Roe Against Wade

6/23/2022 10:14:00 AM

He wasn’t prepared for what came next.

He wasn’t prepared for what came next.

How Justice Harry Blackmun became an accidental abortion rights hero.

Show more.Show more.If and when the Supreme Court strikes down Roe v.By.

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Roe Against WadeHarry Blackmun, a Nixon Supreme Court appointee, was an unlikely defender of abortion rights. He wrote—and spent years defending—the decision in Roe v. Wade. And it changed him in ways he never could have predicted. Listen to Slow Burn E4 here:

Cruz ‘Halfway’ Expects Merrick Garland to Riot After ‘Roe’ RulingTed Cruz “halfway” expects Merrick Garland to be out rioting after the Supreme Court “Roe v. Wade” decision There is not single thing serious about that Rafael Why would Garland be rioting? Odd thing to believe Did he say that on his way to Cancun, or on the way back?

More Than 200 Abortion Clinics Will Close If The Supreme Court Overturns RoeJust over a quarter of abortion clinics in the country will be forced to close, mostly because of trigger laws in the South and Midwest, according to a new report.

Brazilian Judge Denies Abortion to 11-Year-Old Rape Victim, Previewing Post-Roe AmericaIt's not just Brazil—across the US, lawmakers are already boasting about the bans they'll pass without rape exceptions, which are already mostly symbolic. good. Two wrongs don't make a right. We’re already there in some aspects. Poor pregnant people already get thrown in jail for “suspect” miscarriages & the like. Do you know any 11 year olds? Imagine them being pregnant & the trauma that puts on their fragile bodies. Pro-life my ass.

Warren Unveils Bill to Ban Sales of Health Data With “Roe” Overturn LoomingAs the country braces for the likely overturning of Roe, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill that would ban data firms from selling abortion clinic patients’ health data. Will fetal tissue still be fair game?

Colleges in Red States Are Preparing for a Post-Roe Crisis“Eventually it’s going to become a very hostile environment on campus,” said one organizer. Needle_of_Arya Don’t go to college in those states. Why subject yourselves to medieval republican rule?