Ron DeSantis wants Florida to establish its own state guard. He can't be trusted.

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It doesn’t require much of an imagination to think of all the ways Gov. DeSantis might use a weaponized force that’s accountable exclusively to him, _jahan writes for thereidout Blog.

, proposed allocating $3.5 million to re-establish the Florida State Guard, a 200-person volunteer military force he said would evade federal control. The Florida State Guard was originally established in 1941 to help fill in for National Guard members deployed during World War II. It was disbanded in 1947.

States technically have the power to establish defense forces that are independent from the National Guard, and 22 states currently do. That’s an issue worth discussing and debating, but the most pressing issue right now is that the right-wing governor of Florida can’t be trusted with a military force of his own.

“Some of that will require us to be able to have access and use support in ways that are not encumbered by the federal government, that don’t require the federal government,” he added.


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_Jahan thereidout That won't happen!

_Jahan thereidout Bologna

_Jahan thereidout More trustworthy than whoever wrote this

_Jahan thereidout It's time to send him back to Cuba. He's planning a communist propaganda in Florida. He cannot be trusted.

_Jahan thereidout Sooooo... It's going to be a force of quite-spry octogenarians? That oughtta be a sight to see 😆

_Jahan thereidout Bet the gov's already designed the uniforms. Madmen would-be dictators alway start with uniforms. Viz:

_Jahan thereidout DeSantis is insane

_Jahan thereidout Florida would become the 23rd state to do this since the concept was established in the 1940s. Do your research. No wonder your ratings suck.

_Jahan thereidout MSNBC propaganda news is ridiculous fear mongering. No report that FREE Florida has the lowest cases of covid. They also have antibody treatments available for free throughout the state to fight the delta variant. Individual choice masks, no one fired over covid in Florida.

MalcolmNance _Jahan thereidout State Guard could have helped: Huey Long Lester Maddox George Wallace 4 jailed Illinois governors Jeb Bush - could have stopped recount without SCOTUS or Stone

_Jahan thereidout This is a promise that was made before the 2020 election by the former President who assumed he was win again and now that promise is broken but you know what they say about promises you will be healed to it, or catch hell not doing it, it's so obvious

_Jahan thereidout One way is to put an end to the barbarism in Democratic party run Miami where 1 in 157 will be the victim of a violent crime and 1 in 15 will be the victim of a property crime.

_Jahan thereidout LOL! Is he recruiting in the Villages?

_Jahan thereidout Hitlers playbook

_Jahan thereidout Are Floridians paying their taxes for this? What a Dictator DeSantis has become to his own constituents! Aren’t the people tired of their Governor?Coz I sure am tired of our Governor in Texas,super fed up with Abbott!It’s time we retire all these Governors! They need to go home👉

_Jahan thereidout 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

_Jahan thereidout The USA is finished. The forthcoming Civil War, being fomented by christofascist racists like DeSantis et al, is planned to be the big cleansing of the USA. The genocide of non whites, eradication of democracy and instalation of authoritarianism is the plan.

_Jahan thereidout Ah, yes, MSNBC.. 'When in confusion or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.'

_Jahan thereidout He just might be protecting us from this

_Jahan thereidout FL was once able to balance its state budget with a few months of taxes collected from tourism. His idea ensures FL will never be sustainable. This is not feeding anyone but the wrong people. Good to know the level of miseducation.

_Jahan thereidout is this aside from the Florida National Guard?

_Jahan thereidout They can be the first to secede. We'd be all the better for it.

_Jahan thereidout Militias are constitutionally protected.

_Jahan thereidout You guys make it sound like a big deal. Lots of states already have this, excluding mine.

_Jahan thereidout A Handmaidens tale.

_Jahan thereidout RussianRon?

_Jahan thereidout I don't drink but these Gop red state antics are going to cause me to start! Ah Nope, Forget that! I might start thinking as they do. I'll just continue in faith/ leave this battle in God's hands. Everything thing will work out. Just need to get rid of the idolaters (trumpers).

_Jahan thereidout How is this different than states like California which already has the California State Guard? This seems misleading....

_Jahan thereidout Hilarious, 22 others have it but….Desantis!!!😂😂😂😂

_Jahan thereidout 22 other states are already doing the same thing Desantes is....🤷

_Jahan thereidout We need to treat the training facilities exactly like we treat ISIS compounds.

_Jahan thereidout Enter the brown shirts. Book burning next?

_Jahan thereidout It’s mind blowing that bullshit like this can actually be published by a national “news” outlet.

_Jahan thereidout the Waffle House SS would be the military arm of the Florida GOP, make no mistake

_Jahan thereidout Anyone who thinks DeSantis is out of line can freely move to a state he is not governor of….like New York, California….or any of the 23 other states that already have similar state guards….those are apparently not controversial, because the Governors are “Democrats”.

_Jahan thereidout Many of the people commenting here do not live in Florida…..worry about your own states. Many of you live in California and New York which have state guards, so fight those instead.

_Jahan thereidout Would his first act be to deal with any remote chance of an election not voting him in? Or would that champion of Nurgle have his troops go around nebulizing concentrated Omicron? Nah it's DeSantis, he'll probably just declare being able to read an act of war against FloridaMan

_Jahan thereidout I'll never visit that state again as long as he's governor.

_Jahan thereidout The DeSantis state gestapo ?

_Jahan thereidout DeathByDeSantis DeathSantis

_Jahan thereidout Like Obama did?

_Jahan thereidout He's already got the PBs and Erik Prince's groups.

_Jahan thereidout You mean like Obama’s private national security force? C’mon MSNBC, do your homework.

_Jahan thereidout More problems he wants to create...

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