Royal Family ‘Reeling’ After Prince Harry’s ‘Explosive’ $27M Biography ‘Leaked’?

Royal Family ‘Reeling’ After Prince Harry’s ‘Explosive’ $27M Biography ‘Leaked’?

7/28/2021 3:12:00 PM

Royal Family ‘Reeling’ After Prince Harry’s ‘Explosive’ $27M Biography ‘Leaked’?

Is the British royal family reeling from leaked details about Prince Harry's 'explosive' new memoir? That's one publication's cover story this week.

Is the British royal family reeling from leaked details aboutPrince Harry‘s “explosive” new memoir? That’s one publication’s cover story this week.Gossip CopPalace ‘Blindsided’ By Prince Harry’s ‘$27 Million Book’?This week’s edition ofWoman’s Dayreports the news of Prince Harry’s new memoir has the rest of the royals in crisis mode. In announcing the news, Harry explained, “I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become,” adding, “I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the source of my life… and excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful.” The outlet asserts The Firm has been left reeling, desperate to find out what exactly Harry is planning to write, but they’re left grasping at straws since the book isn’t hitting shelves until late 2022.

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(Woman’s Day)A “frankly disgusted” inside source dishes to the tabloid, “It seems he’s deliberately holding out until after the queen’s platinum jubilee, and perhapsaligning it with the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death— either way, it’s sure to overshadow each event in the most toxic way possible.” Another “palace insider” adds that the memoir will “no doubt have plenty of chapters written by Meghan as well as Harry, even if there’s only his name on it.” The snitch goes on, “Meghan’s been pushing him to go public with the name of the senior royal who made alleged racist comments about their then-unborn child.”

Prince Harry ‘Betraying’ His Family With Upcoming Tell-All?The insider adds, “Meghan was disappointed Harry never went as far as naming his accused during their Oprah TV special. She’s also hoping for her husband to vindicate her from staff bullying claims made against her recently.” The outlet notes that Harry’s father and brother, Prince Charles and Prince William, are worried they will be the main targets of the memoir. According to the source, “Harry’s already made it perfectly clear that he blames his father for most of his problems, and a book gives him a chance to go into it more than he has on his Hollywood appearances — which is bad news for Charles, who will take the throne in the next few years with this hanging over his head.”

The tabloid notes that Harry’s alleged falling out with William is sure to make the book, which will only push the “young” crowd even further to Harry and Markle’s side. The outlet also mentions Markle might be pushing Harry to assassinate Kate Middleton’s character

as a part of her everlasting grudge towards the duchess. “This book has the potential to do permanent damage to the palace, and Harry knows it. It’s all very convenient that he can pour ‘his truth’ into a memoir when he knows damn well the palace is unlikely to dignify it with a response,” the source concludes.

‘Unlikely’ Royals ‘Will Ever Speak To’ Prince Harry Again After Bombshell Memoir?So, what information was leaked here? Despite the eye-grabbing title — “Harry’s $27 Million Biography Leaked!” — no genuine information about the book was given. Instead, the outlet shared the opinions of alleged “palace insiders” on what Harry

mightput in the book. Sure, Harry’s free to write about whatever he likes, but this inflammatory article only concerns random speculation.From what Harry has said about the book, it is about his personal journey. It’s unclear if the royal family had any knowledge of the book’s conception, but it’s Harry’s story either way and he has a right to tell it. Undoubtedly, the royal family will be mentioned since they are

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hisfamily, but we doubt the sole message of the book is going to be “the royals are evil”; that’s not a compelling story.Furthermore, does the tabloid realize that Harry and Markle are married? Their beliefs, goals, and accounts of shared experiences will likely be similar simply because they are partners and confidants. It is not because Markle is somehow ghostwriting Harry’s memoir.

And finally, the tabloid puts plenty of emphasis on the memoir being worth $27 million. While it’s estimated that he received close to $20 million in an advance from his publisher, he announced that the proceeds from book saleswill be donated to charity

. It’s unfair to look at this book solely as a cash grab when Harry is putting a large chunk of his earnings to a good cause. And it’s clear from the tabloid’s omission of this detail that it aimed to mislead.The Tabloid On The SussexesIt’s not surprising that

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