Robopine Sheds His Quills for 'Masked Singer' Exit: 'They Kept the Competition Thick'

Who was the soulful singer behind Robopine on #TheMaskedSinger?

5/6/2021 4:06:00 AM

Who was the soulful singer behind Robopine on TheMaskedSinger?

Billboard spoke to the soulful singer behind the Masked Singer's Robopine before his elimination on Wednesday.

!" They were always hinting at people that were a little older than me. And I'm 42, so I was like,"Well, let me throw people off." So every time they were guessing someone older than me, I was like,"Now we're talking. Maybe I'll be able to get through a few more episodes if they actually believe I'm 60."

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Some of the judges were adamant on you being Jamie Foxx. What did you think of that comparison?I love that, because Jamie Foxx is truly one of the most giftedly talented people out there. He was just at my house a couple of days ago. He won his second Oscar and all that happened in my living room. [

Editor's note: Foxx starred in best animated feature winnerSoul, but that award goes to the producers of the Disney/Pixar film, not the cast.]Oh really?Yeah, I posted it on my Instagram, and the crazy thing is we've never even done music together. He's in Atlanta right now just like me, and we live like five minutes from each other, so when I uploaded that video of him celebrating his Oscar win in my living room, even that threw people off. Like,"Wait, how is Tyrese and Jamie Foxx in the same room? I don't think they would do that if either one of them was on

The Masked Singer."You performed a lot of classics. Walk me through those song choices.I'm an R&B soul singer, so I haven't really tapped into what a lot of the younger artists are doing and singing these days. When I listen to music, I pull from the things that inspire me, how I sing and do background. I don't listen to anything that's happening right now. I tend to listen to stuff from that era. And that's no disrespect to the new artists, I just think the music and the culture of music has shifted. It's a lot of Auto-Tune and this is what radio is playing, this is what they're used to. So I didn't really want to get on there and play this game of make believe that I'm 17 and I'm gonna get out there trying to dance and be something that I'm not. I was like, let me sing the records that I know I can sing and go about it in a confident way.

Considering you're an actual singer and this is a singing competition, did you think you were going to win?I didn't think I would make it to as many episodes as I did. Literally I was like,"All right, well this will be my last episode," and then they voted somebody else off and voted somebody else. It's just such a world, you know? And then I was asking questions about other stars that's been on the show in the past, how far they made it, this and that. And I was like,"Wait, such-and-such got voted off?! She sold more records than me or he's won Grammys. Sh--, I might not make it to the end." I started feeling like,"Let's not think you got this thing in the bank, you know? Ain't no guarantee you're going to go all the way to the end." They kept the competition thick.

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