Rudy Giuliani suggested someone 'cut the head off' Democratic leaders in Fox News interview

Giuliani added: 'Somehow the Democrat party was hijacked by Clinton and since then it's gone more corrupt.”

11/21/2020 5:30:00 AM

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani used a throat-slitting gesture after making baseless claims about the electoral process.

Giuliani added: 'Somehow the Democrat party was hijacked by Clinton and since then it's gone more corrupt.”

USA TODAYMere hours after an embarrassing press conference, President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani suggested that someone should “cut the head off” Democrat leaders.Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Giuliani used a throat-slitting gesture after making baseless claims about the electoral process, including a conspiracy that a German company coordinated with the Biden campaign to “come up” with votes.

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“Somebody’s gotta cut the head off,” Giulianisaid as he made the gestureon the show, aired Thursday night. Read more: USA TODAY »

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A true nut case - Rudy Giuliani A throng of liars, the GOP. Why is this country listening to Giuliani and Trump, 2 of the most egotistical self centered humans on the planet who NEED their last 15 minutes. They are making our country the laughingstock of the world. Time to return to your mental ward hospital room Rudy. Don’t come out anymore

But this is okay? America's Lawyer🤔 this rudi fella is a fool a moron and totally dishonest.... he should be banned from being a solicitor Sean come on you totally cut him off. 'Dracula Returns' He looks deranged Shame on you for putting your own spin on the news you are reporting. News should be unbiased. You are as corrupt as they come. You can insert the word baseless in this story but you better be able to back it up or you are lying.

This guy is definitely nuts. Hate to think this is the best lawyer Trump can get. Pathetic. Diseased minds... RecountSouthCarolina RecountFlorida RecountTexas 18 USC Ch. 113B: TERRORISM From Title 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (1/2) I think Bellevue has a room reserved for the dye brothers It is hard to believe that this guy who was so good as a NYC mayor in troubling times has turned into this.

The Republican party is turning into a terrorist organization. My theory is that isn't hair dye it is bbq sauce stay w/ me, he ate a couple rack if ribs heavily sauced prior to going on stage but didn't have wet naps so wiped his hands in his hair the meat sweats kicked in and started dripping that is why blew nose too sauce a bit spicy

Will they stop at nothing to do Trumps dirty work There is absolutely no evidence of anything of the sort! Oh my!! Lol Doesn't Rudy have any family that can quietly remove him from the public stage and all this embarrassment? This is a trial by court and not by 'media,' let the process play out and see it through the end. Trump still is the President and if Biden's votes get certified then he'll be President in Jan 2021.

The only joke I know is about a lawyer meeting with a farmer about some land. Walking across a pasture on a hot day, the lawyer stepped on a cow flop, looked down and said 'Oh, I melting!' Giuliani is full to overflowing of bullshit. It’s time to stop giving this clown airtime. He’s not well. The biggest mistake is America not recognizing that there is a God and he has discovered organized crime in this country. There's never going to be peace if this election isn't rejected. Organized crime and Corruption will not have its way. Do not love the world

Rudy needs some downtime in a mental institution. It would do wonders for him they are not baseless claims. Trump will be sworn in on Jan 20 How could a remarkable young lawyer like Giuliani who put so many criminals away, then ultimately, get infected with corruption & plunge to the Dark Side. A modern-day Faust who succumbed to Mephistopheles. Save yourself Rudy.

Maybe the Secret Service needs to pay him a visit. You mean this company They actually did. Amazing how USA Today knows everything is baseless! Wow Hello,Jesus is the son of God he helped people doing his era now i want to share what God has given and blessed me with.I help people through there bills because I know the society at large needs help and that is what I’m making donations to people who needs financial support.

If I were to give you $10,000, what would you spend it on? Food? Clothes ? Your kids? Credit Card Debts? Student Loans? Family? Medical bills? Student Loans? Giving to charity? I'm gonna bless a few people who Like & Retweet. (Must be following me so I can DM you) 'Are we talking about the same Rudy Giuliani who's riding shotgun in that limo with Roger Ailes, remember him; the guy who was fired from FoxNews for multiple rapes and sexual assaults'?

Repeat: GOP+ Dark Money Donors =Racism NPC: Miller's goals: realDonaldTrump +GOP knew promo of non mask wearing w 'herd immunity'=no plan to tackle COVID 19, would =1000s of deaths increase in blue states w vulnerable pop, folks of color, seniors w SS; refugees, Muslims, etc. Hey Rudy! Then the devil appears.

This man needs mental health care!!! Call a doctor!! Lock the tooth less Creepster up These are the types of people he has working for him Time for Giuliani to lose his law license! ABAesq There are no mulligans for disinformation! No mulligans for 1/4 million COVID deaths! No mulligans for trying to steal election! No mulligans for soldiers with targets on their backs! No mulligans for lack of COVID relief! No mulligans for a complicit GOP ! Golf anyone? JoeNBC

I heard a snarl remark of this uniquely coordinated way of fixing the election as soon as Trump one it four years ago “next time the people will get their say” wink,wink “, it was a devilish trafficker type of remark made by that man and his wife hissing the fact real people vote Could he loose more dignity?

