Latingrammy, Carla Morrison, Latin Grammys, Ricky Martin

Latingrammy, Carla Morrison

Ricky Martin, Carla Morrison Perform the Romantic Duet 'Recuerdo' at Latin Grammys

Ricky Martina and Carla Morrison passionately crooned the romantic Duet 'Recuerdo' at tonight's #LatinGRAMMY

11/20/2020 6:10:00 AM

Ricky Martin a and Carla Morrison passionately crooned the romantic Duet 'Recuerdo' at tonight's LatinGRAMMY

Puerto Rican icon and indie Mexican singer passionately croon track from Martin’s latest album alongside “Tiburones”

Pausais the follow-up to Martin’s Grammy-winning 2015 recordA Quien Quiera Escuchar.This year also saw indie pop vocalist Morisson return with a slew of new singles, such as the mental health awareness ode “Ansiedad” and the more recent electro-pop kiss-off “No Me Llames.”

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Morrisonspoke to Grammys.comabout what her Latin Grammy performance alongside Ricky Martin means to her: “It means a lot because I’m from Tecate, [Mexico.] And Tecate’s a small town and I would have never in my life dreamt even about being a un lado de Ricky, not even standing-wise, like, ‘Hey.’ So to be there singing a song that we wrote together and that we collaborated on that’s on his album is, to me, the most beautiful message I can give to anybody that wants to dream big.”

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I was like who tf is Ricky Martina lol Martina? Really? Man... I'm not the type of person who point this things out, but you are THE ROLLING STONE'S MAGAZINE. Ricky Matilda The Explorer, whatever you want to call him.