Rivals.com - Fact or Fiction: Ryqueze McElderry will decommit from Georgia

5/29/2022 6:37:00 AM

With several schools pushing to get him on campus, is Georgia OL commit Ryqueze McElderry on flip watch? RWrightRivals says no:

’s advantage and the like. Teams going head-to-head with Saban on top players are always floating retirement theories, and that will only continue for the 70-year-old head coach. Right or wrong, mix in the thought that a coach who makes a reported annual salary for $9.3 million is lamenting how players get paid, that will be the whisper in the ear over 5G connections all the way through the Early Signing Period.

Lammers’ take:FICTION. I believe the arrow is pointing up for Auburn recruiting heading into the summer, but I don't believe the Nick Saban-Jimbo Fisherspat will have anything to do with the Tigers' efforts ultimately being successful or not. Prospects, despite how Saban's comments were perceived by the outside world, aren't going to just pass up an opportunity to go play for Alabama if they feel it is the best fit for them and can help them reach their ultimate goal.

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