Today's Government must be run by crooks and crazy ppl. Because no competent Government would let garbage like this air on the news. baseless claims according to who? Why does ANYONE give this delusional man a voice? Ignore him! Let him beg for an interview and refuse him on the fact he lies when he speaks. Stop!

These people hate black people but use black dye so it can stream down their faces😂😂😂😂 All those millions Rudi Paludi and yet the dye runneth down thy face and i bet Sean Hannity dis not question anything but rather added to the 'explainations' What's astonishing is that this kind if thing is allowed. Freedom of speech is one thing, dangerous conspiracy theories that destroy the very fabric of what this nation is built on and set the stage for a civil war is criminal.

It's sad when your family doesn't even care enough about you to give you the hook. My god if anybody needs a new head...🤢 RudyGiuliani is on drugs, absolutely crazy, being blackmailed for some really nasty shit he has done, or ALL 3!EnoughIsEnough TimeForTrumptoConcede TrumpISTreasonous TrumpFool

The 2 most dangerous people in America. Trump and Giuliani. Democracy is under attack. It's not the US military that will comply with his coup but the new mental army they built called Trumpers.... ByeRudy ByeTrump Consigliere If he doesn't end up in prison, there is no justice in this universe. I guess its no longer a question why so many unarmed Black people were murdered by police in New York while rudy was mayor. That evil bastard is true darkness where light cannot escape.

Theatre of the Absurd. Giuliani and Trump are the two mantally deranged actors. Trump is acting like a dictator Dude straight up looks like JohnGoblikon That’s criminal. Why nobody do nothing to these people. If an unhappy citizen was doing the same gesture on television or social networks, he will be in real trouble.

Do you have evidence this isn’t true? hey jlawrence don’t change that dial What a Troll 😈 American taliban Can’t believe we still have two months till the day of more of this bat ship* crazy stuff. Let it end already. 😩 How do you know it’s ‘baseless’? It will be so refreshing when Trump leaves and takes his garbage with him.

He continues spewing baseless claims. Why do you keep covering this?! The Gravaty is Sucking my Face off. Rất nhiều thành quả trong nhiệm kỳ Trump đạt được: Việc làm, thu nhập người lao động tăng, Chứng khoán tăng, hòa bình Trung đông, quốc phòng vững mạnh... Sao các nhà báo không nhìn thấy!? Lương tâm, đạo đức nghề nghiệp trở thành thối tha tất cả rồi sao!?

There are actual human beings on this planet that believe this guy is doing a great job. This is why we can't have nice things. Your first mistake was watching Hannity. Not sure whose audience is more ill informed, Hannity or Maddow, it’s a really close race Now its zee Germans 😂 that guy is crazy...why do you cover him?

“BaSeLeSs” Giuliani s threatening gesture. Is he inciting violence? Totally inappropriate behavior for an atty. rudy the gigalo,praticeing to be a lawyer,with no representation to his client/. another wanna be lawyer who wants exorbient fees to scam all who he does not represent/.needs to be disbarred from ever claiming to be a lawyer/.a total con man like djt/.no reality only fantasy/.

Rudy’s son caught corona virus (wish him a swift recovery), but it looks like dad caught the moron virus. He’s beginning to sound like a Democrat. You know, how they’re calling for retaliation against Trump supporters. FCC FBI Why are Giuliani and Bannon able to threaten people? Since when is it okay to incite violence in America?

What’s worse? The dye or the fly? 😂 This and the fly on Pence's head Well then again he did marry his cousin, so anything he does do or say really isn't that surprising. The man is a scumbag from day one. Lol People believe all the lies through this guys, and the president’s, pie hole. It’s sad because many of them are family and friends I see on Facebook. That’s why they have snooze, I guess. So sad, I thought they would see right through it all. WRONG!!!!

He must hang out a lot with Steve Bannon. pennyparker0523 Is he still dripping? I see that Rudy is still sweating it out Pathetic Lunatics, all of them; Jan.20 and Trump's ass getting thrown outta the Whitehouse cannot come any faster. Crazy Town IT'S NO GOOD!!! Nothing will help except to GET OUT ON THE STREETS AND FIGHT!!!!! Fight for our basic Democratic rights!!! It's come down to that. Trump is trying to deny the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!! Never has there been so low a man in the White House. TIME TO FIGHT!!!!GO NOW!!!

And they accused US of having Trump Derangement Syndrome..... I would like a refund for this year. Much like the last 4 years put this government in cryostasis. To all MAGA idiots, the election is OVER. You are done. You have been 'tremedously and fantastically' CONNED! AbolishTheGOP SendTrumpPacking YouveBeenRepubliconned

Was he wearing a mask, a disguise? Everybody wants to be black these days. Black people are natural. Lol. This is a joke. This is a white lie. There is fraud and the fake new media like USA makes up lies and says they aren’t but it’s proven 100% their is . I urge all to drop the fake news media like cnn abc msnbc USA Today fox and all others who are apart of the nationwide conspiracy.

