start suing him like they are with alex Jones. He needs to be shut down. Quid pro quo. I thought he died? Has he conveyed his thought to his bud, Trump because even Trump is coming to the realization this is a devastating disease which has infected people globally. Sorry he’s not comprehending this is not a conspiracy because Wall Street would tell him he’s nuts!!

Funny how all the commenters are literally the ones taking anything Democrats and lying media gives them, as many times as they've been wrong the last 4 years. That's drinking their KoolAid. Trump on the other hand delivers results. Delusional! Sadly, I got into a online spat with an unnamed celebrity who stated I wanted to ‘kill all Americans” because I disagreed with him about a Jim Acosta question. RL’s rhetoric has got to stop. He’s driving a further wedge between Americans.

Too many kind, generous, dedicated professionals in the scientific and medical communities, too many friends helping friends and taking precautions re: of political affiliation to listen to someone I've never listened to in my life. Wasn’t it this fatty who said he’s willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the economy or was that the other fatty Glen Beck!? Both cut from the same cloth. Danger

This guy is The Walking Dead You are not Medal of Honor material. You are causing deaths by your verbiage. Are you proud of that? Take a pill rush I wonder how many children pedophile limbaugh has raped and murdered over the years. Idiot Wait...he’s not wearing his Medal of Freedom! Must’ve let Hannity wear it for a while.

Lung cancer can have many side effects and Rush Limbaugh is showing one of them-senile compounded with stupidity. He should know if anyone who plotted anything to undermine the specialists it was the 'genius' in the WH. politico Susan_Hennessey thedailybeast AliVelshi Time for Rush to curl up and...

Rush has been pure poison in the veins of this country for decades. AmericaIsFucked LimbaughIsAMurderer And this wacko wears the highest medal awarded to a civilian. These are crazy times. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Money first, people last! The murican way! An evil man. Guess Rush wants to destroy American democracy on his way out.

Well, it's true. 🤷 Isn’t he dead yet? Limbaugh is always prepared to push the Right’s crazy, racist conspiracy theories to deflect from their own incompetence. Tbh though capitalism needs to be ruined. No cred!!! One would think he's recent illness and Freedom medal would make him a better person; appears not

This idiot should be arrested and locked up for inciting a riot. He’s part of our problem right now!!! Rush is ruining the American way!! Rush trying to take as many with him as he can… Limbaugh is sowing doubt and divisiveness during a deadly crisis. Trump gave this guy a medal of freedom. the Democratic Party does not have the votes to pass the stimulus bills on their own, GOP congressmen are voting for the bills and a Republican president is signing the bills. not familiar with EIB but it must stand for Extremely Idiotic Bullshit.

This is part of why so many dismissed it in the first place! lets blame the democrats cause that is who the republicans always blame and the trump supporters will believe it. Hasn’t he run out of air yet? He’s dangerous. if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its probably right-wing conspiracy nonsense.

And he got a medal of honor. 😓 The trump medal of honor recipient is a cancer on America. Can this f**ker just die already? No sympathy from me about his cancer - he's been poisoning the minds of Americans for 3 decades. Hell is waiting - just go! And don't respond to me saying what an awful thing I just said - he deserves it.

Yeh okay RusHIA limburger! Karma is in your corner! GOOD LUCK Buddy ole Pal (add Drumpf chuckle) After the 2.2Trillion the market still up & down. We were it was uncertainty that concerned them. Why do mood swings continue in the market ? He’s just doing what y’all do, peddling misinformation and bias 🤷‍♂️

They say there's hope for everyone. Rush is the exception to that saying. Lord can u speed the cancer up right here ! This person has caused many deaths by preaching these ridiculous conspiracies to uneducated ppl in this country ! Give this guy another medal. The Chemo is obviously affecting his mental capabilities. Of course the lying and evil was there way before the cancer. Karma’s a bitch ain’t it rush.

Life dictates that even squirrels require a daily intake of nuts. He’s right ( literally and figuratively ) , you know.. 🤥 Hush Rush! RushLimbaugh Your lies have run their course! Bow out disgracefully! The Democrats themselves say they hate capitalism it’s no conspiracy. For the individual who insist on thinking he’s on your side- good luck

Anything to distract This man is a danger to society He is pure scum. Rush Limbaugh is literally a walking tumor so anyone taking him serious are dumbasses at best. Get this freak show off the air! Sick thoughts produce a sick body. That’s all ima say. Limbaugh is still alive, too bad. Mets to the brain. Sad.

