Roman Polanski Always Thrived in France, But Now Even His Adopted Country is Turning On Him (EXCLUSIVE)

5/22/2022 4:46:00 PM

Roman Polanski fled to France in 1978 after pleading guilty to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. But now his adopted country is shunning his new movie.


Roman Polanski fled to France in 1978 after pleading guilty to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. But now his adopted country is shunning his new movie.

There was a time, not so long ago, when Roman Polanski was the toast of the film industry in France, where the director has been living since 1978, when he fled the United States before sentencing …

,” a black comedy that takes place at a posh hotel in the Swiss Alps resort of Gstaad, where he is currently shooting, has been unable to find any French financing, as Polanski’s producer, Italian multi-hyphenate Luca Barbareschi, bemoans.“[To shepherd ‘The Palace’] you need lots of passion and lots of patience,” said Barbareschi speaking from Gstaad, where “The Palace” –– which he says has a €17 million Euro ($17.8 million) budget –– has been shooting for 15 weeks, with two more to go (see photos from the set in this post).

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Crimen es violar a una nena de 13 años pedofilo hijo de puta Ok You misspelled 'child rapist is miffed that people think said child rapists project won't make them much money( given that he is a child rapist)' Or maybe I'm wrong. But either way, you had other options for headlines. She’s right and she should say it

🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Hoping other countries will start to do same 'crime' but I won't hold my breath. Madmordo02 e só demorou 50 anos pra perceberem! oh man wait til roman polanski finds out what actual crimes are And he’d know a thing or two about crime. molesting teenagers is an actual crime, unlike this I just searched his name + 'crime' and oddly this is not what the results were about.

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Nobody want to support a violent child rapist. Someone should also probably check on the children in the producer's life. The fact that 'Roman Polanski's new film' is a thing that gets to exist at all in the first place is fucking absurd. Y’all, “unlawful sex” is called rape You mad Nick? Even if he had no scandals in his past, nobody (especially in this industry) has a justified sense of entitlement to anything. That's the way it goes, very few are popular in a long term sense. Beloved today, forgotten tomorrow. He is no different. Even if he had no scandals...

A crime, you say pedo A crime, you say

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And he knows a thing or two about crime. It’s a crime he’s been making films and not rotting in jail for the crimes he’s committed! Why's Variety quoting the producer of a child rapist? Won't somebody think of the rapists!?!?! Awwwwww. Poor thing You know what actually is a crime? Boo fucking hoo. Come back to America and face the music.

He could move back to the United States and try to line up financing and distribution in Hollywood. And maybe go to jail. Nah, I'm glad they're finally shutting him down. I think he got a lot of passes because of what happened to Sharon for a while but it doesn't excuse what he did. Earth is healing 🙏

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So who 'owns' all the money anyway? I always thought it was a commodity, not a fricking economic brain tumor. Polanski's sore about not getting his way. We all are. Maybe he should return to the US and discuss what crimes have happened... you know what else is a crime Well raping underage girls is definitely a crime.

Hey, variety maybe it's useful to put in the headline WHY a convicted rapist is having trouble selling his work That's crazy but the link is broken. Look up 'Roman Polanski crime' to find the article Delete this. Well, I mean, he DOES know a thing or 2 about crimes... Boo hoo, the child rapist is a turn off in the country he fled to to avoid prosecution.

Polanski should probably promote his film in person in the United States, just saying.

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rare france W Roman knows plenty about committing crimes. The audacity HMMMMMMMMMMMM.............. Speaking of crime Good. He made a new film? ANYONE who works, socialises, romances, befriends this man condones his past behaviour! I mean. 50 years too late but man. Glad they’re getting rid of him. Oh no!! It’s CRIMINAL! You can’t HIDE this under a bushel! This ASSAULT on art cannot stand.

Who wants to tell his producer what the actual crime was?

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I hope the next chick bites off his whole package. Talking about crimes, Roman ... For more information, Google “Roman Polanski crime” Hahahaha. Guess what else is a crime? Aaaaah mais je comprends tout... tu n'as donc pas la même définition de crimes que le reste du monde. C'est pour ça ! Idk maybe not raping child would have helped.

You are never gonna believe what else is a crime…… I know other crimes…Drugging and having sexual intercourse with a minor for instance. 'poor me,' cried the pedophile

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Roman, let me tell you what a fucking crime is... I mean, if any film director would know about crimes, it'd be the one convicted of them. Huh, wonder what his crime was, I'm sure it was a technicality and not one of the most universally agreed on terrible things someone can do, right? hm Is Polanski still wanted for sex crimes in the USA 🤔

I can think of worse crimes. For some reason, I think the same amount of people who are clamoring for another Roman Polanski film are the same number of folks who unironically voted for Harambe in 2016. Oh, boo hoo🤦🏼‍♀️ Rape is also a crime, and by 'also' I mean 'actually'. 'his adopted country' lmao who and what wanted to be adopted by though?

