Rickey Thompson: 'I'm Black, I'm Beautiful, and I Am Proud. So I Will Not Be Silent'

Rickey Thompson: 'I'm Black, I'm Beautiful, and I Am Proud. So I Will Not Be Silent'

7/2/2020 12:05:00 AM

Rickey Thompson: 'I'm Black, I'm Beautiful, and I Am Proud. So I Will Not Be Silent'

Rickey Thompson discusses his experiences at Black Lives Matter protests, Meghan Markle, and celebrating Pride.

to start a new life beyond the crown, he celebrated."Girl, I would have done the same exact thing," he said."I love how she said enough is enough, I'm not going to deal with all this. It's so sad that she got all of that hate for literally nothing."

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He also praised Prince Harry for making the big decision with his wife."The fact that her man left with her? That's what I'm looking for. That is what I want," Thompson said."For a man to step down to be with his woman? That is what I want."

On protesting injustice"I honestly think it is absolutely amazing that now Black people are being heard," Thompson said."We are really out there letting people know that enough is enough, we're sick and tired of the racism. We really want to be heard. Being Black is actually so amazing, and it just made me so upset because it's like why are people so upset because of people's skin color?"

The star recalled participating in the recent protests for seven days straight because he wanted to be involved in more ways than just posting on social media at home."I actually wanted to be out there. I actually wanted to be chanting. I actually wanted to fight for these people who deserve justice," he said.

Thompson's takeaway from the current wave of protest and change is hope, as he praised how people are being called out on their racism, or how white people in leadership or creative roles are stepping down to make room for their Black peers."You know, hey, it makes me happy," he said of the progress the Black Lives Matter movement has made so far."I'm Black, I'm beautiful, and I am proud. So I will not be silent."

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