Richard Branson Planning to Beat Jeff Bezos to Space

Richard Branson Planning to Beat Jeff Bezos to Space

6/11/2021 10:00:00 PM

Richard Branson Planning to Beat Jeff Bezos to Space

Richard Branson is out to prove he's the billionaire king of space travel, working with his team to beat Amazon's Jeff Bezos in busting out of Earth's atmosphere ... according to a new report.

in busting out of Earth's atmosphere ... according to a new report.Bezos announced he and his brother would be on the first crewed flight for his Blue Origin aerospace company -- the 11-minute trip is set to launch July 20. However, a report from the blog

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says Bezos' announcement has sparked a space race with Virgin Galactic honcho Richard Branson -- who now wants to launch his rocket-fueled flight over the July 4 weekend.Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.Branson's largest possible snag, according to Parabolic Arc, is that VG will first need to obtain a commercial reusable spacecraft operator’s license from the FAA.

Details of Branson's possible trip are sparse, but if approved -- he'll travel in Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo rocket plane for the journey. The billionaire has not yet spoken publicly about the trip.Play video contentLAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO SPACE

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Jeff Bezos' spaceflight: Live updates

Jeff Bezos will fly to space today on the first crewed flight of the New Shepard, the rocket ship made by his space company, Blue Origin. Follow here for live updates.

Rich people stuff I can’t relate to Sir Richard is a daredevil. Just dont leave any trash, Space is becoming polluted. Enjoy guys🤣🤣🤣 Enjoy As far as I’m concerned all these billionaires can go and just stay there. I don’t know about Branson, but the others pay no taxes and I’m working my ass off for pennies and pay more than they do.

elonmusk have you gotten a load of this bs? Lol 😂 spacex My cousin already beat both of them so who gives a fuck Why don’t they put their money to some good use? I think Rich would win in a fist fight too! Rich folks! smdh! Man just cant wait to see sum shit they rlly not rdy for, all this to go to outer space, meanwhile ppl still slp under overpasses and alley ways,children go to bed with starving bellys. Lets focus on home idiots!😐

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rips Jeff Bezos for Trip to SpaceSen. Elizabeth Warren rips Jeff Bezos over his upcoming trip to space. Shut up karen warren Bravo, Ms. Warren, you speak for the majority of thinking adults. WTF, Bezos? If Biden took a trip to space, she wouldn’t be complaining about it!

Oh look, a pissing contest between too fugly billionaires. Why not just spend that money on the hungry, homeless, oppressed and sick individuals in THE WORLD. Leave space to the professionals, like Tesla. How bout one of them go to space and the other help with the homeless crisis! No one can see the size of your 🍆 in space.

JeffBezos richardbranson please, i'm begging you two, cut as many corners safety-wise in order to beat the other guy please please please The air traffic control guy in charge . IfYouKnowYouKnow

Jeff Bezos And The Other Billionaire Space CowboysThe Amazon founder is heading to space in July. He isn't the first billionaire astronaut, and he won't be the last, but he will be the first to bring his own spaceship. These, all cardboard billionaires are actually clowns driven from behind by the secret services. No normal and hardworking man can become a billionaire in a lifetime, unless he steals, lies, cheats, etc. wish they wise themselves up and feed the hungry instead of being the cause of others' hunger May be I can buy third ticket for the trip with JeffBezos but if it’s SpaceX mission 😅

Jeff Bezos and Other Space Tourists Fly at Their Own RiskNext month, Jeff Bezos plans to join the small band of tourists who have flown in space. For now, they aren't protected by the federal safety rules that govern commercial air travel. Full video of the live debate on IndiaToday , with host rahulkanwal , 10 Jun, 2021 China Designed Covid-19: Will Beijing Come Clean On Origin Of Coronavirus? | Newstrack YanLiMeng UnrestrictedBioweapon 闫丽梦 DrLiMengYAN1 TheOriginOfCOVID19 Am sure thousands of Amazon workers wish him a safe return 😇 Shut_downAmazon

Jeff Bezos’s flight of fancyJeff Bezos and Elon Musk’s motives for space exploration are not purely commercial. There is a new-frontier zeal involved, too Unclear what Elon’s true motive is A spiritual zeal, a future for humanity zeal, a gdp for the next 100 years zeal craziness

Opinion | Why America’s wealthiest keep getting richer and richerOpinion | JamesSurowiecki: The American tax system's not designed for a world in which the richest people can keep their money in stocks and let them keep appreciating without ever having to sell. - MSNBCDaily JamesSurowiecki Daily Doctor trump realdonaldtrump wants to make sure that includes him but sooner than later he's not going to have any money for the lack of not paying taxes fraud and a bunch of other illegal shit he's done over his life JamesSurowiecki Daily Our tax system is so big bulky n a mess so it allows the affluent to game the system. JamesSurowiecki Daily We are concentrating too much on taxing INCOME and WEALTH. Switch to a VAT system and tax when money is SPENT. Essentials* should be tax free, everything else is taxed. You spend more, you pay more tax. Simple, yeah? 1 / 2

Didn’t need ProPublica to tell us this🤷🏼‍♂️ ProPublica apparently has no idea how taxes work