PhilipGagne Was Rudy Giuliani talking while his brains were misplaced for a while? He should be locked up immediately for suggesting fatal harm to Federal employees. Anything less will be an unethical violation of our laws and should warrant investigation starting in January 2021. This game can be played from both ends of the court.

? Beautiful entertainment!! I’m gonna miss these tards Are these people on drugs? Honestly. It's insane. Why has Dominion Voting Systems management lawyered up and refused to answer any questions regarding the allegations against their 'democratic' software? How dumb do they think you all are? Trump won this election by an enormous margin - this is the truth.

Screwdy Fooliani. Brain leaking shit. USA today feeding the zombies. Arrest him Happy Birthday Joe 🥳 Please be good once you have Settled in office by January 20 2021 Rudy knows he’s in deep legal trouble Once a Hero, NOW a ZERO What a shit show! 2 for 33! Laughable! Is Rudy melting Most people get banned from TV for saying someone should have their throat cut.

Baseless claims? Why did the Dominion pack up and leave? It blows my mind that 73 million people believe, voted for, and support this brand. Craziest $hit I’ve ever heard. Oh god, how many more days do we have to put up with lunatic and his “master” Trump? BREAKING DonaldJTrumpJr has come up with a Covid cure: - smear RudiGiuliani's head juice on a crack rock and smoke it

Where is his primary care physician? This man needs a serious mental evaluation SNL is going to have a field day with him tomorrow night. Old republican black hair matters😳😂😅🤣😂😂 And foxnews normalizes this as ok. Mr. President-please please stop. It’s embarrassing & your youngest son deserves better. Show him how to handle this like a man & not a tantrum riddled toddler. You are better than this.Take the rest of this time & do this with dignity. Leave a legacy that Barron can be proud of.

Covid19 Karma20 This is a scared man. He is under tremendous pressure to keep Trump in office. Either Trump or FBI must have something on him and he’s scared. pennyparker0523 Rudy Giuliani e una verdura spavante! this mouthpiece for BLOTUS delegitimizes any effort to uncover wrongdoing He's nuts realDonaldTrump GOPChairwoman GOP AZGOP Such a disgusting display. The GOP will probably never recover from their idiotic cult following of tRUMP, a narcissistic game show host.

He’s on “something”, right? I would have tweeted the content! Rudy's audience: Someone throw some water on the guy - although he does already seem to have begun melting 🎶'Ding Dong the witch is nearly dead' 🎶 Giuliani MoronOfTheWeek Nosferatu's ugly brother. pennyparker0523 His face is a mess 🤦‍♂️ realDonaldTrump this is VOTERS Fact Check! StopTheSteal WeWillWin Trump2020

Oh my!! All of you at this rag, get ahold of yourselves. He is so full of it he is overflowing. you should do this to mr. trump, and we would have a much better world. Why doesn't the media investigate and show what they say about fraud is true or not? Why do they take as true without proving that there was no fraud? The media used to be independent, without agendas. Today everyone takes an ideological side and those who lose are the citizens

Isn’t that normal talk on Hannity. Isn’t this show the king of baseless claims and threatening innuendos. I hope the FBI is investigating Rudy’s dog whistle to Trump’s base to commit violence against Democratic leaders and the incoming administration. And I hope the secret service has stepped up their protection. I am surprised Rudy would get away with this.

Rudy, hang in there. Your prison days are just around the corner. Sickening & disgusting What evidence does USA Today have? Civilized Guys from so called Civilized & Developed countries. Pathetic I think his shit for brains is what was leaking down his face. What happened to The old Rudy? Agent of democracy destroyer, he will pay for it

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy Maybe Aliens hijacked Rudy's Brain. He's nuts Feeble is so many ways Baseless claim ... Is like they all puke out the same ridiculous shit. Rudy should have made that throat slitting gesture to his hair stylist. Dripgate A prosecutor (or any attorney making false allegations) ...with zero evidence; should be disbarred.

But they are not exactly based. Why does refuse objective reporting? Probably you should also report on AR Contact lens and how one can use it while speaking to an audience. It's time to arrest Giuliani. Democratic are scared that their fraud will be exposed. And Rudy and Sidney will exposed the fraud Why do the republicans keep calling for violence against fellow Americans?

It’s actually comical that you would be triggered by this but have no problem with Kathy Griffin holding a severed Trump head. Every tweet u post/article u write is SO LEFT! Did anyone there actually read or learn what Journalism is supposed to be? Not about YOU! About facts, news, let people decide! Stop! U shld be ashamed!

Giuliani is pathetic. I can't believe we celebrated this man post 9-11. He was 'America's Mayor' and could have happily retired, instead he chose to undermine everything this nation stands for. that moment when, as an individual, you cannot fully understand what is happening inside yourself, but can take no more threats nor selfish petulance nor anything, and basically want people to not suffer or die of a virus and it makes you want to just barf on ridiculousness?

Biden should be very leery about public appearances until January ... The perverse Republican Administration are that desperate and that ignorant... MURDERING PLOTS As designers of a reality-based political strategy game, we never anticipated that hairdye would trend in political news. Rudy, you are not in The Godfather.

He's like a bad bowel movement. Should be in quarantine Ghouliani is leaking sewage.