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Earbuds, Rs Recommends

RS Recommends: Earbuds Not Staying Put? Try These Buds Designed for Small Ears

Custom-fit your inner-ears or swap out the tips with these top-rated Bluetooth earbuds

10/20/2021 7:00:00 AM

RS Recommends: Earbuds falling out all the time? It may be time to swap your bulky buds for these button-sized alternatives

Custom-fit your inner-ears or swap out the tips with these top-rated Bluetooth earbuds

What Are the Best Earbuds for Small Ears?There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best earbuds for small ears. Here’s what you need to know.Fit and Ear Tip Sizes:Fit is undoubtedly the most important thing when it comes to choosing the right-sized earbuds for you. The best earbuds for small ears should rest in your ears without falling out or feeling uncomfortable during or after use. But how are you supposed to know if a pair will work before you stick them in your ears? When researching this guide, we looked for earbuds that can be customized to fit your ear, as well as earbuds that come with a range of tip sizes to find the best fitting buds for you.

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Keep in mind that the earbuds should rest normally in your ear canal — you shouldn’t have to push them in to make them fit. A good pair of earbuds for small ears should form a tight seal immediately after you place them in your ears. If you find yourself constantly adjusting the buds as you move, they’re likely too big for you. Try sizing down to a smaller ear tip.

Battery Life:Once you find the right size of earbuds you’re looking for, you’ll also want to make sure the buds have a decent battery life. All of the earbuds on our guide have hours of power when they’re fully charged, and some even come with a protective charging case that can give them an extra boost while they’re safely stowed away inside. headtopics.com

Bluetooth:Bluetooth earbuds are more common than ever, with stronger connectivity and easier pairing. Our favorite earbuds for small ears all are made with Bluetooth, so you can conveniently pair them with your smartphone and other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and devices for music, work and to hear your videos when traveling.

1. Earin A-3 EarbudsAmazonIf you’re looking for some of the smallest earbuds around, you’ll want to check out Sweden-based company Earin’s A-3 earbuds.According to Earin, the A-3 is the “world’s smallest earbud,” but you’d never know it judging by the massive sound pumping out of their 14.3mm speakers. They feature an open style, so you won’t be cycling through different tip sizes just to find a small-enough tip for your ears. We also like that you can use both of the earbuds in either ear. Earin says the true wireless buds are sweat-resistant in case you want to upgrade your workout buds before summertime.

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