Rudy Giuliani Is Reportedly Almost Broke And Trump's Shutting Him Out

Trump’s former personal attorney is currently embroiled in a massive $1.3 billion lawsuit.

8/2/2021 9:00:00 AM

Trump’s former personal attorney is currently embroiled in a massive $1.3 billion lawsuit.

Trump’s former personal attorney is currently embroiled in a massive $1.3 billion lawsuit filed against him by Dominion Voting Systems.

is almost broke and Trump doesn’t seem to care all that much, sources have told The New York Times.Giuliani is currently struggling under a mountain of legal fees as he attempts to fend off a major federal investigation and answer a $1.3 billion lawsuit. Trump, meanwhile, isn’t pitching in a dime of the millions he has raised in his ongoing battle against a legitimate election, according to New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman.

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Giuliani’s supporters are “aghast” that Trump isn’t helping out, according to Haberman, given that many of his activities were carried out on Trump’s behalf to push the former president’s “Big Lie” of a rigged election.But helping Giuliani is “problematic” for the former president (and definitely for his bank account), and Giuliani should have known better than to undertake some of his activities, sources told Haberman.

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It’s like the pregnant girl after prom night ‘ He said he loved me! He said I was the only one he truly adored! ‘ 🤣 Good. Oooohhh noooooo …they’re going to suffer the consequences in heaven… who is saying they will go to heaven? Unfortunately, I can't see any of Rudy's tweets. If Rudy loses the lawsuit, would Donaldov help him pay off?

couldn't happen to a sleazier guy!! couldn't happen to a better guy 🤣 caught the wrong bus - now he's under it! It will happen to everyone associated with TFG, just give it time. Like TheRickWilson sad, ETTD. Get him an EBT card

U.S. Senate works on the weekend on $1 trillion infrastructure billThe U.S. Senate will continue work on Saturday on a bill that would spend $1 trillion on roads, rail lines and other infrastructure, as lawmakers from both parties sought to advance President Joe Biden's top legislative priority. Better then trumps bill by a wide margin! Come on, the wealthy are starving! Don’t give them a damn penny until Joe takes a cognitive test and hands over his medical records

Of course trump isn't paying Rudy's legal bills. Rudy was unsuccessful overturning the election. Rudy didn't come thru for trump so Rudy is on his own. This shouldn't surprise anyone - least of all Rudy. Best indication of future behavior is relevant past behavior. Time to cut a deal Rudy Almost broke to someone like him is still a multimillionaire

First... guys like Giuliani do not 'go broke' They have houses, they have equity, they have ways to get hands on money. They just do not want to tap into it and expect others to pay for their shit. Second... he still has access to most things that regular Joe's do not. TrumpTheBackstabber Hmm sorry I don’t feel anything

Really? Aw, man, and he seemed like a guy who totally had it together. Trump has never been on anybody's side unless it benefit's him big time! Why can't these die hard followers grasp this?

Trump is due $1 million tax refund for Chicago skyscraper, agency rulesAn Illinois tax agency has ruled that former President Donald Trump is due a $1 million refund on the 2011 tax bill for his downtown Chicago skyscraper, but... this is terrible news That sound you hear out the window is not machine guns firing. It’s millions of Democrat heads exploding. He will probably donate it like he did his salary.

Poor Rudy! Who could possibly have foreseen this? Perhaps now would be a good time for Rudy Colludy to cash in his 'insurance' and cut a deal with the DOJ in exchange for truthful testimony on election tampering, activities leading up to January 6th and his own fraudulent activities. 😏 Awww…who’s surprised by this? Where is Rudy son? Quiet is he?

What didn’t Donnie pay his legal bills? Who could have predicted that? Maybe all the business and states where he didn’t pay his bills. Rudy wanted to be 'somebody' and instead is now a 'nobody.' At Money Lago he is Rudy who? There were a few public exchanges between the two where it was stated Rudy would get paid if he won. So unless Rudy has a contract stating otherwise stashed with all the evidence of election fraud he kept assuring everybody he had, he's got nothing to stand on.

