Ricardo Arjona Explores Deep Emotion on the Ballad 'De la Ilusión al Miedo'

Ricardo Arjona explores deep emotion on the ballad 'De la Ilusión al Miedo'

10/22/2021 2:02:00 AM

Ricardo Arjona explores deep emotion on the ballad 'De la Ilusión al Miedo'

The single is from the Guatemalan artist’s upcoming album Negro, part of his two-volume collection Blanco y Negro

Negro, which is the second part of his two-volume album collectionBlanco y Negro.The black-and-white visuals show the French free-diver, dancer, and filmmaker Julie Gautier floating and performing stunning choreography at a depth of 12 meters. Her smooth movements blend with the delicate piano melody and the dream-like string arrangements of the song. “De la Ilusión al Miedo” builds powerfully as the Guatemalan composer professes a profound love, calmly but decisively choosing to explore deep, vulnerable emotion rather than sticking to paths forged by others. “I have an absurd obsession/With believing that I don’t deserve/That you could feel the same way I do,” he sings, exposed.

In mid-2020, the artist releasedBlanco, the first part of his conceptual project, which was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London. At the end of this year, Arjona is planning to publish book of the same name that recounts the process of making the album. He’s also getting ready to launch a North American tour in 2022, which will begin on March 24th in Albuquerque, New Mexico and will end on June 11th in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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The original song of the video was better, just saying… but good for Julie and Guillaume My eyes deceive me Great work from a TRUE artist Erick_Mormar