‘Rubber Bullets’ Are Not Rubber

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While rubber bullets are considered a safer alternative to actual bullets, they’re not harmless. Here's what to know about them

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Amid the ongoing protests demanding justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death, police across the country have deployed a number of violent tactics to quell otherwise peaceful demonstrations, including shooting rubber bullets at protesters. While rubber bullets are considered a safer alternative to actual bullets, they’re not harmless.

Police across the country are firing rubber bullets to disperse peaceful protesters. Over the past week, police departments across the country have fired rubber bullets into crowds of peaceful protesters, causing extensive injuries. In California, a 59-year-old woman was hospitalized in an intensive-care unit and later entered a coma after she was shot between the eyes with either a rubber bullet or a beanbag round, which is also categorized as a nonlethal weapon.

According to the Trace, the Minneapolis Police Department’s use-of-force policy strongly advises against pointing 40 mm launchers — which are used to deploy rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, and sponge rounds — above a person’s lower extremities. The policy also acknowledges that the projectiles can cause “grievous” injuries, and in some cases, death. Rubber bullets should be used only to control “an extremely dangerous crowd,” Brian Higgins, a former police chief, told Kaiser Health News.


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UsedOnAmericanCitizens UsedOnNyers DoBetterCuomo DoBetterDeBlasio

Same as the ones used each saturday in France

Trying to flip the script? People have died -

Ask a Palestinian living in Palestine. This is life 24/7 thanks to apartheid Israel. IDF

So can throwing Molotov cocktails at police and burning down buildings and looting entire neighborhoods

greatest immediate threat to blacks are other blacks but the biggest danger to everyone are leftists-especially these pos 'guilty' white ones. Keep burning down shit hole blue cities, its making things so much easier

The bullet tip is something like plastic. Rubber is more springy and more resilient when impact!

They’re not rubber. Who knew?

serenajazmine Rubber grenade rounds is more accurate.

Are you planning on ignoring JaneLarkworthy 's racist comments?

Don’t do this, avoid being a target of rubber bullets. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

The fires, looters and violence were out of control. Not sure if you saw the footage. If cops used water canons, would you feel better then? Or should they be Peace Patrol instead as people hurl rocks & fireworks at them? The rest of the world cant understand your position.

They are only safer if used with the same level of restraint and caution as one would use with live ammunition. The way that rubber bullets are being used by cops this week, they are a 1000 times more deadly.

Don’t loot and riot and you will never have to find out.

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