RHOBH Reunion Part 3: Erika Slams Kyle and Dorit For 'Mocking' Her Life, Says She's 'Keeping Score'

Andy Cohen also asks Erika point blank if she knew about Tom Girardi's alleged theft.

10/28/2021 4:05:00 AM

Andy Cohen also asks Erika point blank if she knew about Tom Girardi's alleged theft (via toofab)

Andy Cohen also asks Erika point blank if she knew about Tom Girardi's alleged theft.

Kyle said her and Dorit were so"stressed" about that night because they care about Erika, while Dorit said that explaining Erika's situation during the dinner became"so jumbled" and"confused" that it became"preposterous."

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"It was not at all, I swear hand on my heart, ever to make a mockery of your situation," Dorit added.After Erika closed down the conversation by saying she is ready for any questions still lingering about her and Tom's legal issues, Andy brought up the fact that their situation weighs heavier because there are other people involved, as Tom stands accused of stealing from cancer patients, burn victims and the families of plane crash victims.

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TooFab She obviously doesn't care enough to pay back the victims their money. Where is that $20 million Erica?

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