Roti Coming to Union Station

Roti domination of DC continues at Union Station. Thanks to a reader for sending word that Roti will be coming to the west side of Union Station in the same area as Chopt, Potbelly and Chipotle. Union Station continues its roll of new restaurants opening.

Richael Faithful, RiverShe Collective Arts Member
It’s time to come to the River for a little respite, inspiration, and refreshment!
Queer Family Summer Sanctuary is a new celebration of Indigenous+Black+POC+Queer heart, art, and soul in the midst of intensified LGBTQIA+ attack across the country.
Inspired by 20th-century revivals, Summer Sanctuary invites its audience into catharsis through expression, music, and participation. This interdisciplinary performance offers inclusive ritual, feminist poetry, expressive dance, physical comedy, experimental performance art, world folk music, drag king performance, and more. Summer Sanctuary represents layers of human experience from grief to praise that is both about and beyond LGBTQIA lives.

Source: PoPville