Rihanna's Fenty Collection Earns Yet Another Reward

.@rihanna's @FentyOfficial just earned another award 👏

4/9/2020 8:09:00 PM

.rihanna's FentyOfficial just earned another award 👏

Rihanna's FENTY line continues to expand with a newly-revealed faux leather capsule collection, and the star's conscious efforts are now being recognized.

faux leather capsule collection, and the star's conscious efforts are now being recognized by PETA.The animal rights organization announced it is crowning Rihanna with the Compassion in Fashion Award for her choice not to use real leather. "Rihanna should

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take a bowfor this stunning cruelty-free collection," PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said in a press release."With her new vegan collection, Rihanna shows how easy it is to create a killer look that no animal had to die for." Read more: billboard »

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rihanna FentyOfficial

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