Robin’s True Nemesis Is Scarecrow, Not The Joker

Scarecrow's origins reveal he's the ideal Robin villain!

Robin, Scarecrow

1/27/2022 11:45:00 PM

Tim Drake's very first outing as Robin perfectly set up Scarecrow to be his arch nemesis.

Scarecrow 's origins reveal he's the ideal Robin villain!

In the Identity Crisis storyline, Batman and Gotham’s police force are stunned as a series of violent crimes hinder the upcoming holiday season, their only link being an ominous skull mask the perpetrators wear as they commit their heinous acts. Meanwhile, Tim Drake deals with the death of his mother and the reality of his paralyzed father while also seeking Batman’s approval. Having deduced the Batman’s secret identity, Tim believes Robin is necessary to Batman’s mission, but he is denied his requests to join Bruce on his patrols. While Tim works hard to deduce the rhyme and reason behind these attacks, he is warned by Batman that should he put on a costume, he'll never get the chance to become a Robin. Right around the time Tim figures out the common theme linking the events together, Batman and photographer Vicki Vale learn the mastermind behind everything is Professor Jonathan Crane also known as the Scarecrow.

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