Comic-Con, Riot Games

Comic-Con, Riot Games

Riot Games Bosses Reflect On Company’s “Reckoning,” Progress Of Diversity In Gaming & Entertainment – Comic-Con

Riot Games Bosses Reflect On Company’s “Reckoning,” Progress Of Diversity In Gaming & Entertainment – Comic-Con

7/24/2021 10:01:00 PM

Riot Games Bosses Reflect On Company’s “Reckoning,” Progress Of Diversity In Gaming & Entertainment – Comic-Con

The need for diverse voices and inclusive storytelling extends far beyond the entertainment industry, making its way to the gaming world where companies like Riot Games see representation as more t…

for gender discrimination and sexual harassment allegations.“As that accumulated and there were cases that we didn’t talk about…it was a reckoning,” Nam said. “When time stopped, it really felt like every team looked inwards and had the deepest retrospect of their life.”

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According to Nam, the moment opened up the dialogue and allowed employees and members of the community to speak freely about the difficulties of working in the industry. Similarly, Thomas said that she has since reached out to other women to gain feedback on how Riot can improve or do a better job at listening to employee concerns. They agreed that Riot’s controversies and its efforts to improve could serve as a lesson to other parts of the gaming community.

Beyond internal dynamics, listening and representing diverse opinions has carried over to Riot gaming and entertainment content – from a new South AsianLeaguecharacter to upcoming entertainment projects such as Netflix’sArcane. Though the Riot execs recognize that there is still work to do, Spenley said that conversations about diversity and inclusion have become a fabric of Riot’s identity.

Constant conversations now will result in franchises and titles enjoyed by generations to come, she added.“I want these stories to feel representative of our children and our children’s children and for them to be long-lasting franchises that multiple generations after us get to enjoy,” Spenley said. “Part of that is digging deeply and finding those representation stories and storytellers that are going to do this right.”

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