Richard Cordray: 'Any two-bit fraudster' can make a website seem legitimate

Former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray shares his advice for avoiding scams during the coronavirus pandemic.

3/30/2020 8:03:00 AM

'In any crisis, low-lifes come out of the woodwork with their scams and frauds to try and cheat people out of their money.' Richard Cordray, fmr. Dir. of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, discusses possible stimulus check scams.

Former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray shares his advice for avoiding scams during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Yeah they are called politicians! . The biggest scam was by DonaldTrump who used the TaxCutForTheRich to steal 2.7 Trillion tax dollars. Now thousands are dying, we need an investigation with witness Benghzi4DeadTrumpCoronaKilled20000 Benghzi4DeadTrumpCoronaKilled20000 'Maybe worse than hoarding': Trump implies hospital staff stealing masks... с помощью YouTube

The whole damn thing is a scam. The biggest scam is that it’s really just an advance of the tax credits you’ll claim for 2020, but some corporations are getting money they don’t have to pay back! Is he talking about trump here? My prayers goes to all those who suffer the effects of the Corona virus, I pray for the strength of God in these difficult times. I bring a ray of hope, you don't have to be poor since you stay at home you can conveniently earn legitimate money from home. Send a DM for More Info.

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