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'Risk is very high,' warns WHO, as coronavirus wipes $6 trillion off markets

The coronavirus spread further on Friday, with cases reported for the first time...


The World Health Organization raised the coronavirus impact risk alert to 'very high' as it wiped $6 trillion off markets

The coronavirus spread further on Friday, with cases reported for the first time...

Hopes that the epidemic that started in China late last year would be over in months, and that economic activity would quickly return to normal, have been shattered.“I think this is a reality check for every government on the planet - wake up, get ready, this virus may be on its way and you need to be ready,” Ryan said.

A Chinese official said some recovered patients had been found to be infectious, suggesting the epidemic may be even harder to eradicate than previously thought.Bulgaria said it was ready to deploy troops and military equipment to the border with Turkey to prevent illegal migrant inflows as it steps up measures against the coronavirus. It has not reported any cases. Greece, a gateway for refugees from the Middle East, has also announced tighter border controls.

Mainland China reported 327 new cases in the last 24 hours, the lowest in the country in more than a month, and China’s three biggest airlines restored some international flights.A volunteer keeps watch near an entrance blocked by barricades and shared bicycles at a residential area in Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Hubei province, China February 28, 2020. REUTERS/Stringer CHINA OUT.

In the United States, the outbreak of the new coronavirus and efforts to prepare for its possible spread have become political in a presidential election year.A British man infected on the ship has died, bringing the death toll among passengers to six.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called for schools to close and vowed to prevent a severe blow to an economy teetering on the brink of recession.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

WHO Aye Dr. Tedros making the Habeshas proud dr.tedros WHO I wonder if theses will be mandatory vaccinations. To what extent, if any, enforcement might look like. WHO Up to 56 thousand people die from the common flu every year. Stop Fear Mongering! WHO WHO is a dog controlled by China communist now. They are murderer! WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak China_is_terrorist

WHO The kind of cash the US gives these crooks they should be able to do a little more than raise the risk alerts. They'd probably have to give up some of those expensive perks. WHO and trump said coronavirus only hoax and fear WHO Honestly. This man makes my blood boil. Clearly, the 'Learning English Grammar' books he still owes us money for was a total waste of time. He should have focused more on the 'Learn English And Don't Sound Like A ****' series.

WHO PaulLidicul I beg you to ridicule DrTedros WHO WHO Don't you mean 60 countries? WHO Oh yes. That man again. WHO Just call CoronavirusOutbreak a pandemic so the world can deal with it swiftly.

Apple ties up with Johnson & Johnson to study atrial fibrillation and stroke risk - Business InsiderApple and Johnson & Johnson pulled the curtain back on a new research project aimed at detecting and curtailing the risk of stroke among seniors.

WHO WHO WHO . Able to tell the world the source yet. No point in praising China’s efforts with all three presenters, when China made no efforts in releasing important info to the world on time if at all. WHO WHO has lost all credibility in my opinion. WHO You mean like the flu? WHO I'll have to buy a glitter bedazzled facemask 😷 xx

WHO NON-SENSE PANIC... WHO WHO Do you remember what you said a month ago? WHO Hey! I am an economics student that has started her own blog about economics and socioeconomic issues. I would love and really appreciate any kind of support! WHO

Trump puts Mike Pence in charge of response to coronavirus, says US risk 'remains very low'President Trump says that the risk to the American people from the deadly coronavirus “remains very low.” “We’re ready to adapt and we’re ready to do whatever we have to as the disease spreads, if it spreads.” About to become high Why? And what does the CDC say?

WHO 😷 Oh my Gosh Countries have adopt your own contained measures. .need be satisfaction to WHO 😂 WHO WHO Someone has an interest in this to cause panic and to cause more deaths through vaccination !!!! WHO Who= Joke. WHO Incompetent WHO $ALT Altimmune Completes First Development Milestone Toward a Single-Dose Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccine CORONA CoronaVirusUpdate

WHO He is CCP’s puppy and has become the ‘spokesperson’ of CCP. WHO is helping CCP- see what’s happening? The deadly Coronavirus is now spreading out the whole world. This guy must STEP DOWN. Shame on you WHO WHO: ...Länder müssen verstehen, dass sie ALLES versuchen müssen, um COVID19 einzudämmen - das nicht zu tun, ist unverantwortlich, wird Menschen töten jensspahn ja, wir können das. Zu spät ist es, wenn 10% der Bevölkerung infiziert ist. Ohne Eindämmung wird es „jeder“ (WHO)

WHO containment possible? WHO Bullshit is still possible

Trump reassures Americans coronavirus risk is low, puts Pence in charge of U.S. responsePresident Donald Trump puts Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the U.S. response to the coronavirus outbreak Pence just found out he’s working OT for free 🤣🤣🤣 Sure. Sorry

WHO Not here in the US. Our newly minted expert VP Pence is going to pray for it to be stopped and caged at the border. WHO Risk of death WHO Dissolve this corrupted uselessness! ASAP WHO WHO RT to RealDonaldTrump...SeanHannity...rushLimbaugh...FoxandFriends...BreitbartNews...OANN WHO WHO No comment 😷🤐😒

WHO Containment is still possible, let me guess, we're going to contain it with wide open borders yes ? WHO If sick people aren’t being tested in the US it is not contained, it’s being buried by lies. WHO Trump voters taking a lovely selfie...

Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie SandersWASHINGTON -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, hear constant warnings from allies about congressional losses in November if the party nominates Bernie Sanders for president. Democratic House members share their Sanders fears on text-messaging chains. Bill Clinton Lol they should cause theyll lose almost all independent voters Unfucking believable, this far in they want to screw everything up, and do whatever they can to make sure Trump still wins what the hell are these people thinking. Maybe if they thought about uniting behind Sanders instead of sabotaging him, he would have a much better chance And this is why we’ll get 4 more years of emperor trump. Get it together people.

WHO You little c*nt. I'd say resign, but l know your kind well enough to know this is not incompetence as much as it is design, and anyone replacing you would have just as filthy a character. WHO Fucking bullshit, Coronavirus is mild flu and as normal people with weakened immune systems or lung issues suffer or die, there is something else that WHO and the authories of every country are not sharing because the majority of people do not die of mild flu!

WHO Oh wow. Sherlock. WHO Containment has failed sir. Wake up! WHO HYPE— WHO Alright I’m going to level with you all! WHO fuckwho WHO If one of the quarantine centers set up on a US military base can't contain it...... WHO Well I hear the admin may lower taxes which should contain the virus WHO

Global funds cut equity exposure in turbulent February, eye virus risk: Reuters pollGlobal funds changed course in February and recommended a cut to equity allocati... Eye virus. What’s this. Another one?! There's an eye virus now?

WHO Containment is absolutely positively not possible. We are so far past that. Window of opportunity closed 3 weeks ago if not sooner. WHO Just a week ago WHO was refusing to call it a pandemic. These clowns are dangerous frauds. WHO Not when the POTUS calls it a hoax. WHO It's time for the Director to resign.

WHO Stay calm and carry on WHO wakeup During Global Financial Crisis global financial institutions - IMF & World Bank were admirably swift to act. They did what the world needed – and while negative consequences couldn’t be avoided, the immediate impact was to some extent mitigated. Trying to feel bad for the billionaires, but nothing is coming out.

DonaldJTrumpJr Part of the conspiracy? Wasn't it WHO that downplayed the risks for well over a month?

Athletes should not risk health for Tokyo Games: ThorpeAthletes should not risk their health for the Tokyo2020 Games, according to Australian swimming great Ian Thorpe amid concerns that a coronavirus outbreak might scupper the Olympics I'm gonna be so pissed if the Olympics are cancelled. I look forward to those. But I'll understand why. How is Tokyo2020 not yet cancelled?

This will return just as it was lost. Poof !! All the fed money gone in one week... but no go ahead J Powell add a couple more trillion at this point doesnt matter. Markets are in self fulfilling prophecy mode. money now dictates least we are being honest. but you know, those without money don't care too much about markets, they care about family. give us the facts and not the results and measures to stem....not a financial report.

WHO is waiting for China’s instruction and approval before taking any further actions. ChinaVirus COVID2019 That impact risk to wealth really hurts. Trump could use this opportunity to employ Americans and get some work done. And next week the impact risk alert will be 'beyond salvage' but still not pandemic. Literally EVERYONE is calling this a pandemic but the WHO!! Wtf is the point of them at this point!

So Mick Mulvaney thinks the WHO is out to undermine Trump, too? The consequences of the “hyped up hysteria” could cause far more long lasting damage than the coronavirus itself. three years of market gains up in smoke

Wait so the stock market determines how high the risk is ? Wtf is this ? this is stupid. The health organisation should pay no attention to markets to determine this. Ppl on markets see a potential crisis and sell It should be determined on the ACTUAL facts about the virus. It not wiped $6 trillion it wiped the whole humanity along the great great faith of humanity . Best and best wishes for all . I believe great peace for all .

Bang goes my pension. I guess I'll just have to survive another 10 years or so without it.... Again. Only 451 tests for coronavirus COVAD19 had been done in the United States as of Feb 26. 15 tested positive, about 3%%. This does not include 43 cases among repatriated persons from a cruise ship under quarantine.

Exactly what they want to happen.... and the WH advice don't talk about it so much and the stock market will come back...… yea.... right.... The virus didn't wipe anything off the market, stupid panicked human beings did Kenya My Country 😭😭😭😭 This is only the beginning...

A Georgia bar owner removed $3,714 worth of bills stapled to the walls to give to her unemployed staff

Coronavirus global cases surpass 1.5 million

Editorial: Bernie Sanders changed the Democratic Party for the better. Now it's his job to help defeat Trump

‘I Congratulate Joe Biden, A Very Decent Man,’ Says Bernie Sanders In Unprovoked Attack On Democratic Party Unity

Ohio state representative wants to prosecute Trump for ‘crimes against humanity’

The conspiracy linking 5G to coronavirus just will not die

Rapper Chynna Rogers Dead at 25

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