Roger Stone Clemency Latest Example Of Trump Rewarding His Friends, Scholars Say

The Founding Fathers intended the presidential pardon power to protect the national interest. Leading clemency experts question Trump's use of his authority.

7/12/2020 9:05:00 PM

On a single day in February, Trump pardoned or commuted the sentences of 11 people — all of whom had one thing in common: either they had an inside connection to him, or their cases were promoted on Fox News.

The Founding Fathers intended the presidential pardon power to protect the national interest. Leading clemency experts question Trump's use of his authority.

Andrew Harnik/APtoggle captionAndrew Harnik/APPresident Trump commuted the sentence of his longtime political confidant Roger Stone on Friday, just days before he was set to report to prison. Scholars say Trump's clemencies have rewarded friends and allies.

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Andrew Harnik/APPresident Trump issued his first pardon in August 2017, just about seven months into his presidency. Three years and three dozen clemencies later, some patterns have emerged.One clear pattern is Trump's tendency to grant clemency to prominent political figures and people who have shown loyalty to him, clemency scholars say. That propensity was on full display on Friday, as Trump commuted the sentence of former campaign adviser Roger Stone. Stone was just days away from beginning a 40-month prison term for lying to lawmakers investigating Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election.

"Modern presidents have sullied clemency through disuse (both Bushes) and occasional self-serving grants (Clinton)," Mark Osler, a law professor and clemency scholar at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, told NPR via email."However, no president has ever used clemency

primarilyto reward friends and political allies" — until Trump.In announcing the commutation Friday, the White House called Stone a"victim of the Russia Hoax" and said he"has already suffered greatly."Trump Commutes Sentence Of Longtime Friend And Adviser Roger Stone

Presidents can grant clemency both through commutations, which reduce a prison sentence but do not erase a conviction, and pardons, which express presidential"forgiveness" and can restore certain civil rights.With only a handful of exceptions, Osler said, Trump's clemency grants have gone to"people he knows or learned about from Fox News." On a single day in February, Trump pardoned or commuted the sentences of 11 people — all of whom had

one thing in common: either their cases were promoted on Fox News, or they had an inside connection to the president.President Trump also prefers to disregard the advice of the Office of the Pardon Attorney in the Department of Justice, said American University professor Jeffrey Crouch, who has written extensively on the presidential pardon power. That office is responsible for vetting the

thousands of clemency requeststhe government gets every year.For over a century, presidents have relied on the recommendations of that office. Not so for Trump, who prefers to make his own decisions. AWashington Post investigationfound that most of Trump's grants of clemency"have gone to well-connected offenders who had not filed petitions with the pardon office or did not meet its requirements."

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"He has largely ignored the little guy, or anonymous offenders who apply for presidential mercy through the usual channels," Crouch told NPR."Under President Trump, the old back door to clemency — getting the president's attention somehow — seems to have become the new front door."

Trump's first pardon went to former Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio wasconvictedof contempt of court after he continued detaining suspected undocumented immigrants after a judge warned him to stop targeting Latino drivers. Arpaio's pardon did not go through the pardon attorney's office. And that first pardon would set the tone for many of Trump's pardons and commutations to come.

After Arpaio, 4 Answers To Questions About How Pardons Are Supposed To WorkThe president's clemency power is supposed to exist solely to protect the national interest, said professor Mark Rozell, dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. Rozell cited Alexander Hamilton's pronouncement in the Federalist Papers that it's better to give this power to the president —"a single man of prudence and good sense" — than to a legislative body like Congress.

The founders never anticipated that a president would use his power as Trump has, Rozell said."There is nothing in Trump's pardons of political allies and cronies that meets the national interest standard," Rozell told NPR."It is a mockery of the constitutional power vested in him."

Trump isn't the only president to use his power to help allies. Rozell cited what he called"some egregiously bad examples of the use of the pardon power" — Bill Clinton's pardons of Marc Rich and others on his last day in office, and George H.W. Bush's pardons of six Iran-Contra scandal figures, issued after he lost his bid for reelection. But"no one has violated the principles underlying the pardon power so much as [Trump] has," Rozell said.

