Jlo, Joebiden

Jlo, Joebiden

Revry To Host QueerX Live! Drive-In With Jennifer Lopez, Joe Biden, Shea Diamond & More

The event will feature #JLo, #JoeBiden and more.

10/11/2020 10:13:00 PM

The event will feature JLo, JoeBiden and more.

Tomorrow night (Sunday, Oct. 11), Revry's annual celebration of LGBTQ+ music, film and culture returns as a new award show special.

According to the release, Biden in particular speaks about LGBTQ+ rights and the discrimination from adoption agencies, homeless shelters and other public services, as well as how the current administration is turning a blind eye to the epidemic of violence against transgender women of color.

Lorde Reveals the Musician She Wants to Collab With & Who Left Her Starstruck in '73 Questions': Watch Opinion | Suni Lee and Simone Biles both represent the best of America 'Arthur' to end at PBS Kids with Season 25 in 2022

"The White House should never be a source of opposition or fear or oppression," he says."It should be a source of hope and moral courage and unification. I will be an ally of the light, not the darkness.”Shea Diamond Performs 'Don't Shoot' | Pride Summit 2020

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CNN's Brianna Keilar Expertly Dismantles Trump’s Idea Of Fox Sycophants As ModeratorsThe president suggested Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham would be 'fair' hosts of a 2020 debate against Democratic nominee Joe Biden. omg Yes. No better than fair.

Jim Carrey Steals the Show During SNL Parody of the Fly That Landed on Mike Pence's Head - E! OnlineJim Carrey makes an appearance on Saturday Night Live as Joe Biden, who apparently has a special connection to the fly that landed on Mike Pence's head. He’s awful as Biden. Whatever steals it with his bad acting. wow. That's pretty close resemblance.

Biden Campaign Goes Full Petty With 'Truth Over Flies' Fly SwatterThe Joe Biden campaign immediately pounced on Mike Pence's fly moment with genius merch. It wasn’t petty, it was a stroke of genius! If someone attacked my kids in a debate on national tv I’d get petty too. When they go low, we go...fly (swatter)!

2nd presidential debate between Biden and Trump canceledJUST IN: The second presidential debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and Pres. Trump was canceled. The second debate had been scheduled for Oct. 15, in a virtual format. Wow Chicken!‼️

View latest 2020 presidential pollingCNN’s smerconish takes a look back at the 2016 polls and compares them to 2020’s numbers. “The margins by which Biden leads Trump are in some instances larger than by which Clinton led Trump four years ago. Still, it all comes down to turnout,” he says. smerconish Trump Hater Extraordinaire!! I see I see

These zip codes are donating the most money to Donald TrumpThough both Joe Biden and President Trump have similar numbers of donations overall, Biden received more money from his top 50 zip codes. wtf naples Americans are totally divided because of our media. Our media have failed us and their bias has ruined more than just our economy. Their bias has ruined normal decency and promoted hatred and division between our neighbors and coworkers. Stopthehate Democrats