Review: 'Succession' Season 3 gets funnier and fiercer with each episode

The Emmy-winning series returns on Sunday.

10/16/2021 6:39:00 PM

REVIEW: ‘Succession’ Season 3 keeps getting funnier and fiercer with each deliciously decadent episode, writes Peter Travers.

The Emmy-winning series returns on Sunday.

Nicholas Braun discusses Emmy nominationBraun is nominated for best supporting actor in a drama series for his role in “Succession.”Hunter Graeme/HBOYou know a show has struck creative and commercial paydirt when it keeps getting funnier and fiercer with each deliciously decadent episode. That, in a nutshell, is Season Three of"Succession," the Emmy-winning series that debuts the first of nine new episodes this Sunday on HBO Max.

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When we last saw media tycoon Logan Roy (a volcanic Brian Cox), he was dealing with the plot to steal his throne by the hilariously spoiled brats he calls his children. Only one Roy heir is being overt about his betrayal -- that's Kendall (a powerhouse Jeremy Strong) and mostly because his Big Daddy was about to make him the fall guy for his own dirty deeds.

Macall B. Polay/HBOMatthew Macfadyen in HBO's"Succession."Some people say there is no one to like on"Succession." But I can't think of a thing not to like about the perverse pleasure of ogling the rich enjoying and abusing their privileges. Strong beat Cox for the best actor Emmy last year, but every actor on this show deserves a gold statue.

Check out cousin Greg, aced with devious comic skill by Nicholas Braun, try to play both sides by groveling to Logan while joining Kendall in gathering evidence to implicate the CEO in charges of criminal and sexual misconduct in the cruise division of his company.

MORE: 'Mass' review: 4 brilliant performances will grip you and not let goNo one plays the fool like cousin Greg, but he worries about the scary misadventures that await him if he goes to prison. And no one teases Greg like Tom (the marvelous Matthew Macfadyen), who knows that Logan's threat to pour"a million poisonous spiders down your dickie" applies to him as well. Braun and Macfadyen are a dream team of lacerating laughs.

Still, series creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong wisely focuses on Logan's true heirs. Even when Kendall is maybe too much the main attraction and brother Connor (Alan Ruck) is too distracted by presidential ambitions, there are two other Roy siblings ready to go to war.

Hunter Graeme/HBOBrian Cox and Sarah Snook in HBO's"Succession."Once again, Kieran Culkin rivets attention as Roman, the son who uses a smirk to hide his feelings, even for Gerri (a wicked, wily, compulsively watchable J. Smith-Cameron), the firm's general counsel who Logan keeps threatening to promote above his flesh and blood.

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And then there's Logan's only daughter, Shiv, played by the superb Sarah Snook with a blend of vulnerability and ruthlessness that Logan never seems to find tough enough. There are few TV treats as delectable as gaping at the Logan sibs backstabbing Big Daddy and each other.

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