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WesleyBell4STL Thats what happens when a crooked Democrat judge denies him an unbiased jury & denies him his due process n court. Are you complaining about dems releasing 10s of thousands of inmates convicted of drug dealing,child molestation, murder & rape due to covid? Probably not. 1. That is completely false. 2. Presidents before him have done it constantly.

Really! We have “clemency scholars” now. No kidding! did you mean tendancy*? Obama let over 1700 persons free, Clinton only did 61. Stop wetting your pants over 11 that President Trump has. Take a look at some of the slimeballs Obama let go! The list is endless! I'm surprised by this... Said no one, ever.

CherylStrayed I didn't realize Captain Obvious wrote for NPR. I blew my time as a wannabe reporter. Scholars say. D’uh It's called corruption. No duh. Ya think? Obama had 1,715 since this the topic Do we really need scholars to tell us this? A narcissist has no loyalty to anyone but himself. Those he pardoned or granted clemency to must have something he plans to use, for his own purposes in the future.

Gdad1 One word... With that line of thinking, Democrats are Marxists. There's a lot of things pointing in that direction. 'However, no president has ever used clemency primarily to reward friends and political allies'. Not much of a scholar, NPR. Bill Clinton pardoned Hilary Clinton's own brother. Trump does not now, and never has, worked for what is in the best interests of the American people.

That’s his right. Most presidents wait until the end but it’s the same sheznai! Cut it out NPR. So what were all the crack dealers that Obama gave clemency to? Trump may be singlehandedly responsible for an entire rewrite of the constitution limiting presidential power! Of course, he has done that from the start. Those knowledgeable and experienced are bullied to resign then he fills the vacancy with one of 'his people'. It's a mafia syndicate in the making.

That it wasn't more than 1,000 issues by 44 ? Obama pardoned more his last day in office than the total of the 10 before him. Pardoning supporters isn’t surprising. Maybe when Hillary is convicted he’ll balance it by pardoning her. Trump antiamerican corruption. Time for this devil to go. Please also include how many the prior President issued for context. The worst commuted felons that President Obama set free in a compare to let us have something to compare to.

gasp See the facts, loyalty to him, your great, no loyalty your nothing that is why there was so many got fired or quit when he took office, FBI agent, advisers, to many to put in a post. I'm sure you people can remember, they all were about loyalty to him. No loyalty no job either! Tell the truth please...they are predominantly minorities he doesn't know.

When justice is finally served in cases involving Clapper, Brennan, Comey & hs FBI stooges, Clinton, Obama and scholars see Trump granting them clemency ? THANK YOU TRUMP! GOTRUMPIN2020AGAIN! can I have a refund on my taxes that pay for your biased politicized conjecture? What? He gives pardons out like candy to his friends? Do tell? You could knock me over with a sledge hammer, bazooka and Sherman (actual US soldier/hero) tank

Because apparently it takes a flippin' masters degree to see the perfectly obvious. You forget what Obama did Its so much worse then rewarding his friends. It’s open warfare on right and wrong and the rule of law. Justice for sale. Bakari_Sellers are there any dumbass people that will still vote for Trump after all this SHIT?

And this is news to NPR, for some unknown reason. I know they make a lot of money at fund drive time, so I'm not sure why the journalism is so lacking over the last few years. The fact that Trump actually has so many “friends” that are CONVICTED of crimes and NEED clemency tells us everything we need to know about this supposed US “president”. Unbelievable that this is a topic to bring up as news.

Bakari_Sellers His campaign slogan should have been “pardon the swamp” I didn't need 3 dozen to see a pattern. Nobody did. Partisan pap. defundNPR Bakari_Sellers Payola White House. Everyone he knows That's nothing, Obama granted 330 commutations in a single day. But 11 is aweful cuz Drumph, right? FAKE NEWS.

Now do Bill Clinton. Duh Across the spectrum of ALt/Left & Alt/Right, the unethical use of pardons, executive orders, and legislation to forge political will, has been on display for the past 3+ years. Repubs ignore the obvious and Dems do the same as thousands of criminals are let out onto the streets.