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Why are Giuliani aides aghast that Trump isn't paying his bills or helping him out. He has a history of doing this. I just laugh at the situation. Giuliani knew what Trump was like yet kept reinforcing Trump's big lie at risking his own rep. If that isn't cult-like, what is? I hope Dominion owns Rudy and that his next job is cleaning toilets at Dominion's headquarters.

Ain’t thot a shame …. 🤣🤠🌈💥 it's almost a surprise. umm, nope. GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPDeathCult GOPTraitors When you hitch your wagon to a loser, this is what happens Gee... TFG ditching someone the instant they are no longer useful to him? Didn't see that coming... Does he think he can avoid that by going to prison?

So? They’re both criminals. No sympathy on this side🤷🏼‍♂️

Andrew Giuliani tries to shed city boy image — and win a shot at CuomoAndrew Giuliani, the son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, just might be the biggest wild card in the still-young race to run against Cuomo or another Democratic nominee in 2022 Will he be following in his father's missteps and make a cameo appearance in the next Borat movie? 🤣 Not a chance He's not a wildcard, Andrew is comic relief

Do like others go live unther a bridge. NoLoyalty UnderTheBus TrumpIsALiar TrumpIsACriminal What could he possibly had expected? It’s a well known result of dealing with the pumpkin! Screw him! Oh well! 🤷🏼‍♀️ And yet, the idiots will continue donating to the BIG GRIFT when it's readily apparent its a big lie.

Ah this makes me soooo happy Conned by the master of the con arts. Where’s your best bff now Rudy? Is he helping you? No, he’s driving the bus that ran you over. You deserve whatever you get. *clutch pearls* *feign surprise *

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There is normal peoples broke and there's rich peoples broke. They are not the same YAY! What did you expect? What did he expect? Mind blown. Who would have ever thought. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. the face Oh gosh how sad. Hero to zero! Finally dicked by the Trump time family.

I thought he had oil to sell coming out of his head 🤔

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Poor wittle baby...what him gonna do? Doan worry Rudy, they gone get let you stay in jail for free. ghouliani sound start singing like a bird RudyGiuliani , friend, I know how it feels to be ghosted, but you know how it is. That $20k/day my nephew promised you last year was a performance based contract unlike the Ukraine brief ... Is there none of that cash handy anywhere❓

GOOD There'll be a race to flip Dear HuffPost: WHY is this news? It's NOT, and of COURSE Drumpf dumped him. I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner. ETTD (c) TheRickWilson (2018) Dominion Voting Systems as a company would not be wasting its money on a suit against a person who clearly cannot pay what the suit wants. It must have other reasons and other supporters to proceed with it.

Thoughts and prayers

He knows how the American system works better than most, he better start getting chatty with the FBI. Rudy Colludy's past is catching up to him. Time to dig out that insurance! You have done inexcusable harm to this democracy and our international standing. You reap what you sowed. Hahaha but everyone knows Donny doesn’t pay his bills and drops anyone he no longer has use for. And yet people still kiss his arse thinking they are somehow different. I’ll never understand it

Leaky tootster! Shady character and a lawyer 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Really looking forward to Rudy turning on Trump and spilling all his secrets.

🤣 we know what youa re doing democrats aa HillaryClinton once was trying send you all to war while they p[syhic go behind the buiness behind th e stat to make a cpacity formn psyhcolgoy. after pihoihsy agian personlity was foun in set not in pyshoclogy NewYorker Gee what a surprise 😁 Why am I not surprised. T-rump usurps those close to him and spits them out when they're no longer any use for him or his war chess...

Wait till Donation Don shuts out his donators cos they’ll be next. Oh Rudy.... did you really believe he wouldn't throw you under the bus? Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

oooo shiiiit is going dawn 👍 Hilarious 👏