Rise of a new coronavirus variant in Africa looks like the disaster scenario experts warned of if rich nations hoarded vaccines for themselves

A new coronavirus variant, named B.1.1.529, is spreading rapidly in southern Africa. It could be the nightmare result of vaccine inequality.

South Africa, Southern Africa

11/26/2021 5:54:00 PM

A new coronavirus variant, named B.1.1.529, is spreading rapidly in southern Africa. It could be the nightmare result of vaccine inequality.

A new coronavirus variant, named B.1.1.529, is spreading rapidly in southern Africa. It could be the nightmare result of vaccine inequality.

vaccines.As of Thursday, 23.51% of people in South Africa and 19.58% in Botswana have been fully vaccinated, Our World in Data.Story continuesA graph showing the vaccine rates of South Africa and Botswana compared to many of the world's wealthiest countries.

Our World in DataThis means the nightmare scenario could be arriving in just the way experts have warned about.Experts warned of this for monthsThe World Health Organization has repeatedly urged richer countries to share or buy fewer vaccine doses, and to make sure poorer nations have their first doses before distributing booster shots.

Those countries haven't listened.The WHO experts said this wider vaccine distribution was needed in part to stop new, dangerous variants from emerging. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, WHO's chief scientist,in August that she was "afraid" that booster campaigns "will only lead to more variants." headtopics.com

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Other experts have warned of the same scenario for months.Ken Shadlen, a professor of development studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science,told Insiderin March that if global vaccine inequality persisted, "it's going to potentially undermine the health benefits of all that we're doing with lockdowns and vaccines."

He said it wasn't inevitable that a vaccine-escaping variant would emerge if the virus kept spreading, but that "it would take a lot of confidence to believe that it's not going to, if it keeps spreading."Dr. Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota who advised Joe Biden on COVID-19 during his presidential transition, expressed the same concerns to Insider in March.

He said that efforts to end the pandemic would be difficult if there was a "largely uncontrolled transmission in the low- and middle-income countries," even if the world's richest nations had done widespread vaccinations.

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Nu B.1.1.529 variant: WHO Greek alphabet COVID naming system explainedThe World Health Organization is due to meet to discuss the rise of a highly mutated COVID variant, which has been dubbed 'Nu.' all i wanted for 2022 was to not see another eric feigl-ding tweet.... fork It's all nonsense. If they’re naming the new variant “Nu” because it’s the next letter in the Greek alphabet, that means there’s been 12 variants of covid before this one? Or do they not know the order of the Greek alphabet?

New, Heavily-Mutated Covid Variant Identified In Africa, Called “A Big Jump In Evolution”The U.K. added six African countries to its travel quarantine list on Thursday after a new, potentially more-transmissible variant of Covid-19 was identified there. Those countries are: South Afric… Not again 😭😭 Wall off cities. Go all World Z.

Coronavirus variant fear sparks Africa travel curbsSix southern African countries are put on the red list, amid 'deep concern' over a new variant of the virus.

Dow futures plunge 400 points amid fears of new Covid variant found in South AfricaU.S. stock futures dropped in overnight trading on Thursday amid renewed Covid fears over a new variant found in South Africa . thanks Sweeeet A new COVID variant means everyone gets MORE free money!!!!

South Africa Finds New Variant Of COVID-19 With 'Constellation Of Mutations'The United Kingdom temporarily barred flights from six African nations amid fears over the new coronavirus strain. wow AS long as most of the world, especially developing nations, remain unvaccinated, variants will find fertile ground. There is risk of vaccine-resistant variant emerging. Global vaccination is needed! UK Germn Frnce Portgl NL Belgm etc engulfed in COVID Calamity+New Shutdowns(Asia Aus too), Africa got New Multi-Varient strain But CDA Ont Que etc Just Re-Opened Airprt,Border, full 100% Indoor Events& Everything But Our COVD s Trippling from OCT Lows, Are We Sleepn or?

Britain alarmed by new COVID-19 variant spreading in South AfricaBritain on Thursday said it was concerned by a newly identified coronavirus variant spreading in South Africa that might make vaccines less effective and imperil efforts to fight the pandemic. All variants are from China 🇨🇳. China must be held accountable. The world ivory tower scientist fucked up , Geert van den Bosche warned for this from the start (and others) van kerkhove should take care of her ear wax and listen to the real experts