Kate Middleton, Amazon

Kate Middleton, Amazon

Royal fans are obsessed with Kate Middleton's rainbow umbrella – and Amazon is selling a £17.59 version

Royal fans are obsessed with Kate Middleton's rainbow umbrella – and Amazon is selling a £17.59 version

7/29/2021 6:00:00 AM

Royal fans are obsessed with Kate Middleton 's rainbow umbrella – and Amazon is selling a £17.59 version

Back in June, The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in a lilac dress by L. K. Bennett, teaming it with a vibrant rainbow umbrella – and Amazon is selling a £17.59 lookalike.

Adding a pop of colour to her ensemble, the mum-of-three teamed her lilac L.K.Bennett dress with a multi-coloured umbrella and nude stiletto pumps. The perfect accessory, we've found a near-identical version from Amazon and at £17.59 it's a total bargain!

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RELATED: Remember Kate Middleton's £2,300 heart-shaped earrings? Amazon sells a £14.99 version Kate braved the rain using her rainbow umbrella on FridayBrightening up those grey and rainy days, this vibrant accessory is sure to make a statement – who says umbrellas can't be fashionable? 

READ: Prince William's special way of treating Kate Middleton revealedLarge Rainbow Umbrella, £17.59/$36.99, AmazonSHOP NOW Kate was first spotted using her umbrella after launching a new project – The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. She started her day by paying a visit to the London School of Economics where she met with experts for a roundtable discussion. headtopics.com

Prince William's wife kicked off the engagement by taking her seat at the table and thanking the leading academics and practitioners for joining her. She modelled the 'Dee' dress from L.K.Bennett's Ascot collection, which retails at £225, and completed her look with her Astley Clarke Lapis Lazuli necklace and Halcyon Days bangle.

Kate sweetly wore another piece from Princess Diana's jewellery collection - her stunning sapphire and diamond earrings.MORE: Why Kate Middleton altered Princess Diana's £123k sapphire engagement ringLoading the player... var track=function (evt_name) { dataLayer.push({ 'event': evt_name, 'eventValue': { 'category': 'videos', 'action': evt_name, 'label': 'HELLO - Sf2C4oNm', 'videoUrl': 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/Sf2C4oNm.mp4', 'videoTitle': 'Kate Middleton Celebrates Milestone Moment In London' } }); }; var playerInstance=playerInstance || []; playerInstance['Sf2C4oNm']=jwplayer('MC44NTM3NjMwMCAxNjI0MDk4MTMyNDk1Mg=='); playerInstance['Sf2C4oNm'].setup({ sources: [ {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/Sf2C4oNm-720.mp4', label: '480'}, {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/Sf2C4oNm-1280.mp4', label: '720 HD', default: 'true'}, {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/Sf2C4oNm-1920.mp4', label: '1080 HD'}], primary: 'html5', image:'https://content.jwplatform.com/thumbs/Sf2C4oNm-720.jpg', related: { file: 'https://www.hellomagazine.com/feed/video.html?publication=hello&tags%5B0%5D=Kate%2520Middleton&tags%5B1%5D=royals', onclick: 'play' }, autostart: false, sharing: {} }); //TODO: convert static variables to dynamic (maxRetries and interval) function getDataPermutive() { return new Promise((resolve, reject)=> { let maxRetries=2; let countRetry=0; let checkingInterval=setInterval( function() { if (countRetry { // Resolve accepts a playlist item, this can be modified // The playlist item that is scheduled to load is // passed in as 'item' // Reject can be used to cancel a scheduled item from being loaded return new Promise((resolve, reject)=> { try { let playerConfig=playerInstance['Sf2C4oNm'].getConfig(); let tagUrl=playerConfig.advertising.schedule[0].tag; return getDataPermutive().then(_pdfps=> { let playerSegsPerm=encodeURIComponent('&permutive=' + encodeURIComponent(JSON.parse(_pdfps || '[]').slice(0, 250).join(','))); tagUrl=tagUrl.replace(/(cust_params[^&]+)/, '$1' + playerSegsPerm); const updatedAdSchedule={tag: tagUrl, offset: 'pre'}; const updatedPlaylistItem=Object.assign({}, item, {adschedule: [updatedAdSchedule]}); console.log("Permutive added to Pre-roll !!!"); resolve(updatedPlaylistItem); }).catch(()=> { //resolve without modifying the item console.warn("Permutive no data!!!"); resolve(); }); } catch(error) { console.warn(error); resolve(); } }); }); jwplayer().onPlay(function () { track('play'); }); jwplayer().onPause(function () { track('pause'); }); jwplayer().onComplete(function () { track('complete'); }); jwplayer().onSeek(function () { track('seek'); }); VIDEO: Kate Middleton celebrates milestone moment in London

Speaking during the roundtable discussion at the London School of Economics, Kate revealed that she was"really excited" to launch the centre.She said:"So my hope today, through the report and through this new centre, is to show that change really needs to happen, and the time for action is now. Because I feel that this is the social equivalent of climate change, where we followed the science for many, many years."

"And that is what we have to do with early childhood development if we want to build a happier, healthier world. The more we learn about early childhood and the first five years of life the greater imperative it is to act." Read more: HELLO! »

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