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Anuel Aa, Christian Nodal

RS Latin Music Picks: Week of May 25th

Fresh new sounds from Iberoamerica, featuring Nathy Peluso, Ricky Martin, Anuel AA, Guaynaa and more

5/29/2020 11:18:00 PM

Fresh new sounds from Iberoamerica, featuring Nathy Peluso , Ricky Martin , Anuel AA, Guaynaa and more make up this week's RS Latin Music Picks

Fresh new sounds from Iberoamerica, featuring Nathy Peluso , Ricky Martin , Anuel AA, Guaynaa and more

BRB Be Right Back. In his new video,El Guaynabichigets a makeover from chill surfer bro to leather-clad tropigoth,  and revels in the attention of some vampiric sprites in their haunted Caribbean mansion.Mala Rodríguez, “Peleadora”Andalusian rapper Mala Rodríguez reminds her fellow Latina MCs who the real

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jefais inMala, her first album in seven years. Consider it a reintroduction to the Spanish hip-hop firebrand: “I’m no soldier/I’m a fighter,” she spits on the tough-as-nails track “Peleadora,” setting herself apart from the pack — just as she always has, and always will.

 Kany Garcia feat. Goyo, Catalina Garcia, “Acómpañame”Kany García gets a boost from ChoQuibTown’s leading lady, Goyo, as well as Monsieur Perine’s Catalina García in the pan-Latina solidarity anthem, “Acómpañame,” a standout track on Kany’s ballad-heavy new album,

Mesa Para Dos. “Acompañame a las calles a andar diferente/Acompañame a creer nuevamente en la gente,” sing the women in mellifluous unison: “Join me in the streets to walk differently/Join me in believing in people again.” Read more: Rolling Stone »

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The revolution will be televised.. (always be charging) it is your right to record & document police is your civilduty Body cams and iPhone are now the lens to see truth. whatmovesyou peacenow Ricky Martin still looks great.

Virus could push 14 million into hunger in Latin America - UNSigns of mounting hunger are already being felt around the region, where desperate citizens are violating quarantines to go out in search of money and food and hanging red and white flags from their homes in a cry for aid. Take back your jobs, take back your rights. The virus is a hoax.

UN: Virus could push 14 million into hunger in Latin AmericaThe U.N. World Food Program warns that upward of at least 14 million people could go hungry in Latin America as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, shuttering people in their homes, drying up work and crippling the economy. they should be like china and take my advice. build the skyscraper greenhouses. Congress doesn't act, America's hunger problem may be worse. either die from covid or starvation

RS Charts: Future Powers Past Drake on Artists 500 Chart Following 'High Off Life' ReleaseRS Charts: Future Powers Past Drake on Artists 500 Chart Following ‘High Off Life’ Release

ASCAP Moves Its 2020 Awards Shows Online: Pop, Screen, Latin, Rhythm & SoulThe American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) today announced it will honor the songwriters and publishers behind its most performed songs of the past year with four virtual cel… ASCAP The show must go on!

Latin America grabs world spotlight for airline bankruptciesLATAM Airlines and Avianca Holdings survived the Great Depression, but just a few weeks of quarantines forced both companies into bankruptcy, marking Latin America as the world's top spot for airline financial ruin. No one is able to do anything. We playing with fire 🔥 & when it finished we have to conclude & review before resume economic development. Banks could also in line of bankruptcies.

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