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Ron Lauder Pledges $25 Million for Anti-Semitism Campaign

Mr. Lauder, a billionaire and longtime Republican contributor, cast the effort as more aggressive than other Jewish advocacy groups, outlining plans to air television and radio ads.


Ronald Lauder, the cosmetics billionaire and president of the World Jewish Congress , is pledging $25 million of his own money to start a new organization devoted to rooting out what he sees as the growing tide of anti-Semitism in American politics

Mr. Lauder, a billionaire and longtime Republican contributor, cast the effort as more aggressive than other Jewish advocacy groups, outlining plans to air television and radio ads.

Mr. Lauder is a longtime Republican donor, but he said he plans to use the organization to go after both Democrats and Republicans who traffic in anti-Semitic language and tropes. The effort, to be called the Anti-Semitism Accountability Project, or A.S.A.P, will consist of both a nonprofit and a super PAC, with Mr. Lauder as the final arbiter of which politicians will be targeted for defeat.

“The key word for all these things is action,” he said. “Because we’ve had polls, we’ve had conferences, we’ve had different speeches. But no action.”

“If it’s a city councilman, or it’s a U.S. senator, or presidential candidate, we’ll know about it,” Mr. Lauder predicted.

Read more: The New York Times

Anti-semitism is not coming from the Right. Ever. Why only $25 million? The ignorance, hatred, and violence associated with anti-Semitism has no place in a civilized world. There should be zero tolerance for attacks against anyone based on their religious beliefs. He should read Torah, Amalek will always exist. What a waste of money.

Maybe donate 25 million toPalestinians being starved, arrested, beaten and murdered while they’re denied medical treatment and their houses are stolen or bulldozed. Might generate some good will. StopIsraeliGenocide FreeGaza🇵🇸 Its always incredible to hear about new initiatives that combat this phenomena. 1.09 BILLION People in the world harbour anti-Semitic attitudes according to ADL. Anti-Semitism is still a huge problem in our world today. Lets fight this together!

He should start with the gop. But he is for trump. Hard pass. Do better NYTimes use your 25 million to build bridges with you Palestinian brothers and leave Americans that hate you alone. I’m pretty sure he is a supporter of Trump. Does that mean he’s planning to attack Trump for his remarks recently made and all the other times throughout his life.

Veteran actor Ron Leibman dies aged 82Friends fans will remember him as Rachel's dad Doctor Green on the hit sitcom

Can’t take him serious when he supports Trump. Maybe you should wait until he actually does something before you report it. I miss it when you were the paper of record and not the paper of billionaires. R. Lauder, Vama zbog senilnosti nedostaju ključne informacije. Nije li Truman tri dana razmišljao dali priznati Izrael? Nije li vas USA naoružala kako konvencionalnim tako i nuklearnim oružjem? Bez njih biste ostali pleme. Da niste Vi antisemit?

I am so tired of religion.....ALL RELIGION. I don't want anyone to be mistreated but I also don't want to know the relgious beliefs of ANYONE in U.S. Gov. Faith is personal and it should be private. BTW: Religion gave us holy wars, witch trials & terrorism. God richly add to what you already have .. You are a giver of good heart ...

Ya gotta be Jewish to have that sort of money to splash around starting your own Christian death squads. Shame on him. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to do a terrorist funding like this. Is he a registered foreign agent? Boycott EstedLauder - Jews are not weak JEWcoup in USA! Just in time to try to smear Bernie the way the UK press has been smearing Corbyn, right?

