Rev. Dr. Barber: Congress' inaction on COVID relief is 'a crime against humanity'

“It’s time for a moral agenda.” Rev. Dr. Barber sits down with @AliVelshi to discuss Congress’ inaction on COVID relief.

11/22/2020 9:33:00 AM

“It’s time for a moral agenda.” Rev. Dr. Barber sits down with AliVelshi to discuss Congress’ inaction on COVID relief.

Congress continues to stall when it comes to passing another relief bill, and Rev. Dr. William Barber tells Ali Velshi elected officials seem to not have “the will” to strike a deal. Rev. Dr. Barber says, “It is a terrible thing when the President and the Senate are more interested in changing a vote count than protecting people from caskets.”

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AliVelshi The house has done its job its up to the senate AliVelshi I second you, AliVelshi Coronavirus is a biological weapon used by Mongolia around the world! Coronavirus used by Mongolia in my home! AliVelshi Rev Barber is fighting for the lives & health of black brown minorities in spit of Trump withholding PPE and funding

AliVelshi Congress’ or the senate’s inaction? AliVelshi Democrats have had many bills passed to help w Covid19 relief that have stalled in GOP controlled Senate. Our only hope left is to vote in 2 Georgian Democrat Senators as the GOP moral majority died long ago. AliVelshi Trump and his cronies should be convicted of murder

AliVelshi Whom does this reverend serve? to God or the devil? Does he love the truth or does he love the lie? Whose side is the reverend on? The disease is part of a globalist project that will take away the right to seek God, which side are you reverend on? AliVelshi Loeffler tests positive and hopefully Perdue , more maskless morons contracting the virus. Looks like Turkeyneck McConnell can’t keep his rats from scurrying around and keep his LAME DUCK agenda on pace. That’s right LAME DUCK. Sorry Turkeyneck.

AliVelshi all the snails come out now asking for miracle till now they where sleep in its true dr rev you one of them AliVelshi Tell that to turtle Mitch! The House passed a Bill back in May. Republicans, said no. Then Nancy offered a lower amount bill, Mitch still said, no. AliVelshi AliVelshi They don't plan on taking it back up until after Thanksgiving and then it'll be after Christmas. The rest is just........

AliVelshi But the Democrats have no morals. Republicans have been trying to pass a relief bill. AliVelshi More Ale! AliVelshi ...Could it be that Trump is trying to insite his base and encourage a civil war with all of his lies and conspiracy theories the old burn the house down as you leave or if I can't have it nobody can