Didn’t hear you complaining when Bill Clinton & Barack Obama pardoned/commuted sentences of those that defrauded & killed people. Me thinks you protest too much &/or have your heads up someone’s nether region. Love ot better than major drug traffickers Well how many terrorists did Obama let free? Rewarding loyalty? This is what you find surprising?

Presidential commutations: Bill Clinton—61 in 8 years George W. Bush—11 in 8 years Donald Trump—11 in 4 years Barack Obama- 1,715 in 8 years It’s disgraceful! In my opinion, if they’ve committed a crime they should have to do the time no exceptions. Especially if they’ve had a fair trial. I'm just so glad Roger Stone is free.

Defund NPR Clemency scholars 😂😂😂😂😂 TDS Exactly. I wish he'd stick to traitors and killer terrorists like Obama! Psssst…. hey, over 140,000 Americans died from the Covid19. Who should directly update the American public on the Corona Virus Outbreak, VP Pence or the infectious disease experts? Please take quick poll. (comments welcome)

Next on MorningEdition Betsy DeVos will kill .2 percent of the children in America. Lawyers say maybe she’s right. We discuss after the break. Obama did to more than 1,700. Crickets... Haha you don’t have to be a “clemency scholar” to see that! He’s the first president to pardon anyone? DEFUND NPR And to reward those who helped him commit crimes yet not implicate him in those crimes. Please don’t forget that. He is a walking obstruction of justice machine.

Can this president do anything right ? He gives a contract to Fisher industries to build a border wall and they have zero experience on large contracts just the CEO large GOP donor and fisher screws it up and 45 says it’s to make him look bad. You are bad , your horrible. And criminals or murderers. I personally feel safer having Rod Blagojevich living down the street. Can't speak for anyone else.

In other words, thug life. Ffs ‘scholars say’ Where is realDonaldTrump's 'Law & Order'? What do the scholars say about Obama pardoning military traitors? Ok - you act like there’s no precedent for this. You do know that BillClinton pardoned his own brother, right? So what was the loyalty or favors the pardoned war criminal navy seals provide trump? What last wet work job did he get out of them?

Many Presidents have. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s really. But, but, but....her EMAILS!!!!!!!!! The lawless President doing belly flops around that swamp. Something we already knew. Scholars need to say this? How about 'utterly corrupt' and 'abuse of power.' After three years you still have to tiptoe around it?

Criminal enterprise. 🤔🤔 Just the very existence of Fox News angers you, doesn’t it? Now do Obama LOL marcorubio SenRickScott please try and convince me you would not have a problem with this coming from a president who was democrat? This is way out of hand and our country should be what’s looked out for not a party. This right here is why I am Independent no party allegiance

Because the white house is currently serving as the 1 chapter of the good ol’ boys club. He is a Mob don. Head of the world’s biggest racket. Of course he pardons those who give him fealty and screws the rest. IAmAmnaNawaz senrobportman Is Trump abusing his pardon and commutation authority? Do you believe these actions demonstrate that justice in America is fair; or that ' justice' is based on who you know and how much money you have?

Obama’s pardon listed Perspective. Do you have a problem with the powers of commutation given to a President? Bill Clinton pardoned terrorist Susan Rosenburg despite having been sentenced to 50 years for planning a genocide against congress with a massive bomb. She now teaches at CUNY. Dems require that their commutations are preceded by major donations to their party.

Fox News? Neither foxnewsdesk CNN MSNBC nor are “news”, it’s entertainment. It’s impossible to fill 24 hrs with news, so they must entertain. 🤷‍♂️ You left out a few things: 1) The several orders of magnitude more that Obama commuted or pardoned 2) No one pardoned/commuted by Trump was a terrorist or a deserter 3) ALL of the people Trump pardoned/commuted were prosecuted corruptly by the Obama DOJ. Got narrative, NPR?

Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he just put it up for sale Mnm11B This is corruption right out in the open. And thank McConnell and the other Repugnants in the U.S. Senate for allowing it. All Things Considered (except alternative points of view) This power has been abused before & of course Trump takes it to an all new level! This absurd executive power needs to be revisited, just like the DOJ position of not being able to charge a sitting President with a crime. Trump will continue this abuse by pardoning Flynn next!!!