No amount of money can stop truth,semetic is neither religious nor pertain to Israelis,but refers to languages,their greatest deception is a flop, God's the better planner bds ApartheidIsrael BoycottIsrael stopidf stoparmingisrael stopfundinghate StopFundingIsrael stopisraelicrimes CrimesAgainstHumanity HumanRightsViolations CrimesAgainstChildren bds

Ron Leibman, Friends Actor and Tony Winner, Dead at 82Ron Leibman, Friends actor and Tony winner, dead at 82

Tom Gara tomgara Added 'Days before the 2016 election Ron Lauder bankrolled swing state ads depicting 'The Islamic States of America' overrun by Muslim refugees, Statue of Liberty in a burka, just the nastiest anti-Muslim garbage imaginable' Don’t you mean to support a Zionists campaign? ANTI ZIONISM IS NOT ANTI SEMITIC ASK TORAH PEOPLE 👇

you guys forgot to metion his support for Islamophobia So it's going to pro-Israeli propaganda, then Donald Trump just repeated the “Jews are greedy” antiSemetic trope to say Jews have to vote for him even though he hates Jews. This billionaire hack defends Trump. His organization is a sham. I call it my “how can I call Bernie an anti-Semite despite him being Jewish fund”

He likes other bigotry though Lauder is up to his neck with Jeffrey Epstein. Your take, AnandWrites

'Friends' and 'Norma Rae' Actor Ron Leibman Dead at 82 of PneumoniaRon Liebman, the award-winning actor who starred in 'Norma Rae,' has died in New York City. RIP Mr. Green RIP Ron Cadillac. 😢🙏🏼

Its time to destroy another democracy by Zionist psy OP smear operation in cohuts with Murdoch just like in UK where antisemitism smears are used to eliminate leftist jeremycorbyn to protect the corrupt billionaires and support Israeli warcrimes against Palestinian people. Hey Ronald Lauder, start with your buddy realDonaldTrump.

I guess he heard realDonaldTrump’s speech World Jewish Congress is a who's who of the subversive Jewish mafia, i.e. the 'Mega Group' behind Jeffrey Epstein etc. They've long taken over what is now Capital Hell, CIA, FBI etc. Here they're coming after the People & 1st Amendment in order 2 outlaw speaking truth about THEM!

Please correct that headline.. You're better off just spending it on anyone but Trump in 2020.... lol, I'm sure this will have the desired effect. $25 million for what? 'Stop being anti-Semitic, instead be anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-South American, anti-brown skin.' Didn't he pay for hella bigoted ads in the 2016 election?

UK Labour's McDonnell: I worry anti-Semitism has affected our election campaignBritish opposition Labour Party's John McDonnell said on Sunday he was worr... You don’t say! WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND WHITE NATIONALISTS ARE NOTHING BUT COWARDS OF THE WORLD

oh boy, this is great news!! i hate anti-semitism and im glad Mr. Lauder is going to help out!!🙌🙌🙌 Cool I hope he's going after the Evangelical churches, because they teach their followers that when Jesus returns all Jews will either CONVERT or BURN IN HELL he could've saved his money if he didn't spend it literally promoting anti semitism

He's focusing on Republicans, right? You know, the guys who appeal to people who shoot up synagogues... Start with Trump and his allies. They are pals with Putin and we all know what Putin thinks of Jews. But he’ll vote for trump because a taxes. He should donate to democrats...republicans and trump are causing this

Spending coin to defeat DJT would be the smart money move. Start at the WH Good to know that the current administration thinks that the'Jews will not replace us' guys are fine people.

Trump Expresses Anti-Semitic Sentiments Before a Jewish Audience AgainTrump said that Jewish voters should “be my biggest supporters because you’ll be out of business in about 15 minutes' if Elizabeth Warren institutes a wealth tax I’d like to hear from one wealthy Jewish person what they think about this statement. Anyone? Who cares what he said! I mean really! Haha really?

Jewish groups blast Trump's 'anti-Semitic' remarks, warning they could have 'deadly consequences''We call on the Republican Party to disavow the white nationalism and anti-Semitism that exists within their ranks in such open display,' Emily Mayer of IfNotNow told Newsweek. he's a anti semite and anti anything that's not a terrorist or dictator He is insane .. His precious Ivanka and Jared and their children are JEWISH! Call Stephen Miller first...

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