Rising infections in Idaho highlight the virus' latest target: Rural America

With just three counties left in the United States with zero COVID-19 cases, rural areas are increasingly becoming hotspots.

10/24/2020 8:25:00 AM

With just three counties left in the United States with zero COVID-19 cases, rural areas are increasingly becoming hotspots.

The state health department reported 950 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, bringing cumulative infections to 56,000 cases since the outbreak began.

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.Darin Oswald/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty ImagesWhen it comes to caring for patients withcoronavirusin Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and surrounding rural areas, Kootenai Health is the only game in town.

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"We're pretty much it," said Andrea Nagel, a spokesperson at the hospital, in the northern part of the state near the border with Washington. Critical access hospitals in nearby areas transfer patients they can't handle to Kootenai, and as Idaho's daily COVID-19 cases tick upward space at the hospital is dwindling.

While the number of free beds fluctuates, medical surgical units were 96% full on Friday, according to Nagel, and staff have been calling out-of-state hospitals in Spokane, Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City to see if they have extra beds should Kootenai become overrun.

MORE: In this small Alaskan town, 5 COVID cases meant an immediate lockdownNagel was careful to add that the emergency room at Kootenai is open and anyone who needs emergency care, COVID-related or otherwise, still can get it."We're hanging in there," she said of the staff, who are starting to feel the pandemic fatigue health care workers in New York and New Jersey described during the spring. Despite the rising cases, however, the regional health department board voted to end Kootenai County's mask mandate earlier this week,

according to The Associated Press.The anti-science backlash from some community members, including comments on social media, taken an additional toll on the hospital workers."It's definitely difficult for them," Nagel said."I know a lot of our medical staff are struggling with that."

On Thursday, the state health department reported 950 new COVID-19 cases, bringing cumulative infections to 56,000 since the outbreak began.ABC NewsIdaho's rising COVID-19 cases and hospitalizationsIdaho's rising COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations

In addition to rising cases and hospitalizations, an average of 34% of tests were positive every day in the past week in Idaho, as of Thursday, according to an ABC analysis of data from The COVID Tracking Project. That's nearly seven times the rate that health experts recommend staying below.

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A high positivity rate can be a sign that a state is only testing its sickest patients and failing to cast a net wide enough to accurately capture community transmission, according to Johns Hopkins University. The World Health Organization recommends that governments get their

positivity testing threshold below 5%.At least 553 people in Idaho have died of the virus so far, according to the health department.MORE: NY doctors were at the center of COVID battle. Here's what they say about the fall. Read more: ABC News »

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