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‘Revenge’ Reboot With Latinx Lead In Works At ABC

EXCLUSIVE: ABC readies a #Revenge reboot, this time with a Latinx lead

11/7/2019 1:52:00 AM

EXCLUSIVE: ABC readies a Revenge reboot, this time with a Latinx lead

EXCLUSIVE: One of ABC ’s most popular drama series of this decade is eyeing a comeback with a new chapter. The network is developing Revenge , a follow-up to the 2011 series, which starred Emil…

,a follow-up to the 2011 series, which starred Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe. The reboot hails from the original series’ creator/executive producer, writer-producer Joe Fazzio, Temple Hill and ABC Studios, now part of Disney TV Studios.Written by Kelley and Fazzio,

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Revengechronicles the story of a young Latinx immigrant. Guided by one of the original series’ favorite characters, she arrives in Malibu to exact revenge on a Sackler-esque pharmaceutical dynasty, whose insatiable greed lead to the murder of her biochemist mother, the destruction of her family, and a global epidemic.

Related StoryShutterstockarchiveThe project is still in early stages, and according to sources, the character from the original series who would bridge that show and the sequel has not been identified, and there are no actors attached to the new project at this time. There are a number of possible choices of fan-favorite

Revengecharacters who could be brought back, including tech wiz Nolan Ross and his friend, Louise Virginia Ellis.Kelley and Fazzio executive produce alongside Kelley’s producing partner Melissa Loy and Temple Hill’s Marty Bowen, both of whom also were executive producers on the original series.

ABCInspired by the Alexandre Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo,the originalRevengestarred VanCamp as a young woman who comes to the Hamptons to exact revenge on a wealthy family who had framed her father.The series was a breakout hit when it debuted in fall 2011. Its linear ratings eventually tapered off as the heavily serialized drama probably would’ve been better suited for streaming, and it ended its run after four seasons on the broadcast network. But

Revengeenjoyed a devoted fan following and was a major international seller for ABC Studios.It also putThe Twilight Sagaproducer Temple Hill, known for its feature business, on the TV series map. The company currently has several series including Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

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But why? I mean the original just ended a few years ago. These reboots are out of control. I’d much rather see an original show. 'Latinx' is a pretend word. Stop already! emilydduncan !!! Latinx is never going to be accepted mainstream. Spanish is a gendered language, and most of them don't give two shits about your war on gender norms.

Everything is either a re-boot or reunion or reaity TV. Interesting. There is no such thing as Latinx. gwensexpeditio1 Latinx? This headline had to have been written by a woke white person. Nobody uses LatinX, please stop pushing your ideology How about you continue the story on your Epstein coverup Starring Epstein or na?

What’s Latinx Ok I'm here for it _teejayele Stop with the Latinx!!! There is no such word Wtf is a LatinX Make it gay too 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Can white people stop with this latinx nonsense. Its latino. LatinA Not Latinx LatinA Chorro de Pendejxs redrackham87 👀👀👀 “Latinx”....😂😂😂. For your consideration “Best Virtue Signaling”...Deadline Hollywood

NanQuilantan how we feelin?🤓 Latinx is a white colonialist word Best show ever Hey_ItsDarra If the storyline of Revenge had been tied up and ended after the first season, it would have gone down as one of the best network TV shows in recent history. They destroyed a great show. Now they're just remixing what ended up as a mess.

Are there no writers with original ideas left in Hollywood? Latinx is not a word for anyone but woke idiots Latinx isn't a real term. It's a stupid term white liberals and soft handed pansy Latinos use. What the fuck is a latinx? With a what? And why is this bullshit trending? 🙄 Why? Really? You couldn't give it a rest for a decade at least? Couldn't ABC create a NEW show for a Latinx lead?

Latinx? Try using Hispanic an already gender neutral term instead of a made up one. Never heard of an X Latin before, do you mean Ex-Latin? How does one become ex-latin? Stop calling us 'latinx' we are Latinos. Stop using your language and culture to influence ours, you' re not helping us. You're erasing us.

samisagorski I like You lost me at Latinx Let that show rest in power please. oceans45 In think the only time I tried to catch this show was when Courtney made an appearance Not totally sure how I feel about Mike Kelley leading it since it was really only when Sunil Nayar replaced him as showrunner when Revenge recovered after a super convoluted season 2.

What!! I’m dreaming lol TRIPPY!,finished re watching Revenge for the umpteenth time then this news As a fan of original yess! I’ll watch lol,can’t wait also love Alias,they should put the series back on Netflix and Hulu. Stop calling Latin people Latinx. Polling shows over 95% of us don’t want to be called a word made up by social justice idiots. Knock it off.

Latinx? I'm a Latino. We don't really use that bullshit LatinX word. If you can't say it in Spanish, it's not one of our words. Stop trying to make 'latinx' happen 'Latinx' is not a thing. Just stop. Seriously, you ruined that show after the first season. Wouldn’t that just end up being a telenovela. Believe it or not, there are a lot of dramas about latinas. Also more importantly...why revenge?