Fucking idiot . Say that to the patients who are dying in my hospital , healthy young people on vents , in heart failure . Don’t listen to this trash people!!! Truthfully speaking, dems were trying to ruin capitalism way before the pandemic. An open socialist running for president was a bit of a giveaway.

And he received the Medal of Freedom ? And who really cares what this xenophobic, half wit says. An opinion I’d like an asshole, everyone ........ You mean the smart-ass darling of the left, Bill Maher, didn't elicit howls of laughter & agreement when he hoped for a recession to own Trump? I never rooted for cancer... But in his case

I hope this fucker does us all a favor and leaves this earth soon. What a bloviating demigod you are Rush. STFU They openly state it. It’s not a conspiracy. Leftists have lost their minds, if they ever had any He should be arrested Apparently, according to this idiot, the economy is more important than lives.

This was the same idiot who helped peddle Trump’s coronavirus hoax nonsense in the beginning of March. Hard to believe anyone still believes his bullshit. This man is an extremely high risk individual. He reminds me of some of the elderly folks I know that have their own theories and don't understand that we're trying to protect them.

I really hate this SOB No offense but I thought he died Unbelievable. It may not be true but it certainly looks like that. I think its time to stop posting anything from the right wing nut factory. Stop expanding their platform. Let them talk amongst themselves and save all of us sane ppl from their idiocy.

Disgusting Someone give that man a medal. Oh, wait.... No the economy is being destroyed by greedy people who do not want to spread the wealth. Rush Limbaugh should be banned from the airways! What EXACTLY are the limits to free speech...….when will MEDIA CONSPIRACIST cross the 'FIRE in a crowded room' threshold.

Medal of Freedom recipient. 🙄 In fairness he did offer to die for us. ... why get in his way? Disgusting Well, step into a hospital Rush with no PPE and see how that works out for ya. Fake cancer He is still alive? He needs to catch the virus so he can shut the hell up! I thought cancer took this asshole, not yet?

Truth It might be conspiracy or it might be exactly what the radical left is doing. The left knows no shame. I wouldn’t put it past the democrats. I'm going to go out on a limb and say.. capitalism fucking sucks. Profit over people. That's what capitalism is. Why do people worship it? CapitalismKills F this guy and his medal of shit

His cancer must be getting close to stage 4 Never rooted for cancer... HuskerNewman Has he recovered from cancer & Covid19 yet Wasn’t he supposed to die? Go visit a hospital Rush. Without a mask and make sure you shake hands Glad to see he is using his last breaths on nonsense. 'We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.' ~ Benjamin Franklin (attributed)

Poor old fella. Leadership wd be to buy him a steak dinner, tell him he is loved, then tell him to shut the f--' up. Why is he not under investigation from the FCC? Better yet, why hasn't his broadcasting license been pulled by the FCC? 'I've never wished another man dead, but I have read many obituaries with great enthusiasm' -Mark Twain

They don’t stop do they? So glad he’s sick This the man with a medal of freedom award 🤣.... why he he not sending mask, donating $$? Complete joke Coronavirus these are the people you should take with you. Democrats are socialist plain and simple. Socialism is dead. Rush reminds me of the Ben Weaver character from Andy Griffith. Andy says to Barney: “He ain't going to go away like everybody else.... he's just going to nasty away!!!”

Conservatives: 'We'll be the only ones left standing when everything goes to shit.' Also conservatives: 'We can't go a week without Starbucks.' Rush Dim-baugh, you should have a trump rally and get as many people as you can together in close quarters. But I get the feeling you would claim your “fake “ cancer would prevent it.

What is considered a conspiracy theory? Anyone who makes a guess? Whoever is propping this man up everyday to go to work is an awful human being. He looks terrible like he’s in his last days, he needs to be at home enjoying his life. That fucking guy needs to go away. One useless human being. Enough is enough.

This Limbaugh clown lacks the wit to develop an even half-believable conspiracy. Conservative Factual Never caught in Fakenews Loves his country Huffington Lefties cry cry trust fund puppets Ignore him, don't give him any space. You are just helping him. Please say he has the coronavirus. It would be sweet karma after all the bull he has said about dems making everything up.

Stop airing this POS’s talk show/Podcasts NOW‼️ What exactly is WRONG with you, RUSH? No wonder why he's sick. Because he really is

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