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Review: Disney+'s Muppets Now Brings Kermit & Co. to the Digital Age

An inconsistent batch of episodes delivers lots of silly laughs—but the frog just doesn't feel right

8/2/2020 9:00:00 AM

An inconsistent batch of episodes delivers lots of silly laughs—but the frog just doesn't feel right

An inconsistent batch of episodes delivers lots of silly laughs—but the frog just doesn't feel right.

Muppets Nowdescribes itself as the Muppets Studio’s “first unscripted series,” which is a good way of easing you into the premise of the six-episode season debuting Friday on Disney+. In short, webchat-heavy episodes that suggest even the Muppets obey the rules of social distancing, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and the rest of the gang entertain with a compilation of short, “unscripted” sketches, each tailored to a different Muppet’s strengths.

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Miss Piggy stars in “Lifesty,” a talk show where she walks the viewer through different ways to be fabulous—attended to, for some reason, byTaye DiggsandLinda Cardelliniin every episode. Kermit and Miss Piggy both host “Mup Close and Personal,” an interview show where nothing seems to go as planned. Pepe the King Prawn hosts a surprisingly entertaining game show in which he makes up the rules as he goes along, with two new hapless humans as his contestants every episode. Dr. Bunsen and Beaker have a

Mythbustersstyle science show, where they use absurd experiments to demonstrate the laws of physics. And Swedish Chef stars in “Okey Dokey Cooking”—the official title has more diacritics and umlauts than I’m using—where he battles a human chef,Iron Chef

-style. His human opponents are wonderful foils to his bizarre mumbling; naturally, many silly word jokes are made, including a gag where he tries to makeDanny Trejo’s chicken molé tacos by wrapping a Muppet mole (the animal, you see) in a blanket-sized tortilla.

The segments are a little all over the place, some funnier than others. But what makesMuppets Nowgel is that it lets the Muppets be chirpy entertainers, which was an element missing from the last effort to make the Muppets relevant: ABC’s short-lived sitcom

The Muppets.That show focused on the “real,” backstage lives of the characters, which didn’t really play up to the Muppets’ strengths.Muppets Now Read more: VANITY FAIR »

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His voice is too different for me. A lot deeper than what Kermit usually sounds like 😭 favorite song from folklore album by Taylor Swift? That’s because his soul left with Jim.

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