Right-Wing Anti-Vax Radio Host Who Mocked AIDS Victims Dies Of COVID-19

Bob Enyart fought mask mandates and refused the vaccine.

9/14/2021 6:40:00 AM

Bob Enyart fought mask mandates and refused the vaccine.

Bob Enyart fought mask mandates and refused the vaccine.

However, Enyart might be best remembered for his cruelty.As: “He would gleefully read obituaries of AIDS sufferers while cranking ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen, whose lead singer, Freddie Mercury, succumbed to the malady.”Enyart’s wife, Cheryl, is also sick with what his website calls “severe Covid 19 conditions.”

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Imagine being such a horrible person that when you die no one cares. Bob Enyart was that kind of man. Great There was nothing Christ-like about this monster 'On his defunct TV show, Enyart used to gleefully read obituaries of AIDS sufferers while cranking ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen,” We need to STOP demonizing COVID and show some respect. Thank you for getting rid of this parasite.

Lmaoooooo Another one bites the dust The man chose disinformation a.k.a. ratings over vaccine. So good! You reap what you sow. Next! At least he wasn't a coward.

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Office karma dance And some people think its only bad news these days... Let them die… at home since they refused vaccine Bye, say hello to Charles Darwin for me. Aww he’s dead? anotheronebitesthedust Thank you. Bye Felicia!! Good riddance. At this point can you even call it irony?

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It's called karma. Meh Did you hear that? That was the sound of the door hitting him. antimasker-AntiVaxxer IGNORANCE perpetuated by GOP leaders like GovRonDeSantis, govabbot, RepBoebert & RepMTG are willingly infecting and killing their own. But then again, when THIS ⬇️ is their accepted standard-bearer, the mass-murderering of their own is their choice.

Tots and pears. Well well… another one bites the dust … uh.....oh well I not only have a lack of sympathy for this man, if I ever have reason to pass near his grave, I will cha-cha slide all over it. I’m sure he will be missed. Not by me, by maybe by someone or other.

Fox News Anchor Walks Out After Restaurant Requests Photo ID With Vaccine CardBill Hemmer recounted the incident to co-host Dana Perino while discussing New York City's COVID-19 vaccine policies.

Just read a little about this 'man'. He was a cruel, vile person who went way out of his way to hurt others. The devil just called him home. Small violins can play at his funeral. I'd assume he is no longer with us. Bye. All to impress and please who? Book closed. No sympathy Darwin was CORRECT!!!! Good riddance to him!

Fox News Anchor Walks Out After Restaurant Requests Photo ID With Vaccine CardBill Hemmer recounted the incident to co-host Dana Perino while discussing New York City's COVID-19 vaccine policies. I can only imagine that the restaurant was relieved when he left. That whole Proof of ID thing really came around and bit him square in the dick, didn't it. Another looser just looking for attention.

Karma 1 Enyart 0 For the benefit of IngrahamAngle , nobody is laughing. He is a victim. Unfortunately he helped to make a lot of other people victims too! Great! It shows, you don't die by getting vaccinated. Buy the ticket ride the bus. Zero F&$ to give T&P 5 Another one bites the dust...

Fauci says he 'would support' mandating COVID-19 vaccine for air travelThe nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says he would support mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for air travel. He supports gain of function research too. What does that tell you? Good.

Irony is not dead. Although he is. Dropping dead like flies I’m still alive !! I had him in my knock out pool!! You play you pay , just think how man other people followed him ? 71 million more fools to go and America will be great again Cue up Queen: “On his old TV show, the host would “gleefully read obituaries of AIDS sufferers while cranking ‘Another One Bites the Dust’”.

I really hate to see anyone die from covid but it's hard to have sympathy for idiots like this. I do feel sorry for their family members though. This was so unnecessary …. No he didn't.

A big study in Bangladesh finds simple ways to encourage mask useThe masks programme in Bangladesh reduced symptomatic infections by 9.3%, and by 34% among people over 60 who were given surgical masks rather than cloth ones this is terrible news Lütfen AŞILARI mızı olalım. the mask protects😷

Most R not against vaccines,but R also not comfortable with having the first mRNA vaccine,which is not the same,which DOES reprogram ur cells.There's too many CONS 2 just go full steam ahead,hence why senior FDA reps resigned.All previous vaccines R NOT anything like this new Vax He asked for it. He wanted it. He got it.

perfectly healthy 350 lb male with diabetes and an enlarged heart dies from Covid. Reap=Sewed Karma Perhaps they could play 'Another One Bites the Dust' at his funeral. Karma is a real bitch, isn’t it? Yeah, I am glad he is dead. How many people did he kill with his misinformation campaign. Good riddance.

👊🏼🤬👍🏼 awwww, too bad ... jk ... not really Bye Bye! One less right wing Insurrectionist gone from the planet. How many more will have to die for conservative radio listeners to know they're being lied to!?!? Excellent. Who is keeping count of these anti-vaccination broadcasters who have now died from this disease? And, what's the over/under on the final number of anti-vaxx broadcaster deaths before the dwindling anti-vaxx group finally accepts defeat?

Rest in hell. I’m sorry I have no compassion for this guy. He was cruel

I’m sure his family will be comforted to know that he died worm free. He was a dick! I don’t really care, do you? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Huff Puff readers are really 'Evil', masquerading as 'Compassionate'! Wow! If these people can convince others they should not get vaccinated, and people die becuase of that, why are they not being sued by thier victims?

I have no sympathy or respect. Well it appears stupid can be fixed after all. Kinda harsh way to do it, but 'oil well' as they say in Alberta.

Hahahahahaha Ohhh how sad. Thoughts and prayers Thoughts and..never mind Yes !!! Good riddance. karma 100 down 10,000 to go. Why not vaccinate. It will happen voluntarily or by mandatory law. Keep playing Russian roulette with your life. It’s not if but when you’ll get it gopcongress SenateFloor HouseFloor GOPconvention nature has way with eliminating the stupid.

One last A-hole on the planet. When I hear about jerks like this taking a dirt nap and seeing his followers ignore the message, reminds me of wild animals on the Serengeti blissfully munching on grass as cousin Larry ends up in a Lion's mouth. Another fool who thought he knew it all. Real smart. Hope his followers see the light and get vaccinated

I’m drinking tea right now It's like a cleanse, they are ridding themselves. Good riddance I’m starting to wonder if Covid was created for this very purpose. As Grandma would have said, 'Well, what did he think was going to happen?' Another one bites the dust! He used that Queen song in regards to AIDS patients. Zero fucks to give

I’m glad he’s dead. Yes! All's well that ends well. Pass the suya pls I love this song Before: Anti-vaxer After: Public service announcement How many anti-vax radio hosts are there Good grief. thanks Very cool