Ron Klain: 100 million vaccinations in 100 days is just a start

'We need more vaccine, we need more vaccinators, we need more vaccination sites,' Ron Klain told Meet the Press.

1/24/2021 6:48:00 PM

President Biden’s goal for 100M Covid-19 vaccinations in his first 100 days is “ambitious” but just an opening benchmark to show the American people they are moving quickly to vaccinate the country, White House chief of staff Ron Klain tells MeetThePress.

'We need more vaccine, we need more vaccinators, we need more vaccination sites,' Ron Klain told Meet the Press.

There had been more than 20.5 million coronavirus vaccine doses administered by Saturday, according to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. But there was still a significant gap, more than 20 million, between the number of vaccines distributed and administered.

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When asked about the gap, Klain said that the “complex” problem required a host of fixes. And he said that while the Trump administration did make “progress we are building on” with developing the vaccines and beginning the initial wave of distribution, he doubled down on the Biden administration’s criticism of its predecessors and said that a wider distribution plan “did not really exist when we came into the White House.”

Jan. 24, 202110:53“We need more vaccine, we need more vaccinators, we need more vaccination sites. And in the Biden administration, we are tackling all three,” Klain said.“We are going to set up these federal vaccination centers to make sure that in states that don’t have enough vaccination sites, we fill those gaps. We’re going to work closely with the manufacturers to ramp up production.”

“We’re going to use all the powers we have in the White House," Klain added."We are going to work with Congress to get more funding to also accelerate this, so we can improve the rate at which we are vaccinating people.”Covid-19 cases in America hit new peaks both after the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas, but have

started to drop in recent days. After a 16-day stretch in which there were more than 200,000 cases reported in all but one day, there have been six consecutive days with new, daily caseloads below 200,000.But deaths have not yet seen the same decline. On two separate days last week, the country lost more than 4,100 people to the virus.

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MeetThePress So a slowdown from now with 1.16M per day? Ambitious indeed. MeetThePress So is klain lying and you should call him out or you are fake news or Bloomberg is fake news. MeetThePress It’s the status quo. Hardly ambitious. They're already over that run rate using the plan in place from the prior administration.

MeetThePress No it's not. We were at this level the week he was sworn into office and two more vaccines will be approved in the next month & manufacturing is ramping up & distribution is improving lol. MeetThePress We are already doing over 1m a day and have been for a while. MeetThePress So, he is going to slow down the rate of vaccinations.

MeetThePress It’s worse than the previous admin’s results but ok. MeetThePress “This is not an 'ambitious' goal According to the Bloomberg tracker, we averaged 1.16 Million shots per day over the last week. We are actually already beating the rate for the goal they are setting using the infrastructure/plan they keep knocking from the previous admin.”

MeetThePress No Covid19 plan by Trump & GOP should be bigger news. MeetThePress We’re doing that now. Under Trumph’s plan. What’s Joe doing? MeetThePress Never forget that the corporate media is the enemy of the people. MeetThePress This is basically trunps plan MeetThePress So when does the plan start? JoeBiden We are already 5 million shots behind and counting...

MeetThePress So he won’t be able to keep up with the pace that we’ve had since early December? Good to know. Quite the plan he promised. You’d think journalists would call him out. MeetThePress You don’t know what “ambitious” means MeetThePress But we were already on pace for that. So really it’s just doing what we already were.

TheBeatWithAri MeetThePress I want the shots!!! MeetThePress improvement ? MeetThePress Yeah. Trump did do that. MeetThePress Ambitious would be 300 million MeetThePress We are already doing over 1 million a day. Did 1.3 million TODAY MeetThePress It’s not ambitious whatsoever. Stop lying.

MeetThePress It’s been well-documented to be unambiguous. MeetThePress Applied Total Quality Management tools for they work yesterday, today and tomorrow. Good morning America MeetThePress 'Ambitious'...? 'Inadequate' is closer to the mark... If we only protect 13% of the populace in more than 3 months? That's about a TWO YEAR wait for most - and how much will the Virus have mutated by then? We NEED more EmergencyMeasures! WartimeProduction NationwideMandates

MeetThePress همش دروغ باور نکنین MeetThePress And now...all of a sudden, everything is optimistic for the media. Even though the policy is not that different. MeetThePress Making the money for Bill gates while killing millions MeetThePress Biden needs to tighten two legs of the stool and install the third leg. The vaccine needs to be manufactured, then it has to be delivered, that is happening. The third leg to give this stool strength is public trust. Trump eroded that and Biden has to win it back. He’s can do it.

MeetThePress We can get this done, we need to get this done!!! MeetThePress 😈😈😈😈😈😈💉💉💉💉💉💉😈😈😈😈😈😈