Roborock S7 Plus robot vacuum review: rock-solid cleaning, wet or dry

You’ll be rocking in a clean world.

1/27/2022 6:30:00 PM

Roborock’s S7 Plus is the first hybrid robot vacuum and mop worth buying

You’ll be rocking in a clean world.

AI-powered camera that can detect obstacles (yes, including poop)Roborock is a bit behind the competition with this dock. And despite its brilliant name — “Rock Dock” — it’s a disappointing first attempt. The Rock Dock clogged frequently in testing and lives up to its Hollywood namesake by being ginormous (it squeezes in a large filter as well as removable dust bags —

Smart home data privacy: Roborock S7 PlusIt is possible to use the standard vacuum and mopping function of the S7 without ever connecting the robot to Wi-Fi, keeping the maps local. However, without the app, you lose advanced features such as room-specific cleaning, scheduled cleaning, and suction power strength selection.

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I bought a roomba j7 and brava jet m6 for 680 bucks. Just 30 bucks above this. Much more worth it in my opinion. very happy with mine S5 I have the S5 Max and it's doing a great job. Coming home to a more or less clean house is pretty nice. Also the software is very intuitive and there are really cool automation options. I have mine set up that it only cleans while I'm at work.

It’s a great vacuum but pretty much worthless outside mainland China S5 Max clearly deserves this title but I can’t deny the advancements of S7. Ok but compare it with the old s7 so we can get the difference exactly danichuecos

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