Rohingya Refugees Sue Facebook For $150 Billion, Alleging Platform Failed To Curb Hate Speech That Led To Violence

Rohingya Refugees Sue Facebook For $150 Billion, Alleging Platform Failed To Curb Hate Speech That Was Followed By Violence

Rohingya Refugees, Rohingya

12/7/2021 3:45:00 PM

Rohingya Refugees Sue Facebook For $150 Billion, Alleging Platform Failed To Curb Hate Speech That Was Followed By Violence

International observers say Facebook failed to stop the spread of hateful content in Myanmar that eventually led to genocidal violence against the country’s Rohingya minority.

ToplineSeveral Rohingya refugees in the U.S. and U.K. sued Facebook for $150 billion on Monday, accusing the company of allowing the spread of hate speech against them on its social media platform that was followed by large-scale violence against the ethnic minority group in Myanmar.

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Recently arrived Rohingya refugees wait to receive aid donations in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.Getty ImagesKey FactsA class-action suit filed in California alleges Facebook’s failures to monitor content on the platform led to real-world violence against the Muslim minority group in Myanmar, Reuters

reported.In coordination with the California filing, a law firm in the U.K. representing the refugees handed a letter of notice to Facebook’s London office.According to the BBC, the U.K. letter additionally accuses Facebook’s algorithms of amplifying hate speech against the Rohingya and also failed to invest in moderators and fact checkers who were aware of the situation in Myanmar.

The plaintiffs are seeking to apply Burmese laws against the social media giant if it raises the U.S.’ Section 230 as a defense, which protects platforms from liability over content posted by its users.According to Reuters, U.S. courts can apply foreign laws in cases where activity by a company caused harm abroad, but there is no known successful precedent of this being used against social media platforms.

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Forbeshas reached out to Facebook for comment on the two lawsuits.

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How exactly do the poorest people, from arguably the poorest place on earth manage to create a lawsuit of this magnitude? A horde of peasants, want a mountain of wealth, because cyber space didn’t treat them right. WTF are we talking about here?! Wow. One day! 🤞 I've live a few decades. I've never heard of Rohingya.

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