Of course you won’t mention the black men that he pardoned whom he said were unfairly sentenced. fakenews This is not justice, this is blatant corruption, so obvious, the secret service themselves should be dragging Trump off to jail. In spite of this when JoeBiden becomes POTUS nothing bad gonna happen to these Trump players, they would actually make more money. Take my word - SenWarren would be also looking the other way. BernieSanders nytimes washingtonpost foxnewstalk MSNBC NBCNews BBCWorld

TrumpPardonsForMoney 💰💰💰💰 “he’s innocent” Did he pardon anyone who blew up cops? Did domestic terror acts? Got nuclear plans and other top secret USA intel to communist countries? Because that's who DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTS PARDONED/COMMUTED! That’s his constitutional right. Spent time on meaningful. Otherwise NPR is becoming irrelevant.

Only 11? Trump does not act without receiving personal gain. Wondering how much of this is distraction from the Trump-Epstein-Maxwell story? EpsteinDidntKillHimself Kinda mild headline for likely the most significant act of corruption by a U.S. president ever, but yeah. undrcvrmexican ruthless561 You can’t even begin to stop it if you are too much of a wuss to call this kind of behavior out.....

Were there NPR articles about Obama’s pardons? Clinton’s? undrcvrmexican The best message for people in jail under minor offenses are out !! Many Latinos and African Americans POTUS fixing the broken system of the COMMUNIST CONGRESS IN USA Nothing against obama, but he pardoned over 400 while in office.

That’s easy, not even reporting. What was. That? Now do Obama Horrible being you are realDonaldTrump trumps banana republic disgraceful I'm beyond disgusted This sends the message to all of his friends that they can go ahead and commit any crime they want and he will get them out of facing any sort of consequences

Obama on a single day pardoned record 300 on his last day.rapist, child rapist, murders , terrorist, thieves ,some of the most dangerous people ever known that have continued attacking USA as we speak right now. Fake news Still got a long way to go. Corruption in living color And how is this not corruption? How? How does he get to be corrupt in plain daylight and plain sight and not be checked or kicked out of office?

Obama commuted nearly 2000. marynlm TrumpIsACriminal So That's two things. that’s two things? Give it a rest , Karen GlennKesslerWP 'one thing' Republicans enjoy all the benefits of corruption. the criminal More case's are waiting to be heard by the supreme court. Trump is just a little way from the bottom now.

For his friends, everything, for his enemies, the law. NavyVetResister SAME HERE TOO IN THAT TRUMP HAS ALSO PARDONED ADOLF HITLER! Trump and Hitler are TWO OF A KIND! Trump is the 'chief criminal who's running a crime syndicate out of the West Wing.' John Flannery, former prosecutor said Barr 'has no business in that job' & called on DOJ officials to 'do the job right.' He described Barr as the president's 'consigliere' (crime boss advisor)

Trump commuted Roger Stone's sentence: he was convicted for lying to Congress, obstruction & witness tampering. Trump & the GOP can officially stop using the phrase LAW AND ORDER. Trump uses it repeatedly. BidenPledgesAllegianceToUS Who's worse - Roger Stone or Susan Rosenberg? Clinton commuted her sentence a day or two before leaving office and now she's a major fundraiser for the racist organization, BLM. Who's worse?

GlennKesslerWP Bill Clinton pardoned 140 criminals on his last day. michelekelemen Corruption. Corruption by swampish nepotism: unsurprising No second impeachment or law enforcement action: extremely surprising Now do all the other presidents FOX GUARDING HEN HOUSE Waiting for you to profile the 1,927 that moron Obama let off the hook.

here that waltshaub CREWcrew Alibaba the State owned company from the CCP, giving you that big check every week huh? This corruption has to end. I am NOT a 'Trumper', but am tired of this narrative !!!! You think that he is the the only President to pardon controversial people ? I just wish some of you 'news outlets' would tell us news going on around the world instead of just politics in the U.S..

