Lincoln Memorial, David Bernhardt, Raul Grijalva, Military Flyover

Lincoln Memorial, David Bernhardt

Rough total for Trump's July Fourth extravaganza: $5.4M

Rough total for Trump's July Fourth extravaganza? $5,400,000.


Rough total for Trump's July Fourth extravaganza? $5,400,000.

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt provided the latest share of costs, $2.45 million for his agency, in a letter to lawmakers, saying his agency pulled money from operating funds for national parks, recreation fees, and another source to help fund Trump's Salute to America. The event included donated

Trump announced Monday he would do it all again next year , calling the event"remarkable."

Bernhardt called the use of public funds justified, and cited past administrations' spending for concerts, parades and other celebrations in and around the National Mall. Interior's costs included crowd accommodations such as temporary fencing and portable toilets.

Separately, Washington Mayor Muriel E. Bowser wrote Trump to say the district's costs for Trump's July Fourth event have drained a special fund used to provide security and protect the nation's capital from terrorist threats.

White House spokesman Judd Deere says officials will respond"in a timely manner."

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Worth it! 💪 MAGA How much did Trump make? money well spent it, that’s for USA Birthday, no for hateful politician nor for illegals Just think of all the useful things that could have been done with that money. What a waste.

DC mayor says July 4, Trump inauguration helped drain city's security budgetWashington, D.C.'s Emergency Planning and Security Fund is bankrupt from unpaid expenses for President Donald Trump's July 4 celebration, his inauguration, and other large events, as well as funding shortages. It was a beautiful celebration of our country Government drains people's personal budgets every day, write a story about that. Any mentioning of illegals draining sanctuary cities budgets?

Washington D.C. mayor wants Donald Trump to reimburse $1.7 million for July 4th security costsThe city also paid $7.3 million for security costs at Trump's inauguration. He won't. That's kinda his thing... Not paying contractors and such. Plenty of his lawsuits on the internet for everyone to read Good luck with that... What about the tax revenue provided by millions in attendance

Trump Angry Iran Is Breaking Deal Trump Already BrokeDonald Trump is in the position of negotiating a deal with Iran without having a clear understanding of what this even means. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait This is true every time Trump 'negotiates' anything. Because he understands nothing. Except ratings, sex crimes and hamburders. jonathanchait jonathanchait I found it interesting that after Trump's stupidist speech to date (airports during the Revolutionary War) his approval rating hit his highest level yet. Are we really that stupid?

DC mayor says Trump's Fourth of July celebration emptied security fundIn a letter to Trump, Mayor Muriel Bowser says the city spent about $1.7 million on Trump's "July 4th holiday activities" and subsequent protests. KeysIntentional Perfect picture 😂 So, tax more and bill Congress, ma'am. DC is not exactly known for paying its bills, anyway.

Trump's July Fourth celebration cost military at least $1.2 million - PentagonThe Pentagon said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump&39;s celebration of U.S. Independence Day, which included bringing tanks and equipment to Washington, cost the military at least $1.2 million (£962,927). Two Bradley fighting vehicles flanked Trump during his July Fourth speech last week, in Peanuts... Wasted taxpayers money on a gated party for his ego and his biggest donors. Guess he was too good for the *annual* celebrations on the Mall. About 3-minutes worth of support for illegal immigrants. I'd call it a good deal.

Washington, DC Mayor Claims July 4 Celebration Drained Event FundThe July 4 “Salute To America” in Washington, DC has depleted the city’s fund used to guard against terrorist threats at large events, according to a letter sent to President Donald Trump - The protection racket. Fakenews

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