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Robin Roberts reveals inspiring change at GMA alongside Michael Strahan

Robin Roberts reveals inspiring change at #GMA alongside Michael Strahan

8/3/2021 2:22:00 AM

Robin Roberts reveals inspiring change at GMA alongside Michael Strahan

Good Morning America star Robin Roberts revealed a major change at work in the studios alongside co-anchor Michael Strahan, that sparked reaction from fans

MORE: Robin Roberts announces courageous career move in emotional postWhat's more, the 60-year-old is always thinking of others, and recently revealed a big change in the GMA studios that was all for a good cause.In a segment alongside her co-anchor Michael Strahan, Robin invited all of the GMA interns into the studio for the first time, with them having only ever worked remotely beforehand due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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VIDEO: GMA's Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan are friendship goals in sweet footageThis was done to mark International Intern Day, with Michael introducing the segment, describing it having been a"summer like no other" for the talented interns.

MORE: Robin Roberts sings in sweet tribute to partner AmberMORE: Robin Roberts gets fans talking with major career announcementThe interns got to meet the team and appeared on the show alongside Michael and Robin, with one of them revealing that they had met the TV star before, and that seeing her changed her life.

The popular anchor shared a link to the segment on social media, alongside a sweet selfie of herself with all the interns in the GMA studio.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Robin Roberts (@robinrobertsgma)

Robin Roberts revealed that GMA's interns had been in the studio for the first time She wrote:"Happy #NationalInternDay! Loved spending time with our incredible summer interns."After working remotely for months...they joined us LIVE to share their experience during a summer like no other. Click the link in my bio to watch!"

MORE: Robin Roberts dazzles in a figure-hugging gown you need to seeMORE: Robin Roberts shares heartbreaking news with fansFans were quick to comment on the sweet post, with one writing:"Loved this tribute to these young people. Good luck to them in their future," while another wrote:"You're always so good to them. Their professors and advisers so appreciate it." A third added:"What a great experience!"

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Robin and Michael Strahan introduced the interns in the studio for the first timeRobin has a close friendship with her GMA co-stars and enjoys working there each morning.MORE: Robin Roberts shares poolside video during break from GMA studiosMORE: Robin Roberts shares bad news live on air - and fans react

The star is also a talented author and even has her own production company, Rock'n Robin Production, which produced the Emmy-nominated television movie Robin Roberts presents: Mahalia.The GMA co-stars are great friendsRobin lives in Manhattan in the week so that she can easily commute to the GMA studios, but also has a beautiful home in Connecticut, where she lives during the weekends with her partner Amber Laign.

MORE: Robin Roberts jokes about negative living situation - and her co-stars reactREAD: Robin Roberts marks new beginning with partner Amber in new videoThe happy couple recently celebrated their 16th anniversary and over the weekend enjoyed a romantic meal away that had been arranged by Amber as her anniversary gift to Robin. 

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