realDonaldTrump you're hands are so tiny!!!! Don’t Forget! Judge Jackson: “He was not prosecuted...for standing up for the president. He was prosecuted for covering up for the president.” Roger Stone was convicted with overwhelming evidence, for lying, obstructing justice, & intimidating a witness All pres and Guv'scommute sentences on their way out. Trump knows HES ON HIS WAY OUT

Maybe someone could get Fox News to do an article on Reality Winner? Robert Mueller about Roger Stone “He communicated in 2016 with individuals known to us to be Russian intelligence officers, & he claimed advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ release of emails stolen by those Russian intelligence” Time for a constitutional amendment to limit the president's pardon power. All pardons must go through the Pardon Board.

He learned it from the dems Scum gotta scum. Really ? This is ur idea of journalism? Dig a little deeper & ul find another commonality. These r people associated w Trump which is WHY they were targeted w the intent to get caught in process crimes related to a FAILED Russia-collusion campaign based on ZERO evidence.

GlennKesslerWP I guess a Republican President will just have to start doing what Democratic Presidents have done and start pardoning terrorist. Weird how every reply to this that mentions all the people Obama pardoned are under the see more replies section. There is no law when the president is a mafia boss. If anything we learned that we must change the constitution to avoid the abuse of power of the there branches. They ALL have abused the system.

GlennKesslerWP Isnt that two things? KatCapps xychelsea sez Hi! How come NPR doesn’t do any stories on Epstein‘s island? I bet everybody on that plane supports your garbage propaganda network Remind us how many O pardoned at this same time in his first term? Like 3 or so, right? is a cancer Whether or not you agree with the decision making processes of 45 as it relates to pardons/commutations, the provision to do same is vested in the Constitution of the United States – see Article II, Section 2. To that end, every president – Continued...

And..? that's one *of two* things in common None were recommended by Kim Kardashian? Shocked. Still voting Trump I don't believe trump is intelligent enough to realize the kind of legacy he will leave behind. On a single day in February, Obama pardoned or commuted the sentences of 22 people — all of whom had one thing in common: either they had an inside connection to him, or their cases were promoted on CNN News. —— see how that works?

Lol cry more. if people don't see anything wrong with this... we're in trouble!! VoteHimOut2020 Oh please! As if we need more proof of this corrupt, unscrupulous, and unethical president’s illegal actions. Now do Obama. What is the matter afraid of what that would reveal? PardonMeTrump marciaiello A swampier swamp!

OrangeBrainDead ChrimesAgainstHumanity They all had one of two things in common, but yeah—we get the point Of the 1,715 the Obama commuted how many has a personal connection. Obama the most in US history Perhaps it’s because a lot of people were prosecuted simply because they had an association with President Trump.

so what advantages are there to immediately pardoning people after the SCOTUS rulings and Barr’s moves.these are strategic legal moves albeit completely corrupt. How many of these pardons involved minorities? Obama commuted over 1k People. An all time record. Funny, the Media never said a thing NPR, provide the whole story. Tell us about how all other presidents (at least the past few decades) have done the same thing.

Folks we are going to drain the swamp, and fill it with all my personal friends instead! Trump CorruptGOP SwampyDon Anybody shocked? Not me. That’s 2 things. Defund NPR Unfortunately at this point, the people who could put a stop to this are Republicans in Congress and they’re too worried anout re-election. Nixon resigned knowing he’d lost confidence from his party. The current GOP is afraid of Trump. GOP republicanparty afraid

Look at who Obama pardoned, you won't need to go thru all 1715 people. Or check Clinton or Bush. All closely related to the President. This article paints less than half of the picture. NPR certainly promotes TDS, becoming too far left. I'm rethinking my support. Or Kim Kardashian don-the-con trump is NOT: original, honorable, lawyer, religious, Republican, Patriot, brave, compassionate, minister, MD, x-military, historian, patriot, literate, diplomat, honest, TAX PAYER, LGBTQ friendly, trustworthy, farmer, FAITHFUL husband, NASCAR fan, psychologist.