There is no such word as Latinx What’s Latinx? Was an amazing show, hope they don't ruin it. latinx? porqué? It’s Latino your absolute tools “Latinx” 🙄🤦‍♀️ And who says there are no new ideas on television Cultural colonizers here ⬆️ Pitch meeting: Awe jaaayno Cool Should’ve just renewed GrandHotel instead.

Gringx 😂 Stop trying to make Latinx happen... Why do liberal whites insist on using the term latinx? “Latinx” Just bring back the first one damn it! Quit with the reboot crap! Latinx? Latino... ^*Latinx You know that's not a word, right? I loved Revenge miss this show Without “Emily”? Hmmmm I don’t know. Might give it a look-see. But reveng is nothing without “Emily/Amanda” and I mean the original one..IJS

I hate cancel culture, but can we please cancel the word “Latinx”? I'll pass. We don't need a remake Latinx? I watched the show but idk if I like this. Ima ...leave well enough alone person so instead of creating the same thing over just do something NEW. flipping what was already good dont appeal to me or mean that it will have same traction.

Is it just me or is it every white primetime soap is now being rebooted with Latinas? Uhmmm how about the other minorities? Gimme rich and cunning asians!!!! That’s a soap we need. Revenge Latinx isn't a real thing. Only white people say that. lhyzzeexo_ ! Oh, ENOUGH with the “LATINX” bullshit Latinx? Can we reboot the Simpsons with a mauve colored lead? They’re too orange like Trump and not woke enough. And I better not see magenta face on any Holloween episodes. That’s straight racist.

They are remaking REVENGE?! 🤣 WHAT? This show didn’t even fucking need a third season, never mind a reboot. Jesus, what next? I can’t tell you how many Latinos are offended by the made-up term “Latinx”. Auto-correct even changes it to Latino. Oh wow... interesting...... What's a latinx lol never heard of that before

What the F is Latinx? Im sorry i may be out of touch but what is a Latinx? I love Revenge so much! But who can top Emily Van Camp’s version of Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke? And Margarita Levieva’s Emily Thorne? And Madeleine Stowe!!! I love them so much! Idk... There is no 'latinx'. Repeat after me Latinos.

Sorry...unless EmilyVanCamp and her crew are gonna come back to continue their storyline I’m not interested. Probably should find a new name for the show too. Would be pretty shitty to get fans excited about a comeback and find out it’s nothing close. LATINX-MEN ABC killed the Epstien story in 2016 to protect Bill and Hillary

Is it gonna be a white Latin just be 100 I was so sad when Revenge ended Yeah because that worked sooooo well with Once Upon A Time smh...Just because you add Adoba to a bad dish doesn't mean people will want to eat it. jewjewbear_ ohhhh shitttt Most of us don’t like that Latinx word. Latinx?! Even spell check tries to change it when I type it out. It’s Latina or Latino. Not Latinx. That’s retarded.

Enough with the Latin x nonsense it sounds like an X-Men comic. 'latinx' is gentrification It's not... even that old!! What does that mean? 😏 Do they mean a mix looking woman? A ' JLo looking' probably...😐 Just so y'all know, latino is not a certain look or an specific race!!!- 😶 eres racista latinx no es aceptable

What’s “Latinx”? No Latino/Latina actually uses the Latinx word. “Latinx” The Spanish Language: Since it’s still in the development stages, I nominate MjRodriguez7 for the lead role. No one uses latinx, you can use Latin cause it’s proper English and it’s non binary. Happy? emily, madeleine, and gabriel made that show. and the reason why it ended was because there was literally nothing left to do with the plot. i would never have wanted a 5th season of revenge. which is why i don't understand why not just make a new show. an original show.

Is she still going to be white though? That is the question. Yassssssssssssss❤❤❤ It's ok to say latina I didn't know that it would be without Emily and Gabriel Mann😐Revenge without Emily and Nolan is not Revenge💔 Oh shit yes. Love it. i loved Revenge and was super sad to see it get cancelled, but this is unnecessary. whyyyyyyyyy 😑.

'LATINX' is NOT a word!!! Trying to change our language to suit PC culture is OFFENSIVE to LATINOS... if you need a gender neutral word use HISPANIC... SomosLatinos Reboot Alias instead. but What/If (not What/In) 🤓 An ex-Latin? *Hispanic ABC protects PEDOPHILES No Hispanic people say “Latinx”. It’s a racist thing white progressives use to feel superior.

Latino. I have to admit I was a serious stan for Revenge when it first started. Then as time went on, Revenge was exhausting to keep up with. ABCNetwork, why not just reboot with the original cast? Latino* Get with it Hollywood. Latinas don’t call themselves Latinx. It’s offensive and I personally resent this act of linguistic imperialism. If you don’t want to say something gendered use a term like “Mexican” woman or something in that vein.

