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Why Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Almost Didn't Make It to the Met Gala

9/24/2021 8:58:00 AM

Why Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Almost Didn't Make It to the Met Gala

Rihanna can 'Shine Bright Like a Diamond' on and off the red carpet, but the Savage x Fenty Vol. 3 designer almost didn't attend the Met Gala with boyfriend A$AP Rocky. Find out the LOL reason.

Her favorite part of the designer showcase, she told E! News, is just "seeing the different body types, honestly, because there's certain things that I designed that I'm like, 'I would never wear that, just no way. That would make my stomach look terrible,'" she revealed, "but then I see someone wear it, and I'm like, 'No way, I could wear it too!' Women are just so confident in this show."

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