Isn't that two things? Now do the Obama 1700. What were they're connections? Obama commuted over 1500 sentences. Many of whom were violent domestic terrorists. What they had in common was that they were persecuted for being conservatives or helping conservatives. That is the common thread and npr knows this.

Crime boss. History shows what happens to crimes bosses. Commutations by President: Trump: 10 Obama: 1,715 Bush: 11 Clinton: 61 criminal traitortrump TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpLiesAmericansDie He is the whole swamp That's nothing, Obama granted 330 commutations in a single day. But 11 is aweful cuz Drumph, right? FAKE NEWS.

'Common' Obama granted clemency to the most people since Truman and npr be like👏 Because Trump is a crook. Is crime and corruption really crime and corruption if it happens in plain sight? Not a bomber among them. Makes sense to me after 4 years of witch-hunting So much for the 'law and order' presidency we were promised.

He's a Fox in idiot's clothing. The realDonaldTrump administration is the worst case of corruption in the history of the United States TrumpLiesAmericansDie VoteBlueToSaveAmerica And it isn't illegal. Where is John Wilkes when the country really needs him!?! Those are two things. This is exactly what everyone see as injustice up and down government

As an atheist this is how I know there is no god, because any decent supreme being would have taken Donald Trump away in his sleep a long time ago. NPR thinks only scholars are qualified to criticize the president for obvious corruption most corrupt president in the history of the world Bill Clinton pardons his own brother after drug crime

So if you're white, rich and politically connected you are untouchable. Is this the America where we are all born free or just some of us? I'm not saying that you have to have committed some kind of fraud or other crime of moral turpitude to get a pardon from Trump... But it doesn't hurt your chances!

Trump grants clemency to ally Roger Stone after railing against 'unfair' conviction, sentencingTrump's decision to grant clemency to Roger Stone came days before the operative was expected to report to prison for lying to Congress. Those two criminals are corrupt AF Stone avoids breaking rocks Let’s not talk about WayFair trafficking kids. No. Why would you do that?

'Abandoned the rule of law': Lawmakers react to Trump granting clemency to Roger StoneHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said on CNN Friday night that for President Trump to be able to commute or issue a pardon for Roger Stone 'based on the crime assisting the president, is ridiculous.' Don't get CNAInsurance & affiliates keep denying coverage sleazebags. Don't be duped by CNA Insurance just keep getting my premium payments & all these promises in their policy it's scam.I lost my home, lost my business, got disabled & filed bankruptcy.BlackLivesMatter Assisting with what? Mueller found no crime. Enough Time for this criminal president to face justice.

Trump Defends Clemency For Roger Stone—But Pelosi Wants Law That Limits PardonsStone was the subject of an “illegal witch hunt that never should have taken place,” Trump says. That POTUS can pardon a convicted person is remanent privilege of Kings. SCOTUS and Congress must eliminate it by Law to avoid miss use like in R. Stone case by his buddy DT 🤔 No reason to explain SpeakerPelosi has only one 3 x 5 card for Trump's presidential actions. Pass a law that countermands the Constitution. This is called fodder for Fake News because She is in favor of a Democrat President doing anything they want. Nothing will be done. tt:ckchumley maggieNYT

Attorney General Barr told Trump he shouldn't grant Roger Stone clemencyBarr had previously said that Roger Stone's prosecution was 'righteous' and the sentence was fair, and defended his decision to oppose a stricter sentence for Stone. mmkay Here, let me fix that: “Attorney General Barr told Trump that he was going to tell the media that he told Trump he shouldn't grant Roger Stone clemency” Sure, Jan

Trump Has Commuted The Prison Sentence Of His “Loyal” Ally Roger StoneStone was convicted of lying to Congress about his communications with WikiLeaks leading up to the 2016 election. This is sickening. Trump is a mob boss. Roger Stone hasn’t even begun serving his sentence..! So what’s up here? 3rd world banana republic

Trump Commutes Sentence Of Adviser Roger Stone In Obstruction CaseBREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his friend and adviser Roger Stone, who was set to serve three years for obstructing justice in the Mueller probe. America is officially a banana republic 🍌🍌🍌 i’m trumpophobic now. Good Trump!