And he knows What he talkin about when he says crime Oh man, what a huge pain in the ass! 🙄

oh wow crime, eh... and why did roman polanski adopt france as his new country again Fuck Roman Polanski oh no not crime it’s a crime...yes IT was and still is. You know what else is a crime? The crime is Polanski still being able to do movies. He belongs in jail! Didn't know this man was so pressed about the law

Maybe he could get Prince Andrew to privately fund it.

He would know The real crime is that Polanski isn't in a shallow grave by the side of a road 🤷 I can think of a few crimes Polanski should have to deal with first. I can think of a much more serious crime that might be relevant in this case. Crime, eh? France is harboring a rapist but won’t release Polanski’s latest film

Adopted country you mean the country he fled to toescape prosecution for being a sexual predator? Speaking of a crime.....👉👌🙍‍♀️👆 He sounds like he needs a reality check.

If any director knows about crime, it's ol Roman. Oh, so the child rapist has thoughts on crime! Too bad. So sad. So is fleeing to avoid prosecution for rape Oh, Roman Polanski believes in crimes now? ... well, ain't karma a bitch. it sad it took the french savages this long Oh? Well since we're on the subject of crime.....

Interesting choice of words. Maybe he should go to America, sell the film to the studios in person. I'm sure it would go well. Hey, you know what else is a crime?

Ya know what else was a crime…. HOLY SHIT THAT QUOTE. Why's he in France? I don't think Polanski should be talking about crimes... World's. Smallest. Violin. 🎻 Googles 'Roman Polanski crime' 👀 “It’s a crime.” Irony is dead. A crime is raping underaged girls, not this rapist's film not getting released. The sheer nerve of this guy and anyone who continues to enable him.

what crime is roman polanski guilty of

We are becoming a society that will no longer tolerate predators thriving without consequences for the traumas they inflict exponentially on society. I am speaking this into being. Man, I better Google Roman Polanski + crime to find out what's happening. Can someone link me to the study that shows when a person does something egregious they are absolutely unable to make good art anymore?

He fucked a 13-year-old girl in the ass and lived in luxury for five decades. His feelings are of no concern to me. We don’t need it. Rare French Ws Why didn't they do this like decades ago?! The man ADMITS to being an absolute creepy horrible rapist but people are like 'his movies are so good tho ' him and his movies can burn in hell.

Very rare France W Plenty of great films never get released or even purchased by distributors. Plenty. Nothing new, rare or abnormal about that at all

Boohoo chomo we don’t care, get back here and serve your prison sentence Roman the rapist? Oh it must be so hard to be an internationally famous child rapist nobody wants to see movie from a rapist Guess what else is a crime Johnny depp’s friend. IStandWithAmberHeard JusticeForAmberHeard Hey you know what else is a crime?

I wonder what crimes Polanski committed

Probably because he's a criminal? Polanski lives in Switzerland not France since X years, correct Do you know what else is a crime? A crime you say? 🤔 Boo hoo This would not be a crime. A crime is, say, when a 43 year old rapes a 13 year old, Roman. Hey while we're talking about crimes and Roman Polanski...........

Guy shocked even France won't defend his sexual crimes Speaking of crimes... visit the USA lately? Why not?

Cry me a fucking river. I'll tell you what IS a crime Sounds like justice to me. If we cancel him, we are going to have to cancel all the fugitive paedophiles 'It's a crime' Polanski complaining about things being crimes is a box he may not want to open

A crime he says? I think I know of a crime that was committed in his immediate vicinity. Raping a kid stain doesn't go away and I wouldn't even watch his movies. Roman’s producer was then heard to say “Oh, hold on. What is this? *muffled noises* “I don’t know…” *more muffled noises* “I..” *through a full mouth* “my foot appears to be in my mouth for some reason. I can’t remove it!” *muffled screaming*

What's criminal is that he hasn't been extradited and convicted. Waaaaa Ya know what else is a crime? Roman Polanski would know a thing or two about what’s a crime. Stupid choice of words Unbelievable. 🙄🙄 A “crime” you say?

I know what is a crime… 😂 Wow, he's just that old now he's baiting people with shit like that. It's a his 'adopted' country. Rapist Polanski can go to hell Polanski certainly knows about crimes Poor guy. Give him a break, geez... Is it though…?

The Palace ,” a black comedy that takes place at a posh hotel in the Swiss Alps resort of Gstaad, where he is currently shooting, has been unable to find any French financing, as Polanski’s producer, Italian multi-hyphenate Luca Barbareschi, bemoans.Dad knows this and trusts me.Information on these pages contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties.Copied! Print I’m generally a proponent of any kind of stuffed food — be it peppers, pierogi or Hot Pockets.

