Rice: No higher imperative for U.S. than electing Joe Biden

Susan Rice on being vetted as a potential VP pick for Joe Biden: “All I care about is getting is getting Joe Biden elected president of the United States so that we again have component, compassionate, loyal effective leadership in the White House.”

6/30/2020 1:41:00 PM

Susan Rice on being vetted as a potential VP pick for Joe Biden: “All I care about is getting is getting Joe Biden elected president of the United States so that we again have component, compassionate, loyal effective leadership in the White House.”

Susan Rice, former national security advisor in the Obama administration, talks with Rachel Maddow about reports that she is under consideration to be Joe Biden's running mate and her willingness to do whatever is asked of her to help Biden win in 2020.

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Perfect. Black female. That’s all they cared about Another reason not to vote for Joe. I honestly want to know what's going on with her son. I want a VP that is not going to bring drama and her son is too much. That's a no thank you from me. So many errors in the title. C’mon. Right! NO! NOT SUSAN RICE. PLEASE NO! There are way better choices.

OBAMAGATE. TICK TOCK. Good luck with that!!!! Trump 2020 💥Susan rice will soon be answering questions on the FISA warrant spying on the president and his campaign and her email to herself saying Obama wanted everything to be done by the book! She will be answering to Dourm!!💥 Component? Stayed up late writing this one?

TRUMP 2020---THANKS SUSAN TRUMP 2020---POWER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE America is doom to fail under Joe Biden and his communist liberal supporters. I didn't know Gitmo had elections... She would also be a great choice Competent Besides you’ll be on the stand soon so you’ll be busy? Susan Rice for VP! GOP won't mention Benghazi now, the Putin Hit for Hire payola plot to kill our troops in Afghanistan is like a thousand Benghazi's!!!

proofread “Component” 🤣🤣🤣 How about a “competent” proofreader? I’d hold off. Now we know she was in on targeting Gen Flynn. She’s a liar and obviously incompetent. ., she uses the word competent, not component. Please review this and make the necessary corrections accordingly. TheJusticeDept why isn't she in jail yet? lockherup

Susan is so intelligent and smart. That answer right there's very diplomatic. Also, can you imagine a worse picture of yourself? She's not Satan ... She is his best choice Typos happen to the best of us, Component or Competent? Hope she gets it. Trump can grill Biden about her CYA memo on the Obama White House meeting to set Gen Flynn up. doitbythebook

Susan Rice would be a remarkable Vice President! Is she even serious? Hahahahaha.... Not a great choice in my opinion. Too much controversy accompanies her. Val Demings is best choice. I don’t know how anyone can say that with a straight face. I'm a huge Elizabeth Warren fan for Vice President, but I would also be thrilled if Biden chose Susan Rice for Vice President.

Let’s elect Gropey Joe that they keep hidden in the basement for fear his condition be recognized by the entire country and throw the basket of deplorables onto the trash heap of history. Go Joe! JoeBiden The President is tweeting 'white power' while young black men are getting randomly lynched in public spaces, and the rich racist news celebrities refuse to report on it. It is Offical: 2020 is the year of class/race Civil War coupled with the Greatest Depression. Buckle up.

Hope he picks her, guaranteed Trump landslide. She belongs in jail. Future Chief of Staff AmbassadorRice realDonaldTrump GenFlynn Comey JohnBrennan SallyQYates PressSec kayleighmcenany seanspicer seanhannity TuckerCarlson VP IvankaTrump This.

Joe Biden campaign says 36% of senior staff are people of colorThe campaign said that 36% of its senior staff are people of color, but did not disclose how much of its overall campaign staff are people of color. Wow....in comparison to all the other stories you might want to look into... Who cares ? Who cares? Oh, right. Democrats care more about race than they do about quality and competency.

Wall Street is underpricing a Joe Biden presidential win, Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey warnsWells Fargo Securities' Christopher Harvey suggests a change in Washington could hurt the market recovery. TradingNation Lmao TradingNation Has CNBC now shamelessly turned into Fox News? TradingNation LOL Wells Fargo is still in business? BountyGate

Willie Nelson & Robert Earl Keen Headlined Joe Biden's Texas Virtual FundraiserWillie Nelson and Robert Earl Keen will perform at former Vice President Joe Biden&39;s Texas virtual fundraiser today (June 29) as the event&39;s headliners. Thanks for the virtual fundraiser.

Joe Biden Leads; He Still Faces Four Big TasksPresident Trump doesn’t appear to be gaining on Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race in the polls. Yet Democratic analysts cite four crucial tasks that stand out for the presumptive Democratic nominee. He needs to quit giving into extremists and learn from the last election why Hillary lost Is one of those tasks forming coherent sentences? If only he could remember them

Joe Biden Ramps Up in MichiganThe presumptive Democratic presidential candidate is building out his team in Michigan, tapping an experienced red-state operative to oversee operations there. trump is broken mentally, physically and intellectually. He is destroying everything good about the US and proliferating hate and racism.... VOTE HIM OUT He has dementia poor old guy Biden belongs in an old persons home, not the WH

Chase Rice Hosts Packed Concert in Tennessee, No Masks or DistancingThe country singer didn't seem to mind nobody was distancing or wearing masks at his first concert in months. Hopefully everybody come out of it okay. Slow news day ? I just imagine, how in the back of their mind, a little voice is screaming, 'wtf are we doing, we're all going to diiiiiiie!, this was suuuuuuuch a bad decision!' Somewhere...