👀 I don't think this is going to be a 'reboot' but a new sequel series with a similar plot i.e. revenge. I’m Latina but do we really need a reboot? & If they are moving forward with it can they hire writers that are actually immersed in the culture. And I better see her in an hacienda.. we ain’t downgrading her wealth💁🏻‍♀️ she better be the same kick ass Emily we love!

Why though? Why not make a new show? These reboots are..... tedious My favorite show ! I love emily Thonre and her shade momma ! I'm huge fan of the show I was thinking about that show not that long ago ❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊 Wtf is a Latinx Latino would've worked out just fine. Can’t control my emotions right now

Can that have the commercials that offered clothes from the show that made everything worth it. Sarcasm JenelleJustine Wtf wtf wtf U mean with a latina lead if u r gonna use latinx bull***t atleast use it correctly In this sentence latinx makes no sense I love how “woke,” privileged and Spanish language ignorants try to impose grotesque terms like “Latinx” on us.

WTF... No Emily No Revenge Is Latinx a Marvel comics thing? Latinx....really Lmaooo Unless they're going to follow through with the creators original idea (an anthology) it's going to have a dramatic drop in quality...again. 'Latinx' is not a word, btw. Stop that. Why are you adding the letter X to a romance language?

Bring back Pushing Daisies too while you’re at it, ABC! i’m so excited!!! Can we get some original ideas? Stop trying to make Latinx happen. Is it about the EpsteinCoverup ?ABCNetwork ABC EpsteinSuicideCoverUp Wtf is a Latinx? WkndGirl For serious?! I gotta catch up on the old episodes on Hulu! Wtf is a Latinx? Is that a new type of latex?

Isn’t Madeline Stowe Latina? Who asked for this...? Quit trying to make 'Latinx' happen. It's Latina or Latino. with a what? Revenge was fun for a bit. I like Emily VanCamp. Latinx lead? I'm intrigued... But do not drag it out... Revenge went off the rails in late season 1. It was fun and badass bc of Emily's performance. Hopefully they make this one more sleek!

This is the first time I’ve ever seen the word “Latinx” in my life. I guess I learned something. Princess_dee13 Originality is dead. Latinx, a label applied to Latinos that they do not use on themselves. 'Latinx' C'mon. I thought they don't like being called Latinx? Its latino YES OMG YES LATINX IS NOT A REAL THING USED ANYWHERE IN THE SPANISH SPEAKING WORLD. THE ENTIRE FUCKING LANGUAGE IS GENDER BASED

Who keeps trying to make “Latinx” a thing. Stop it. ThePerfectAST 🧐 Revenge was mad iconic I can’t wait for this I used to be OBSESSED with this series Aww interesting i love the idea i was such a huge fan of revenge i all 4 seasons on dvd. As long as its different storyline but alittle similar to the orginal series revenge ill watch it.

omggggg virgocunt420 anuraagjhawar eayoubg remember when I was big on revenge? I’m gonna be grande on this revenge. i hope the lead is brown or afro-latino. “Latinx” ........... 🙄 lexandthecities !!! With Mike Kelley Thank god What’s latinx? Vancamp should be back! Just say Latina. Whyyyyyy I love Revenge. I’d definitely watch this. However, I wish it was going right to hulu

Lorenamg5 👀👀👀 LOVE TO SEE IT MerrillBarr Already? It hasn't been dead for that long. opy_fly 👀 Rebooting shows that aren't even old. Seriously, the corpse is still squishy. NOOOOOOO! How about a gender-swapped version with a male lead? They already tried this in Colombia and it BOMBED Tatiana90288283 lol just for you

Do you know how many ORIGINAL pilots are out there, DisneyABCTV? BRILLIANT ORIGINAL PILOTS written by diverse writers with diverse leads!!! You probably have some in your own writing program!!! WHY NOT BUY PILOTS WRITTEN BY WRITERS IN YOUR OWN DIVERSITY WRITING PROGRAM?!?! I just watched the last 10 episodes I’d been saving for ages this year. There’s really no need for a reboot. Just create original content.

ABC protects pedophiles to. 😡😡 I’ll take it, I loved revenge. 'There are a number of possible choices of fan-favorite Revenge characters who could be brought back' I nominate Margaux karinevanasse ! Omg just bring back Happy Endings! AllofKandi I’m into it. Just give it a 10 episodes each season, so it doesn’t get convoluted and dragged out

Itsleocarvalhoo alexvalentt tu ta preparado?!? Watching this WillFoShizzle maybe i will watch it this time Reven9e: Venge Harder Or...or you could just continue the story with the “Kingmaker” concept that was promised in the final episode but never came to fruition. Hmmm...wonder how many Latinx were in the original?

‘Revenge’ Reboot With Latinx Lead in Development at ABC ABC is in development on a reboot of the drama series “ Revenge ,” with the new version set to feature a Latinx lead, Variety has confirmed. The original series ran on ABC for four season… Latino* For goodness sake it feels like that just finished last week. These reboots are getting ridiculous. ballmatthew So much original content!

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