“[To shepherd ‘The Palace’] you need lots of passion and lots of patience,” said Barbareschi speaking from Gstaad, where “The Palace” –– which he says has a €17 million Euro ($17.8 million) budget –– has been shooting for 15 weeks, with two more to go (see photos from the set in this post). I think part of the problem is she grew up abroad, and when she came to the U. Barbareschi, who also produced “Officer and a Spy,” says it’s been tough to finance the “Palace” which is an Italian, Swiss and Polish co-production between his Eliseo Multimedia and RAI Cinema, Poland’s Lucky BOB and Switzerland’s CAB. FXStreet does not in any way guarantee that this information is free from mistakes, errors, or material misstatements. Some other investors disappeared after the film started shooting. for college in the 1990s, she faced a severe culture shock. But he didn’t expect France to shut Polanski out, and still hopes the French industry will embrace the film. The festival was organized by , an organization aimed at empowering and educating the Salvadoran community.

“I managed to mount the production over the course of a year without France since France didn’t want to invest a Euro on Polanski,” Barbareschi says. Contrary to what she may think, my main reason for joining a sorority is not “to party. All risks, losses and costs associated with investing, including total loss of principal, are your responsibility. “This really wounded me.” The producer adds, “If this film doesn’t get released in France, it’s a crime. If I don’t like how rush pans out for me, I have no issue with dropping out, but I think it would be worth a try.” Besides France, Barbareschi – who personally invested more than €4 million in “The Palace” that he needs to recoup – is also concerned that Polanski’s latest pic may get shut out elsewhere. If not otherwise explicitly mentioned in the body of the article, at the time of writing, the author has no position in any stock mentioned in this article and no business relationship with any company mentioned. Especially in English-speaking territories such as the U. I don’t want to go behind her back, because I think that would only do more harm than good. Advertisement “It’s very important to create these events for the Salvadoran American community because if we do not create these spaces, the culture is going to be forgotten,” said Cynthia Gonzalez, founder of Salvies Who Lunch.

K., North America and Australia, all of which passed on releasing “Officer” in their movie theaters. Emphasize the benefits of being in a sorority. The author makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of this information. “If you consider that ‘An Officer and a Spy’ hasn’t played in any English-speaking country, this scares me,” he notes. Paris-based Wild Bunch, which is selling “The Palace,” is showing a four-minute trailer to buyers in Cannes . You may also want to research the compliance history of the Greek organizations on your campus before addressing the subject with your mother, so you can allay any concerns she has. They have already closed deals with unspecified distributors in Germany and Spain. The author and FXStreet are not registered investment advisors and nothing in this article is intended to be investment advice. (Oscar Rodriguez Zapata / Pupusa Fest) That includes food, naturally.

Now they need to close more. She treats us poorly, blames her problems on us and feels she is justified. “The Palace” features an ensemble cast comprising German actor Oliver Masucci (“Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore”); French star Fanny Ardant; Mikey Rourke; Monty Python star John Cleese; Portugal’s Joaquin De Almeida; Russia’s Viktor Donbronravov, and Fortunato Cerlino (”Gomorrah”). The film, which is penned by Polanski and Polish writer/director Jerzy Skolimovski (who has “EO” at the festival but didn’t attend), is set entirely in Gstaad’s Palace Hotel on New Year’s Eve on the eve of the new millennium and takes place in less than 24 hours. As for our relationship, we get along as long as things are going OK for her. Similarly to its financing, “The Palace” has also been tough to cast. Several actors declined roles, fearing that working with Polanski would tarnish their careers, though “nobody said it in those terms,” says Barbareschi, who underlines that he’s pleased with the cast that he has. Advice? -- COLD-SHOULDERED IN NEW YORK DEAR COLD-SHOULDERED: Tolerating your daughter’s behavior isn’t healthy for either of you. It provided a delicious coda to a long, hot day.

“Every film has its karma. In the end we have the best cast I could have hoped for,” he says.. Though “some defections haven’t been easy for Roman,” especially by actors in smaller roles. More importantly, “They all adore Roman, and are giving him everything they’ve got,” he notes. Key below-the-line crew on “The Palace” comprises Oscar-winning music composer Alexandre Desplat, along with Polanski’s regular cinematographer Pawel Edelman, editor Hervé de Luze, and costume designer Carlo Poggioli (“The Young Pope”). Here are more highlights from this week: Have a question? Email us.

As for the film’s plot, the palatial hotel that is the apex of Alpine luxury, has “always been a refuge for the most privileged strata of society: aristocracy, artists and celebrities, entrepreneurs and financiers, hustlers, swindlers and wannabes,” Polanski says in his director’s notes. And now it is hosting the grandest New Year’s Eve ball in history. The film is described as “a comedy showing the naivety, hedonism, corruption and social inequity which lie at the root of the world’s current problems.” The narrative “interweaves multiple storylines, spanning the entire social spectrum,” the notes point out. “The Palace” is being pitched as “above all, a provocative comedy – bitter at times, frivolous and eccentric at others, which will leave the viewer with a lingering question: what went wrong?” The rollout plan for “The Palace” is for a theatrical release across Europe in November. — Food writer Clarissa Wei has this we should all be recording audio with our grandparents if we still have them.

But we’ll have to wait to see how big of an audience shows up. Roman Polanski on the set of his new film, “The Palace” Eliseo Multimedia .