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Robert Frank, photography titan, dead at 94

Swiss-born Frank was a pioneering documentary photographer whose raw style placed him among the 20th century's greats.


Pioneering documentary photographer, Robert Frank , who rose to fame with his landmark book 'The Americans,' dies at 94

Swiss-born Frank was a pioneering documentary photographer whose raw style placed him among the 20th century's greats.

After World War II, Frank moved to the United States, doing fashion and reporting photography for magazines that included Fortune, Life, Look and Harper's Bazaar.

His seminal book — published in France in 1958 and stateside one year later — emerged out of a series of road trips across the United States with his family in the mid-1950s, a journey akin to those made by his friend and writer Jack Kerouac and others from the "Beat Generation."

As Kerouac wrote in the preface to the book's US edition, Frank "sucked a sad poem right out of America onto film."

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