Roger Stone: Donald Trump ally asks for new trial amid DOJ controversy


Roger Stone, the president's longtime ally, sought a new trial Friday, a day after Trump accused one of the jurors of 'significant bias.'

Roger Stone asks for a new trial after Trump accuses juror of bias Kristine Phillips USA TODAY Published 7:00 PM EST Feb 14, 2020 WASHINGTON — Roger Stone, President Donald Trump's longtime ally, sought a new trial Friday, a day after the president accused one of the jurors of"significant bias." The motion for a new trial could delay Stone's sentencing, scheduled for next week. His case has been at the center of a firestorm this week after the Justice Department backtracked on prosecutors' request for a stiff prison sentence. On Thursday, Trump attacked a woman who revealed on Facebook she had been the forewoman of the jury that convicted Stone last year. "Now it looks like the fore person in the jury, in the Roger Stone case, had significant bias," Trump tweeted."Add that to everything else, and this is not looking good for the 'Justice' Department." That woman is Tomeka Hart, a former school board member in Memphis, Tennessee. On Facebook, Hart defended the prosecutors who handled Stone's case and recommended he serve seven to nine years in prison. “I want to stand up for Aaron Zelinsky, Adam Jed, Michael Marando, and Jonathan Kravis — the prosecutors on the Roger Stone trial," Hart wrote."It pains me to see the DOJ now interfere with the hard work of the prosecutors. They acted with the utmost intelligence, integrity, and respect for our system of justice.” Prosecutors quit: DOJ backtracks on prison recommendation for Trump ally Roger Stone sentence: How prosecutors came up with a stiff sentence for Roger Stone Early Tuesday morning, Trump slammed prosecutors' recommendation. The Justice Department soon overruled them, saying their proposed sentence was excessive. One by one, the prosecutors quit the case. One resigned from the Justice Department entirely. Democrats accused the department's leadership, including Attorney General William Barr, of meddling in a criminal case to serve the president's political interests. Barr pushed back, telling ABC News the president"has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case." Stone's motion for a new trial and the accompanying exhibits were filed under seal. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson gave federal prosecutors until Tuesday to submit a response to the motion. Stone, 67, was found guilty in November of lying to Congress and obstructing the Russia investigation to protect Trump and his presidential campaign. His convictions stem from his actions during the presidential campaign in 2016, when he sought to create back-channel communications with WikiLeaks to push for the release of stolen emails that were damaging to then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Stone repeatedly lied to the House Intelligence Committee about his efforts, falsely denying that he talked to the Trump campaign about them. He also urged a possible congressional witness to either lie or scuttle his testimony. At the time, the committee was investigating Russia's election interference. Federal prosecutors argued that Stone's crimes and behavior warranted a sentence of seven to nine years in prison. Stone's attorneys argued that guideline for first-time offenders convicted of these crimes is 15 to 21 months. They asked for probation. Stone had previously asked for a new trial based on alleged bias of another juror, a tax attorney. Stone's defense lawyers alleged that the juror was biased because he or she worked with Justice Department lawyers in prosecuting tax cases. The judge denied the motion. Published 7:00 PM EST Feb 14, 2020 Read more: USA TODAY

Everyone is biased, but no one can see trumps tax returns or relevant evidence. Innocent people always demand personnel to defy congressional subpoenas even though that has never happened before. Let’s forget Trump admitted to extorting Ukraine on camera day 1 of the scandal. 7 to 9 is too short of a sentence!

Aquit Roger Stone... This article is atrocious. It doesn't once mention the specific allegations of bias that have surfaced recently regarding the juror in question. Withholding critical information like that is textbook bias. What a joke. Regurgitating The Anti-Role Model, Tyrannical Trump & Deplorable, Don the Potty-Mouth POTUS’ Venomous Verbiage, “BULLSH-T!” The Obviously SICK, Lawless, Narcissists Need Meds & Lock-Up! Why are Psychiatrists & Psychologists Not Brought In? Before it’s too late: TakeBackAmerica

By bias Trump means you are interested in the truth not what Trump says it is Of course there has never, in the history of America, been a juror with some bias. I am shocked...just shocked. Why try him again. Trump will find another reason to get him off the hook. All this is theater. Mr. Trump could just issue a pardon and be done with it. He is trying to justify a pardon and get free press. What would Mr. Trump do if the media ignored him for a week. 95% of what this President does is not newsworthy.

Barr is Trumps Goon.

Trump Blasts Jury Member, Justice Department Over Roger Stone TrialThe president has been urged to stay out of his former adviser&39;s sentencing, which he&39;s called a “miscarriage of justice." Dr. Ford sat before the Senate for more than 5 hours lying every second, how many years did she get? Contrived Crimes charges for conservatives are HARSH compared to none existent justice for Dr Ford who tried to destroy a mans life.

Give him a new trial in 2021 Aided in the Intimidation efforts by $tate T.V. 📺 ... Keep in mind this is happening in America 🇺🇸 Always helps to have the prez on your side when you want to toss the rules out the window and get a do over. There was 'significant bias' no doubt. Should be allowed a new trial. Still wont change the fact that hes guilty tho.

That one foreperson is grounds for a new trial. Other reversable error case in chief 1984 but for real.

Fact-checking the false claims Trump made in defending Roger StonePresident Trump made a series of false and misleading claims in tweets and public remarks Tuesday and Wednesday related to the government's handling of the legal case involving Roger Stone, his longtime adviser. Here's a fact check. CNN “fact checking” Is like a prostitute preaching morality He lies all the time! Lies. He lied. He bullshitted. Call it what it is, dammit!

Pres. Trump cheers Justice Dept. for intervening in Roger Stone case.chucktodd says “Senate Republicans hoped President Trump learned a lesson from impeachment,” but the president's praise of the Justice Dept. intervening in the Roger Stone case shows he may not have learned the lesson the lesson they’d hoped for. chucktodd This old dog is past his expiration date and should be thrown out like a carton of milk. chucktodd Whining Chuck he’s cleaning house. chucktodd F ckTodd You should learn a lesson from the impeachment really! Trump emerged victorious and stronger because he did nothing wrong.

Trump not ruling out pardon for Roger StoneDavid Frum, Senior editor of The Atlantic, says President Trump is “so much more protective of [Roger] Stone than of [Paul] Manafort, and that suggests Stone knows things that Manafort does not know.” Yes, I believe this! Trump needs to give Stone a full pardon right now. Opinions are like azz holes, everybody has one.

Trump declines to rule out pardon for Roger StonePresident Trump declines to say whether he is considering a pardon for his longtime confidant Roger Stone. Which means he is doing em exactly that. Trump speak for “It has already been decided. I’ll wait until I want to announce it. And yes-I AM ABOVE THE LAW!” Well that's a BIG YES! In deed he wii pardon a live long friend and confident. Even more when secret's are at stake.

Trump gets what he wants from Barr on Roger Stone, imperils US justiceRosenzweigP usatodayopinion RosenzweigP usatodayopinion It isn't RosenzweigP usatodayopinion Anti-USA Today is Pro-China, Pro-Crime, & Pro-Democrat. FakeNews

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